The Office Affair

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Authors Notes

This is set in Dunder Mifflin Scranton, but in an alternate reality so relationships and positions are not the same as in the show.

I want to thank whtwlf1790 for the premise and coauthoring this with me.

This story contains fellatio, consensual rough heterosexual intercourse, and impregnation. If you don't enjoy this kind of smut, please choose another story.

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Shawn walked into the office for the first time this morning. He was a green accountant right out of school. He had been hired by a temp firm to help businesses with their accounting. This was going to be his first stop. He opened the door to the massive brick building and entered. He looked at the marquee and saw the company he was looking for was on the 2nd floor, across from Vance Refrigeration.

He got on the open elevator and hit the button for the second floor. When he exited he turned right and saw two solid oak doors. Shawn walked up and hit the buzzer and waited to be let in.

Pam heard the annoying buzzer Dwight had insisted on for security. She looked up, away from Jim to see who it was. The security monitor showed a young, not unattractive man. Pam buzzed him in as Jim turned to get a look at the new accountant.

Shawn smiled as he saw the door on the right open. He stepped in to see a small office. "My name is Shawn, I'm the temp your company requested." He held out his hand to the man at the desk who appeared to be reviewing security. The woman standing next to him was gorgeous, and hopefully his new boss.

"Hi, I'm Jim Halpert, Vice President of Sales, this is Pam Beesley, Regional Manager. You must be the new temp we requested." Jim said reaching his hand out.

"Yes sir, I am. If you could just show me to my work station, I can get started," Shawn said with a smile as he tried to hide the erection he got from standing so close to a sexy female supervisor, in a business suit. He loved having an attractive woman in authority over him.

"Well Pam, you can show your new accountant to his work station. I have to go visit the Stanford branch. We'll have lunch next week and discuss that conference." Turning to Shawn he went on, "Good to meet you. Hope you're better than the last group of accountants we had. God, what a freaky group." He shook his head remembering Kevin, the fat stupid guy, Oscar, the gay Hispanic guy, and the snotty bitchy, frigid, petite slutty blond Christian chick. After Angela divorced the gay state senator, she moved in with Oscar, who helped raise her son. The office had a pool on the baby's father with Dwight being the favorite, although a few had bet on Andy. No one seriously considered the Senator a viable candidate. Then one day Oscar and Angela announced they had adopted Kevin and were moving to Denmark.

Jim walked out the door, and Pam turned to Shawn. "If you'll follow me, I'll get you set up." She leads him through THE OFFICE, introducing him to the sales staff, Andy, Phyllis, Stanley, Dwight, and Michael. Just past the sales staff, he shows him a work area of three desks, "Take your pick and get settled in. Sometime before lunch IT will be here to set up your account on our intranet. We'll have lunch in my office, and go over what you need to do and how we do it here. Sound good?" she asks smiling, offering her hand again. As they shook, she said almost inaudibly "It's really good to have someone cute to look at."

As she walked away Shawn couldn't help but look at her ass. He was going to enjoy working here. He picked a station and began setting his desk up and powered up his computer. He messed with the settings, getting everything he needed where he liked it. He scanned to see what features were present. Once satisfied and realizing IT would be a little longer he pulled out his phone and started playing on it.

IT finally arrived and set him up. He chatted with the man, Bryan he thought. He seemed nice and showed him some things to speed his computer up. Once he left Shawn walked over to Pam's office and knocked.

"Come in," Pam called, "So everything set up okay?" She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she went on. "Our last accounting team left us suddenly about a week ago, so there's a pile of work needing your attention. I've done a few things so we didn't fall too far behind. You already know the software, so let me show you a few things."

Her computer dinged as she woke it up. Pulling up the accounting program, she began to show Shawn the pertinent fields. "Hey pull up a chair and sit next to me, you'll be more comfortable."

Without warning, her door is thrown open and Dwight storms in, "Pam, Michael is making personal calls again. You need to write him up for time theft."

Pam gives Dwight a dark look. "How about I write you up for stealing my time, Dwight."

Dwight stops and processes what Pam just said. His mouth started and stopped moving several times, and finally, he sulked back to his desk looking like a petulant child. "Now where were we," Pam asked Shawn sweetly as she went over to her door and closed it.

