A Different Breed of Cat

I already wrote about how I got started showing cats and what happened with Marsha, a woman who bred and showed the breed of cats called the Sphinx.  Marsha’s husband didn’t pay much attention to her, and after I did, well…let’s just say it was a great show season.  The cat shows were pretty good too.

Unfortunately for us both, Marsha’s husband decided he’d had enough of the high Chicago taxes and they moved to New Mexico. He did all his stock trading on-line, so it didn’t bother him a bit.  It did bother Marsha and I.  The last time we were together, she panted out an orgasm under me and afterwards told me she wouldn’t be showing in our region again.

“I have to go with him, Wade.  I don’t want to, but I’m too old to start over.”

I brushed the hair from her eyes.

“I understand.  I wouldn’t expect you to do anything else.”

Marsha stroked my back.

“I’m going to miss you.  Give me something to remember you by.  Make love to me again.”

She looked like she was going to cry when she kissed me good-bye and then drove off.  I was pretty choked up too.  I didn’t love her, not like you’d love a wife or anything.  I loved the sex, but I loved her more for the person she was.

I kept showing Sampson for the rest of the season, and then started looking for another cat to show.  Sampson already had won everything he was going to win, and I wanted to start with a kitten just like most other people did.

I was at a show in Louisville and walking around talking to breeders when I happened to see a sign that said “Werewolf Cats”.  I’d never heard of a werewolf cat, so I walked over and had a look in the cage.

There wasn’t anybody around that cage, but the sign had a short description of the breed.  The sign said these cats were the result of a natural mutation that bred true, and the werewolf name was because they don’t have hair on their faces.

The cat that walked over to the cage door and looked up at me was really different looking.  This one had black hair on its back and sides, but none on its legs.  That was weird enough in itself, but it’s face was really different and I could see how it got its name.  

It had hair on the top of its head and really short hair on its ears and cheeks, but the rest of its face was hairless.  It was a little eerie because what I saw was actually a lot like the werewolves you see in the movies.  Around each eye and down and around the nose it didn’t have any hair, and it was like those eyes and nose were peering out at me from inside the hair on its head and cheeks.

The cat seemed friendly, a lot more friendly than it looked.  It stuck a paw out of the cage and tried to brush my hand.  Now, you don’t touch other cats at a cat show unless you’re invited to.  There is a risk that something your cats have developed resistance to could be transferred to a cat that doesn’t have that resistance.  That’s why the judges wash their hands and the show table after they’ve touched any cat and before they touch the next one.

I pulled my hand back and then walked on, but I was really curious about those cats.  They were unique and I wanted to find out more about them.

The cage with the werewolf cat was three rows over from me, and down on the end.  Over the next two days, I kept looking in the direction of that cage to see if anyone stayed there long enough I could ask some questions.  I finally saw a woman who looked maybe late thirties walk up to that end of the row and sit down.  I was going to walk over and talk to her, but they called Sampson’s number then.  I took him out of his cage and walked up to Ring 6.  

Sampson got a blue and best of color, so I had hopes he’d make the final.  There were still a bunch of cats to be judged before that final would be announced, so I took him back, put him in his cage, and gave him a little dry food.  Then I walked over to the werewolf cat again, but when I got there, the woman was gone.

It was that way all day on Saturday.  I’d see her, but before I could get to her cage, either Sampson would be called or she’d pick up one of the two Devon Rex cats she was showing and head to another ring before I could get there.  I had to hang around for a late final on Saturday, and when I got done, she was getting ready to leave.  She already had her cats in their travel cases and was breaking down her security cages, at least she was trying to.

Security cages are pretty popular.  They’re made of the same fabric that gym bags are made of and have two doors in the front made of clear plastic and mesh that are opened and closed by zippers.  What holds them in shape are thin spring steel bars.  To break one down, you have to twist the cage to make the bars form loops.  If you do it right, the length of the cage will fold up on itself into a flat package a few inches thick and the same height and width as the cage.  Sometimes it’s hard to get it to do that because they’re pretty big and unwieldy, and the woman was having that trouble.

You fold up one of these cages by grabbing each side of one end and then twisting it.  You have to do this to each end.  She had one end flat, but couldn’t get the other end to fold up.  She was struggling with that when the other end popped open on her.

She said, “dammit” under her breath, and was starting all over again when I walked up.

“Hi.  Want some help?”

