Isabella’s Sexy VR Adventure

Written by Tristan LeMay, sanctuary, NikkiFountain, Crystal Knight, and completed by the starting author

   I spent so many years in school, I thought I'd never get my degree. I mean I did get a degree in forensic medicine, but I was so fascinated with robotics and I couldn't help but think how much that field would eventually impact forensic science. So I just stayed in school and ended up getting a PhD in robotics as well. When I was finally hired in a lab and started doing research, I had been cut off from any kind of social life for the longest time and ended up realizing that I didn't know how to talk to people anymore. Anyone outside the medical or engineering fields at least. And when I did talk to people, it was only about work, science or research.

   It really hit me hard when I went to my high school reunion. Everybody there was either married or had been married, living with someone, had children, had a life outside their professional activities... and actually seemed to use their genital organs! It made me realize that since my second year of college, I'd pretty much let myself dry up. I was dead as a human being. I was becoming a robot.

   I don't know what possessed me to find the courage to open up, but one day, after work, this Chinese girl Chan juan, who runs the genetics lab next door and is absolutely gorgeous although she seems to be as much of a nerd as I am, suggested I go to the pool with her. She told me she tried to get a swim in at least every other day and she felt it would be good to help me relieve stress and tension – whatever those things are, right?

   – Do you think I look stressed? I asked.

   She just smiled.

   – Okay, yeah. I guess I am...

   – Maybe because you don't do much physical activity of any kind. Am I right?

   She was. It was pretty blunt and some people could have thought it was rude or judgmental, but she had this Asian smile that could pretty much excuse anything. And the way she looked at me, it felt as though she was insinuating all sorts of things. But in a nice… kind of sexy way, which struck me as odd.

   At that point, I really didn't know if I wanted to go to the pool with her. I was afraid the experience would send me reeling.

   – You might even see a guy or two that might... pique your interest, she said, winking.

   I was both annoyed and intrigued. How dare this girl who didn't know me from Adam insinuate that I might need sex! Well, I did. But she didn't need to know that. It made me so mad that I decided I'd go to her stupid pool to get her off my back, and that I'd visit a high-class, high-tech sex shop right after so that she could never again detect any kind of tension or stress!

   I went home and started looking for my bikini. I hadn't worn it in years, and I had gained a little weight (being a nerd sitting in front of a computer all day will do that to you), but I thought I'd give it a shot. For the life of me, I couldn’t find it. Honestly, maybe there was something subconscious about me not finding it. Maybe my mind was telling me my body didn’t need to be reminded that it had changed. Maybe my mind was protecting me and allowing me to maintain a little dignity.

   So I had to run to Target after dinner to get something to wear. I managed to find a sexy, red one-piece that reminded me of Baywatch, with the scooped neck, the zipper down the front, the high cut, and all. Since it showed off my 36C tits, it drew attention away from those other areas I didn’t wish to put on display as much. I thought it looked good on me, anyway, and maybe I would find a guy to hook up with tonight.

   I got to the pool after Chan juan, and met her in the locker room. After she changed into her bikini, I turned and looked and thought, "OMG, maybe I'll just hook up with her!" She had on a classic pure white bikini – two triangles on the top that barely contained her perfect breasts (smaller than mine at first sight, but she’s only 5'1" so they’re just amazing on her) and about two inches of fabric at the side on the bottom part of the swimsuit – brought out a sexiness I never would have guessed. She also has the flattest stomach I had seen in a long time.

   We left the locker room together. I figured that Chan juan would attract the first 5 guys, and I'd get the leftovers which was fine with me. We walked to the end of the pool, and turned several heads. A lot of millennials, in their Speedos and bikinis, but there were a lot of guys in board shorts and a lot of gals in one-pieces, too. Surprisingly, I fit right in. And Chan juan was right: there were several guys that piqued my interest.

   We swam some laps, sat in the hot tub (had some guys join us – a couple of perverts whom we humored, but who quickly left), then joined a water volleyball game in the auxiliary pool. Chan juan and I wound up on opposite teams, and the game was fun. I hadn’t expected the grab ass games that went on, but I realized that was probably why leisure water volleyball was so popular; and maybe that was what attracted people to it in the first place!

