The Earl and the Virgin - Part II

Caitrin’s gentle stirring awakened the earl, and he found that she had finally shifted away after lying entwined with him all night. They had been married less than a day, but David already missed the warmth and softness of her skin on his. He smiled as he remembered their lovemaking—he couldn’t imagine a more perfect marriage consummation. Her kisses were so tender . . . her scent so arousing . . . her body such a perfect fit for his. He ran his hand over the two small, dark spots on the bedclothes which confirmed his bride’s virginity and hoped that she shared his estimation of the act. He had done everything he could to ensure that Caitrin experienced as little pain, and as much pleasure, as possible, and in the glorious moments afterward, she assured him that he had. Even so, he worried she was only telling him what he wanted to hear.

As enamored as he was with sharing her bed, David knew he should retreat to his own chamber so she could take her rest. She had to be exhausted from the previous day’s wedding festivities, and if he remained near her naked form any longer, he wasn’t sure he could resist waking her and making love to her again.

Taking care not to rouse her, David slowly crept out of bed and to the hearth, retrieving his discarded nightshirt in the process. The fire had burned itself down to glowing embers, and he added additional wood, fanning it with the bellows. Easing himself back onto the settle in front of the fireplace, he stared at the fire, willing the new logs to catch so his wife would not grow cold in his absence. Although his eye was on the fire, he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting back to the moments he and Caitrin had shared in this spot just hours before. She had felt so good in his arms and been so beautiful as he lifted her nightdress over her head to reveal the perfect body hidden beneath. And then in the bed . . .  “She was a virgin, but she surely was a quick learner,” he thought to himself, smiling. Caitrin had lain quietly when he first entered her, but she soon began to move with him. Her arms had grasped him around his back, and her legs had encircled his body, pulling him even deeper at the very moment he spilled his seed inside her.

David’s eyes closed, and his prick began to stir as he remembered exactly how she had felt beneath him, around him. Again, he fervently prayed that she had experienced at least some pleasure from their encounter. Lost in reverie, he started when he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to find Caitrin standing before him, wearing not a stitch.

“I’m sorry, husband. I did not mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t, my love,” he hastened to reassure her. “I just didn’t expect you to be out of bed. You’ll catch your death of cold without your nightdress.” He began to look around for where her garment had ended up.

“I’m sure my clever husband can think of another way to keep me warm,” she said coyly, moving closer to him.

He felt her words in both his heart and his loins. “So maybe she truly did like it,” he thought as he put his hands around her waist and pulled her between his knees. With Caitrin’s full breasts now at eye level, David yielded to temptation and suckled one while cupping the other, then reversed his attentions. “You are so very beautiful,” he sighed as she pressed against him. “I almost regret that one day soon I must share these with a babe.”

“I am glad I please you, David,” she said, leaning down and giving him a brief kiss. Then she took his hand in hers and placed it over her abdomen, asking softly, “Do you think I could already be with child?”

David knew he needed an heir to secure his family’s possession of the earldom. His father’s half-brother had already begun making noise that he should have inherited instead of David, claiming David was too young, too inexperienced, and without a successor. His claims were ridiculous, but, as he was a wealthy merchant, and the crown needed money, there would always be someone willing to listen. Still, conception hadn’t been the first thing on David’s lust-addled mind when he had lain with his new bride earlier that night.

“I don’t know,” he admitted finally to Caitrin’s query. In truth, even with a clear head, David knew precious little about getting a child on a woman. His brother, Edward, had advised him to avoid a pregnancy by spending himself outside of a woman’s body, and he knew that the women in the whorehouses Edward had frequented had their own tinctures and potions to prevent children, but he hadn’t a clue as to why some couplings resulted in babes and others did not. He slid his hands down Caitrin’s body until he was grasping her firm, round backside. “Maybe my wife would like to try again to give me an heir,” he whispered.

Caitrin blushed, but smiled and took his hand again, attempting to lead him back to the bed. “No, my love,” David said, looking up at her with such desire that the color in Caitrin’s cheeks became even rosier. “Stay here with me.”

He brought her near once more, and kissed her deeply, drawing her down so her knees straddled his thighs and she could feel the insistence of his erection trapped between them. He gently bit at the hollow of her neck and caressed her between her thighs until his fingers felt the dew of her longing. Caitrin sighed and arched against him, which he took as a sign she was ready. Lifting her slightly, he reached down and slowly began to slide his prick into her warmth.

Suddenly, Caitrin shied away, nearly falling backward from her perch on David’s lap. Alarmed, David asked, “Did I hurt you? Are you still pained from before?”

“No!” Caitrin responded quickly. “Well, I am . . . a bit. But that’s not . . .” She looked down, embarrassed. “You don’t mean for us . . . for me . . . to ride you. Surely such things aren’t done.”

“Oh, Caitrin,” David breathed, “there are many ways a man may love his wife, and you astride me is just one of them. You trusted me before. Can you do so again?”

Caitrin nodded, but her eyes were wide.

Raising her up, he placed her hand on his manhood and said gently, “You guide me. Take as much or as little of me as you wish.”

Hesitantly, Caitrin slid her fingers around David’s pulsing member and stroked him as she had earlier. She still wasn’t sure about what he wanted her to do, but as he twitched and surged in her grasp, she found herself growing curious. When David groaned urgently, “Please, Caitrin . . . please,” she finally acquiesced and positioned the tip of his prick to breach her yet again. Carefully, she lowered herself to intimately embrace him, gasping first with pain as his staff passed through her still-tender entrance, then again with contentment as she sank down around him, his hardness perfectly filling her softness.

She paused for a moment, savoring the feeling of her husband inside her, grateful he was such a tender lover, before she began to rock slowly back and forth. David groaned again, then found her mouth, kissing her hungrily as she swayed. As she moved, she felt her pleasure build before David grabbed her around her hips and began to glide her up and down. “Harder,” he pleaded, “harder.” Moving with more intensity than she knew she possessed, she continued to love him until she felt him spend himself deep inside her. Knowing his seed was now within her, she pushed herself down one final time, finding her own shuddering release.

Collapsing against him, Caitrin could already feel David’s ardor dwindling. Both sated, he picked her up and carried her back to the bed, drawing the coverings up around her. He kissed her brow, then turned, intending to finally return to his chamber.

“Don’t leave me, David,” Caitrin whispered. She pulled herself to her side and extended a hand toward him. “Don’t ever leave my bed.”

“I won’t, darling. I promise you that,” he said, reversing course and climbing in beside her. He held her tightly as she settled into him.

“Good,” she murmured, drifting off to sleep. “I want you to show me all of the ways a man may love his wife.”


I'm trying to decide whether this has novel potential--right now it's mostly just the sexy bits--so any comments as to whether this holds any promise would be appreciated. Thank you!