I’d only seen her from a distance, and when she looked up at me, I was a little surprised.  From a distance she looked about thirty five or so, but her face had that look that told me she’d left her thirties behind some time ago.  I don’t know how to describe it, really.  It wasn’t that she had a lot of wrinkles and lines in her face.  She did have some laugh lines, but it was more of a mature look than anything else.  Her features were soft and sensuous instead of line free and more cute than pretty.

The rest of her was more like the thirty-five I’d first thought.  Most women who show cats aren’t particularly slim and trim, but she was.  Her low rise jeans accented a very round and very feminine ass, and unless she was wearing some sort of trick bra, her low-cut knitted top was hugging some very nice breasts.  They weren’t huge, but they were big enough they swayed under her top when she tried to wrestle the security cage into submission and she had some really nice cleavage.

She smiled at me and handed me the cage.

“I sure would.  I thought I could leave my hotel cages at home since I have these.  I haven’t used these before, but it seemed easy when I saw other people doing it.  They were really easy to open up. I guess it’s not as easy fold them back down as I thought it would be.”

I’d found part of the secret was to twist each end in opposite directions, so that’s what I did.  Once I had it in a flat package, she opened the cover and I pushed it inside.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to do that too, and when the flat package slid all the way into the cover, she chuckled.

“So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong.  Thanks.”

Well, I hadn’t walked over to help her with her cage.  I wanted to know more about her werewolf cat, so I asked her about them.  She shook her head.

“I’m going out with Lucy for dinner, so I need to get myself back to the hotel and changed.  If you’ll be here tomorrow, we can talk then.”

I said I’d be there and walked back to wait for them to call the last final.  The last I saw of the woman was her rolling her stuff out the door on a little cart.  She was struggling a little with that too, and when she pushed her cart, her ass reminded me how much I missed Marsha.

The next morning I got Sampson ready for his first ring and then looked to see if the woman had gotten there yet.  I saw her standing by her cages and talking to a couple other people.  I didn’t want to interrupt the conversation, so I sat down to look at the news on my phone while I waited for Sampson’s number to be called.  

The rest of Sunday went about like Saturday.  I’d see her carrying one of her two cats to a ring or coming back from a ring at the same time Sampson was called.  If we were both waiting for a ring, she was always talking to other people.  It wasn’t until about four that we connected.  The show was running late and she still had a ring to go.  A lot of other people had left by then, and she looked to be alone, so I walked over to talk to her.

She smiled when I walked up.

“Are you going to help me again tonight?”

I smiled back.

“I can, but what I really came over for is to learn some more about your werewolf cat.  I’ve never seen one before.”

She unzipped the cage and reached in to pick up the cat.

“This is Randella of Whispering Shadow, but I call her Randy, don’t I Randy.”

She stroked the cat’s back and the cat started to purr.

“Randella is an old English name for the wolf you see on shields and coats of arms.  Whispering Shadow is my cattery name.  Randy is a really loving little kitty, and that’s one of the things I like about the lykoi breed.”

“They’re called lykoi cats?”

“Yes.  Lykoi is a Greek word that means wolf, and they do look like the old movie werewolves.  That’s why they’re called werewolf cats.”

I asked her why I hadn’t seen any at other shows.

“They’re not recognized by CFA so they can’t be shown in a CFA show.  TICA recognizes the lykoi breed though, so if you went to TICA shows you’d see a few.  There aren’t very many yet.  We’re working on CFA, but it takes a long time with them.  I just brought Rendella along so other people could see her and help us get CFA to recognize them.

“They look kind of weird, but they’re really nice kitties.  They just love you to death and they don’t have any health problems like some breeds.  Are you interested in buying one?”

“Well, this is the first one I’ve ever seen, so I don’t know.  I am looking for a kitten though.  Do you have any kittens?”

She shook her head.

“No, not yet.  Randy is my first.  I’m trying to find a tom I like, but like I said there aren’t many in this area yet.  I’m going to a TICA show to look next weekend.  If you want to see more, you should go too.  It’s in Pigeon Forge.  I live in Johnson City, so it’s not too long a drive for me.  Where do you live?”

“Paducah, Kentucky, but I’ve driven that far before.  How can I find out about the show?  Sampson isn’t registered with TICA so I couldn’t show him, but I guess I could just go and look.”

