Doing Unto Others

When you’re twenty and just graduated from the Electro-Mechanical Technician program at Williamson State Community College, you think you’re pretty hot stuff.  You’ve learned about everything there is to know about building and repairing all the machines that are taking over industry, from simple test and assembly equipment to robots.  You’re ready to find your place in some factory and start earning a paycheck.

They teach you all about electronics from simple resistors and capacitors all the way to microprocessors and computers and programmable controllers.  You also learn mechanics like bearings and gears and belt drives, and you learn hydraulics and pneumatics.  You can work on about anything including a nuclear reactor.  That’s what my Advanced Hydraulics teacher said anyway.

You learn all that stuff and then start putting in applications at places on “Careers Day”.  That’s when all the factories within a fifty mile radius of Williamson State set up booths in the student lounge and tell you what jobs they have available.

Maxtech Corporation was there the day I strolled around looking at the pictures of the plants and reading the charts that showed each company’s slogan and goal statement along with a list of starting wages and benefits.  I’d already filled out application forms for six other companies, but the woman sitting at the table looked really cute, so I stopped at the Maxtech table.

She smiled at me and asked if I was interested in learning about what a great company Maxtech was.  I was looking at the soft cleavage that the open neck of her blouse was showing me at the time, but I did hear what she said and I nodded.  I also heard her say her name was Sarah Myers, and that she was the Human Resources person at Maxtech who took care of all the stuff with hourly employees.

After about five minutes of her telling me all about how Maxtech was a leader in the field of automotive sensors and instrumentation and how they’d just added on to their local factory, I filled out an application.  Two weeks later, Maxtech called me and said they’d like to have me come in for an interview.

The interview started with Sarah, but all she did was tell me who I was going to talk to and what they did.  An hour later, and after I’d talked to the Maintenance Manager, Tom Wilson, and the first shift Assembly Supervisor, Peggy Wright,  Sarah came back into the conference room and explained the wage structure, how their insurance worked, and what the shift hours were.  Then she said they hadn’t yet made a decision and she’d call me when they did, one way or the other.  Two days later, she called and said they were offering me the job of second shift technician in the assembly department.

I was pretty happy.  I’d lived at home while going through Williamson State and I was ready to start out on my own.  Living with Mom and Dad was OK, but it was starting to get a little strained. I was still getting questions when I was later than normal coming home, and when Mom found a condom in the back pocket of my jeans when she washed them, she told my dad he’d have to have a talk with me.

I needed money for an apartment if I was going to leave home, and my wages at Maxtech would give me enough money to do that.  I’d have to save for a couple of months to afford the first and last month’s rent, but after that, I’d be sailing on my own.

Tom told me the first day that all I had to do to stay on the good side of the assembly workers was keep their machines running.  The way the assembly operator’s pay was set up, they got a bonus if they made more parts than the  standard rate.  I figured out pretty fast that the standard rate was pretty tight.  The better than average operators could beat it unless their equipment went down for some reason.  They wouldn’t be penalized for the down-time, but that would break their rhythm and they'd have to work like hell to get it back.

What I tried to do was fix anything that was broken and get the operator back to work as fast as possible, and it seemed to be working.  None of the operators were particularly friendly, but they were all at least ten years older than I, so I figured that was the reason.  My mother had constantly quoted that old rule to me - “do unto others as you would have them do to you” - so I tried to be friendly even if they weren’t.

For the first month, I stumbled quite a bit.  There’s a big difference between lab experiments and the real world.  Lab experiments are usually done on a thing called a “breadboard” where the components are out in the open, so the failure is easier to find and fix.  In the real world, everything is inside a cabinet except the fixture, and nobody does much cleaning on the equipment so you have to first wipe all the oil and dirt off everything before you can start looking.  Even when I got everything so I could look at it, the failures were still hard to find.

It wouldn’t have been so hard if it weren’t for two things.  The first was that I worked second shift – three in the afternoon until eleven thirty at night.  

It wasn’t the shift hours.  I liked working that shift after the first week.  I never went to bed much before midnight anyway, so I could get home, watch a little TV while I ate, and still be in bed by one.  I’d be up about nine and had until about two to take care of any shopping of other business.  That was great, because most business hours are during the day.

The problem I had with working second shift was there were no other technicians or engineers in the plant except me after five.  The regular maintenance guys were there, but they didn’t know much about electronics.  I had to quickly learn how to apply what I’d learned to equipment that was dirty instead of clean, sometimes had more than one component failure, and usually didn’t have very good schematic diagrams.

The second problem was the workforce.  All the assembly employees except the foreman were women.  Even that wouldn’t have been much of a problem if they’d been friendly, but they weren’t.

Most were between thirty and forty, and a lot of them were divorcees working at Maxtech to support themselves.  I didn’t know why they weren’t friendly until Gladys told me after two months.  As Gladys put it, they were “trying me out” to see how I’d do and didn’t want to get friendly until they knew.  All I knew for those two months is they were a bunch of women who had no patience when their assembly or test machine went down.  They’d stand there and stare at me while I was up to my elbows replacing a transformer and then trying to figure out what else had blown when the transformer did, or replacing the cracked hose on an air line.

The foreman, Rick Mead, didn’t help.  He was the only foreman in the plant, but his main responsibility was the machining and casting areas, so I seldom even saw him.  As he put it, “the girls do fine by themselves as long as their equipment runs so I don’t fuck with them much.  Just keep things running and you’ll do fine”.

Most of them were on second shift for the same reason I liked second shift.  They could do their shopping and banking during the day instead of having to do it between four and five in the afternoon if they’d worked first shift.  

