The morning after : London

Info Linajay
24 Aug. '19

The next morning London woke up to Ronnie sleeping next to her in her full size bed. Ronnie’s chin length black hair was disheveled and evident of a wild night out. She was pretty without her glasses and London couldn’t fathom why the girl never opted to get contacts. She was happy to have a friend like Ronnie; someone who stuck by her side through good times and bad. London rolled over on her back and closed her eyes, but they flew back open when she heard a baritone singer and the sound of water from the shower hitting the tub floor.

     She sat up and gasped. "Ronnie? Ronnie?" she shook and poked her friend. "What?" Ronnie was still half asleep when she heard the voice. She quickly sat up and looked at her friend. "What’s that?" Ronnie was freaking out. "Question is, who is that?" London slowly got out of the bed and grabbed the bat that was in her bedroom closet.

     Ronnie grabbed her glasses off the nightstand and followed suit. When they got to the hallway, Ronnie bumped into London. "Back up a little, Ronnie," she whispered. They tip toed until they were a few inches away from the bathroom door. As soon as the man walked out of the bathroom, the women screamed and his towel fell to the floor.

     "Lord Jesus have mercy," Ronnie said when she saw the man’s dick in full view. "Ronnie!" London snapped at Ronnie as she held the bat straight out like it was a gun. "I’m sorry, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one this close up," Ronnie apologized. The man smiled.

     "Who the hell are you?" London asked. "Vince, we met at Chester’s, remember? Oh, I guess you don’t! I told you to take it easy on that Grey Goose. I guess you regret it now, don’t you?" he teased. As he stood there wearing nothing but a smile, Ronnie watched as the drops of water slowly fell down his mocha colored muscular chest, down his six pack and to the sexiest belly button she’d ever seen.

     "How the hell did you get in my apartment?" London demanded. "You invited me in….you and your friend," he smiled at Ronnie and made his chest move up and down. "I don’t believe you!" London replied. "No? Okay, have you checked your wardrobe?" the man continued to tease Ronnie. London looked down and realized that she was wearing a man’s baby blue button down shirt.

     She quickly glanced over at Ronnie who was sporting his tie around her neck. "Please put the bat down. I’m not going to hurt you and after last night I’m going to have to ask you two not to hurt me!" Vince smirked. London lowered the bat, "What do you mean ‘after last night?’"

     "A ménage a trois is what it’s called," he walked over to Ronnie and gripped her chin. He raised her lips to his and kissed her. "And I can still taste your pussy on her lips," He kissed Ronnie again and then licked her lips. London dropped the bat, "I think I’m going to be sick."

    "The bathroom’s free if you need it," he stared at Ronnie but directed the statement at London. "Who would have thought that just by looking at you that you were such a freak? You were a naughty girl last night," Vince kissed Ronnie again. "Okay, okay. Break it up," London pushed them apart and removed his tie from around Ronnie’s neck.

     "I want you to leave my apartment," she handed him the tie. "No problem, can I get my shirt back?" he ask London. London went to her bedroom to change out of his shirt and into a long shirt of her own. When she returned, she saw Ronnie’s back up against the wall with her legs wrapped around Vince’s waist. She had her arms around his neck as he cupped her bare ass.

     The kiss was explicit enough for London to consider it rated X. "Ronnie!" London yelled at her best friend. "What the hell has gotten into you?" she asked her. Vince released his grip on Ronnie and grabbed the shirt that London was trying to give to him. "Oh, my um….my glasses," Ronnie pointed to his head. Vince removed Ronnie’s glasses from his head and placed them on her face.

     "Okay Casanova, the bathroom’s that way but I’m pretty sure you know that!" London pushed him away from her best friend. Vince walked backwards to the bathroom taunting and teasing Ronnie as he licked his lips. Once he was in the bathroom London pulled her friend into the bedroom. "What the hell was that?" she asked Ronnie.

"I don’t know! It was like my body was calling his. The man is sexy!"

"Ronnie, get a hold of yourself. Do you even remember what happened last night?"

"All I remember was entering the club, ordering a few drinks, and then passing out face down on your bed."

"I don’t remember anything after that first drink." London confessed.

Vince walked into the bedroom and London was more than impressed. He went from a towel model to a fortune 500 executive in no time flat.

"It was nice meeting you ladies. I would make you breakfast….I mean make breakfast for you, but I have to get to church," Vince said. He smiled at Ronnie, "Call me!"

"I’ll call you," she giggled.

"You ladies have a blessed day." He winked at Ronnie.

As Vince was walking out the door London stood dumbfounded as she watched her best friend swoon over a man that she barely knew. How did they end up like this?