“Oh, you really should.  TICA registers all the same breeds as CFA and some other really interesting breeds too.  Randy is the first cat I’ve registered with TICA but she’s not old enough to show yet, so I’ll just be looking too.  They work just like CFA.  Just go online and search for the TICA show schedule, and then click on the Pigeon Forge show.  They’ll give you the hotels with reduced rates and directions to the show hall.”

I realized I’d been standing there talking to the woman and hadn’t introduced myself.

“Maybe I’ll do that.  My name’s Wade Higgins, by the way.”

She stuck out her slender hand.

“I’m Rena, Rena Parks.  It was nice talking with you, but they just called my number so I have to scoot.  I would like that help when I’m done if you’re still around.  It’ll be late when I get home as it is.  If it takes me very long to pack up, I’ll be even later.”

I hung around until Rena finished that last ring and then until she finished her final, then helped her pack up.  She was pushing her cart down the aisle with that same sexy walk when I packed up Sampson.

When I got back home, I looked up TICA to see what other breeds they registered, and found some really neat cats.  I figured even if I didn’t buy a kitten at the show, it would be worth it to just see what was available.  I found the website for the Pigeon Forge show, and then made a reservation at the La Quinta.

That Friday afternoon, I took half a day off.  After making sure Sampson had plenty of food and water and a clean litter pan, I drove to Pigeon Forge and checked in at the hotel.  He’d be fine by himself for the two days I’d be gone, and he’s so lazy I knew he wouldn’t get into trouble.

The next morning, I drove over to the show hall, paid my entry fee, and then started walking around.  I was looking at a pair of “toygurs”, cats that had been bred to look like little tigers, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned and saw Rena smiling at me.

“Hi Wade.  I see you did drive over.  Find anything you like yet?”

“Well, I just started looking.”

She smiled again.

“Mind if I look with you?”

Rena and I spent the day talking to a bunch of different breeders.  Most were about like the breeders at the CFA shows.  Once they knew we both showed cats, they were friendly and tried to help.  By the end of the day, I’d seen a lot of cats, and still hadn’t made up my mind about what I wanted.  I had made up my mind about Rena though.  She was a lot of fun.  About four, I asked her if she had dinner plans. I wasn’t hoping for anything.  I just liked her and I’ve never liked eating by myself.

She smiled.

“Well, I was going to drive back home and come back tomorrow, but it’s only about an hour and a half, so I suppose I could have dinner with you.  I want to pay for my meal though.”

Dinner was pretty nice because Rena was an interesting person.  She’d been married to the same guy for twenty-six years and had two grown kids.  Once the kids left home, she’d not had much to do, so one Saturday while her husband was working, she went to a cat show.  A month later, she bought a kitten and started showing.  She’d been showing for the last four years, but mostly in the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia.  That’s why I hadn’t seen her before.

Like me, she usually showed in CFA shows, but the kitten she was showing had been registered in TICA as well, so if there wasn’t a CFA close, she’d go to a TICA show instead.  That’s where she found the werewolf cats.  She liked them because, as she told me, she’d always liked vampire and werewolf movies, and “it was like having her own little werewolf at home”.

We spent Sunday talking to more breeders.  Rena found the tom she was looking for, but I still couldn’t make up my mind.  The lycoi cats were neat, but I also liked the toygurs and the bengals and occicats.  By the time we both left for home, I’d decided on either a toygur or an occicat.  The bengal breeders said those cats like to be up high and will climb up drapes.  I didn’t think that would work very well.  They’re also supposed to be very energetic, and I didn’t think Sampson would get along very well with a cat like that.  Sampson’s idea of energetic is when he gets up from his nap, stretches, and then saunters over to his food bowl when I’m filling it.  Other than that, he spends most of his time sleeping on the back of my couch.

I did a lot of research when I got home, and finally decided I wanted an occicat.  One of the main reasons was occicats were registered by both CFA and TICA so I could go to more shows.  Toygurs were only TICA registered, so I’d be limited to TICS shows.

The next CFA show was in Lexington, and I knew Rena would be there.  We talked a little when both of us were waiting on a ring call, and we had lunch together.  At the end of the Saturday show, I asked if she’d like to have dinner again and said I’d drive.  As it turned out, she was staying in the same LaQuinta as I was, but she hadn’t checked in yet because she’d driven over that morning.