If they’d worked third shift, they had to choose between two options.  They could do their shopping and other stuff after they got off work at seven thirty when they were tired and then have to be sleeping by two.  It was either that, or go home, sleep until four in the afternoon and then wear themselves out doing all that stuff before they came to work.

The other benefit to second shift was there usually weren’t any management people around telling us what to do.  We just figured out the best way to do things on our own, and usually, we out-produced the other two shifts.

After that first two months, I’d been into the innards of every piece of equipment in the assembly area and had figured out how they worked and what was usually wrong when they didn’t.  My repairs got faster and the women noticed.  Gladys was the first to tell me she liked having me there.

“That Todd guy we had before didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.  I sat on my butt the whole shift one night because he couldn’t figure out the whatchamadingy that goes on the part was cracked.”

Gladys was scratching my back at the time, and that should have told me something about Gladys but I was concentrating on watching my voltmeter while the tester went through the cycle.  When the needle didn’t jump at the start of the second test, I knew what was wrong.  Ten minutes later, I’d replaced the bad relay, checked the calibration, and told Gladys she was all set.  She looked at me and grinned.

“I was sorta hoping it would take longer.”

I didn’t think much about that either.  I should have.

It was Thursday a week later that Gladys waved at me.

“It stopped again.  Come fix me so I can get back to work.  We’re behind on a shipment and they’ll be really pissed off if we miss it.”

Gladys started scratching my back again.  Her long fingernails were sending some really nice tingles through me while I started the cycle and watched the machine.  It wasn’t hard to find her problem.  The blast of air that hit me in the face said it all.  One of the air hoses had slipped off the nipple on a clamp valve.  I cut off about an inch off the hose, pushed it back on the nipple, and then started the cycle again.  Everything worked like it should have, so I closed up the cabinet and turned to Gladys.

“You’re all set, Gladys.  It was just a hose that came off the nipple on a clamp valve.  You should be good to go now.”

Gladys grinned.

“I didn’t know my machine had nipples.  What’s a nipple look like, just in case it happens again?”

I opened the cabinet back up and pointed to the hose nipple on the clamp valve.

“It’s this brass tube that screws into the valve, the one with all the rings around it.  The rings hold on to the hose, but I guess the hose must have gotten stretched.  It’s tight now.”

Gladys ran her nails down my back again.

“Gee, mine don’t have rings.  They get ridgy feeling sometimes, but not like that.”

When I looked at her, she grinned.

“I didn’t embarrass you did I?  My ex used to like it when they did that.  I liked the way they felt too. I don’t miss my ex, but I do miss that.  Wish I had somebody to make them feel like that again.”

Well, before that night, I figured Gladys was maybe a little less sophisticated than some, but was a nice woman, kind of like my Aunt Grace.  Aunt Grace pretty much said what she thought, but she’d always been really nice when we went to visit her.  I’d never heard Aunt Grace say anything about sex though, even to the other women in the family.  When Gladys said what she said and gave me that little grin, I figured she was a lot different than Aunt Grace.

I was walking to my car after the shift ended when Gladys trotted up beside me.

“I thought you’d left already, but then I saw you walk through the door.  Mind if I walk with you?  It’s scary walking by myself to the parking lot.”

I said I’d walk her to her car and asked her where her car was parked.  She pointed to the far corner of the lot.

“I got here late and that’s the only place that was left.  They expanded everything else and you’d think they’d have expanded the parking lot and put lights out there too, but they didn’t.”

When we got to her car, Gladys touched my arm.

“That thing I told you tonight, the thing about my nipples?  I was just kidding you but I was serious too.  I’m not asking you to do anything, but if you wanted to, I wouldn’t say no.”

Gladys ran her fingernails down my chest.

“You would want to, wouldn’t you?”

I tried to play dumb.  I wasn’t sure what the company would think about it but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by saying no.

“I’m not sure what you’re saying.”

She giggled.

“Well you go home and think about it then, and tomorrow night, you tell me if you figured it out or not.”

I did think about it that night and most of the next morning. When I lived with Mom and Dad, I couldn’t very well bring a girl back to my bedroom, and the couple times a girl and I had done it in the back seat of my car weren’t that great.  Gladys hadn’t come right out and said she wanted me to fuck her, but there wasn’t much doubt that’s what she meant.

I still hadn’t decided if I should or not when I went to work the next afternoon.  It wasn’t that Gladys was a woman I wouldn’t have looked at that way.  She was pretty good looking and I hadn’t thought about much of anything else since I woke up.  It was just that she was older and I couldn’t understand why she was hitting on me instead of some guy her own age.

Gladys was waiting for me outside the employee entrance when I walked out of the building that night.  When I walked up beside her, she smiled.

“Wanna walk me to my car again?”

She was parked in that same spot that night, and when we got there, she stroked my arm and asked if I’d figured out what she was saying or not.  I tried to give her an answer that she could take either way.

“Well, I’m still pretty confused.  It’s not that I’d say no, but I don’t know how much you really want what I think you want.”

Gladys move a little closer and then grabbed my hand.

“Oh, I want it a lot.  Maybe this will help you make up your mind.”

She pulled my hand to her right breast and then squeezed my fingers so they squeezed her breast.  

“Does this help?”

Well, it helped a lot because Gladys wasn’t wearing a bra and the feeling of her breast under the T-shirt had my cock starting to stand up.

“Gladys, uh…if feels like you’re not wearing a bra.”

She giggled.

“I wore a bra to work but I took it off in the locker room at the end of the shift.  I thought that might help you make up your mind.”

Now, when you’re twenty, it doesn’t take much.  If Gladys had been really plain without much of a figure, feeling her breast probably would have raised my cock, but not quite as fast.  Gladys wasn’t plain though, and the way her soft breast moved in my hand was more than enough.  I did try to say no, well, kind of.

