Hooking Up at Camp Pocaneekwa

Info Tristan LeMay
26 Aug. '19

Written by Tristan LeMay, PoohTang, MarkMaul and completed by the starting author

   Ever since I can remember, I've spent at least a few weeks at Camp Pocaneekwa every summer. It started when I was six or seven as a camper, and when I turned 16, I was promoted to assistant counselor. Last year, when I had finished my junior year of College, I was promoted to Assistant Camp Coordinator. I was responsible for supervising the whole bunch of camp counselors and got a substantial raise which I was happy about 'cause College can really set you back a pretty penny as you know.

   Anyway, I also knew I'd be seeing a lot of old friends again, some who'd been around almost as long as I had. Kids who'd been campers, and were now counselors. I was a bit nervous about a few of them who might resent the fact that I'd be their boss for the summer but I really didn't want to start throwing my new title around. I was planning on having a get-together at the beginning of the summer, before the kids started arriving for their weeks of fun in nature, and tell all the counselors that I wanted to be a cool, easy-to-talk-to leader.

   I was also not sure how some of the guys I'd fooled around with in the past would react to me being named Assistant Camp Coordinator. Would they think I sucked somebody's cock to get a promotion? Would they make jokes about shit like that? I honestly have to say it made me nervous. It also made me anxious to think about a few of those guys who still gave me boners in my dreams and fantasies although I'd met a guy at school and was actually in a serious, monogamous relationship that had started four months ago. My boyfriend Cal was on the football team and still in the closet but we'd still sworn to each other that we'd be exclusive... or, at least, honest with each other if we transgressed.

   We both knew that spending six weeks away from each other would not be easy.

   As soon as I got to the camp site, I roamed around for a while to take in the whole place and re-appropriate it to myself. I would always walk the grounds when I'd arrive every year but this year it was especially important to me because I had to feel that it belonged to me in a certain way. Of course, I never would have said that to anybody and it wasn't a question of sounding more like a boss, but I needed to feel sure of myself and confident, and this was a way to do that.

   After my initial meeting with Mrs. Martel, the founder and co-owner of the camp, I headed to the row of small cabins that was reserved for staff. This year, since I was going to be Assistant Camp Coordinator, I would have my own little hub, my own little hut, my own cabin. I had a flashback of last year when I hooked up with George Alfred Miller III – I know, right? We used to call him Alfie. He was Assistant Camp Coordinator for four years. He came from an insanely rich family but his parents always insisted he work and since they were donators to the camp and friends of Mrs. Martel, he easily got hired here. Not to say he didn't do a fine job. He really did. But he wasn't coming back this year because he was studying some sort of scientific research in college and was going to spend the summer abroad for an internship. Anyway, I'd always been attracted to Alfie but he'd always had girlfriends and apparently was a really good lover because I'd heard from a few girls he had slept with who said he had really made them squeal with pleasure. I’d often try to get the girls to elaborate on their stories – all the while not sounding too eager or too prying – because it really made me horny thinking about them having sex with Alfie. I’d then use their stories and my mental images of Alfie’s Speedo-clad body – that’s as naked as I’d seen him until that point –, build him an imaginary, sexually-aroused cock and balls, and jerk off to my mental scenes of Alfie fucking those beautiful girls, giving them loud, over-the-top orgasms, his wet pole slipping in and out of the quivering pussy lips, with pubic hair slamming against the girl’s trimmed box.

   And then I’d get these weird vibes from Alfie, always wondering if they were just in my head. Like I didn't know if he was just naturally flirty with everybody or if he was curious or really attracted to me. But that night, last summer, after a few of us counselors had gone for a night swim in the lake, Alfie had noticed my powerful boner in my swim trunks when I'd stepped out of the water and had invited me back to this cabin. Just thinking of the hot sex we had had that night, I just felt like ripping my clothes off and jerking off to relieve some pressure.

   But I thought it might not be a good idea to do that just now with the other staff members about to arrive.

   I quickly unpacked my stuff and put everything in its place in the cabin before exiting to head back to the main building. But when I stepped out of the cabin, I felt the need to hit the men's room and thought it would be better to go now because I might not have a chance to for a while after that since I had all these responsibilities.

   I was expecting to find the boys' restrooms and showers barracks building empty but was surprised to find one of my old camp buddies jerking off at one of the urinals.

   – Oh shit! Sorry, dude. I didn't know anybody was here yet.

