Jill's Hawaiian Vacation

Dear noveltrove fans,

I started this story as a game on the noveltrove forum, in the "collective writing" section. I wrote the beginning of the story and six other noveltrove members (Camille, SunSet, Naya Free, AlphaLove, Angelic and Pooh Tang) contributed to it before I came back to wrap it up. Here it is, completed and ready to be offered up to you. I certainly hope you enjoy it and will comment on it at the bottom. Thank you so much to all who contributed and thank you, readers, for the support!


  I couldn't take it anymore. I just had to get away. The grind and stress of my job were driving me crazy and I was more than overdue for a vacation. Since I had just broken up with my live-in boyfriend and my best gal pal had just returned from a vacation down South, I knew I had to leave by myself, but that was okay. I thought it would actually probably be better because I felt like I needed to meet new people and not have that stress of worrying how whoever would accompany me on the trip would react or judge me.

   So I asked myself, "Where do you wanna go, Jill? Or more to the point, what kind of guy are you hoping to meet on this trip?" After thinking it over for a few minutes, I went to my travel agent's web site and booked a trip to Hawaii.

   Fruity drinks and sexy guys? Yup. That was what I needed.

   I hopped on the plane before I even had time to think. The flight was long and boring, but that was all worth it, just to see the view while we descended. It was a lush landscape, full of palm trees, blue water, and dormant volcanoes. As we touched down, a man greeted me at the gate.

   – Ms. Robbins?

   – Yes, that's me. How did you know? I asked.

   – You've been selected for the all expense paid VIP trip. It's a promotion my company is having. You can use everything we offer you as you wish... even me.

   At first, obviously, I thought all this was a hoax. It was just too good to be true, right?  So I played along, but kept my foot on the break pedal.

   – Please, call me Jill, I said.

   After all, he no doubt already knew that and I wanted to sound friendly. If this was a hoax, the best way to uncover it was to play along, right?

   The man smiled nicely – and dare I say, sexily – before repeating:

   – Jill.

   – Uh, do you mind telling me what company you are with and what the catch is?

   The man chuckled, somewhat embarrassed. Clearly, this was not the first time this game or contest or hoax or whatever this was was happening and this was clearly the part that he had to get around.

   – My name is Reg, he confided. All will be revealed, when we will have reached the resort.

   I felt that this was definitely some sort of G-Up.

   – Reg, you’ll need to give me a little more information before I get into the limo with you.

   Reg – I still didn’t know if this was his real name, but I guess I had to go along – explained to me that, since I had opted to fill out the optional survey after completing the documentation for booking my Hawaiian trip, my survey answers had ended up being the winning combination and had made me win this package.

   Completely taken back and shocked as hell, I tried to act as natural as possible and not too concerned at what I had just been told.

   – Well then, Reg, let’s get this party started.

   I still wasn’t completely convinced, but I really wanted to unwind and make the most of this trip. After all, I hadn’t come to Hawaii to stress out and worry. I had plenty of that back home and at work.

   Sitting with my head facing out the window, I had no fucking idea of what I had just gotten myself into. The survey was a sex based survey, asking the most kinky and sexual questions, and I had answered with the most kinky and sexual answers. My answers described me as a “Sexual Diva”. At least, that was the category I fit in when they compiled my answers but hey, I was fooling around. The only sex I was used to having was the mundane, predictable, boring sex that I had been having with my boyfriend since I was a teenager. That was sort of the reason why he was now my ex-boyfriend and we had split up for good. I needed to spice up my life and find out if there was anything better out there.

   There is a very big difference between fantasy and reality. Sure I had fantasized about sexually indulging in every answer I had given in that survey. However, actually engaging in such sexual pleasures was not something I would ever had have the nerve to try.

   As the limo slowly drove up the white pebbled driveway and the luxurious sight of the resort appeared in full focus, my mouth went completely dry and it took all my might to stop myself from fainting.