“Gladys, What would the other women think?”

She started stroking the front of my jeans.

“I’ll never tell.  Would you?”

“No, but they’d probably find out.”

Gladys stroked my cock a little harder.

“The only one who might suspect is my friend Janey.   That’s because she says she likes you too and she watches you all the time.  If she ever found out, you’d just have to do for her what she wants…just like I want you to do for me.  Gee, you’re really hard, aren’t you? My ex never got this hard.”

There was no way I could ignore Gladys’ hand rubbing my cock or the way her nipple was poking into my palm, but then, I’d never actually been seduced before so all that was particularly arousing.  Oh, a couple of girls had wanted to pet, but none had ever breathed into my ear, “I want you to play with my boobies some more and then fuck me”, like Gladys did then.

“Right here”, I asked.

“No, silly.  At my house.”

Gladys stroked my cock again and then breathed, “Just follow my taillights, Honey, just follow my taillights.”

Her house sat all by itself on the outskirts of town, and once we got there that made me a lot more relaxed.  At least nobody would see my car parked there.  I got out and followed Gladys up to her front door, and after she unlocked it and went inside, I followed her.  Gladys closed the door, locked it, then turned around.  She put her arms around my neck and grinned.

“I’m waiting.”

I started to lift her T-shirt up so Gladys backed away a little and raised her arms.  Right after I got it off, she put her arms around my neck again.  I didn’t think Gladys had very big breasts, but evidently they just looked smaller because she wore flimsy bras.  They weren’t huge, but they were big enough I could feel them flatten out against my chest.

Gladys sighed.

“Oh God, this feels good.  If you touch my nipples you’ll see what I was talking about yesterday.”

Gladys was right.  Once I’d squeezed her breasts a little and then ran a fingertip over the tip of her right nipple, it started to swell up.  I pushed it down then, and when I let it pop back up, it was long, stiff, and the sides had little ridges, just like she’d said.  

Gladys purred a little moan, and then whispered, “Let’s go in the bedroom.  I need to be laying down for this.”

She pulled down the blanket and sheet, and then unzipped her jeans and rocked her ass until she got them down to her ankles.  Then she sat down, pulled off her running shoes, pulled the jeans off the rest of the way, and tossed them to the side.  

She looked up at me, grinned, and said, “Come here, Jeff Honey.  You have way too many clothes on”.

Between me taking off my shirt and Gladys taking off my jeans, I was soon standing there in front of her in just my shorts.  Gladys grinned up at me and pulled my shorts down to my knees, then laid back on the bed and held out her arms.

“C’m’ere, Honey.  I need a man, and I like what you got.  Take off my panties and let’s play.”

Well, that was an experience.  The girls I’d been with before didn’t act at all like Gladys.  The just sat there while I unhooked their bras and then started to breathe hard when I played with their breasts and nipples.  Gladys started to breathe hard too, but she was also telling me what I should be doing to her.

“Oh yeah, Honey.  Now suck my nipples.”

I did, and Gladys caught her breath a little and then chuckled, “you can suck a lot harder than that.”

I sucked what I thought was pretty hard.  I sucked all of her stiff nipple and a little of her wrinkled and pebbled nipple bed in too.  Gladys liked that.

“Oh fuck…it’s been so long I could almost cum like this.  Do the other one now.”

I was doing that when Gladys moved my hand down to the thatch of coarse brown hair between her thighs.

“Give me some fingers now, Jeff.”

She was already wet and slippery when I found her pussy and slipped one finger between her pussy lips.  Gladys moaned.

“Two, use two fingers, Honey.”

Two fingers caused Gladys to moan again and rock her hips up a little.  She spread her thighs wide then, and murmured, “deeper and a little faster”.  She also ran her hand down my chest and belly until she found my cock.  She didn’t say anything when she did, she just started slowly stroking it.

I was pushing my two fingers inside Gladys’ pussy and my hand was getting wet.  I mean, I’d push in my fingers, and Gladys would moan, arch up a little, and then I’d feel her pussy sort of pull in and then push out.  When she pushed it out, she’d moan, and I’d feel a little flood of wet, slippery stuff flow out of her pussy and over my hand.

Gladys started rocking her hips at the same time she started pulling on my cock.  I took that as a sign she was ready, so I moved between her spread thighs and then moved forward on my hands and knees until I felt hair against my cock head.  

It wasn’t until then I thought about the condom I’d put in the hip pocket of my jeans just in case.  I started to get off the bed, but Gladys grabbed my cock and giggled.

“Just where do you think you’re going?  We just got started good.”

“Well, my jeans, I need to get something out of –“

I couldn’t finish because Gladys pulled on my cock.

“I don’t like rubbers.  That’s why I keep myself safe.  Now fuck me before I throw you on your back and fuck you instead.”

As soon as I got back in position, Gladys guided my cock between her slippery lips and then breathed, “Don’t be shy, Honey.  Just stick your dick in me all at once.  I want it that way”.

Gladys was tight, but slippery inside, and once I started in, she lifted her ass.  I’d been trying to be gentle, but when she lifted her ass, all of a sudden my cock just slipped inside her until my balls bumped her ass cheeks.  Gladys moaned then.

“Oh God, yes.  Fuck me Honey, and don’t stop.  I’m almost there already.”

I’d never felt anything like that in my life.  I mean she was rolling her hips into my strokes, and after a few, she pulled my head down to her right nipple.  When I closed my mouth around the long, stiff nub and then sucked hard, Gladys started to pant.