   It was Langston Rikaart. We just called him Lang. Like Alfie, he was from those rich families that gave generously to the foundation that helped run the camp. It was kind of ironic that most of the guys that worked at the camp were from rich families when half the kids that came to the camp were from inner-city programs and were invited free thanks to the foundation money. It really was great of course. Just funny to think that a lot of the staff was not working here out of necessity.

   Anyway, there I was, pretending to look away from Lang who’d really buffed up during the school year. He looked like his first year of college at Dartmouth had done wonders for his bod.

   – Hey man, you're okay, I replied. Just try to be a bit more discreet when the kids start getting here. You know that's the kind of shit that can get you into some deep trouble.

   – Yeah, sorry.

   Lang had tucked his hard-on back into his Bermuda shorts but he looked really uncomfortable. I chuckled.

   – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like a boss.

   – Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re gonna be ACC this year. Nah, you’re good. You didn’t sound like a boss.

   – Good, ‘cause I don’t want to come off as a tyrannical asshole.

   He laughed and I followed suit.

   – I’m sure you won’t. Remember what we used to call Alfie last summer?

   – What? No.

   – Really? You don’t remember?

   – Remember? I never even heard about it.

   – Wow! Well, since he was ACC, we called him…

   He paused and hesitated.

   – What?

   – Maybe I shouldn’t say… it’s… not really… appropriate.

   I laughed.

   – Oh come on! Really? It’s just between us…

   – We used to call him, well… Every time we’d say ACC, we’d have a laugh ‘cause instead of Assistant Camp Coordinator… like “Ask the ACC” or “Go check with the ACC before you do that”,… we had this inside joke and think “Alfie the Clit Clicker” because of all the pussy he was getting.

   I chuckled, a bit uncomfortable because I flashed back to my fantasies of Alfie fucking hot girls pre-sex with him and to that night when he invited me to the ACC hut for hot sex of our own. My cock twitched in my underwear.

   Lang was laughing and looking straight into my eyes, trying to gauge my reaction. It was as though he felt he needed to explain the joke for me to really get a good laugh.

   – Every time we’d talk about Alfie as ACC, we’d secretly think of Alfie using his thumb or index finger to flick a clit like he was turning a light switch on, and imagine the girl squealing with her eyes rolling around in her head!

   He laughed even more and I chuckled really unnaturally. Not because I was uncomfortable, but because I was feeling even hornier and just wanted to relive what I’d done with Alfie that night!

   When Lang caught on that I was uncomfortable, he stopped laughing instantly.

   – Oh shit, I’m sorry, man. I knew it was inappropriate.

   Seeing him feel so bad, I quickly interrupted him.

   – Oh no. Stop. It’s fine. I… I didn’t want to make you feel bad. It really is funny. And Alfie really was a player, wasn’t he?

   Lang looked relieved. He inconspicuously and unconsciously gave his boner a squeeze through his Bermuda shorts, reminding me of a three-year old that needs to pee or has an itch that he’s not shy to scratch because he hasn’t yet learned that that’s not something you do in front of people! Except Lang didn’t have the penis of a three-year old. He was all man and clearly still hard as iron.

   – He was! he said, laughing freely now that he felt the tension had dropped. But still… I should have kept my mouth shut.

   – Nah. It’s cool. As long as it’s just us… Just us adults.

   And I squeezed my own cock, trying to look as inconspicuous and matter-of-factly as Lang but hoping he’d pick up on it.

   – Really does look like you’re gonna be an okay boss, man, he said.

   We chuckled and there was an awkward silence. I could see that Lang was still hard and I could feel my own meat churning more and more intensely in my shorts. Although I felt like peeing, my cock was thinking of something else.

   – That boner doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon, I said, smiling coyly.

   Lang turned beet red.

   – Sorry about that.

   – Sorry for being hard? I shot back. It’s not like you can control it. It was just an observation. God knows I'm not judging. We all get them and need to find a way to release the pressure.

   He just sort of acknowledged and took another step away further from the urinal he’d been jacking off in front of. Acting like I wasn't super excited about this impromptu run-in, I stepped over to the next urinal and released my semi-hard dick to do what I'd come in there for in the first place. I really needed to take a leak. I didn't stand as close to the urinal as I usually do when I want some privacy. I kept a discreet eye on Lang to see if he'd check me out. I wasn't really surprised when he didn't step back more, kind of standing there like in a trance, not exactly staring at what I was doing but not really looking away either.