Once she had, we both took our cats up to our rooms.  When Rena came back down to the lobby, she was wearing a dress instead of the jeans and top she’d had on at the show.  When I asked her about that, she said she just felt like dressing up a little.

My reason for asking her to dinner was I figured she might know about occicats too since she traveled both show circuits.  That was important to me, because just like anything else, someone wanting to sell you something will tell you all the good stuff but none of the bad.

Over dinner, Rena told me what she knew and that satisfied me that an occicat was what I wanted.  I was curious about what she found so fascinating about werewolf cats too.  To me, they were unique, but not very pretty cats.  Marsha had showed cats with no hair at all and they looked pretty cool.  The werewolf cats I’d seen at Pigeon Forge had hair but it was kind of short and coarse looking.  Rena’s cat, Randy, had fur, but it wasn’t soft like Sampsons, and she didn’t look cuddly at all.

Rena laughed when I told her that.

“You don’t watch many werewolf movies, do you?  That’s what they all look like, really coarse hair on their backs and chest and arms and their faces don’t have hair.  Werewolves aren’t supposed to be cuddly, they’re supposed to be really strong man-beasts who can rip you apart.  That’s why I like them.”

I had to grin, because Rena was.

“You like werewolves?”

“Oh yeah.  I think werewolves are sexy.”

“You think an animal that can rip you apart is sexy?  I’ve heard a lot of things, but I’ve never heard that a werewolf is sexy.”

She smiled.

“They’re not sexy because they can rip you apart.  They’re sexy because they can rip you apart unless you’re the woman who can stop them.  It’s in all the novels and movies about werewolves.  They go around slashing people to bits with their teeth and claws until they come to this one woman, and when they do, she tames the werewolf.  He’s still a werewolf and keeps biting and slashing everybody else, but he always comes back to her and he never hurts her.  They always have sex too.  If he’s still a werewolf, it’s pretty rough sex, but the heroine likes it best that way.  He always turns back into a man after they do it and it’s all because of her.  It really turns her on knowing she has the power to do that to him.  It turns me on too.”

Well, that sounded a little weird to me.  I mean, I’d heard of fetishes like feet and leather and even balloons, but I’d never heard of that one.

“So, you imagine yourself being with a werewolf instead of with a man?”

Rena looked at me and grinned a funny little grin.

“No, I imagine being with a man who changes from a werewolf back to a man while we’re having sex.  Werewolves are men.  They’re just men who change into werewolves for some reason.  Usually it happens when there’s a full moon, and when they change and act like a wolf, they get a whole lot sexier.  

“It’s OK if you don’t understand it.  My husband doesn’t understand it either.  I guess it’s a woman thing.  Most people who watch movies about werewolves and vampires are women, or didn’t you know that?”

I said I didn’t, but there were obviously a lot of things I didn’t know.

We finished dinner and I drove us back to the hotel.  On the way from my car to the door, Rena looked up and giggled.

“There’s a full moon tonight.  It’s a shame you’re not a werewolf.  You could make my fantasies come true.”

I almost didn’t say it, but the temptation was too great.

“And just how would I do that?”

Rena turned to face me and put her hands on my chest.

“Oh, by taking me up to my room and playing werewolf with me for a while.  I saw the hair on your chest that sticks out where your shirt opens in front, and you have hairy arms.  You’d make a good werewolf.”

Rena slipped on finger between the buttons of my shirt and stroked my chest.

“My husband understands what I like but he’s fifteen years older than I am and he can’t do much that way anymore.  We don’t…well, we do, but it’s his fingers and my hand.  He knows I need more and he won’t care if I take care of him when I get home.  Mmm…you do have lots of chest hair, don’t you?”

I hadn’t expected things to go this far, but I was starting to think the normal rules didn’t apply very well to Rena.  

“Rena, are you sure about what I think you’re asking me?”

She unbuttoned one of my shirt buttons and then slid her whole hand inside my shirt.  I felt her other hand trying to slip inside my jeans.

“I am, unless you’d rather do it over there in the bushes like happens in the movies.  I have fantasies about that too.”

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with Rena, but I figured if I didn’t do something pretty fast, she was going to strip me in the parking lot.  She was undoing a second shirt button when I stopped her.

“Think you can wait until we get to your room.”

She grinned.

“I’ll try, but I’m not promising anything.”

