Fireworks Everywhere – Man to Man II

   When I came out of prison four years ago, I kept in touch with a few guys I’d met on the inside. I never saw my cellmate Miguel after we were released. I was freed about two months before him and, when I left, he just gave me the traditional fist bump and “good luck, man” send-off, not saying a word about the fact that we’d fucked three more times after that faithful night when I just couldn’t take it anymore after 132 days in the slammer with nada physical contact whatsoever.

   Because of what had happened with Miguel, I guess you could say I had become gay for the stay, which means that you’re gay for the duration of your prison sentence because there’s nothing else to have sex with besides guys if you need intimacy with another human being, if you need to share contact with somebody else who is flesh and blood. Miguel would never have even admitted to that designation because, even though he sure would get into it when we had sex and he’d look me straight in the eyes, to him, “turning gay” was the worst thing that could have happened to him and his Latino Catholic upbringing would never allow him to admit that he was cheating on his wife with me. Whatever we were doing was temporary and a necessary evil to fight off horniness, masculine urges, and not lose his mind before he could get back to that soft pussy.

   One of the guys I’d kept in touch with was Ed, an older gentleman that had been my first cellmate when I’d come into the prison. He was a distinguished, elegant, smart man with which I’d had some cool conversations. He felt a little bit like a dad to me although he was probably only about ten years my senior. He’d constantly talk about his wife and how it would be when he’d be released and return to her, but sadly, a few months after he was released, she committed suicide. Ed had kept in touch with me but when that happened, I became a really important friend in his life and – quite honestly – I almost felt like he might follow in Janine’s footsteps if I didn’t keep my relationship with him alive. I felt like his lifeline. Like the son he’d never had.

   Last summer, Ed sold his house and moved into an apartment in the city, saying he couldn’t live in the home he’d shared with Janine all these years. He couldn’t stop talking about all the cool amenities available in the Oxford apartment building downtown. It was an old Holiday Inn that had been converted into affordable housing. It had a pool, a gym, Ed loved his 9th story balcony overlooking the city and offering an amazing view of Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Olympic Stadium and so many more great landmarks.

   He kept telling me he wanted us to get together and have a beer – you know, like two straight guys do when things are clear and there’s no ambiguity – but our schedules just never gelled for some reason. Time went by and I hadn’t heard from him in a while when, suddenly, some Monday, the phone rings and it’s him.

   – Hi, Stephen. I hope I’m not disturbing you.

   I was at work and wasn’t really supposed to answer my cell phone during my shift but when I recognized the number, I was worried Ed might be in some sort of trouble or distress.

   – No, it’s fine, I replied. I’m at work but I can spare a few minutes. What’s up?

   – Well, you remember how I kept telling you what a great view I have of the city from my balcony?

   How could I forget? I chuckled.

   – Well, you know about the fireworks competition, right? How about coming over for a beer Wednesday night and checking out the display from here? You know how it’s a different country each night – I mean, every Wednesday and Saturday for the duration of the competition? Well, it’s Canada day after tomorrow. What do you say?

   I had forgotten about Ed’s overuse of the word ‘Well’ and it made me smile. On the phone, it was even more obvious.

   – Sounds like a plan, I replied, immediately regretting the expression that has really turned into a cliché these last few years. What time do you want me?

   Two days later, it was absolutely beautiful out so I decided to ride my bike to work. I don’t know why but I was feeling a bit anxious and I had about three hours to kill before I was expected at Ed’s. I rode around for a while before stopping off at a restaurant in the Gay Village to have dinner. I felt odd and out of place. It wasn’t a part of town that I usually hung out at. As a matter of fact, with all the biking I’d done, I hadn’t even realized it was the Village until I was actually seated in the restaurant and that I got a vibe from the waiter that I might be of interest to him.

   It was strange because ever since my release, I had not had sex with another man. Although I have to admit I’d really started developing a taste for gay sex – even being on the receiving end of anal sex because I knew that was the only kind of penetration that would have been possible with Miguel, I had mostly been looking to hook up with women when I got my freedom back. Living the gay life is not for me. At least, I don’t think. But it was still flattering to be ogled like that in the restaurant.