   – What happened to you during the year? I asked matter-of-factly. You really bulked up, dude.

   It might have been odd a conversation to have while urine was racing out of my piss slit, but I didn't care. And my half-inflated cock was getting harder and harder as I felt Lang's eyes on my junk. I felt like I needed to finish pissing quickly or my blood-engorged cock would have a hard time evacuating that golden shower.

   – I, uh... yeah, he stuttered. I... started weight training. You know, lifting weights?

   – Sure.

   Because I’d mentioned it, he was now outlining his left bicep with his right hand, pushing up the sleeve of his t-shirt like he wanted to give me a better look.

   – 'Cause I felt like I needed to... I don't know. Honestly, I needed to get some serious exercise to bring my libido down.

   – Really? I said, shaking my cock to release the last few drops of piss before I shoved it back into my underwear. And is it working?

   He chuckled.

   – Not really, as you can see… I’m just horny all the time.

   I didn’t think Lang’s blushing could get any worse, but I think it did.

   – Shit, dude, we need to change the subject. This is so embarrassing.

   I laughed.

   – Man, that’s not cool. Don’t laugh.

   I walked over to the entrance and put the “closed for cleaning” sign outside before making sure the door was securely shut.

   – The kids aren’t going to be here for a while and you need to not be thinking about sex when they start pouring in.

   – Tell me about it! Fuck…

   – If you wanna get back to jacking off, this is the time to do it. I can keep a lookout for you, if you want.

   – What?

   – Unless you’re too uncomfortable…

   – I’ve never jerked off in front of another guy before…

   – Are you serious?

   – You have?

   – Sure. You’ve never even circle-jerked?

   There was a pause. Lang really looked both aroused and uncomfortable.

   – I… well, no. I… I saw that once in a porn, but…

   – Gay porn? I asked, trying to sound matter-of-factly, not judgmental.

   – Uh, what? No. The guys were… just like… sitting around looking at girly magazines and just sort of whipped their cocks out and started beating off, you know? They weren’t gay or anything…

   – Sure, I get it. Well, if you want to whip yours out again and finish what you started, I won’t look. I’ll just keep a lookout so nobody comes in here.

   – I’d feel kind of weird just whacking off with you standing there…

   – Forget I’m here. Just get back to thinking about whatever you were fantasizing about before I came in.

   This was making me harder and harder and my cock twitched in my shorts, like it wanted to pop out at Lang.

   – Why don’t you jerk off, too? he said. You look like you might need it.

   I looked straight into Lang’s eyes and pulled the waistband of my shorts away from my body and over my engorged cock. His eyes widened like he clearly wasn’t expecting me to be so bold. I heard him suck air as though this whole situation was making him as nervous as it was making him excited.

   – You got a really nice cock, man.

   – Oh so you are into that, huh?

   – What? Er,... I…

   – Relax, Lang, it’s cool. Your cock is really nice, too.

   – How do you…

   – You didn’t have to put it back in your shorts.

   – But…

   – It made me hard just seeing you there… jacking off.

   – You really are getting hard, he noticed, staring at my cock as he pulled out his own.

   – You’re still really hard, too, huh?

   – Hell, yeah!

   – You ever fool around with a guy before?

   – What? No!

   – Well, you know your buddy Alfie? He wasn’t only into girls…

   – What? He…

   – We had a pretty good time together last summer…

   – Oh man, that’s so fucking hot!

    He started jacking off furiously, his balls bouncing all over the place, slapping against the inside of his thighs and the base of his cock. His Bermuda shorts fell to the floor and I moved closer to him, bringing my left hand to the base of his neck and pulling him closer to me.

   – I bet you wouldn’t mind fooling around, too, huh? I whispered in his ear, feeling him shiver all over.

   He swallowed hard and tilted his head to the left, giving me access to kiss and nibble at his neck. He moaned and I felt his knees grow weak. But there was no way he was going to faint or fall to the floor. I grabbed his balls with my right hand and he gasped for air as he kept jerking off.

   – Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!

   His voice had gone up a few octaves and I didn’t want him to shoot so quickly in case he’d suddenly feel all guilty and stupid for doing something he’d never done before. I pulled his hand off his cock and wrapped it around mine as I kept kissing and nibbling at his neck.

   – Fuck, man, what are you doing to me? he whispered.

   – Do you want me to stop? I whispered back.

   – No…

   – You want me to keep playing with your balls?

   – Yes…

   – You want to keep squeezing my cock?