When we got to Rena’s room, she used her key card to open the door and told me to go in first.  After she locked the door and flipped the catch bar over, she shut off the lights and left us in darkness except for the red numbers on the alarm clock.

I couldn’t see her, but evidently she knew where I was because a few seconds later she touched my chest.

“Take off your shirt.”

As soon as I slipped it over my arms, Rena put both hands on my chest and ran her fingers through my chest hair.  I tried to put my arms around her to kiss her, but Rena pulled back.

“No, no kissing until the end.  Werewolves don’t kiss, they growl.  Growl at me.”

“Growl at you?”

“Yes, growl at me like a wolf.”

I did my best, but it wasn’t exactly what Rena wanted.

“Lower”, she said, “growl at me lower and squeeze my boobs.”

I don’t know if it was my next growl or the way I was squeezing her breasts, but Rena shivered a little.

“Growl again and then rip off my dress.  It has snaps in front so you won’t tear it or anything.”

I stuck my fingers inside her dress and pulled, and like Rena said, it had snaps.  It took two pulls before her dress was open from the top to bottom, but as soon as it was, I pulled it off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor.  Rena caught her breath when I squeezed her boobs again.

“Pick me up and throw me on the bed on my tummy.”

I picked her up but I didn’t throw her.  I just laid her down and then rolled her over.

Her voice seemed a little deeper and huskier then.

“Take off your clothes and then get on top of me.  Scratch my hips and bite me on the neck.”

“I’ll leave marks if I do that.”

“Just bite and scratch hard enough I can feel it and growl some more.”

This was getting weirder all the time, but it was also kind of fun.  I stripped and then climbed on top of Rena, then ran my fingernails down both her ass cheeks.  She moaned a little then, but she moaned really loud when I growled and then closed my teeth on her neck.

“Take off my bra and my panties and then keep doing it.”

I had to get off her to do that.  When I started to undo her bra hooks, I growled a little and when the band fell to her sides, I used my nails on the sides of her breasts.  Rena moaned again and I felt her raise her ass off the bed a little.

I almost couldn’t find her little panties.  They were a thong and the straps were really just strings.  I did find them, and pulled them down over her hips, then growled and bit each of her ass cheeks.  Rena gasped, so I did it again, a little harder this time.  The moan she made was interesting.  The way her ass humped up so I could bite it again was fun, so I bit each cheek until she was wiggling around and gasping.  Then I pulled her panties down her legs and off her feet.

I guess Rena would have called it foreplay.  I didn’t know what to call it, but it seemed to be turning her on so I used my imagination a little, and started growling and scratching and biting for all I was worth.

I gave her neck a soft bite and then kept giving her little bites all the way up her neck while I used my fingernails to scratch gently on her ass cheeks and up her inner thighs.  As soon as my hand touched her thighs, Rena opened her legs.  I gave the hair-covered lips between them a little scratch in return, and was surprised to find my fingers came away wet.

I figured she’d like some gentle rubbing then, but that wasn’t what Rena had in mind.  As soon as my fingertips parted her wet lips, Rena gasped and then murmured, “Lift me up and breed me now”.

I didn’t think there was any way Rena could be wet enough this soon, so I tried to enter her in short strokes.  She let me try that once.  When I pushed in the second time, Rena rammed her ass back at me and my belly slapped her hips when my cock bottomed out inside her.  I started sliding my cock in and out pretty slow, but she wasn’t having any of that either.

“Grab my shoulders and do it hard, really hard.”

I didn’t growl at her after that.  I wasn’t quiet though.  Rena kept matching me stroke for stroke and I kept groaning because she was getting me there way to fast.  I leaned down and whispered, “Rena, I have to slow down.”

She just rammed her body back into my stroke and panted, “No.  Go ahead and do it in me.”

About ten seconds later, I did just that.  I suppose she must have felt it when I pushed my cock deep and then jerked, because she clenched her muscles around my cock.  I tried to pull back out, but Rena only tightened up more.  My next two spurts erupted with my cock still inside her because I couldn’t pull out very far, and even after that, she didn’t relax until my cock got soft enough it slipped out on its own.  

Rena sighed when I rolled to her side, and then reached over and turned on the bedtable lamp.  She was grinning when she rolled back on her back.

“You make a pretty good werewolf.”

“Well, it was different but great, but you didn’t make it.  I didn’t intend for it to happen that way and I’m sorry.”

She grinned a sly little grin.