Shawn watched her ass sway under her form-fitting, knee-length skirt, as she walked past him to shut the door, He pulls his seat to the spot Pam indicated, so she would have to squeeze by him to get back behind her desk. As Pam does squeeze by him, her ass close enough to lick, he thought to himself, you were about to plant that sexy ass on my lap as I ripped your blouse off your body and sucked on your naked tits.

Being wise in the ways in the business world, what he said was "you're about to show me the backlog of work I need to catch up on." Glancing at her desk, he realized there were no pictures of family or friends, or anything to give it a personal touch. Even her coffee mug was plain white with a Dunder Mifflin logo on it. He wondered if the sterile, spartan look was her preference or if no one had given her anything worth putting on her desk. Looking up when he realized that Pam was talking, he scanned the screen she was on and was able to figure out what needed to be done, "At least this shouldn't be hard, just tedious." he told her as he gave her the smile he used when he was trying to take a woman home from a social gathering.

Pam had turned away from Shawn so she missed his smile, as she reached for a fat file, "Here are the payments we've received," she hands the file to Shawn, "Here are the shipments we sent out, and need to invoice for," she hands him a second even bigger file, "and last but not least here are the bills we need to pay, and reimbursements we need to make." adding a third huge file to his load. "I know this appears to be a huge undertaking, and it is," she said smiling at him, "So take all the time you need, as long as it's done by close of business today."

"Well I should probably get to work," Shawn said rising from his seat, glad she was looking away from him because the close-up view of her ass had given him an erection that wouldn't quit. He quickly adjusted himself using the files to hide what he was doing. "Have a good lunch, Ms. Beesley." He said as he struggled to open the door under the weight of so much paper. Sitting at his desk he put the files on one of the empty desks, and looking at the pile that was almost two feet tall, he said to himself the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Taking the first sheet he began to enter the details in the client file, glad the data was sent to an office in New York City at the corporate headquarters. He'd never get done if he had to stuff envelopes and mail them out as well.

After an hour or so, Pam came walking over and leaned against the edge of his desk. "How's it going, Shawn?" He was at a loss because he could see her naked feet. He remembered when he came in that she had been wearing shoes and pantyhose, but now her feet and legs were naked. His hard-on that had finally gone away, came back with a vengeance. He watched each toe as Pam stretched them out and moved them around. Her toenails each had a different color of polish on them and her feet looked smooth and well cared for.

Shawn swallowed hard, he had never been aroused by feet before, and he told himself it's not the feet, it's the fact that she is most likely naked under her skirt. Shawn swallowed hard and forced himself to look up at Pam's face. It's going slow, I'm not sure I can finish all this today." He hated to fail at his first task, but it was humanly impossible.

Pam bursts out laughing, "Shawn, I thought you knew I was joking with you. It doesn't have to be finished today. The end of the week is fine."

Shawn looked up at her as she stood there and laughed. Her breasts were quivering under her blouse, and Shawn wondered if Pam was braless as well. After staring at them for several seconds he joined in her laughter thinking about how to get revenge on her.

After checking on Shawn, Pam spent the rest of the morning answering emails, phone calls and dealing with personnel issues (Mostly petty bickering between Dwight, Michael, and Andy), so by the time lunch rolled around, Pam was more than ready for a break. Andy stuck his head in the door. "Hey Pam-a-lam-a-ding-dong", he sang acapella, "we're going to Alfredos Pizza Cafe. You wanna get some."

"Thanks, Andy, but no. I ordered lunch in for Shawn and me so we could discuss some things. Is everyone going?"

"Yeppers, the whole crew is going. Sure you can't join us."

"Go. Have fun. See you later." Pam said. A few minutes later, she watched as everyone drove out of the parking lot. Picking up her phone, she called Shawn, "Hey what would you like for lunch?" she asked when he picked up.

"Um is there a decent Japanese takeout place around? I'm not from here, so I don't know what's around or worth eating at." He said in the phone with a smile thinking about what he desired to

chow down on.

"There's a Japanese steakhouse not too far, that's pretty good. No Sushi places I would trust though. I good go for a Tandoori steak, how about you?" Pam replied, grateful she wasn't eating pizza with her co-workers. She liked them, most of the time, but they were all had annoying little habits.