   A few hours later, I was locking my bike in front of Ed’s apartment building and ringing his apartment at the entrance. He buzzed me in and as I was walking to the elevator, I realized I was soaking wet in sweat from riding my bike. I felt kind of yucky and perspiration was dripping into my eyes, stinging like all hell from the saltiness.

   When I got to Ed’s door on the 9th floor, it was ajar.

   – Knock, knock, I said as I actually knocked and pushed the door open slowly.

   – Stephen! Come on in! I’m so glad you could make it, said Ed as he walked toward me with two beers in his hands. I thought you might be thirsty with this heat.

   As he handed me the beer, he went to hug me but I pulled away.

   – Sorry, man, but I’m really sweaty and disgusting.

   – If you want to hop in the shower, you still have ten minutes before the fireworks start. I can even throw your clothes in the washer while you’re here.

   I was a bit surprised but I really couldn’t refuse such a great offer. And there was no time to waste if we didn’t want to miss the fireworks display.

   Ed showed me to the bathroom and said he’d put our beers back in the fridge while I showered.

   – Cool, I said. Thanks for this. I didn’t think I’d be so drenched in sweat.

   I stripped down to my Lycra boxer briefs, my favorite underwear when I’m riding my bike, and Ed handed me a towel in exchange for my wet clothes. I didn’t dare give him my underwear to wash because I felt weird about that and he didn’t say anything about my prudishness.

   Although I’d shared a cell with Ed, we’d managed to never see each other naked. And since I’d been his cellmate at the beginning of my stay, at the time when I was definitely not horny or thinking about sex, even less sex with a MAN, Ed had been nothing more than a friend and father figure. We’d never even had discussions about sex.

   But there I was, showering in his bathtub, lathering up with his Irish Spring body wash and unconsciously lingering a bit too long around my cock and balls, catching my breath from the bike ride, breathing in and out as though I was almost meditating. I didn’t realize that I was slowly giving myself a hard-on and when the lather washed away, I kept playing with my testicles, pulling on the pubes of my scrotum, making my semi-hard cock swing in every direction.

   Suddenly, I realized I had started fantasizing with my eyes closed as if I’d been alone in the world. To my own surprise, the movie in my head was flashbacks of me riding Miguel’s hard cock in the top bunk of our cell! I was having fucking gay sex fantasies. I opened my eyes, startled, only to find my rod as hard as a rock.

   – Fuck, I whispered to myself.

   I turned down the warm water and turned up the cold, filling my hands with cooler water and splashing it on my face. I kept my hands off my cock and balls to give my rod a chance to deflate. I squeeze a bit more Irish Spring body wash in my hand and lathered it up, squatting down in the bath to wash my butt and ass crack, turning a bit so that the cascade of water down my spine with help rinsing me off after. As I rubbed the soap out of my crack, I sort of fell into another daze and started fingering my hole half-consciously. First thing I knew, I was jacking off with one hand and fingering my butt hole with my other hand in the squatting position.

   It felt crazy good but so wrong at the same time. I only had a few minutes for a quick shower and there I was pleasuring myself in a friend’s apartment, a friend who was almost a stranger, really. Yet I couldn’t stop myself.

   – Do you have anything you need? I heard Ed ask me from the doorway of his bathroom.

   – Yeah, man, thank you, I replied, my voice quivering from the excitement and the weirdness of the situation.

   – No problem. You’ll feel so much better after.

   Did he know I was jacking off? Was that what he was referring to or did he just mean the refreshing shower? As I was still squatting, I noticed that I could see Ed’s silhouette in the doorway through the not-totally-opaque shower curtain.

   – I’ll be right out, I said quickly.

   But seeing my friend’s outline through the curtain as I jacked off in his shower, with two of my fingers pushing inside my asshole was driving me crazy. Even with the water cascading down my body, I could feel the sticky precum oozing out of piss slit with my thumb. And rubbing my cockhead with my thumb was making me even hornier and desperate to cum.