“Oh, I did.  I was just quiet about it.  Now that you’re a man again, I get to do us both.  That’s how it works with me.  You do me like a werewolf, and then I do you.”

Rena didn’t give me a chance to say it was going to take me a while.  She just raised up and started stroking my limp cock.

It was amazing how fast she got it to stand up again.  All she’d let me do was lay there.  That didn’t stop me from looking though.  Since it had been dark in the room, I hadn’t seen how big her nipples were, and though I’d felt the hair on her lips, I hadn’t seen her bush.  Both were pretty neat, especially since the longer she stroked my cock, the bigger her nipples got.

I saw her bush, but not very well until I started humping into Rena’s hand a little.  When I did that, she smiled, climbed on top of me, and then reached down and pulled her lips apart.  She had to move her hips around a little to get my cock lined up, but once she did, she closed her eyes and sank down over my length.  Halfway down, she let her lips go and pulled my hands to her breasts.

From there on, it was almost normal sex, except she kept running her nails down my chest.  I’d never had a woman do that to me before.  I’d had a woman lean down while she rode my cock and poke her nipple at me before, but I’d never had one do that and then tell me to bite it.  I did bite, not very hard, but enough Rena shuddered and I felt her passage clamp around my cock.

It was a little later when Rena started to breathe faster and the way she rocked her hips into each stroke changed too.  Before that she’d just stroke down over my cock, and once in a while push her hips into my thighs a little.  When Rena started to breathe faster, she started really pushing herself down over my cock hard.  I didn’t know why until I looked down.

It hadn’t seemed like it before, but Rena’s clit was pretty big and it was really stiff.  What she was doing with those different rocking motions was stroking her clit along my shaft.  I saw her push down and then rake the tip along my cock when she raised back up.

That and the way she was pulling on her nipples got me started up the slope again, and the contractions around my cock got a lot harder when I started pulling on her nipples for her.  It didn’t take long before I was ready again, but I didn't have to tell Rena that.  She gasped after stroking down on my cock hard, “Oh God, I’m gonna cum now.”

I don’t know why she didn’t fall off me, but somehow, even with all the jerks of her hips and legs that shook like crazy, she didn’t.   What she did do was milk my cock until there was nothing left to milk out.  

Rena kept shaking for a while, and then eased her breasts down on my chest.  After she kissed me until I had to stop to breathe, she murmured, “Mmm…we have to do this again…and soon.”

“Soon”, turned out to be the next morning about six.  The drapes on the window were closed so there wasn’t much light coming in, but there was enough light I could see Rena raise up on her hands and knees and wiggle her ass.

“Do me like a wolf again.”

She didn’t have to tell me what to do this time, and I felt her cum when she did.   She was still naked, so I didn’t have to rip off her dress.  Instead, I scratched her hanging breasts while I rammed my cock in and out of her.  

It didn’t take very long at all until she was dropping her back at each stroke so my cock would go deeper.  I felt those same clamping contractions around my cock, and then she started to pant and push herself back when I stroked in.  

I think it was when I bit her on the neck again that she came.  She cried out then and her legs started to shake enough I grabbed her hips to hold her up.  Just as the first spurt flew out the end of my cock, she cried out, “don’t stop”.  A second later, her arms collapsed, her head and breasts went down on the pillow and she started making little cries.  Like before, she clamped down on my cock hard, and all the writing she did made my last two spurts something else.

She looked at the clock then and said, “Oh my God, we’re gonna be late.”  We took a quick shower together, and then while she dressed, I went back to my room, fed Sampson, and then changed clothes.  We weren’t late, but almost.

That night, I walked Rena to her car and helped her load up.  When she closed the hatch on her SUV, she walked back to where I was standing and put her hands on my chest.

“Will you be in Atlanta in two weeks?”

I said I’d planned on it.  She grinned.

“We’d save money if we both stayed in the same room.  We’d save time too.”

I smiled and after looking around, I cupped her breast.

“I’ll reserve a room with a king-size bed.  If you don’t change your mind, it’ll be big enough for both our cats and for us.”

Rena grinned again.

“If you’ll promise to be a werewolf again, I won’t change my mind.”

Well, I watched her drive off before I started for home.  I’d promised I’d play werewolf again, not because I enjoyed doing it.  To tell the truth, I thought it was a little silly at the time.  The way Rena had acted that morning, though, wasn’t silly at all.  It was as good as it had ever been with Marsha.