"That does sound good, just make sure to get plenty of fried rice and white sauce " Shawn replies imagining his white sauce coating Pam, as he hung up the phone. Wonder what we'll do while we wait for the food, he thought to himself as he finished the Purchase Order he was working on. I know something I'd like to do. He muttered to himself as he logged off his computer.

Pam ordered their lunches and then pulled her shoes on her naked feet. It was one thing to walk around barefoot during the workday, but to eat lunch with a new employee, especially a cute one, while barefoot seemed inappropriate.

She went into the Conference Room and took a seat to wait for Shawn to join her. He came in and sat down across the table from her, Pam looked over at him, and thought, he's not cute, he's really cute, as she felt a familiar tingle in her nether regions. She tried to think about anything except her recent break up with Ryan. She knew that being engaged to the former CFO who was doing 10-15 for stock manipulation and insider trading wouldn't have done her career any good. She ended their engagement the day he was convicted and never looked back.

Jim had asked her out a few times after she had time to get over him, but as much as she liked Jim and his quirky sense of humor, she didn't want people to think she was dating guys to advance her career.

She discreetly pinched herself to stop thinking about what might have been had she meet Jim before Ryan, but c'est la vie. Turning her attention from her thoughts to her lunch partner she looked at him and Shawn noticed her absentmindedly lick her lips while looking at him. That's a good sign he thought to himself, as he waited for her to make the first move.

"I know you just started, but anything you think of that might streamline our accounting process would be very helpful. We used to have a trio of accountants, and after they quit on the same day to move to Copenhagen together, I was only authorized to hire one to replace them. We're going to need to find some shortcuts or you'll be working over 80 hours a week and still be behind." She says opening a steno pad to take notes on their conversation.

"Well I don't know your whole operation yet, some I'll offer ideas but not knowing how your supply chain ties into your accounting software, or how your ordering system works, I don't know what will and won't work," Shawn replies surprised that he is being asked for input to streamline the company on his first day.

"One idea I implemented at a former employer is to start using hardware and software that can scan and pull text from a document and insert it into the correct fields in our software. This eliminates most data entry and saves a searchable copy of the document in our cloud. No need to file them. It also reduces human error, and it's so easy your receptionist could do it leaving accounting free to deal with budgets and cash flow.

Pam's eyes narrowed when he mentioned reception. She was the best receptionist this company ever had, but when Jim left to start an office supply wholesaler, Kelli who was the Regional manager moved Pam to sales where she excelled. Kelli eventually married Toby and they moved to Costa Rica.

So when Jan was made CEO, she saw how successful Jim's company was, but they were strictly local, with the potential to grow and eventually challenge Dunder Mifflin. So Jan and David Wallace sat down with Jim and they bought Jim's company. As part of the deal, not a single one of Jim's employees could be let go without cause for 2 years. Jim himself was put in charge of the expansion which went so smoothly he was promoted to VP of sales for the entire company.

"Hmm OCR software and scanning documents. Interesting idea, but as a paper company...the higher-ups refuse to stop using paper." Pan said once again having to mentally kick herself out of her reverie.

Shawn nodded having expected this objection. "We don't have to stop using paper, we'd just handle the forms more efficiently. That would leave us with more man-hours to grow the business." under his breath he said, "and to get to know each other much better."

Before Pam could reply, there was a buzz at the door. "Lunch must be here," and stood up to go get their food. Returning to the conference room she put two bags on the table and began pulling out assorted containers. She put them on the conference table, and took her seat, opening up her steak and fries she looked at Shawn. "Dig in while it's hot," she said wondering what he had muttered just before their lunch arrived.

"Finally! I'm starved.", Shawn said digging in. He ate his rice first since it's his favorite, and much healthier than the meat. He ate quickly as usual and sat back seeing Pam was still only about half finished with her steak. "Sorry I'm a fast eater," he said with a smile once again chancing to vocalize his desires although very quietly "wish I could eat something else too."

Trying to put his erect cock out of his mind, he tried to learn more about Pam, "So how long have you lived in Pennsylvania and worked here?"

