The Struggle/The Surrender

Info mikec1010
24 Jul. '19

I'm fifty-eight.  Dark hair and eyes, five ft. ten and one hundred ninety pounds.  I was just getting ready to enter college and had my pre-college physical.  I saw the doctor I had seen since I was a boy and the exam turned into something I did not expect.  We went through all the normal stuff.  I was sitting on the exam table I just my boxers when he told me to lie down.  He began to push and prod and then finally said, "I need to check for hernias."  He grabbed by boxers and slid them down.  He took hold of my "balls", felt around, just like normal.  

My shorts were down around my ankles when he began to run his hands over my chest.  Soon he focused on my nipples and try as I might, I grew an erection.  I was embarrassed to say the least.  He then asked me, "Are you sexually active?"  

"No," I replied which was not a lie.  

He then took my erection in his hand and began to stroke it while still caressing my nipples.  "We better make sure everything is working order."  He proceeded to masturbate me and I tried to not surrender to his stroking.  I did not want to cum but finally the stroking overwhelmed me and I came, shooting several strong blasts of cum from my cock.  He smiled and said, "You have very nice squirt there."  He then wiped me off and sent me on my way.  

I was married four years later but never quite got that experience out of my mind.  Men and women were the only ones to have sex.  To have any other kind of sex was not normal.  I was normal.  Very normal and nothing was going to change that.  

The years passed and I would think off and on again about the experience with the doctor and the more I thought abut it the more I wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man.  I found myself thinking of men when I masturbated and I would get very aroused.  I didn't know what to do.  I finally decided I wanted to explore and see how it might feel to be with another man.  

I found a website that catered to mature men and I placed an ad.  It took a few days and I started to get some hits.  I read through them and after a week chose the top three to reply too.  After chatting up and back on line I chose one of  the men to be my guide in my exploration.  I wasn't real sure I wanted to do this, but I did want to find out if I had a feeling for men in a sexual way. 

We met for coffee at a local coffee shop.  We chatted for over and hour when he finally said, "Why don't you come over to my place."  We chatted a bit more and I followed him home.  On the way there I thought several times I would just turn off and go home but I just kept following him.  He pulled in his driveway and I had my last chance to keep going but I pulled in behind him. 

We went into his house; a very well maintained ranch in one of the suburbs.  We kicked off our shoes and I sat on his couch.  He sat next to me and we chatted some more.  As we talked I became a little more at ease.  He finally leaned over and gave me a kiss.  I didn't pull away, that didn't seem like the mannerly thing to do.  It was a nice kiss, warm and friendly.  He leaned back, smiled and said, "That wasn't so bad was it?"

I laughed and said it was actually quite nice.  He moved closer to me, grabbed the remote control, turned the TV on and laid back.  In a few seconds some man to man porn was on the screen.  As I watched I found myself getting more aroused and soon my cock was stringing against my pants.  I felt him put his arm around me and I leaned back.  His arm went around me and he pulled me close.  Within a few minutes one of the men on the screen pulled erupted in a huge orgasm.  

We both looked at each other and I said, "That was hot."

He leaned in and we kissed again.  This time I felt his tongue on my lips and with only mild hesitation I opened my mouth and our tongues moved up and back between our mouths.  As we kissed his hands began to lightly caress my back.  I was getting very aroused and I followed suit.  

He then began to unbutton my shirt.  Our kissing became more intent as I felt his hand go inside my shirt and begin to caress my nipples.  I moaned into his mouth.  He broke the kiss and kissed my neck and as he did he pushed my shirt off my shoulders.  I slid my arms out as he kissed his way down to my nipples.  He began to lick and kiss then and I knew in that moment he could do anything he wanted with me. 

He invited back to his bedroom and we walked back.   We turned down the bed and he began to remove his clothing.  I already had my shirt off and I paused for a moment thinking if I really wanted to go ahead.  When he dropped his shorts and I saw how beautiful his cock and balls were the last shred of apprehension vanished.  I removed meh clothing and we climbed into bed.  

We rolled on our sides and embraced.  We kissed passionately, our hands caressing each others and our erections pressing into each other.  We kissed for a long time and it seemed the longer we pissed the great our desire and passion grew.  Now we kissed necks and shoulders.  Each time we moved our cocks would touch each other's thighs or bellies.  He pushed me back gently and left a trial of wet kisses down to my nipples.  He kissed, licked and sucked on them as I caressed his back down to his ass. 