I tried to make it last longer, but Gladys was rolling around under me so much, there was no holding back. About the time I lost control of everything, Gladys shrieked and lifted us both up.  Her legs started to shake then, and even if I’d still been in control, that would have kicked me over the edge.  As it was, I groaned and shot three spurts into Gladys’ tight pussy.  After that, I was panting too, and leaned on my arms until Gladys stopped shaking, pulled me down on top of her and giggled.

“Wow, that was really fast.”

“I know, Gladys, and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hold back.”

Gladys stroked my back.

“You don’t have to be sorry, Jeff.  I wasn’t talking about you.  I was talking about me.  I’ve never cum so fast before.  Must be because it’s been so long for me.  Has it been long for you?”

“Well, actually, this was the first time in about a year.”

“Did you like it?”

I had to chuckle.

“I think you can say it was fantastic from my point of view.”

Gladys slipped her hands down and squeezed my ass cheeks.

“We’ll make the second time better as soon as you’re hard again.”

The second time was better.  It only took Gladys a half hour or so before she’d stoked my cock back to life.  I thought she’d roll over on her back again, but she just grinned and got on her hands and knees.

“I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna make this time better for us both.”

She straddled me and then scooted down until her pussy was over my stiff cock.  She grinned and said, “Watch this”, and then pulled her pussy lips apart.  

I was watching.  I watched her stretch out her pussy lips and then move her pussy over my cock.  A little stream of white dripped out on the head of my cock as Gladys lowered her pussy down on my cock head and then wiggled her ass a little.  My cock head slipped down to her entrance then, and I watched as Gladys slowly impaled herself.  I groaned when she bottomed out and then again when she let her lips go and raised up.  

Gladys leaned over then and put her hands on either side of my head.  That put her hanging breasts right over my face, and as she slowly moved up and down over my cock, they started to sway.

Gladys looked down at me and grinned, then dropped her breasts enough her nipples were brushing my face.  She whispered, “Catch me if you can”.

I caught her left nipple when it went past, but lost it again.  When her right nipple came by, I grabbed it and then used my teeth to keep it in my mouth.  I didn’t think I bit down very hard, but Gladys jerked and made this funny little sound.  I let her nipple go, and then apologized.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Gladys pumped her pussy over my cock again and then breathed, “You didn’t hurt me.  Keep doing it and I’ll cum really hard”.

I caught her right nipple again and bit down.  Gladys gasped and slammed her pussy down on my cock.  She pulled back when she raised up and when her nipple slipped out of my teeth, she made the funny little sound again.  I felt her pussy contract around my cock for a second and then she moaned.

It was like that every time I caught her nipple, well, up until the last time.  I was feeling great because I’d already cum once and I didn’t have to watch myself so close.  I was just laying there on my back, feeling Gladys’ slippery pussy sliding up and down my cock and pinching her nipples between my teeth.  

The last little bite I remember making caused Gladys to cry out softly and then her legs started to shake again.  They shook so hard my cock slipped out of her pussy.  Gladys tried to get it back in but ended up rubbing her clit up and down the underside of my cock.  I think she came then because she was jerking her body hard and panting, and I thought she was done, but she wasn’t.  She stopped jerking and then pushed her pussy back.  It took her a few tries, but my cock finally slipped inside her pussy again.  

Gladys cried out and started riding my cock deep and fast.  I know she came then, because she shuddered, said “Oh fuck, I’m gonna…oh fuck”, and started shaking again.  She was still moaning and shaking when I heaved my ass up off the bed to get the last spurt as deep in her as I could.

Gladys sort of fell down on top of me then and laid there with her breasts mashed into my chest and panting in my ear.  When my cock slipped out, she raised up on her arms and grinned.

“Oh my God.  Did I just cum twice like it felt like I did?”

I grinned.

“I think you did.  It was really great too.”

Gladys shook her head to get the hair out of her face.

“Tell me about it.  I’ll be lucky if I can get my butt out of bed in the morning.  If I didn’t have to go shopping, I’d keep you here so I wouldn’t have to.”

Well, after my night with Gladys, things changed and I should have known they would.  I’ve never known a woman who could keep something really juicy to herself.  I’m sure Gladys didn’t just come right out and tell Janey I’d fucked her twice and she came three times.  Women don’t have to talk to communicate.  All it takes is a lifted eyebrow or little smile and they understand as much as if they’d said a bunch of words.

The reason I know Gladys hadn’t really kept our secret is the Friday of the next week, Janey’s assembly station stopped working and she called me over to fix it.  That had happened before.  A lot of assembly stations work so fast they basically self-destruct on a regular basis.  It took me a few minutes to figure out what broke this time and Janey looked over my shoulder the whole time.

Now, you have to understand what “looking over my shoulder” really means here.  Janey had really big breasts, and I’m not talking about the breasts on the women in men’s magazines.  Janey was…well, the maintenance guys even had a story about her.

Janey worked for a couple weeks in the punch press department when she started at Maxtech, but could never make the production quota because the punch press stopped working a lot.  The maintenance guys would reset the press and it would work fine for them.  As soon as Janey sat down and started working, the press would stop again.

One of the maintenance guys finally figured out what was going on.  Janey’s big breasts were breaking the laser beams on the safety curtain.  If she got back far enough the press would consistently run, she couldn’t reach far enough to put the parts into the die.  Even different bras didn’t help, so they moved her to assembly.

Anyway, Janey looking over my shoulder meant she had those big breasts pushed into my back.  If I squatted down for some reason, her breasts would be pushed into my neck.  The first time it happened, I figured it was an accident and she wouldn’t stand so close.  The second time, I was pretty sure she had to feel it, but she didn’t back up.  If anything, she leaned forward a little more.