"I started here as a receptionist when I graduated college," said Pam giving him a rundown on Dunder Mifflin's' history and a heavily edited version of her life. Then noticing he had finished his meal, she asked "Did I forget to give you something? DO you still want more to eat?" her face lightly flushing at her words and unintended innuendo.

She suddenly realized she was alone in the office with a sexy man, and they had a lot of time yet. No one ever got back from lunch on time. Her pussy went from a tingle to an insistent throbbing, and she started to shift uncomfortably in her chair unconsciously stimulating herself.

Seeing her blush, hearing her comment, and the way she was squirming all told Shawn she was getting aroused. He looked down at her plate and he felt like using a little wordplay on her. "So is your meat as hot and juicy as you like?" he asked leaning forward, smiling sweetly, waiting for her answer.

Pam knew this was a dangerous road. Getting involved with another employee, especially one who had just started, but being single for almost a year y a drunken one night stand with Daryl, who told her it was a mistake and that his wife Val could never find out about it, Pam was vulnerable and extremely horny. It was hard for her to think logically with the way her pussy was beginning to feel. Before she could stop herself she said, "It is a bit softer than the meat I usually put in my mouth."

Shawn bolted upright at her response. His eyebrows shoot up so far they met his hairline, trying to compose himself he asked, "Well how hard is the meat you normally get?" Shawn said looking her in her beautiful eyes. He hadn't had sex for months since he graduated college and his ex moved out to the coast to work for a film studio. There were no hard feelings between them, they knew they wouldn't last, they had different dreams, but the sex was amazing.

He hoped that this conversation would lead to salacious pleasures, but just sitting here was much easier and safer. Taking a deep breath he reminds himself to the bold goes the victory, and stood up and began to walk over toward her.

"You did say everyone else was gone to lunch right?" He asked her

Pam could only nod her head as she sat there like a rabbit cornered by a rattlesnake. "Knowing those lushes, they won't be back for an hour at least," she says as her eyes meet his.

As Shawn approached her he made no effort to hide his bulge.

Pam noticed the bulge in his pants and she pushed her chair away from the conference table. Turning the chair to face him, she breathlessly and tentatively asked, "So umm what now?"

"Well, I could give you a much firmer piece of meat. It just might be more to your liking," he said grasping his crotch so that there would be no doubt what was about to happen.

Suddenly realizing how fast they had gone from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Afternoon Delight scared Pam a little bit. She wasn't sure that having an affair with an underling would do a lot for her already damaged reputation. An internal debate was raging as she looked at the young handsome man, she did want him, but he was her subordinate. Taking one last bite of her steak to give herself a chance to think, didn't help as her hands betrayed her. Without conscious thought, she took hold of Shawn's pants and started to unfasten his belt.

Shawn smiled at what her hands were doing but sensed something was wrong. He put his hands on hers holding them still. "If you would prefer we can stop right here, right now, and if we both decide to we can start over when we know each other better." His words were exactly what Pam needed to hear. She bit her lip and nodded as her hands pulled his belt free of his pants. Swallowing hard she spoke in a shaky voice, "It's not...not that I don't want to..." her voice trailed off, she took a deep breath and went on "It's that...well I have this reputation, and if this...we...our...gets out, it will kill my authority here." She meets his eyes and looks at him with a hunger in her eyes.

"Well, I swear you won't have me blabbing. I'm the new guy no one wants to talk to me. But if it does come up I swear, I'll deny it." As soon as he was done talking, Pam was on her knees dragging his pants down his legs.

Shawn smiled as his cock sprang into view. He also noticed that at some point she had unbuttoned her blouse letting him confirm she wasn't wearing a bra, and that she did indeed have nice breasts. Not large, but firm and nice puffy nipples. This was one of the most intoxicating sights he had seen in a long time, and his cock throbbed as Pam took it in her hand. She desperately wanted it inside her body but part of her was screaming this is wrong wrong wrong. It was a part she listened to normally, but stripping a new employee on his first day of work while the rest of her staff was out to lunch was not normal. She began to slowly stroke it amazed at how they could grow.

He moaned as she stroked him. It was a teasing stroke to make him get as hard as possible without making him cum. He hoped he could maintain his control with her. He didn't want this to be a one afternoon stand, so he needed to control himself, not give in to his urges. She was making his cock throb in her hand, as she leaned in, biting her lower lip, as she neared his head and looked into his eyes. He could feel her soft warm breaths flow over his shaft as she exhaled and the cooler air as she inhaled. It was the single most erotic sensation of his life.