   Waiting for me at the hotel lobby were three hot guys, with smiles that outshone the sun-soaked Hawaiian palm trees. I was blown away by their flexing muscles that almost seemed to beat like a heart and that virile bad-boy attitude that was making me sweat like a cool pineapple drink.

   Really. I was melting in all kinds of ways, including the fact that I was soaking my panties.

   – Hi, my name is Alexa.

   I turned around and saw this beautiful, Asian-looking woman who seemed to be a native Hawaiian. I hadn’t even seen her as I was so drawn to the three male specimens I had before me.

   Alexa explained that I was asked to choose one of these drop-dead gorgeous, drool-all-over the carpet men for my first night prize at the resort.

   – Wait, this kind of stuff does not happen to me.

   Alexa guffawed.

   – In your typical, day-to-day life? Of course, it doesn’t. But you are in Hawaii now. You are in paradise. Here, at this resort, we make magic happen.

   I smiled, unsure, and in my mind, said to myself: “In fact, this stuff doesn't happen, period. Something must've gone terribly wrong with our flight, as I feel that I have died and gone to heaven.”

   But I guess that is what Alexa meant when she said I was now in paradise.

   To make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I discretely pinched myself and started focusing on each guy’s beguiling qualities.

   Bachelor number 1 had hazel-green eyes, dark brown hair, a lovely dimpled smile, and a smooth way about him. His name was Anthony. “Boy am I ready to be your Cleopatra!” was the first thought that came to my mind. I was hoping I hadn’t said it telepathically ‘cause that could have been pretty embarrassing!

   Bachelor number 2 was tall, dark, and had an air of mystery.

   – I'm Mike, he said, flashing a seductive smile.

   I was thinking, “baby, yes! You certainly are! You can be whoever you want and you can make me whoever you want!”

   Except bachelor number 3 certainly wasn’t anything to overlook either. He had a way about him that said: “come here to me”. With his blond spiked hair, deep blue eyes, and muscles that screamed “spank-me-very-much”, I almost lost it.

   He actually had his surname printed on his t-shirt: Gary. I repeated it in my head, stretching out the “r”. “Garrrr-y!” He was so gorgeous, I just wanted to pounce on him!

   – So now that you’ve met our three men, you need to make a choice, Jill, said Alexa.

   I was completely torn, but the clock was tick-tick-ticking. Alexa explained that if I didn't choose a date now, I’d have to wait until tomorrow. “Stupid rules”, I thought, “I want all three. I mean, after all, I'm on vacation.”

   The hostess started counting down the last seconds, as I melted in front of the audience of excited resort guests that had gathered around.

   “What the heck, I thought. I'm gonna go for...”

   – Mike, I said aloud. I choose Mike.

   As people started applauding as though I’d been on a Let’s Make A Deal-type game show, I thought: “I’m not choosing Mike because he seems any better than Anthony or Gary. I’m just choosing him because he’s in the middle and I need to choose one before I lose my chance.”

   – Yes, I'll go with Mike, Alexa, I repeated.

   – Mike AND Alexa? joked the hostess. Is that what you said?

   I blushed. I just smiled and decided not to say a word. Then, I realized a roar of laughter had flooded the lobby of the hotel. That small audience of hotel patrons had grown. About 20 people staring at me, the three bachelors and the hostess. “What is this, the Hawaiian vacation "Bachelorette" or "Dating Game"?”, I thought.

   – I'm sorry, said Alexa. I'll be in the other room with Gary and Anthony!

Again, the audience roared with laughter.

I don’t know what came over me – it’s not like I’d had four or five Mai Tais yet – but I just blurted out:

   – No, you can't. I want Gary for tomorrow and Anthony for the next day!

   It was my turn to get a round of laughs. I chuckled too, but inside I was thinking: “Uh,… I was kinda serious, guys!”

   – Well, we'll see about that, replied Alexa. But for now, Mike will escort you to your private suite and... do everything in his power to make sure your vacation starts off with a, er... bang, shall we say?