It’s not that I hadn’t noticed Janey before that.  Janey was one of those women with very sensuous lips she kept a shining red with lipstick, long, blonde hair, and blue eyes that would make you wonder how those eyes would look half closed when you had your cock in her.  Her waist wasn’t all that tiny, but it looked fine because she had wide hips.  Those hips only made the vision of her in bed more erotic, because they had the sexiest sway when she walked.

I’d noticed her, but she seemed to be a quiet woman.  I never had heard her laugh really loud like some of the women, and she never said a word that could be considered off-color.  Yet, there she was, pushing her big breasts into my back and then moving from side so she could see what I was doing and raking them over my back in the process.

I replaced her air cylinder and then backed out of the machine to check the cycle, and almost knocked her over.  I apologized to her but she just grinned.

“I didn’t mind.  It was kinda fun.”

I’d never seen that grin before, and just like with Gladys, I should have paid more attention, but I didn’t.

That night, I thought Gladys might be waiting for me outside the employee entrance, but she wasn’t.  Janey was.  She grinned with I walked up to her.

“Would you walk me to my car?  It’s way in the back and one of the guys in casting has been coming on to me.  I’d just as soon not meet him out there in the dark.”

We got to her car, and Janey stopped and faced me.

“Thanks for coming out here with me.  Tomorrow, I’m going to tell that guy in casting to leave me alone.  If he doesn’t, I might ask you to walk me to my car again.”

“Hey, it’s not a problem.  I’d do the same for any of the girls.”

Janey grinned that same weird grin.

“I know.  My friend Gladys said you walked her to her car…twice.”

I shrugged.

“Well, yeah.  She wanted me to, so I did.”

Janey was still grinning.

“If I know Gladys, that’s not the only thing she wanted you to do for her.”

You know that “oh crap” helpless feeling you get when you trip over something and you can’t do anything except get ready to fall on your face?  Well, that was how I felt after she said that.

I shrugged again.

“I don’t know about that.  All I did was walk her to her car.”

“That’s what she said, but she sure was smiling when she said it.  I wouldn’t mind if you did something more for me too.  Want to know what I’d like you to do?”

I couldn’t say no to a question like that.  It would have made Janey think I didn’t like her and then she wouldn’t like me very much.  I wanted all the women to like me, so I was just doing what Mom said.

“Well, I suppose so.”

Janey moved closer, close enough her big breasts were touching my chest.

“Well, see, most men are afraid of me, so I don’t get asked out much.”

I said I couldn’t imagine why a man would be afraid of her.  Janey touched my arm.

“It’s because of these big boobs of mine.  Men like to look at them, but they don’t know what they’d do with them and I heard some of them think I’m probably a nympho or something.  I’m not like that at all.”

“So how could I help you with that.”

Janey stroked my cheek with one fingertip.

“You could do for me what you did for Gladys.”

Janey smiled a sweet, but wicked smile then.

“It’s Friday night so we don’t have to work tomorrow.  You could help me out tonight.”

“I don’t know, Janey.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to, and it’s not because of how big your…how big you are.  It’s just that I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not.”

Janey moved closer and I felt her big breasts flatten a little against my chest.

“If you follow me home, I can show you it’s a good idea.”

Janey’s house was an apartment, but it was in a complex of apartments so there were enough cars mine wouldn’t seem out of place.  It did seem out of place to follow Janey through the door and then up the steps to the second floor.  It was late enough that nobody else was walking around, but I still was looking for a place to hide if somebody stepped out into the hall.

Once we were in Janey’s apartment, she sat her purse down on the coffee table and said, “Well, this is home.  I live here all by myself.  Have for the last five years.  My ex couldn’t understand me so he didn’t try.  He just went out and found him a woman ten years younger than me with little boobs and a little butt.  I never thought my butt was too big, but I guess he did”.

Janey seemed a little sad, so I said her butt wasn’t too big so she’d feel better.  She smiled, and put her arms around my neck, no easy feat since she had to mash her breasts into my chest to get close enough to do that.

“If you expect me to believe that, you have to do for me what you did for Gladys.”

Well, to tell the truth, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with her big breasts either.  Gladys’ breasts had been a nice size.  I could easily get my hand around one and give it a soft squeeze.  Janey’s looked a lot bigger, and when she took off her blouse, I knew I’d underestimated just how big she really was.

Her bra was one like one of my old girlfriends wore, one of those thin things made out of foam that doesn’t really have cups.  Those bras are made to smooth everything out so a lot of the woman’s breast gets pushed up and to the sides and doesn’t stick out so far from her chest.  

Janey’s bra was doing that, and when she slipped the straps from her shoulders, her breasts sagged down and got a lot wider.  She lifted them up until her nipples were pointed at me, then looked up and frowned.

“See, what I mean.  They’re so big men don’t know what to do with them.”

Well, they were big, but I thought they were great.  Of course, up until that point, I’d never met a breast I didn’t like.  Still haven’t actually.

“Well, I think they’re pretty fantastic.  What feels good to you?”

Janey smiled.

“I just like them stroked.  That makes me all tingly inside.”

I didn’t know Janey feeling all tingly meant she was going to lock her mouth on mine and try to lick my tonsils, but that’s what happened.  I was gently rubbing my fingertips over her breasts, and when I got to her nipple beds, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me like that.  When she finally let me go, she grinned.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No.  It was pretty great.”

“Then lets get naked and go to bed.”

Topless Janey was pretty great.  Naked Janey was fabulous.  Yeah, her ass was bigger than most, but it sort of balanced things out.  So did the blonde bush that covered her mound and pussy.  