That next two weeks I did some research, meaning I watched a bunch of werewolf movies.  They’d never really interested me before, but I figured if I was going to act like a werewolf, I should know how a werewolf acts.  By the Friday morning of the show weekend, I had a plan.

Rena was waiting in the hotel lobby when I got there, and she smiled when she saw me.

“See, I didn’t change my mind.”

I got checked in and then we got our cats into the room.  I took a good look around at where the furniture was while Rena used the john, and changed my plan a little.  Then, we went out for dinner.

I could tell Rena was excited.  She kept looking at me and grinning.  I was grinning too because I knew something she didn’t.  I thought she was going to like that something too, or at least, I hoped she would.

When we got back in the room, I locked up and then turned out the lights.

I touched Rena on the shoulder then.

“Rena, just stand still.”

“But don’t you want me to take off my clothes?”

“Nope.  What you have on is just fine.  Now, stand still.”

After going to the other side of the room, taking off my own clothes, and then getting down on all fours, I started growling in a low voice and moving across the carpet toward Rena.  I’d move a couple of feet and then inhale a couple times as loud as I could, then move a couple more feet.  When I got close to her, I started sniffing and growling.

Acting like I was finding her by scent was part of my plan.  What I did when I was on all fours in front of her was too.  When my face touched the leg of her jeans, I sniffed my way up to her crotch and then nuzzled her mound and sniffed some more.  I growled at the same time I unsnapped her jeans and pulled down the zipper.  When I pulled the front of her jeans open, I sniffed some more and then growled again as I pulled her jeans down her legs.  

Rena caught her breath when I pushed my face into her mound, sniffed, and then licked her panties.  I pulled her panties down to her knees then, and sniffed her bush.  My tongue wouldn’t reach very far between her lips, but it did find her clit.  I licked the flap of skin that covered it until Rena’s hips jerked and then I growled again.

As my nails raked down her ass cheeks, Rena shuddered and murmured, “I need to take off my shoes and pants now.”

I didn’t say anything.  I just grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed my face into her bush as hard as I could, then pulled her ass cheeks apart.  Rena caught her breath when I ran a fingertip down her crack and then up to her pussy lips.

After a few more growls, I stood up and pulled her top over her head, then started sniffing her breasts.  She caught her breath again when I bit one of her nipples through her bra.

There wasn’t really a werewolf way to take her bra off.  I mean, a werewolf would probably have just ripped it off, but I couldn’t do that.  I just pulled the cups up and over her breasts.  When I nipped her right nipple after that, it was as stiff as my cock.

When I squeezed her ass cheeks hard and then slipped a finger between her pussy lips, I felt wet warmth.  It was time.

I put my arm around Rena’s waist and turned her around so her back was to me, then picked her up and pushed her face down on the bed but left her standing on the floor with her ass up in the air.  I raked my nails down her ass while I got back on my knees, and once I was down, I pushed my face into her pussy lips and licked again.

Rena hadn’t said anything much up until that point, but when my tongue slipped between her lips, she moaned, “Oh God, breed me now”.

I kept licking her and raking my nails down her ass until Rena was quivering before I did that.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be to find her pussy with my cock head while grabbing her breasts and biting her on the neck.  It helped when she spread her legs as far as the jeans around her ankles would let her and then pushed her pussy back as far as she could.  My cock went in her half way as I squeezed both her breasts and then bit her on the back of her neck.  I pulled out and then rammed my cock home.

Rena gasped when my belly slapped her hips, and she gasped again when I ran my nails over her nipples.  I pulled out and then growled in her ear when I pushed my cock back inside her.  

Because Rena couldn’t spread her legs very wide, she was really tight.  I’d figured that was going to cause me a problem, so I started ramming my cock in and out for about three strokes and then stopping to let the sensations die down a little.  During those stops, I’d sniff around her neck and bite her a little, then bite my way down to her shoulder.  Every time my teeth closed on her soft skin, Rena would moan and I’d feel her pussy tighten up.

After about ten minutes of those little squeezes to my cock and all the little moans, Rena started breathing faster.  After a couple more minutes, she started to pant and rock her hips into my strokes.  I grabbed both her breasts pretty hard and then let my fingers push her nipples down flat.  A second later, she cried out and started to shake a little.  I held on to her hanging breasts and started ramming my cock in and out of her.  Rena cried out again, and I felt her pussy clamp down hard and then sort of push back at me.  