His hand moved down my body and as he took hold of my cock he whispered that he liked that I was clean shaven like he was down there.  I whispered thanks as he went back to using his mouth and hand on me.  He then began to kiss his way down until he was between my legs.  I looked at him and we smiled.  He place a little kiss on the tip of my cock and we smiled even more.  

He then took my cock into house mouth and swirled this tongue around my erection.  I closed my eyes and put my head back.   His head moved up and down as he played with my balls.  I had never had a blow job that was as good as this.  I came to the conclusion that since men have the same equipment they know what feels good.  

I felt kind of guilty lying there and letting him do all the work but it felt so good I just had to let him have his way.  He pulled his mouth off my cock for a moment but then went right back.  Almost simultaneously I felt one of his wet fingers begin to probe and enter my anus.  I froze for a moment not sure I wanted him there but then I relaxed and I am glad I did because it felt wonderful. Here he was sucking my cock and fingering my anus and I loved it.  

It was such a wonderful feeling and I was experiencing pleasure like never before.  As he worked on me he soon had a second finger in me.  I felt stretched but it still felt good.  His head moved up and down while his fingers moved in and out of my anus.  I reached up with one hand and ran it through the hair on his head while my other hand began to caress my nipples.  I was in heaven.  I was getting close when he took his mouth off me.  

I looked down and gave him a little mock of a frown.  We both laughed and then he said, "I would love to fuck you.  But I don't wan to force you or make you feel obligated."  I wasnt sure what to say when I finally said, "I'd like that but please be gentle."  He smiled as he got up and went to the night stand.  He pulled out some lube smeared it on his cock and then put glob on his finger which he pushed back inside me.  

He told me to pull my legs up. I got them up and said, "You have a very sexy ass.  And your little pinky is so cute I just have to get inside.  By the way I am ddf, so no sweat."  Me too I replied.  

While he positioned himself between my legs I had feelings of shame, arousal, embarrassment and being very naughty.  He put my ankles on his shoulders.  He placed the head of his cock at my "pinky" and he began to push in very slowly.  

I won't like it stung a bit.  And when he finally got all the way in it did hurt.  But he didn't move once he was all the way in.  We looked at each other and we both smiled.  "Just relax as much as you can," he said.  I did and as I did he pulled out just a little and then right back in.  He time he pulled out just a bit farther.  After a couple of minutes it began to feel much better.  

As he felt that he strokes in and out of ke became longer.  In and out.  In and out.  As he fucked me I played with my nipples.  It was really feeling good now.  All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind but the prevailing one was, "Why did I wait so long."  As I experienced this I began to realize that he was moving faster and faster in and out of me.  

His eyes were closed as he moved faster and faster with shorter, harder strokes.  He opened his eyes and we looked at each other.  It was a feeling of connectedness.  It was gentle, erotic, sexy, sweet, and naughty all at the same time.  As he moved in and out I reached down and began to masturbate.  "Please don't," he said.   I stopped and in less than a minute he groaned and came in my ass.  It was an amazing feeling and I was glad I could be a part of his pleasure.  He stopped moving and then leaned down and kissed me.  I put my arms around him and we held that kiss until he cock slid out of me.  He pulled his head away and said, "I want to taste your cum."

He moved down my body and took my cock in his mouth.  As he sucked and moved his head up and down I felt his finger slider back into my "pinky."  The feeling was so intense I could hardly contain myself.  I tried to prolong it but I was getting there in spite of myself.  I was almost there when he slid his finger deep into me and then I felt the most amazing pleasure I had ever experienced.  

And then it happened. I couldn't prolong it any longer.  The pleasure was exquisite.  It was so intense, so overwhelming I was just swept away and I began to pump my hips and fill his mouth with my cum.  Squirt after squirt left my cock into his waiting mouth.  Finally I was done.  Totally empty and completely relaxed, basking in the wonderful feeling after.  He kissed by bless and my cock and then slid up next to me.  We kissed and I tased some of my cum on his lips.  He rolled off of my and we cuddled up.  We exchanged a few gentle kisses and he said, "Well, how was it?"

It was more intense, more pleasurable than I could have imagined.  Thank you."  He smiled and said, "If you'd like we can do it again sometime."

"I would like that very much" I said.  We lay quietly lost in our thoughts and in what may lie ahead.