I started stroking Janey’s big breasts again, and she closed her eyes when I did.  After I’d run my fingertip around her nipple and Janey moaned, “Mmm…just like that is what I like”, I decided I really liked her big breasts.  I also thought since Gladys liked her nipples sucked, maybe Janey would too.

Her nipple wasn’t sticking out very much.  When I licked it, Janey shivered, but she didn’t tell me to stop, so I closed my lips around her nipple and sucked gently.  Janey caught her breath and then put her hand on the back of my head and murmured, “Oh, I like that too.”

After that, I sort of got lost with playing with Janey’s big boobs.  It was fun to pull one up on her chest and then watch as it rolled back to her side when I took my hand away.  It was fun to see how her nipple beds got all puckered up when I licked and sucked her nipples.

She was breathing pretty deep when she pulled my face to hers, kissed me until I had to stop to so I could breathe again, and then whispered, “There’s something else I like”.

Her eyes were about half closed and her face looked really sultry, like she wanted me to fuck her right then.  I got between her legs and started to move my cock to her pussy, when she pushed on my shoulders and grinned.

“That’s what comes later, Jeffy.  What I like next is some special kisses.”

I was a little confused by that.

“OK…I thought we had been kissing.”

Janey slid her hand down to that thick bush and then smiled.

“You haven’t kissed me here yet.”

Well, to be honest, I’d never thought about doing something like that, ever.  Oh, it comes up when a bunch of guys in high school are talking, but that’s just talk, and not what a young guy really thinks about.  What we learn from our dads is kiss, breasts, nipples, finger a little, then stick your cock in and pump away.  Doing anything to a woman’s pussy except fingering and fucking it never even gets into the conversation.

I wasn’t sure I could do it until Janey started pushing on my shoulders.  I still wasn’t sure when she spread her legs and pulled her heels up against her ass cheeks.  Her pussy opened up a little when she did that, and I was looking at the pink line of her slit between her thick, hairy lips.

I guess she knew I was having second thoughts, because she stroked my hair as she pushed my face down.

“Just a little, Jeffy, and then you can do what you want to do, but I need a little first.”

When I got close enough, I caught her scent.  I didn’t know that would make my cock lurch, but it did.  It lurched again when Janey pulled her pussy lips apart and said, “Just put your tongue right there at the top.  That really get me going.”

I took a deep breath and stuck my tongue out, then licked the little fold of skin at the top of Janey’s slender inner lips.  She sighed, “Oh God, yes”, and then sort of pushed her pussy up into my face.  Since I still had my tongue stuck out, it slipped down over her rippled inner lips and then sort of went inside her a little.  Janey moaned again.  I didn’t moan, but the way she tasted made me want to.

The more I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips, the more I decided this was great.  It was great to feel those lips sliding around against my tongue and it was great that doing that made Janey start making little mewing noises and rocking her pussy up and down.  I couldn’t stop.

I was happily licking away and feeling her pussy sort of push out and then pull back in when Janey cried out, arched up into my face and hung there for a while.  She gasped, then pushed my face into her pussy and cried out again.

I didn’t stop licking, even when she eased back down on the bed.  She didn’t just lay there though.  Her pussy was still rocking up and down and she was moaning like crazy.  A little bit later, she gently pushed my face away and then pulled on my shoulders.

“Jeffy, that was really great.  Now, do what you want to do and make me feel this way again.”

The guys in high school always joked that if you’d fucked one pussy, you’d fucked them all.  I knew they’d never done even one because none of us had and it was just them repeating what they’d heard somewhere.  True, Janey didn’t feel much different inside, but it was the rest that was.

Gladys had been pretty energetic.  Janey didn’t do much moving around once I got my cock inside her, but she was a lot more erotic in a lot of ways.

It was the way she spread her legs wide so I could push inside her until my belly touched her spread thighs.  With each deep stroke, I’d feel her hands on my back pulling me toward her.  After a few strokes, she catch her breath and then sigh, “Oh wow, that feels so good” or “mmm…I like your dick in me”.

She never really started humping up into my strokes either.  She just make a little “Uh” once in a while and I’d feel her pussy tighten up.  It was only when she started to pant again that she started lifting her pussy up a little.  A little after she started doing that, I felt her nails instead of her fingertips, and when she gasped, then held her breath, those nails poked into my ass.

She did that two more times, the holding her breath thing, and then jerked once.  Her voice was just a whisper when she said, “Oh Jeffy, don’t stop.”

After I heard that, I couldn’t have stopped if my life depended on it.  I just kept up my slow strokes until Janey grabbed my ass and cried out, “Now, Jeffy.  Oh, do it now.”  I could feel her pussy clamping and unclamping around my cock as I shot my cum three times.  She was still doing that when I started to ease my cock out of her, and she pulled on my ass to keep me there.

“Not yet, Jeffy.  You feel too good inside me.”

That was the first night of many I spent with Janey.  She liked to wake me up in the morning by laying one of her big breasts on my chest and then brushing my lips with her nipple.  Usually I was already awake and just playing like I was sleeping.  I think she knew that, and just liked it when I opened my mouth like I was yawning and then closed my lips around her nipple and sucked it while she played with my cock.  

I never spent the night with Gladys, though I did walk her to her car and then follow her home as many times as I did Janey.  With Gladys, it was always once on her back and once riding me.  She did like her pussy licked, just like Janey.  The first time I did that to Gladys, I thought she was gonna smother me.  She started to cum and held my face there until she stopped.

They never told me, but I think they’d agreed on a schedule.  One Friday night, Gladys would be waiting on me outside the employee entrance to the plant, and the next, it would be Janey.  For some reason, they’d both skip a week once in a while, but usually it was every week.  That went on until the new expansion was finished and Maxtech hired some more people.  