   I accidently grabbed (and quickly let go of) one guy's cock that was hard as hell. I put him on my short (er, rather, long, list). When the game broke up, Mr. Hard Cock came over (his name was Chad, like Chan, but I'm afraid I'll always think of him as Mr. Hard Cock) and asked:

   – You wanna grab a coffee sometime?

   I almost choked as my mind immediately went back to what had happened in the pool.

   – Sure, I replied. Whatcha doing tonight?

   He looked stunned by my hardiness. No pun intended.

   – Well, I don’t usually have coffee before bed…

   "Unless you’re not planning on sleeping as soon as you hit the sheets?" I heard myself say in my head.

   – … but I guess I could make an exception for one night.

   And I couldn’t help but hear all sorts of double-entendre in his response. But I just smiled coyly and replied:

   – Great, it's a date.

   I stood there a moment, thinking to myself, "I went without sex for years and never knew it could be this easy to hook up! Should I ask him home? I really want to see that hard cock. But on a first date? Hmmmm. Too many questions."

   – Meet you outside the locker rooms in ten?

   We went to a local Starbucks competitor that was open all night and actually drank coffee. It was really nice. We asked each other a bunch of questions, flirted, and finally I decided I was going to put it all out there.

   – Look, I'm not going to work tomorrow, and… well, want to come to my place?

   He looked a bit startled but quickly replied:

   – It sure would be a shame to end this date now, wouldn't it?

   I smiled to express my agreement.

   – But I promised myself a stop at a store I like first, okay?

   – Okay, I'll follow you there, right?

   – Sure. You might like it, too.

   “OMG, what the fuck are you doing?” I thought to myself. “You haven't had real sex in years, you pick up the first guy you meet, and invite him to a sex shop on a first date before taking him home? You must be hornier than you thought. Is my inner slut coming out?”

   – You’re taking him where and then you’re doing what? asked Chan juan as we were changing back into our clothes in the locker room. Damn, girl, you really are going all out tonight!

   Her tone was not judgmental or slut-shaming. It was almost as if she was saying, “Respect!”

   – I can’t wait to see what happens.

   I looked at her funny.

   – See what happens? What do you mean?

   She looked flustered for a minute and said:

   – I mean, you’ll have to tell me all about it on Monday…

   – Please don’t say that! If anything happens, I'll never be able to talk about it. Are you crazy?

   She laughed and we parted ways. Chad followed me to my car and I made sure I knew he was right behind me before pulling out of the parking lot.

   I drove up to the local High(est) Tech sex shop in town. Actually, it was the only high tech sex shop in town. Seriously, though, it was the only sex shop, period, in town. It was a quiet, private place and you wouldn't know what it was until you opened the front door. Chad parked and followed me.

   – What kind of store is open at this time of night? he inquired.

   – You'll see.

   I opened the door for him. He walked in and his chin promptly hit the floor as he uttered "OMG" under his breath. It was the only sex shop in town but the owner had recently put in a lot of money and had created a state of the art sex emporium.

   – Welcome, he said, as we walked in.

   The man was absolutely gorgeous and I almost wet my panties. So much so that I almost forgot I was on a kinky date with Mr. Hard Cock. I mean, Chad.

   The owner of the sex shop introduced himself.

   – I'm William, he whispered as he took my hand and placed his other hand on Chad's shoulder, giving it a friendly squeeze. Have you two been together long?

   Chad and I looked at each other and had to resist laughing. But we couldn't.

   – Oh I see, said William with a knowing smile.

   He winked at me and the beautiful twinkle in his Chinese, almond eyes just made me melt. I just wanted to caress and lick his olive skin.

   – I don't want to be too bold or crass, but... I feel that you really need this tonight. Am I right?

   I blushed and looked over at Chad because I was a bit embarrassed that I looked so desperate.

   – I, uh... I have to admit...

   – It's alright, William said. A beautiful woman such as yourself deserves to be pleasured, and you have come to the right place.

   – Thank you, I replied, blushing. I, uh… did want to buy a few... toys... because I thought I'd be going home alone, but... now that I've met Chad...

   I looked over at my soon-to-be lover and liked the look on his face. He looked so sweet and respectful, yet lustful and manly.

   – You can do that... or you can live the full high-tech experience right here at the A&E Paradise Center.

