Tales from the Crossroads Part I: The Girl with the Demon Tattoo

I go by many names these days. Mephistopheles, The Demon of the Crossroads, the Deal Broker, hundreds of names in hundreds of languages to describe a simple idea. You see, I’m the strange man that comes to you with the deal of a lifetime at such a small cost, or the one you seek to gain power unimaginable. I’m Satan’s travelling salesman, making contracts with individuals willing to part with their immortal soul in exchange for whatever they please. But most people who know me just call me Marshall.

How I got this position really doesn’t matter, but what does matter is what it entails. Despite my earlier statement, I don’t only make contracts for souls; I handle every deal someone makes with our dear friend Lucifer. Sometimes people wish for smaller boons, and some only wish to declare their servitude to the Dark Lord himself. Those last ones are the most interesting, as most often those rituals are performed perversion, phallic imagery plastered on paper, painting a picture of perfectly perverted prayer.

Those stories are the ones I will be sharing with you.



    One of my first deals was with a younger woman from Ontario, a proper Luciferian. This woman was absolutely obsessed with the idea of pledging herself to Satan, enough so to perform the ritual to summon the Demon of the Crossroads alone, with no mediator. The thing that stuck out most about her, though, was the Baphomet tattooed on her right arm.

    When I arrived I began my usual spiel about how she couldn’t take this back once the pact had been made, and that it would guarantee that she was to be sent to Hell upon her death. You know, the usual terms and conditions. By the time I had begun speaking about how she we damned to hell, she hushed me and simply told me that she agreed, no matter what. With the usual warnings out of the way I was finally able to ask her what she was willing to offer me in exchange for Satan’s patronage.

    That question brought a smile to the woman’s face as she pulled me from the summoning circle and moved my hand to her very generous chest. From that point it was quite clear what she was offering, and it brought a smile to my face as well. Not wasting any time I quickly tore open her t-shirt, revealing that she had been braless the entire time. It made sense really, she was determined to let a demon fuck her senseless, might as well make easy access for them when they arrive. I could feel her hips grinding on my dress pants as I ran my hands down her body, catching the top of her sweatpants and pulling them down in the same motion. This girl must’ve been a bit too excited because I could see a stain forming on her tight panties.

While I was focused on undressing her she desperately clambered to undo my belt and yanked down my pants and boxers, letting my cock spring out. Her eyes practically lit up as she got onto her knees, quickly stroking my slowly hardening rod. I looked down at her and smiled, grabbing the back of her head and forcing her to swallow my entire length in one go. Even as she gagged I could tell she was having the time of her life, the stain on her panties was only growing larger and when I let go of her head so she could properly suck me off she slipped a hand underneath them. Before this it’d been years since I’d had any sort of sexual interaction, and it showed in how quickly I blew my first load, quickly filling the poor girl’s mouth up with my seed. It was quite the sight to watch her drink my cum down so happily, though.

After I had recovered she stood up and turned to face the wall closest to us, sliding her now soaked panties to the side. I pushed her further against the wall and lined myself up with her waiting hole. After a few moments of her trying to push her hips back into mine I slammed into her, causing her to scream loudly as my dick pressed against the entrance to her womb. Being a demon certainly had its perks, and body modification was arguably the best. After she got over the shock of getting impaled by a demon cock she wiggled her hips a bit in an attempt to encourage me. I didn’t need the encouragement but it certainly did help when I started railing into her wet pussy over and over. The only thing you could hear in that room was her moans and the loud slapping of flesh hitting flesh, and I added onto that even further when I started spanking the little slut. What made her think getting fucked by a demon would be all pleasure? I wanted to leave her battered, bruised, and filled up in every hole.

I felt my climax coming again, so I pulled her up against me with my elbow by the neck so I could watch her cock-drunk face when I started filling her up. Sure enough with in a few moments I felt her inner walls constrict as she came hard, and I let out my load for the second time. After a few moments I finally stopped shooting ropes of cum into her and pulled out. I then looked down to watch the beautiful sight of our cum dripping out of her cunt. 

After taking a few moments to admire the scenery I pressed my cock against the only hole I hadn’t filled yet. The now completely broken whore looked back at me with a wide grin and mumbled something about hurrying up and filling her again. With that bit of begging I slammed into her tight hole without remorse, using my elbow around her neck to cut off most of her airflow. Looking at her slutty face once more I could see her eyes rolling back from how good it must’ve felt to be used like a fuckdoll. I leaned into her shoulder and bit down, leaving a permanent mark and causing her to scream once again.

At this point this cocksleeve was completely broken, and I was growing bored with her. I slammed her against the wall and began jackhammering into her, the loud slaps covering the sound of her choked moans. Her used cunt was absolutely dripping as she came over and over again. Lucky for her the finale was cumming. I cut off her entirely from breathing as I let out my final load to fill her waiting asshole. She managed out a soft scream as she came harder than any time before, and I felt her go limp as she passed out. I let go of her and watched her fall to the floor as I spilled my final ropes of cum onto her chest and face. I laughed and said “The deal is made.” before disappearing and leaving the slut in a pool of her fluids and my cum. 

They say you never forget your first time, and I sure as Satan won’t ever forget my first perverted deal.