   The audience moaned at Alexa’s cheesy play on words and Mike walked over to me, taking my hand and plunging his amazing dark eyes into mine.

   – I am so happy you chose me, Jill, he whispered. I can't believe my luck.

   He couldn't believe HIS luck? I couldn't believe MINE.

  – Come.

I certainly hoped we would! How’s that for a cheesy play on words?

   As Mike lead me to my room, I was quiet, listening to him chatting happily about pool hours and spa services. His voice was deep, rich, and the more he talked, the more I loved to listen. Walking slightly ahead of me, he would glance back over his shoulder on occasion to make eye contact with me, and I felt myself blush each time he did.

   Admiring how his well-defined shoulders strained against the seams of the silky white t-shirt he wore, I felt my growing desire was probably showing all over my face. When he wasn't looking, I took the time to openly admire his beautiful physique. He was such a gorgeous man, and since stuff like this really never happens to me, I just knew that this was going to be the best night ever.

   As we reached the door to my room, Mike turned around and looked deep into my soul with those dark brown eyes. I could have lost myself into them and the rest of him all day long. I felt my insides begin to spark as my desire to be touched by this breathtaking creature grew. He softly brushed my hair to the side and held my face with one hand. I knew what was coming, or at least I thought I did. I expected a soft, gentle kiss to let me know he had the same intentions I did. Instead, it was more. So much more. His mouth took control of mine. Kissing me deeply and then softly and then deeply again. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into him and I shivered at the feel of him throbbing for me. I could not believe we were still standing outside the door where anyone could walk by and see this open display of pure, raw passion between two strangers. As he continued to kiss me, I felt his tongue flicking and probing against mine as if he were pleading for more. Finally, reality gave me the strength to break away from him for a split second. Breathlessly, I whispered:

   – Please, let's go inside.

   Once we had opened the door with the key card, Mike closed it behind him and pressed his back against it.

   – From here on out, it’s all about you, he said.

   – What do you mean?

   – According to this contest, I was only allowed to initiate one kiss. Starting now, everything that happens must be instigated by you, Jill.

   I was surprised, half-disappointed and half-thrilled. I had always wanted to see what it would feel like to be in the driver’s seat, but I’d never really had the courage to actually grab the reins. Maybe if I had, Brad and I would still be together. Maybe I could have shown Brad what I really liked and he could have developed and evolved sexually.

   – Wouldn’t that have been nice, I said aloud, with irony in my voice.

Mike stared at me with a puzzled look on his face.

   – What?

   – Oh, sorry, I chuckled. I was thinking of something else.

   He smiled. There was a short silence. I was in awe of his beautiful, friendly, loving face. I leaned in to kiss him. He kissed me back. I couldn’t get over the chemistry between us. If he was faking this, he was the best actor I’d ever seen.

   I pulled the t-shirt over his head and started feeling every inch of his upper body with my fingers and hands. I wanted my mind, my body, my soul to remember every part of him. I noticed that he had goose bumps on his forearms and this drove me crazy. I didn’t know if it was from the air conditioning or from my touch, and I didn’t care. I liked it. I went for his nipples because I wanted to see if they were erect. They were. He moaned. I was happy about that because Brad had always pulled my fingers away when they happened to brush against his nipples. Mike clearly liked my touch. I pinched them lightly without interrupting our kiss. He moaned again.

   – Undress me please, I said, pulling my mouth away from him.

   – Do you want me to just take your clothes off or…

   – Surprise me, I said, interrupting him.

   With that permission, Mike took control. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse, tracing down on my skin while he opened it. I could feel my breath become heavier and seeing my chest heave with passion made Mike’s eyes become fiery.

   – You are gorgeous, he said.

   Instead of thanking him, I kissed him, pressing my breasts against his bare chest. He backed up a bit to cup my bra-covered tits in his hands.

   – Mmmm… your nipples are speaking my language, he said.