   – A & E? I asked. Like Arts & Entertainment?

   – Well, you certainly will be entertained, and we certainly make an art of pleasuring our clients, but... actually, the A & E in the name stand for Aphrodite & Eros.

   Chad and I looked at each other and it was as if just those names were enough to make us want to rip our clothes off right then and there and have our way with each other.

   – Aphrodite and Eros, huh? I mused, as William led us into a dimly lit room.

   – What goes on in here? Chad asked, chiming in quietly.

   He looked equally curious, but obviously aroused. 

   Remembering my Greek mythology, I started to imagine Chad as Eros, the Greek God of love and (especially) sex. I recalled some lines from a poem we had studied at school: “He smites maids’ breasts with unknown heat.” He’d smitten mine with heat, that’s for sure. And not only my breasts!

   Could I see myself as Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation? Aphrodite was born from the white foam produced by the severed genitals of Uranus after his son had thrown them into the sea. What white foam? Maybe that explained my addiction to cum. I could be Aphrodite’s alter ego: the Goddess of the Sea and Seafarers… the Goddess of Semen!

   I was abruptly brought back to the present with a sexy voice in my ear. It was William.

   – Put these on, he was saying, If you dare!

   He was holding out a space-age looking VR headset – with the word “Priapus” branded across them.

   Looking at Chad, I saw that he’d already put on his and was adjusting the strap. Whatever he could see made him gasp in amazement. I quickly pulled mine over my head and focussed on the screen in front of my eyes. I could see the room we were in – the Paradise Center.

   Looking around, my gaze stopped at the body of a naked woman, gyrating in a sensual dance to the music that was all around us.

   “Wait a minute… that’s Chan juan!” I thought to myself.

   I’d seen most of her body in the pool and locker room earlier and it couldn’t be anybody else. How did she get here? 

   Her eyes opened and she looked straight at me, smiled, and deliberately traced her tongue around her lips. It was provocative alright, and I could feel a hot wetness flooding into my crotch in response.

   Continuing my scan of the room, I caught sight of a naked man. OMG, it was Chad! Mr. Hard Cock was responding to Chan juan’s dance. His eyes were glued to her naked body and his cock was pointing right at her, as if it was an arrow impatient to drag the rest of his body after it – towards its target.

   This was weird. Chad was meant to be with me, wasn’t he? He’d come in with me, after all, and I’d had plans for him to come within me, too. But here he was lusting after Chan juan. Looking up again, I saw that Eros – no, Chad – had reached the bullseye. He was in an urgent, passionate embrace with my colleague from work, their tongues entwined, and bodies writhing against each other. I was sure I could see his hard-on probing up between her legs.

   My dim memory of Greek mythology inserted itself into my consciousness. Wasn’t Eros the son of Aphrodite? Didn’t he make mischief by creating lustful desires between gods and mortals? He was at it again…

   I didn’t have time to pursue the thought that the mythological me had been planning to seduce my mythological son, because William came into view. He was naked, too (what a stimulating sight that was) and was beckoning to me with one hand while brandishing a huge silver dildo with the other. He had a hard-on to match. Having captured my attention, he made a fist of one hand and pushed the dildo through it, and back again. It was an unmistakable gesture. I started dripping in anticipation.

   The feeling of a hand on my breast startled me. Looking down, I could see that I too was naked. From unseen people, which must have been behind me, arms and hands were exploring my body. Many hands. I could see every detail: fingers, painted nails, rough, workman's palms, my hardening nipples. In fact, I thought I was feeling every touch of the hands as I watched them… the warmth, the caressing, the tweaking, the exploring. Or was that just my imagination playing tricks? 

   I closed my eyes. The sensations were still there, on my skin. And then a warm hand cupped my pubic mound and started sliding slowly through the hot moisture between my legs.

   I clenched my fists and held my breath.

   I kept my eyes closed, grabbed the hand that was caressing my twat and quietly asked:

   – Is that you, Chad?

   – I think so, he whispered. I 'm just, uh… not sure what's going on. But I sure like it. How about you?

   I just moaned, and only then did I open my eyes and grabbed his long hard cock and started stroking. I didn't know what was happening, either, but I was barely started and already feeling the throes of passion. Chad shoved 3 fingers in my pussy and I had a screaming orgasm right then. I loved what was happening, and asked Chad:

   – Do you want to stay here and keep doing this, or do you want to go home and do it privately?