   Was Ed still standing there, in the doorway? He was. I could still see his silhouette, his impressive frame, his broad shoulders, his narrow hips. He was really fit for a man his age. He probably wore boxers as did most men his age, right? He probably had really low-hanging balls and a thick, uncut cock. I could suddenly imagine him pulling his foreskin off his cockhead and then back on again. I started imagining his cock swelling up, getting harder and harder as he imagined me jerking off behind his shower curtain. Was I going insane? Was I really getting aroused thinking about Ed sexually? Man! What the hell, right?

   My jacking off was getting more and more intense and I kept thinking I couldn’t stand up even though my legs were getting numb from squatting like this. What was Ed doing there? Was he touching himself through his clothes? Was he getting around, too? Was he guessing that I’d been gay for the stay and was imagining himself pulling the curtain back, surprising me in an embarrassing yet really erotic position and pulling out his massive cock to fuck the living daylights out of me while I stood, my cheek pushing against the cold tiles of his shower walls?

   I couldn’t believe all these crazy thoughts were going through my head. But then just as I felt the cum start churning and get ready to erupt out of my fuck tube, I heard a few explosions afar.

   – Oh, Stephen! Do you hear that?

   Oh yeah, I could hear it. And hearing Ed’s voice and suddenly getting a series of flashes to my brain, almost like strobe lights, – Ed’s hairy chest and his erect nipples poking out of his salt and pepper hair, his spread ass cheeks, his open mouth, his hairy balls, his glistening cockhead poking out of his pulled-back foreskin –, as the second explosion of fireworks resounded, my cock erupted also, shooting gobs of cum all over the base of the shower curtain.

   – Yeah, I hear it, I managed to say as I was cuming. Sorry I’m taking so long. I’ll be right out.

   – I’ll wait out on the balcony. Just come join me when you’re done. I’ll just hang this clean bathrobe here for you.

   Man, he’d thought of everything. As I finished cuming and stood up in the bathtub, I felt a bit dizzy but relieved of a sexual tension I have no idea what I would have done with had I not jacked off to climax before exiting the shower.

   As the fireworks kept going off, I quickly rinsed off and made sure I cleaned up my mess before turning the water off.

   I slipped Ed’s bathrobe on and quickly went out to the balcony to catch the fireworks as each display never lasts more than twenty minutes and I’d probably already missed the first five.

   – Feel better? he asked as I plopped down in the lawn chair he’d set up for me next to his.

   I thought of the double-entendre for a few seconds but pretended I didn’t notice in case he really didn’t see or hear it himself. That would have been awkward.

   – I do. Thanks. I replied before adding, with a smirk that he couldn’t see because we were sitting side by side: I feel… relieved… and the soft breeze on my skin? Wow! Thanks for the robe, man.

   We watched the fireworks over Jacques-Cartier Bridge from the amazing perspective of Ed’s 9th floor balcony. The breeze really did feel great but I didn’t tell Ed that the best part of that was that my underwear was drying on the towel rack in his bathroom and I was going commando under his robe. With my legs spread, I could fill the night air caress my balls, rustle through my pubes, tickle my genitalia and make my testicles churn again.

   – I think this is the best year ever, Ed said, pulling me out of my daze.

   – What?

   – The fireworks. They just get better and better year after year. I’ve loved them since forever.

   It was so odd to me that just hearing Ed’s deep voice right next to me without actually seeing him because we were both looking in the same direction was adding to my arousal.

   I was having a hard time not slipping my hand under the robe and playing with myself in the dark Montreal night sky. It was just so comfortable and nice.

   – Isn’t this the best? he asked. The air, the city lights, the fireworks, the intimacy of being so high in the sky?

   I was thinking the same thing and acquiesced.

   – Don’t tell anybody, because I don’t want to get in trouble, he whispered. But… you want to know a secret?

   It was almost like he was talking like a child.

   – Sometimes, I masturbate out here.

   I was so surprised by his confession that my head sprung around to look him straight in the face, thinking I’d find him smirking, waiting for my reaction to his joke.

   – It’s true, he said. Well, just recently. When Janine died, I thought I’d never have another sexual thought in my life. My sex drive just died with my wife.

   I thought I saw his eyes tear up but just as he said that, the fireworks display was over. As though it was a cue for him, he popped up from his chair saying:

   – Well, that’s that. Let me give you a tour of the terrace on the roof.