Before she realized what she was doing, Pam had his dick in her mouth and was giving him a world-class blow job, slobbering all over the shaft. She took his balls in her hand and began to play with them.

He moaned loudly as she took him in her mouth. She knew what she was doing and he wouldn't last too much longer. He tried to resist his impending orgasm, wanting to make her cum as he fucked her pussy, but Pam was just too talented.

He rocked against her, slightly fucking her mouth. One of his hands reached inside her blouse and found her soft breast and began to fondle it, his other hand was caressing her head as she took his entire length into her throat. Pam looked into his eyes when her nose reached his well-trimmed pubic hair. He could see the twinkle in her eye that showed she was proud she could do that for him.

He grunted and moaned as the head of his dick rubbed her tonsils and then he started to skull fuck her, grabbing her ears as he repeatedly drove his cock into her throat.

Pam grabbed his hips and used that leverage to pull him deeper into her throat.

He moaned and grunted when she did that. Looking down at her, driving his cock in her mouth and throat almost made him blast his cum into her belly. He had just enough willpower to pull his dick from her throat and then he picked her up off the floor. He pulled apart her blouse buttons flying all over the conference room and neither of them cared. He pulled down her skirt and confirmed she was naked under it.

Pushing Pam's back against the wall their mouths met, their tongues searching each other's mouths furiously, his hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as she grabbed his cock and pulled it toward her waiting hole. Her hand was stroking his cock, as she moaned, "Take me now, take me hard." as they continued kissing.

He did just that when he lifted her right leg and thrust himself past her lips and into her sodden pussy. It was tight but so wet he could have driven a beer can into her without much resistance. Once he was in, he started fucking her as hard and deep as she demanded, after all, she's the boss.

"That's it you fucking bean counter. Fuck my wet cunt. Pound my pussy like a calculator on tax day." Pam demanded of him as he thrust so hard she was being picked up off her feet every time he drove his cock into her cunt.

And he did just that. He also slapped her ass hard, and tugged on her nipples, and bit her neck, and all the while exploring her naked body and driving his manhood into her hole.

"Come on boy, fuck me like a man. Prove to me that all accountants are not wimps," Pam yelled at him as she thrust her hips to meet his thrusts and growled like an animal at him.

He roughly yanked his cock from her and grabbing her by the neck he bent her over the conference table, holding her against it by the neck. Her tits were crushed against the cold smooth surface, the sharp edge was digging into her waist. He moved behind her and with his feet, he forced her legs so wide apart that she couldn't stand up without help.

He then slammed his cock in her pussy and pulled her head back by her hair. He was nearing his orgasm but held it back to show her who was the boss in The Office.

"Is that all you got?" she asked moaning when he pulled her hair. "C' mon and fuck my cunt." She insisted as she thrust her ass back at him. Savoring all the sensations flooding her body.

He did just that. He slammed his cock into her pussy, with each thrust their bodies clapped like thunder and the pressure started to build in Shawn's cock. He had to make her cum first, otherwise, she would never respect him as a man, or her lover. He reached around a forced his hand between her body and the table to find and start to rub her clit.

"Come on and FUCK ME!" she bellowed, "Or I'll get a strap on and teach you how to fuck!" She tells him as her need to cum builds.

He pulled her hair even harder lifting her tits from the table as he started to rub and tug on her clit as he hissed back "Maybe I should get one to fuck your ass with while I ream your slutty little cunt." he said pounding his cock into her as hard as he could.

As he slammed his body into her and hearing his words, Pam began to convulse as she screamed in orgasm. Her pussy muscles went wild and that was it for Shawn. He blasted load after load of his white sauce into her pussy, as his knees went weak. He grabbed the table to keep himself upright. He didn't want to lose the respect he just earned by passing out in front of her.

No one could ever figure out where the scratch marks in the brand new conference room table came from, or why Shawn left Dunder Mifflin for a lower salary. Nine months later they had all forgotten about Shawn and were trying to figure out who was the father of Pam's new baby girl, Astrid.
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