Strangers on a Train

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07 Aug. '19

I had to go to London on business. Living about 150 miles west of London, driving was an option, but with the nightmare of trying to find somewhere to park and the expense of doing this, the boss suggested I take the train instead. He signed the expenses, so who was I to argue?

Now, I’m not one of those diligent people who work on trains. I struggle a bit with motion sickness, so I find it difficult to read for long without feeling queasy. I can just about manage to do the crossword in the paper, as long as I look up from time to time. I’m pretty good at crosswords, so it only took me about twenty minutes to complete. What to do now? Relax and enjoy the gentle swaying of the train, I guess.

The express train from Cardiff to London only stops three times on the journey of just under two hours. We had already stopped at Newport so Bristol Parkway was next. My carriage was only about half full when we stopped, so I wasn’t surprised by the rush of passengers entering. One by one, they all found a seat and I was very pleasantly surprised by the person who sat opposite me. She was very tall, exceptionally pretty and looked very confident. Almost intimidating, you could say. But I just love a challenge, so I decided to try and strike up a conversation with this beautiful girl.

Hmm, what to say? ‘You come here often?’ wasn’t appropriate. Also, way too cheesy!

‘Grab your coat, you’ve pulled!’ also not appropriate.

‘Wow, you don’t sweat much for a fat lass!’ would probably get me a slap if she didn’t have a sense of humour.

I looked over to her and noticed she was looking at me. I smiled.

“You look deep in thought,” she observed. If only she knew what I was thinking!

I smiled again and replied “I was thinking that everyone on this train is bound for London and probably all for different reasons.” I felt that was a tantalizing way to start a conversation.

“Hmm, yes, I suppose that’s true,” replied my pretty companion. “What’s your reason, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I thought for a moment. The boring truth or a fantastic lie? I smiled. “The suit and tie probably gives it away, but a business meeting with a few colleagues.” She nodded and I added, “How about you? Audition at a model agency?” As I spoke the line, I cringed to myself, but I wanted this girl to know how attractive I found her.

“How did you guess?” she teased. “Supermodel stardom awaits me!”

Well, she was tall enough, pretty enough but possible not as slender as they seem to like catwalk models to be. This girl was bordering on buxom. Certainly not fat, but her bones were beautifully covered.

“Sorry, that was a lame thing to say,” I stuttered. “You’re much better-looking than most models I’ve seen!”

I saw her raise her eyebrows. I didn’t doubt for a second that she gets hit on several times a day and I was expecting the raised eyebrows to be quickly followed by a roll of her eyes. I was wrong. In fact, this girl continued to surprise me.

“Oh, you’re good!” she grinned. “I bet you’re only saying that because you know after this train ride we’ll probably never see each other again, so you feel you can say what you want. Am I right?”

I stroked my chin and pretended to consider what she’d just said.

“Of course you’re right. What an opportunity to say and do whatever takes our fancy with no consequences. Isn’t that what everyone wants once in a while?”

I looked her straight in the eyes. Had she picked up on what I was thinking?

She leaned forward and half whispered “Well, I know what takes my fancy right at this moment…”

My mind began to race with lustful ideas of flailing flesh and bodily fluids when she continued “A nice cappuccino would really hit the spot!”

Damn, I’d met my match in the teasing stakes. She’d not only picked up on my lustful thoughts but had quickly used them against me. This girl liked to be in control!

“Hmm, good idea,” I replied. “Shall we wait for the trolley dolly or shall I fetch us one from the buffet car?”

Her eyes narrowed in a conspiratorial way as she said “I have a better idea. Let’s both go and stretch our legs. I need to use the restroom on the way.” She followed this remark with a little wink!

Is there a train equivalent of the mile high club? I immediately imagined the two of us squeezing into the tiny toilet cubicle and doing unspeakable things to each other. It was undoubtedly hope over expectation but I swear I rose from my seat with a semi hard-on! Did she glance down in the direction of my groin or was that wishful thinking as well?

“After you,” I motioned as she stood up too.

Wow, she really was a stunner. She pulled her leggings tight as she stretched and leaned over to pick up her bag, giving me a perfect view of her shapely bottom. I’m not sure how I controlled myself from jumping on her and biting that ass there and then. I suspect she’d done this deliberately and it had the desired effect, my semi turning into a full blown erection in seconds.

“I need to use the bathroom as well actually,” I said as we lurched down the centre aisle of the carriage making the short journey from our seats to the buffet car.

“Perfect!” she whispered by reply, “We can go together!” and winked again.

Did she mean what I hoped she meant? Our pace quickened and when we reached the end of the carriage, we passed through the automatic door and into the part where the carriages join. There were two cubicles, both vacant. As she slipped into one, she nodded towards the other cubicle.

“When you’re done, tap on my cubicle door, OK?” she said, tantalizingly.

I didn’t actually need to pee, so I dropped my trousers and shorts and gave my boner a few strokes. I used the soap, water and paper towels provided to make sure I was nice and clean down there, just in case my fantasy was about to become reality. I flushed the toilet, dried my hands and exited the tiny cubicle. Nobody was around, so I gently tapped the other cubicle door and it opened immediately. A hand appeared and pulled me in. The door closed behind me and I heard the lock snap shut. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my beautiful new friend’s leggings and panties in a neat pile next to the tiny sink. She was naked from the waist down and I must have looked like Homer Simpson with a fresh donut as I practically drooled at the sight of her amazing body.

In a hoarse, whispered tone, I heard her say “Drop your trousers, I want your cock!”