   – Yes…

   – You want me to keep kissing your neck?

   – Damn that’s some gay shit!

   – I know. Want me to stop?

   – No!

   – That’s what I thought.

   He kept squeezing my cock and grabbed his own with his other hand as I went back to kissing and nibbling at his neck. Before I knew it, he had pulled us even closer together and was squeezing both our hard cocks together, looking down at our junk in awe.

   – Our cocks are almost the same size, he marveled.

   – Yours is thicker, I remarked.

   – I guess, he said, but yours is so fucking hot.

   He wrapped both his hands around our cocks and started thrusting, his cock head peeking out of his foreskin and burying itself in my pubes. My hard meat, thrusting under his, poked between his balls, over and over, tickling my cockhead and making me crazy with lust. After a few thrusts, my bush started glistening with his precum. He was moaning and groaning and staring down at what was going on, fascinated.

   – I’ve never felt so close to another guy before, he whispered without looking up at me.

   I grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. He resisted for a second, mostly because he was not expecting it, but when he realized what I wanted, he really got into it. He kept thrusting and squeezing our cocks while moaning passionately into my mouth.

   After a minute or two, I pulled away from the kiss and swung him around, almost making him trip because of his Bermuda shorts around his ankles.

   – What are you…?

   I didn’t reply but spread his butt cheeks and slipped my hard cock between them, not to fuck him but just to sausage my wiener between his buns and watch my cockhead pop out and disappear back down over and over. Lang was worried for a moment, thinking I’d pop his cherry in one hard thrust, but I would never have done that. Instead, I tickled his puckered asshole with the underside of my pecker and spread his thighs so I could play with his balls between his legs.

   – Oh fuck! Damn you, man! Why are you making me like this gay shit so much?

   – I think you’ve always wanted it, don’t you?

   He wasn’t answering, just grinding up against my hard pole like a bitch in heat.

   – Don’t you? I think you just fought it long enough.

   – Damn! Mmmmm… that feels amazing!

   – You like feeling my cock rubbing up against your asshole, huh?

   – Yes!

   I kept going for a few more minutes until I felt the cum build up at the base of my hard pole. I was NOT ready to cum yet so I pulled away.

   – No! Lang pleaded immediately. Don’t stop!

   But I did not listen to him. Instead, I squatted behind him and spread his cheeks again with my hands. I spotted his glistening, puckering pink hole and dove in, jabbing it with my tongue and burying my nose right above it.

   – What the fuck, dude? he half-moaned, half-cried in despair, clearly hating how much he was loving being anally stimulated.

   I held his butt cheeks apart with my thumbs as the rest of my fingers made sure his hips weren’t going anywhere, just in case he decided this was too much gayness for one siting. Instead of pulling away, I felt his ass press harder against my face, his pucker open up so my tongue could really get in there. I could taste the sticky precum my cock had whipped all over his crack and was honestly happy that he’d kept his shitter clean ‘cause I’m not really a fan of feces or piss. I did have to pull away to breathe a bit when he got a little too into it.

   – Argh… this is so fucking amazing, man! No girl’s ever done this to me.

   – I bet no girl’s ever sucked your balls like this either, I said, looking up over his back before hoovering his sack inside my mouth with such suction that he squealed.

   – Fu-u-u-u-u-ck, man! You’re gonna fucking kill me.

   – You want me to stop? I asked, spitting out his junk.

   – No! I want you to keep blowing my mind!

   I drew his balls back into my mouth as I pressed my right thumb inside his wet anus, making him moan with a strange mix of pain and pleasure as my first phalange wiggled inside him. With my other hand, I reached between his legs and grabbed his hard cock out of his own hand, pulling on it like a downward stick shift. I heard him suck air loudly and felt him fall forward, his balls slipping out of my mouth and my hands following him down to the floor.

   – Sorry, I said as I repositioned myself with him on all fours, his ass turned up in the air and his hands flat on the floor.

   – Dude, it’s okay just… oooooooohhhhh!!!! he groaned as I sucked his balls back into my mouth, jerking his pole, his precum oozing all over my wet hand.

   He stayed in this position for longer than I expected until he finally just pushed himself back up and pulled away from me. Without even looking back at me, he whipped his shoes off and stepped out of his Bermuda shorts and camouflage boxer briefs. I just stayed there, on my knees, my hard cock oozing precum on the bottom of my camp Pocaneekwa t-shirt.