   As he caressed them, I felt my pussy release its lubricant. I couldn’t wait to feel Mike inside of me, but I didn’t want this to stop. I pinched his nipples without turning my eyes away, hoping he would understand I wanted him to do the same thing to mine. He did. I moaned.

   We just stood there for a few seconds, caressing and pinching each other’s nipples. It was sort of a strange game, but it was awesome. Being disciplined enough to not just jump all over him made the sexual tension even more enjoyable. I could feel every nerve in my body screaming with pleasure. I was totally torturing my pussy but it felt so good!

   After a while, I drew my hands away from his nipples and pressed his hands against my breast so he’d keep doing what he was doing and then, I went for his belt buckle. I unfastened it and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. His Ugo Boss boxer-briefs tented toward me and I was anxious to find out what they were very poorly hiding.

   Mike’s fondling of my breasts was making me dizzy with pleasure. He’d been rubbing my nipples so much that they were actually starting to hurt a little… which oddly added to the pleasure.

   Instead of pulling down his boxer-briefs, I decided to move the fabric around until his magnificent pole just popped out of the opening in front. I gasped in awe. He caught that and chuckled:

   – What? he asked.

   – Nothing, I replied, kind of embarrassed. It’s just… I haven’t been with a guy in a while. I…

   I, I, I… decided it would be better to shut up and I wrapped my hand around his pulsating penis. I pulled it downward like a lever and twisted it in my hand. He moaned. I looked up at him to make sure it was a moan of pleasure. It was. I smiled. I gave it a few more strokes before I squatted so that it would be at eye level. I pulled back the foreskin by bring my hand toward his pelvis. His cock head was glistening already but his pole twitched under my touch and he pushed out an other pearl of precum. I touched it with my index finger and pulled away, stretching it into a strand. He was looking down at me and was clearly amused. I smiled up at him and stuck out my tongue, placing it at the base of his cock and licking up toward its head. By doing this, I brought the foreskin back over the head and then wrapped my tongue in it, tasting the salty yet sweet liquid that I had trapped inside.

   – Mmmm… he moaned again as I tickled the slit of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

   I played around with his cock, licking, fondling, softly biting it, like I was discovering a new toy. It actually felt something like that because Brad had always felt uncomfortable with me experimenting with his rod. Now, I was in a position where I had permission to do whatever I want and Mike seemed to be a willing participant.

   After a while, I decided I’d like to suck on his cock and see how it – and its owner – would react. I pulled the sides of the hole in his boxers over his pole, covering it temporarily, and then I pulled his underwear down. His ball sac was hairless and the sides were a bit stuck to the inside of his thighs. This didn’t bother me at all. I loved the discrete smell of his sweat and carefully caressed his balls so that they would unglue themselves from his thighs. He seemed to like that, too.

   So as I swallowed his pole and slid my mouth on it, swirling my tongue to feel each inch of the pulsating organ, I kept playing with his balls with my free hand, feeling them twitch and churn.

   Making Mike moan and groan in ecstasy was making me so happy. I was completely in the moment, forgetting all the crap I had left behind, and all this, without a single drop of alcohol, yet.

   Just as I felt that Mike had had enough and was about to reach the brink of orgasm, I pulled off and stood up.

   – I’m sorry, I whispered.

   – What?

   – I’m not stopping because I want to torture you. I just want this to last.

   – That’s okay. I’m all for that.

   – Thank you.

   – For what?

   – For being exactly what I need right now.

   Mike smiled and kissed me. I couldn’t help but think that he probably wasn’t supposed to do that, according to his contract, but I didn’t care about that and I certainly didn’t want to think about that. I kissed him right back, caressing his back and kneading his amazing buttocks.

   – You’re so beautiful.

He looked at me with puzzlement in his eyes.

   – Shouldn’t I be saying that?

   – You can say and do whatever you want. I’ve never felt more free in my life and I want you to feel the same way tonight.

He smiled again.

   – You really are so beautiful, he whispered. Inside and out, I feel.

He had no idea how much I needed to hear that.