   He didn’t seem to mind that we were leaving his apartment with me in a robe, but since this had been a hotel before, I guess it was normal for people to walk the hallways in house coats or bathrobes.

   – We have a sauna and a pool up there… and this amazing terrace that goes all around. You can see 360 around the whole city.

   I was totally blown away by the beauty of my city at night from so high. We sat in a swing – you know the type, the ones they have on lawns of old folks’ homes – and talked for a while, me still enjoying the air brushing against my balls under the robe. Ed stayed away from the subject of sex but just feeling naked under the robe was arousing me and I felt I had to mind myself so that I wouldn’t spring an embarrassing woody.

   When Ed decided we’d been out there enough, he said:

   – You feel like heading inside? I’m getting a little chilly. Maybe we could go for a sauna or a swim…

   I suddenly felt weird, like I should be wearing my underwear under the robe.

   – I, uh… I don’t, uh… I’m not wearing anything under this.

   – Oh… right… your clothes are in the wash. Oh well, that’s okay. At this hour, I’m pretty sure we’ll be alone.

   It didn’t feel like a sexual proposal in the least. He was really matter-of-factly about the whole thing. It was really just two guys hitting the sauna to relax and maybe go for a casual skinny dip in the roof-top pool. Man, had I been with anybody else, this would have been totally sexual, right?

   When we got to the pool area, Ed spontaneously stripped his clothes off and walked into the sauna which had been turned off so it wasn’t really hot.

   – I was expecting that at this hour, he said, doing what was necessary to turn it on. It’ll take a few minutes but it’s worth it. Have a seat.

   He was so comfortable being naked around me. I couldn’t believe it. I took the robe off and sat, as he had suggested. With my legs spread, the wood of the sauna seats felt strange on my butt cheeks and on the underside of my balls. They were starting to feel musky again and clinging to the insides of my thighs so I couldn’t help but adjust them. Ed didn’t seem to mind and didn’t stare.

   When he wasn’t looking, I would steal a glance at his butt as he’d lean over the electric coals to see if everything was working. When he sat down and closed his eyes meditatively, I caught a glimpse of his cock and balls and was impressed with the fact that I’d pretty much guessed what they’d look like. Damned if I wasn’t aroused at this proximity we had.

   After a few minutes of silence, with my cock starting to grow, I held it by wrapping my hand around it so my hard-on would be more discrete. Without opening his eyes, Ed asked:

   – You ever think of having sex with a guy? he asked, like he was inquiring about my interest in coffee.

   I almost choked which would have been the worse cliché ever! I took a while to respond and felt my cock pulse in my hand. What was this, a proposition?

   – What is this, a proposition? I said aloud, chuckling. Did you invite me over to have your way with me, Ed?

   He laughed also and we both kept our eyes closed in silence.

   When I opened my eyes, my jaw almost fell to the floor. Ed was shaking his semi-erect cock and squeezing his cockhead with all five fingers of his other hand. I couldn’t help but stare and give my own fully-erect cock a bunch of discrete squeezes. He was also contracting his anus from what I could tell because his balls were bouncing up and down. The whole thing was making me even more horny because I’d never thought of Ed in such a sexual manner before.

   Although I’d shot a load just under two hours before, I just felt like jacking the shit out of my cock and – quite honestly – I didn’t mind using the visual Ed was giving me to help me along the way. I didn’t really understand what was going on with me but, in the moment, I really didn’t give a shit.

   – Feels good, doesn’t it? Ed said as he opened his eyes without me noticing that he had. I’ve always loved playing with myself in a deserted sauna, when it gets hot enough.

   My heart was racing. I felt as though Ed had caught me in the act. Like a parent who walks in on his teen in the bathroom which the kid forgot to lock … or in his bedroom thinking nobody’s in there. Except he was doing the same thing I was! I was catching him in the act, too. And he didn’t seem to care. He knew exactly what was going on.

   – Except the sauna isn’t deserted right now… I inquired, trying to see what he’d give me as an explanation.

   – I know. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

   He sounded so level-headed. He wasn’t jerking off like a mad man desperately seeking to shoot a load. He was caressing himself slowly, his cock semi-erect, just enjoying the moment. He seemed to be eying me like I was eying him, like I was some sort of visual stimulation for him, too, but he didn’t look like he was going to make a move toward him.