I quickly undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers and pulled them down with my boxers, allowing my throbbing cock to spring up.

“Oh fuck, yes!” she breathed as she dropped to her knees.

Well, this train journey was turning out better than expected! My head lolled backwards as I felt her hand grip my shaft, pulling my foreskin right back. Then my eyes closed as I felt luscious lips wrap around my knob, then hungrily suck my whole length into her mouth. I was in heaven! Damn, this girl knew how to suck a cock. Firm sucking as my very hard prick went deep into her mouth, followed by little tongue flicks as it withdrew. After barely a dozen strokes like this, I thought I was going to explode, so I put one hand on either side of her head to stop her and she stood up, understanding that the overwhelming horniness of our situation was about to overcome me.

“Lift your leg up for me, I need to taste your pussy!” I said, getting into the spirit of dirty talk, like this wasn’t arousing enough!

She lifted one leg up, rested her foot on the little sink and I dropped to my knees. Despite the confined space, I now had easy access to her best bits, which were shaven and very obviously aroused. Now I normally like to take my time over “dining at the Y”, as our American cousins like to describe it. You know, gentle caresses of the thighs, little licks and flicks of the tongue, fingers brushing the pubic mound and casually brushing the clitoris. But not today! I went straight for the juicy folds of her labia, licking from her vaginal opening up to her clit and back with a hungry, breathy urgency that made her moan with lust. When I plunged my tongue as deep into her hot, soaking pussy as I could, I gripped both her buttocks and squeezed quite firmly, making her moan even louder.

I’m sure we weren’t the first couple to have sex in a train toilet and no doubt we won’t be the last. However, I didn’t want to get caught and as her moans grew louder, I moved one of my hands from her buttock and reached it up to cover her mouth. She seemed to like this as she moaned loudly again, then with my tongue flicking her clit, I felt her body stiffen and her back arch. I surrounded her clit with my lips and sucked hard as she came, my hand still covering her mouth, feeling her whole body writhe and convulse with her tremendous orgasm.

She moved her foot from the sink and sat on the toilet seat lid, gasping and muttering as she recovered.

“Oh fuck, Jesus Christ, that was fucking awesome!”

I can forgive her bad language at this point. I was just so pleased to have been the cause of her ecstasy! I could forgive her anything as now, sat in front of me, my big hard cock twitching like crazy, she took me back into her mouth and passionately French-kissed my knob.

Did she want me to cum in her mouth or over her sweet lips? I really wanted to fuck this girl now so I was delighted when she stood up and said “Now fuck me!”

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply while grabbing my cock and guiding it up to her dripping pussy. She was the perfect height for fucking in a standing position and we both gasped when her labia parted and my engorged knob slid into her hot hole. She gripped my buttocks and pulled me into her as deep as the position would allow and I thrust into her for all I was worth. I lifted one of her legs and held her thigh as I pummelled into her, our lips locked in a furious, hungry kiss, our tongues intertwined, exploring each other’s mouths. This was pure lust, plain and simple!

Now, I don’t know how you would cope with this, but I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. A surprise quickie fuck with a gorgeous woman who had been sucking my cock passionately just a few moments ago, it’s hardly surprising that I felt a heat in my loins as my orgasm welled up. When I felt her body convulse again with another huge orgasm, I slowed my thrusting to make sure I didn’t cum inside her. I gripped her hips as she came and held her until she relaxed. She eased herself off my dick and whispered “Thanks for not cumming in my pussy!”

She dropped to her knees to resume her world-class blow job and within seconds, I flooded her mouth with thick, hot, creamy cum. The power of my orgasm almost made my legs buckle. My whole body shook, more like a woman’s orgasm than a man’s and I let out a huge sigh as she swallowed my load and licked my knob clean. She stood up again, licking her lips then kissed me quite deliberately, knowing I would taste my own cum in her mouth. For some reason, that made my cock twitch again!

“You’re lovely,” was all she said.

I nodded and said “Yes, I am,” and I got the laugh I was aiming for.

“You’re not too shabby either,” I said, with heroic understatement. “You ready for that coffee?”

As she smiled at me and nodded, I realised that we didn’t even know each other’s names. We’d met, flirted and fucked within 30 minutes of her sitting in front of me. You could say we had both done whatever had taken our fancy!

After I’d pulled my shorts and trousers up and straightened my tie, I said “Do I look OK?” She nodded and said “See you in the buffet car.”

I took that as my invitation to leave her to straighten herself out. By the time she joined me, two steaming cappuccinos were waiting on the bar. We grabbed the cups and lurched back to our original seats. We’d been gone for about fifteen minutes in total, fifteen of the hottest minutes of my life.

After we'd retaken our seats, conversation was a little awkward to begin with so I tried to lighten the mood. “We have about another 45 minutes before we get to London. Let me know if you fancy another ‘coffee’, won’t you?”

She sniggered a dirty laugh and I’m sure she even blushed a little.

She never did tell me why she was going to London.

She never told me her name.

And, sadly, she was right – I never did see her again.

Well, that’s not strictly true. I see her quite frequently when I’m lying alone in a hotel bedroom, trying to get to sleep. I close my eyes and remember those fifteen minutes in minute detail - the feel of her skin, the softness of her lips, the taste of her hot pussy and the wicked look on her face when she kissed me after I’d cum in her mouth.

About a month after this episode occurred, the boss said to me “We need to meet in London again next week. You can take the train again, if you like”

I hope he didn’t notice my instant erection as the memories came flooding back…