One of those new people was Trudy Anderson.  They’d decided they needed a separate foreman for assembly, and Trudy got the job.  There were rumors that Trudy was Lisa Wallace’s daughter and that’s how she got the job.  Lisa Wallace was the Director of Finance.  Lisa was about sixty and Trudy was about forty, and Trudy looked a lot like Lisa, so that was entirely possible.  

I was a little worried then.  Like I said before, Rick was technically the foreman, but he was never around so there was nobody to watch for anything going on.  Now that there was a separate, second shift assembly foreman, there would be, and Trudy would have a direct line to management outside the normal channels.  If Trudy thought something was going on, all she’d have to do was call Lisa and I’d be history.

I’d tried to make sure I didn’t give Gladys or Janey any more attention than I did the other woman, and other than when I fixed their machines, we didn’t associate at work at all.  I knew by then that Gladys and Janey knew about each other because they were good friends, but I didn’t think anybody else did.  It probably would have been smarter to stop, but I couldn’t because Gladys and Janey wouldn’t let me.

It was a Friday about two months after Trudy started that I walked out the employee entrance looking for Janey.  I’d gone home with Gladys the Friday before, so I figured Janey would be there.  She wasn’t, but Trudy was.  I said, “Hi, Trudy” and walked past her hoping Janey had seen her and was standing somewhere in the parking lot waiting for me.  

I’d taken more three steps when Trudy said, “Jeff, I need to speak with you.”

A chill ran down my back then.  I thought she’d figured it out, was going to tell me that, and tomorrow afternoon, Sarah would ask for my badge and then tell me to confirm my home address because that’s where they’d be sending my last paycheck.  It was still worth a try if she just suspected something though.  I turned around and took the three steps back to Trudy and then forced a smile.

“Sure, Trudy.  Whatcha want?”

Trudy looked back at the door, I supposed to see if anyone else was coming out.  When she didn’t see anybody else except two people about fifty feet away and walking to the parking lot, she smiled.

“You know, people who are messing around always think they can hide it, but they can’t, not really.  I’ve seen how Gladys and Janey look at you when you’re working on their machines.  I haven’t seen you look that way yet, but they do.”

I said I’d never noticed that, but I supposed they could be.

Trudy smiled again.

“That’s what I expected you’d say, so I had a talk with Gladys and Janey after lunch.  Want to know what they told me?”

I didn’t need her to tell me because I already knew.  Trudy would have threatened to fire them both if they didn’t tell the truth.  Both women needed their jobs, so they’d have told Trudy everything.

I was hoping for a break for being honest when I hung my head.

“I think I probably already know.”

“Well, now that we know where we are, what do you think I should do about it?”

I shrugged.

“Fire me, I suppose.”

She shook her head.

“I’d hate doing that, so I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.  Walk me to my car like you do Gladys and Janey and we’ll talk about it there where nobody can hear us.”

Trudy’s car wasn’t quite as far out as Gladys and Janey always parked, but by then, all the parking spaces around were empty.  When we got there, Trudy said, “I really have to tell Mom to make them put some lights out here.  I’m scared every night when I walk out by myself.”

“Yeah, that’s why I walk Gladys and Janey to their cars.  They’re scared too.”

Trudy chuckled.

“I can understand, but it’s odd, isn’t it, that they don’t seem to be afraid except on Friday nights, and they’re never both afraid on the same Friday night?  Seems pretty odd to me.”

I said I hadn’t thought about it that way, and Trudy chuckled again.

“I think you were probably thinking about something else, so I’m not surprised.”

Her voice got serious then.

“So, you think I should fire you.  Jeff, don’t you like your job?”

“Yeah, I like my job a lot.”

“If there was a way to keep your job, would you be interested.”

“I’m interested.  What would I have to do?”

Trudy put her arms around my neck.

“The same things you do for Gladys and Janey.”

I hadn’t expected anything like that.  Changing to third shift or taking a pay cut maybe, but not feeling Trudy’s breasts against my chest.

“Trudy, I don’t think…I mean, you’re married and…I thought when people were married they did it –“

Trudy put her finger on my mouth.

“Just shut up and listen.  Yes, I’m married.  Have been for twenty years.  I love Mark, but he’s one of those men who work eighteen hours a day.  He gets up at five and by six he’s out the door and off to his office.  He comes home at seven, eats, and then works until eleven.  Then he goes to bed…to sleep.  He works all day on Saturday too, so Sunday is the only day we’re together, and he’s usually too tired to do anything.

“It’s nice that we don’t have to worry about money, but once the kids left home I was going crazy sitting there by myself.  That’s why I asked Mom if she could get me a job.  I needed something to make the days go by faster.  That’s working, but that’s the only thing that is.  I couldn’t ask her to get me the other thing I need.  That’s why we’re having this conversation.”

I’d never had a conversation where I was feeling breasts against my chest at the same time, so it was a little hard to concentrate on everything Trudy had said.  I was sure of one thing though.  I was sure that no matter how she felt, her husband wouldn’t feel the same way, and that’s what I told her.

Trudy just stroked the back of my head.

“See, that’s the best part.  We had a long talk about that when I told him I was going to work at Mom’s company. He knows how he is and what it’s doing to me.  He said he can’t change how he is and he knows I can’t change how I am, so we had to make the only logical decision.  Our logical decision was I can do what I want as long as I don’t get pregnant and I don’t bring anything home that won’t wash off.”

Trudy pushed her breasts into my chest a little tighter.

“I’m safe, so I’ve done my part.  You don’t have anything that won’t wash off, do you Jeff?”