   – No, I’m fine, I admitted. I’ve never done it in a sauna before. This is really hot… in every sense of the word.

   He smiled and closed his eyes again for a moment, still playing with himself.

   The whole thing was a bit odd to me, like when we’d have circle-jerks as teenagers and all the guys would talk about the girls they wanted to nail, how such-and-such had a nice pair of tits, how this other girl had let one feel her breasts under her blouse…

   – I don’t get as hard as I used to when I was younger, he said, still with his eyes closed.

   I couldn’t believe how frank and direct he was being with me.

   – That’s not something we can really control, is it? I said empathetically. It happens to all of us.

   He opened his eyes and looked over at me.

   – You seem pretty hard right now…

   I was a bit surprised that he’d say that because I was holding my cock in a certain way that sort of hid it partly away, but he was looking at me so intensely that I decided to give him a bit of a show.

   – Yeah, I am, I said, removing my hand from my cock and grabbing it by the base, waving it in the air a bit before slapping it against my other hand.

   I kept my eyes on his reaction as I wanted to see what I should do next.

   – Yeah, you are really hard, he commented, his eyes widening, expressing his admiration. I bet if you had an orgasm right now, it would be just about as powerful as those fireworks explosions…

   As he said this, I looked down at his cock and I saw it blow up an extra inch at least and gain in girth.

   – You look like you’re getting there, too, I remarked, looking at his manhood with admiration, hoping he would notice.

   – Yeah, I don’t know, he said. Thinking of you exploding in front of me is giving me a shot of testosterone. I haven’t been this close to anybody – especially naked – since Janine passed.

   I thought talking about his deceased wife might take away the inflation he’d just gained, but it didn’t. He looked down at himself and his cock grew some more. Then, he looked back at me and I slapped my hard cock against my hand again. He did the same with his own and it shot up again, gaining substantially in girth.

   – When Janine and I first got together, the girth of my penis was a problem.

   My eyes widened and I swallowed hard.

   – Yeah! I can imagine! I said with honest admiration.

   – It took a while before she was able to take me. It was frustrating.

   Were we really still talking about Janine? The was something surreal about this conversation.

   – The first weeks of our marriage were all about foreplay, he continued, his cock growing even more. She would lick me, take the tip in her mouth… she couldn’t do much more. And I’d lick her and rub her clit with my fingers and with the tip of my penis. I really liked that. That would drive me crazy. Even after she started used to taking me inside her, sometimes, I’d go back to just rubbing the tip against her clit. It was our little thing.

   As he was telling me this, the visual images drove me over the edge and my second orgasm of the night erupted, my cock shooting strands and strands of hot cum all over my belly and chest.

   – Wow! That was beautiful! he said. Thanks for sharing that with me. I really appreciate it.

   He got up, his cock completely erect and started walking out.

   Somehow, I felt bad, like I had not allowed him to get his. I know it wasn’t the case – he was clearly not frustrated or uncomfortable – but I just popped up off my bench and got down on my knees, engulfing his huge senior cock in my mouth. I heard him groan and moan and felt his legs buckle beneath him.

   – Mmmm! That, …. Oooo… are you… mmmm… Oh, that’s nice.

   I sucked him hard and aggressively, making his cock probably harder than it had been in years. He didn’t want to force himself on me so he didn’t grab my head but his own, letting me feed on his cock until he was ready to blow.

   – I’m sorry… I need to… let me pull out… he said.

   But I grabbed on to his ass and squeezed his butt cheeks repeatedly until his huge cock started exploding in repeated spasms of pleasure. Although the shots of cum probably wouldn’t have landed as far as mine, they certainly were copious and I almost choked on the amount of liquid Ed was feeding me.

   When I felt he was done, I stood up and hugged him. Something we had done a few times – very platonically – while we were behind bars. Because it wasn’t all about sex. In prison, some of us who are still human beings don’t only need to get our rocks off.

   – Maybe next time, we could try it out on the terrace, he whispered.

   Next time? What was he talking about? What was he planning? Had he planned this all along? I knit my brow for a second but honestly, I didn't care.