   I unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor. He delicately pulled down my panties and just as adroitly caressed my lower belly toward my pussy, slipping only his middle finger inside the top of my slit to stroke my wet clit as I wrapped my hand around his pole. We kissed again, eyes open so that we could enjoy each other’s pleasure.

   As the passion started mounting in my loins, Mike created a sort of vibrating sensation with his finger on my clit, something I had never felt before. I started moaning louder and louder and Mike brought his free hand up to my left breast, slowly pinching its nipple like he’d so expertly done a few minutes earlier. That sent me over the top. An overwhelming orgasmic tidal wave crashed over me, sending my brain into a tornado of pleasure, my legs buckling under me.

   Mike somehow managed to hold me up with his finger still on my love button. What could have ended up becoming pretty painful actually made my pleasure even more intense.

   When the tsunami subsided, Mike swooped me up and carried me to the bed. He set me down and I whispered:

   – I want to feel you inside me.

   – Your wish is my command, he murmured back.

   When his hot, steel-hard pole slipped inside my pussy, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Like it just fit there. Like I just wanted him to not move, to stay there. But of course I would feel like that. I had just cum to an inch of my life! Now, I knew that Mike would give me another orgasm and I wanted him to have a memorable one, too.

   He didn’t start rocking or moving his hips right away, as though he’d read my mind and knew that I would like to keep him inside me just the way he was. He make his cock twitch and I could feel it move inside me. I moaned and he did that again, seeing that I liked it. Our eyes were glued together. We were totally in synch.

   When I reached around and kneaded his butt cheeks, he gave me three more cock twitches. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and his eyes widened. Clearly, he was wondering what I was going to do next, but he was also intrigued. He gave my insides two more cock twitches and my index finger found his butt hole. I pressed against it without penetrating it, just pushing against it like a pulsating effect. That’s when he started rocking, pushing his cock inside me even further when I would push against his butt hole. This felt amazing. As though my index finger pushing against his butt hole was the driving force behind his thrusts inside my pussy. He moaned with pleasure and I answered each of his sounds with my own.

   – Oh, yeah, Jill. Push me inside you.

   He had understood the same thing I felt. We continued making love like this – because yeah, it really felt like we were doing just that, making love – for a while. I felt another orgasm build up from inside my pussy, radiating through my clit which was rubbing against his pubes. When I imploded, he nibbled on my right breast for a second, causing my pussy to tense up and to suck the cum right out of him.

   – Oh yeah, Jill! Your pussy is milking my bone!

Exactly. That’s just how I felt.

   Panting and groaning, our opened mouths rubbed against each other in a delicious non-kiss that just felt amazing. I let go of his butt hole and he gave me three or four more thrusts of his hips. When he pulled out of me, I felt his cock had not lost any of its hardness because it felt just like when I would pull one of my dildos out.

   He slowly slipped off of me and I closed my eyes. That’s when I felt his mouth on my pussy. First, his tongue and lips on my clit, licking and kissing, telling it that this was not over. Second, I felt a finger slip inside my slit. Third, the combination of both. I started meeting his oral and digital love-making with my hip thrusts. I was totally losing myself in this amazing pleasure again. And before I knew it, I felt a third orgasm wash over me and rush my brain like a defense man sacking a quarterback in the NFL.

   – I’m glad you liked it, said Mike as he got back on the bed next to me.

   He kissed me and I got a taste of his cum and my juice. Apparently, he didn’t have a problem tasting his own cum which, oddly, made him even more endearing to me.

   – Are you aloud to spend the night? I asked.

He smiled. That meant yes.

   We caressed each other until we both fell asleep. At least I think that is what happened because I think I fell asleep before him and, when I woke up this morning, he was asleep next to me.

   Actually, he is still sleeping as I write this. I have no idea what the rest of my Hawaiian vacation will be like, but it certainly started out great. And now, I’m sorta wondering if I really do wish to have Gary for tonight and Anthony for tomorrow.

   I think I’d like to stick with Magic Mike for the whole vacation, if that’s okay.