Obviously, we couldn’t use Trudy’s house, so she followed me to my apartment.  Before I unlocked the door, I wanted to be sure.

“Trudy, are you really sure about this?  If you’ve changed your mind, it’s OK, and I’ll never say anything to anybody about this.”

Trudy just stroked the front of my jeans.

“The only way I’ll change my mind is if this doesn’t get hard at least once tonight.”

Trudy was different than Gladys and Janie.  Trudy didn’t tell me to fuck her like Gladys always did.  Trudy didn’t make all the little erotic wiggles Janey did once I had my cock in her.  Trudy’s breasts were smaller than both  Gladys’ and Janey’s but her nipples were something else.  

It was the third time we were together Trudy showed me how she could hang her bra by putting the shoulder straps over her nipples even when they weren’t all swollen and stiff.  That first night with her, I just knew they were a lot longer and thicker than any nipples I’d ever seen.  

Trudy wasn’t crazy about having her breasts fondled, but she loved having me run my tongue around her wrinkled and pebbled nipple bed and then sucking her nipple.  She liked them pinched gently at first, and then pinched and pulled hard when she was about to cum.

Her pussy was different too.  Gladys had long, slender pussy lips.  Janey’s were thick and puffy.  Trudy’s lips were a little of both, but the real difference was her inner lips were really big.  I didn’t find that out until I nibbled down over her tummy to her mound and then looked up at her.  She grinned and nodded, so I spread her outer lips with my thumbs.  

As soon as I did, there were her inner lips, all folded up.  I teased them open with my index fingers and when I was done, they were spread out flat and almost covered her outer lips.  That’s the night I discovered what sucking those lips in my mouth and rolling them around with my tongue did to her.

Trudy didn’t come like Gladys or Janey either.  That first night, I could tell she was getting close because she was rocking her pussy into my strokes and the only sounds she was making was a quiet, little “oh” every time my cock went home.  Her little moans changed to louder moans, and then a little high-pitched squeal.  She grabbed the sheet with both hands then and gripped it tight while she heaved her body up and held it there.  

I’d made one spurt when her legs turned to jelly and she cried out again.  Right after my third, she fell back down on the mattress and tried to curl up in a ball.  Since I was between her legs with my cock still inside her, all she accomplished was pulling her legs up and letting me get deeper.  Since it felt really great, I kept stroking and a couple seconds later, Trudy screeched and arched up again.  I didn’t know if it was another orgasm or just the continuation of the first one, but whatever it was, it was fantastic.

When I kept stroking my cock in and out of her, Trudy gasped and pushed on my shoulders.

“Oh God, Jeff.  Stop before I pass out.”

I did stop stroking my cock in and out, but I didn’t pull out.  I liked the little contractions I was feeling too much.  Instead, I started nibbling around her nipples again.  They’d relaxed a little once Trudy came, but it didn’t take long before they were long and stiff again.  When I sucked the left one, Trudy’s body jerked and she whispered, “I hope you get hard pretty fast, ‘cause you’re making me need it again.”

It was about two in the morning when Trudy got dressed to leave.  Before she did, she hugged me and then smiled.

“I did talk to Gladys and Janey like I said, but I didn’t make them tell me anything.  I didn’t have to.  As soon as I said your name, they both grinned.  We had a nice talk after that.  They were pretty scared when I told them I knew what they’d been doing, but when I said I understood how they felt and wouldn’t tell anybody, they relaxed a little.  I told them about Mark then.  They were very sympathetic.  We talked about you after that.”

“All good things, I hope.”

“Yes, and especially about this really nice dick you have.  I said I wished I could find one, and Gladys said I should try yours.  Janey agreed with her.  We came to an agreement.  There’s always a weekend every month when one of them can’t, so I get you that Friday.  Well, unless you don’t want me again.”

Well, that’s how it worked out.  Gladys was one week, Janey the next, then Gladys, then Trudy, then Janey again.  I never figured out how the timing worked out like it did.

After another year, I got transferred to the machining department.  Maxtech was  buying CNC machines and robots and none of the maintenance guys knew how to fix them.  It was probably for the best.  I was happy with our arrangement, but I knew some of the other women were starting to grumble.  If I was in a different department, it wouldn’t matter to them what I did because it wouldn’t affect them at all.

It didn’t change until Gladys met a guy and married him.  Jake had tattoos on both arms, rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and when I met him, he kept his hand on Gladys’ ass.  I figured they were made for each other.

Then it was just Janey and Trudy.  That changed too.  Janey found a guy who apparently wasn’t afraid of her big breasts.  I couldn’t figure that out.  He was short, skinny, wore really thick glasses, and looked about fifteen years older than Janey.  Janey just said he wasn’t what he looked like and then she grinned.

“He knows what to do to me, and wow, is it ever great.”

So now, it’s just Trudy, but that’s OK.  She’s safer than Gladys and Janey.  It’s not likely I’d ever get fired for fucking her since her mother is in such a high position.  I like her too.  It’s the way we usually start and how it ends.  I sit on the bed against the headboard and she scoots up between my legs and leans back on my chest.

I didn’t know some women can cum just from having their nipples played with, but Trudy can and does.  It was pretty amazing the first time.  Now, it’s just fun to have to hold her up so she doesn’t fall over because she sort of loses control of everything.  

That’s never enough for her.  It’s not enough until she’s laying on my chest after the second time she cums and I’m feeling her pussy squeeze my cock when the little aftershocks make her do that.

Trudy will always just lay there until those little contractions mostly stop and then grin at me.  

“Wanna see if you can make me do that again?”

Since when I do what Trudy wants Trudy does the same for me, I figure I’m only doing Mom always told me to do – doing unto others.