I came when she did this time.  I know she came because she started writhing around under me and I had to hold her up again so I could keep my cock inside her.  She was still letting me hold her up and quivering after I’d shot my last, so I kept stroking my cock in and out.  When her legs stopped shaking, I pulled out, laid her on the bed and then turned on the table lamp.

Rena was lying there with her eyes closed and she was breathing hard with her mouth open.  Those panting breaths shook her breasts and I couldn’t stop myself from gently stroking them.  When I brushed her nipple, she caught her breath, then opened her eyes and grinned.

“Wow… wow.”

I squeezed her right breast and chuckled.

“Was I a better werewolf this time?”

Rena sighed.

“I never came like this before if that means anything.”

I slipped my hand down Rena’s stomach, found her slit, and rubbed her clit.  She jerked and then rocked her hips.  I smiled.

“Does that mean you’re ready for the man now.”

Rena closed her eyes.

“Mmm…yes I am.  Surprise me this time.”

I don’t know if I surprised her or not.  What I do know is that after I pulled off her shoes, jeans, and panties, Rena closed her eyes and spread her thighs wide.  It  didn’t take much time with my two fingers in her passage and stroking before she was panting again.  My cock wasn’t completely hard yet, but it got that way as soon as I slid it between her soft lips and into her slippery depths.

It didn’t take long before she was raking her nails down my back and starting to moan again.  Since it was the second time that night, I didn’t have to worry as much about cumming too soon, and I concentrated on taking her as high as I could get her before she did.

When that time came, Rena cried out and lifted herself up into my stroke, hung there shaking, and then gasped as the first wave hit her.  That was the same time I felt the surge building, and a second later I groaned as the first shot raced up my cock.

She wouldn’t let me roll off her at first.  She pulled me down until my chest flattened out her breasts and then wrapped her legs around my waist.  Even when my cock slipped out, she kept me there.  

“I want to stay like this until you get hard again and then do it all over.”

I kissed her and then smiled.

“That’s going to take a while, Rena.  You pretty much wore me out.”

She patted me on the back and unwrapped her legs.

“OK, I’ll let you go, but we have to do this again tomorrow night after the show.”

That’s what I’d planned, but I wasn’t going to wait that long to get her in the mood.  All day long, if we weren't showing at the same time, I’d slip up behind her and make a quiet little growl in her ear.  Sometimes, I’d just sniff her earlobe.  I’d see her shiver then, but she didn’t try to stop me.

At lunch I think I embarrassed her a little.  To anyone watching it looked like I was scratching my upper lip with my middle finger, but Rena saw me inhale and then grin.

“What was that for?”

“That’s the werewolf smelling his last victim.  I think he’s going to sniff her out again tonight.”

Rena grinned and blushed.

“Is that a promise?”

After the show ended, we drove back to the hotel and fed the cats.  Rena said she wanted to change clothes before we went out to eat, and pulled off her jeans.  I noticed a tissue sticking out of her panties, and asked why it was there.

Rena blushed again.

“All day long you’ve been sniffing me and growling in my ear.  I got so wet I was leaking and all I had in my purse was the little package of tissues from a hotel I stayed at.

Well, that night was pretty fantastic even though it was pretty much a repeat.  It was like the two times before - I played the werewolf attacking the woman, and after we’d both cum, Rena wanted me again.  I think that second time was even better than all the rest.  I just hooked her leg over mine and slid my cock inside her.  I couldn’t really reach her breasts with my mouth because Rena’s not very tall, but she didn’t seem to mind that I only used my fingers to roll her left nipple.  She came pretty hard that time, and then snuggled up to my chest.  We fell asleep like that.

I ended up buying an occicat kitten a month later, but Rena and I hit two shows in between, and we’ve been going to shows together for the last six months.  We always get a room together, and the nights are better than the shows.

I admit her love of werewolves and her fantasy of being screwed by one was a little disconcerting at first, but after a while it was fun.  I keep trying new ways to surprise her, but I don’t think I’d have to.  Once I turn out all the lights and start sniffing around, Rena gets so aroused it doesn’t really matter what I do as long as she feels my fingernails and my teeth, and hears me growling at her.  Just like her Randy and now the tom she named “Faelen”, Rena is a different breed of cat.