   There was silence. Hesitation. I was afraid I might have spoiled things by being so close-minded.

   – This is really hot and new to me, I finally said. Can, uh,… can we do both?

   I knew exactly what to do to make him forget my doubt. His beautiful long shaft in my hand was just too appealing.

   I got down on my knees and made it disappear into my mouth. It had been a while, and I didn't think I could deep throat him, but it seemed to be a piece of cake and he came in an instant, shooting what felt like a gallon of cum down my throat. I was a bit disappointed, because I wanted to taste it and give him some back, maybe snowball with William and Chan whom I started looking for with the VR headset. When I found them, William was fucking Chan juan's ass. They were both looking at me like they were actually having sex for my own pleasure.

   I took Chad’s cock out of my mouth and asked him if he could come again.

   – Man, I’m sure I could. I’m still as hard as I was. This is so fucking amazing.

   I got off my knees, into a squatting position and started fingering my pussy, hoping to give William and Chan juan a show of their own. I grabbed Chad’s rock-hard cock and pointed it at my mouth, giving it a few strokes, pushing his foreskin on and off his cock head. I swabbed the head hard a few times and before I knew it, my mouth was soon full of sweet cum and my face was covered with it. I kept Chad’s seed in my mouth and used my fingers to put what was on my face in my mouth, too. This time I was not going to waste it.

   Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, through the VR goggles, I spotted another guy I’d seen at the pool. How could this be happening? Was it all in my head? This gorgeous guy’s red Speedo disappeared instantly and his beautiful black cock popped into my view. He came over and slipped his body under me like a car mechanic would slide under a car.

   His hard pole slipped into my drenched pussy and I started bouncing on him like a cat in heat. Normally, I like to know a guy's name before, whatever, but I didn't care and came again and again.

   I still had a mouthful of cum that I wanted to give away, so I slipped my fingers between the stranger’s lips to open his mouth and, as he kept fucking me, I slipped him part of the load I was saving in my mouth. Before I knew it, Chan juan and William had moved closer as they kept up their anal sex, William drilling my colleague from behind. I managed to share Chad’s semen with them both and the stranger, without missing a beat, rose to the occasion and slipped back inside me so he could continue pumping my pussy as I kissed Chad hungrily.

   I couldn’t believe I’d gone from years of desert pussy to diving into a virtual reality orgy that was pushing all my buttons.

   All these amazing guys were like a naked Benetton commercial except with hard cocks!

   “Since this isn’t really real – is it? – I guess I could just go for slut of the year, right?”, I thought to myself.

   Without saying a word and without touching my VR headset, I pulled my mouth of Chad’s and pushed him down toward my pussy in hopes of having him flick my clit with his tongue. Would he go for it while that beautiful black cock kept pumping in and out of me? I wasn’t sure but I thought:

   “Come on, baby… don’t be afraid of a little VR exploration”.

   He caught on pretty quick and didn’t seem to be bothered by the proximity to another guy’s junk.

   When I heard Chan juan and William’s orgasms build up and explode, I thought:

   “Oh, but this is not over, guys.”

   And I motioned them over. I grabbed Chan juan’s head and placed her mouth on my right boob making sure she latched on nice and tight while I did the same with William’s mouth on my left breast.

   Feeling all four of my lovers’ hands, mouths, cocks all over my body was a down-right exhilarating experience. For the first time in a long time, I was giving myself the pleasure I needed and all my amazing partners seemed to be willing, able and … as horny as I was!

   After what seemed like – I don’t know how long, that’s what’s so great, – with everyone moaning and groaning, our orgasms cascaded uncontrollably for what seemed like an hour.

   When we all collapsed in a pile of bodies on what looked like a velour-covered floor, I licked Chad's ear, and whispered:

   – How's this been for a first date?

   There was silence for a moment. I knit my brow. I could still see everybody and could still hear their panting. But when I took off the VR headset, I was startled.

   I could still feel all the amazing sensations my VR orgy had procured me, but I was fully dressed and completely alone in the room.

   The knock on the door startled me again.

   – Was your experience as amazing as mine? Chad asked when I opened the door.