   When he turned around quickly, a long strand of precum slipped out of his piss slit and swung around landing on my cheek.

   – Oh, man! Sorry, dude, he said, his eyes widening in horror.

   There was a short silence and then, he chuckled from the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. He apologized again, but I stood up while wiping the cream off my face with my finger and licking it clean. Then, I pulled him into a kiss and shared his juice with him.

   Lang pushed me against the door and kissed me some more, his worriedness about being too gay having apparently evaporated. His body was covered with goosebumps and I could feel his erect nipples against my chest. He pressed his hard cock against the bottom of my t-shirt and I eventually felt it creep under the fabric. My own erect cock was now lodged under his balls and he seemed to be squeezing it with his thighs, turning them into a willing pussy!

   After a very long and wet kiss, Lang pulled away and looked through the window next to the door, as though to make sure nobody was coming. When he felt secure, he squatted down and gripped my cock, looking up at me. He ran his index finger in the dripping precum, sending crazy waves of electricity from the tip of my manhood to the synapses in my horny brain.

    He used the liquid on his finger to rub his nipples, making my cock pulsate at the sight. I think I’d never seen anything so erotic in my life up to that point. I couldn’t believe how quickly he’d become comfortable with such gay behavior.

   When he went on to play with my hard cock, giving it a few yanks, pushing precum from the bottom to the tip and watching it ooze out in large, translucent drops, I almost shot directly in his face. He was clearly exploring my pole like he’d probably first played with his own back when he discovered it could be used for more than just piss. He gave my cock head a few tongue lashings and then pursed his lips, sucking just the tip like he was pulling a sip of thick milkshake from a thin stray. My legs almost gave way.

   He felt the shivers race through my body and looked up at me, smiling.

   – I’ve always wondered what that would feel like, he said.

   Instantly, I grabbed his underarms and pulled him up, squatting down and giving him the same treatment.

    – Holy shit, dude! Ooooo…. Really?

   I got back up, our noses almost touching.

    – Right?

   We kissed some more before he went back down on me and started sucking me with an incredible intensity. Within a few minutes, I had to alert him:

   – I’m gonna cum, Lang. Stop. I don’t want to…

   But he didn’t stop and made me shoot strand after strand of hot cum into his choking mouth, driving me absolutely insane. He swallowed part of it but kept part of my load inside his mouth so he could share it with me in a sexy snowball kiss that went on forever.

   – I can’t believe you just did that, I said when we stopped kissing to catch our breath. When you say you’re horny, you’re not kidding.

   – I know, right? he replied. This was NOT supposed to happen. And I’m still horny as fuck ‘cause you came before I did.

   – I’m pretty sure you’re going to have an amazing load for me, because you really built it up, huh?

   – You know I did. So what are you gonna do about it?

   – I have a pretty good idea where you should drop it.

   I grabbed a lubricated condom from my shorts and applied it to the tip of his hard cock. He moaned and groaned as I sheathed him up and he got so worked up, I was worried he might cum before I was done unrolling the rubber shield. He seemed surprised I had reached for protection, but when I finished dressing him, spun around and leaned against the door, grabbing his cock from behind and easing it inside myself, he was all for it.

   I wished I could see his face but I knew the mental images I was conjuring were no doubt accurate. He must have been as wide-eyed as a first-time father watching his progeny coming out of his wife’s vagina! Awestruck!

   – Holy fuck, dude. I’m slipping into your asshole. Mmmmm… your butt is chewing up my dick. Fuuuuuuuck! Your hole is gonna suck the cum right out of me. Whoa! It feels so tight.

   Once I’d eased him in as far as I could without my hand getting in the way, I grabbed his hips from behind and pulled him toward me with all my might. His hard pole hit my spot in just the right way and my cock popped back to full erection touching the door and leaving a spot of wetness.

   He started pumping in and out of my ass with more and more conviction as I looked out the window to make sure nobody was coming. And before I knew it, Lang was the one who was cuming, shooting loads and loads of hot cum into that distending condom.

   His cock jerked inside me and his whole body shook as he reached around my waist and placed his hands on my shoulders, thrusting a few more times to make sure that every drop went into that rubber.

   – Oh man, Tim, he whispered under his breath, panting, I can’t believe this just happened.

   He kissed me on the neck, nibbling at me at the same time.

   – Why did I wait so long to experience this?

   – I don’t know, Lang, I replied as I felt his deflating cock slip out of my backside and turned around to face him.

   – Please tell me you’re going to help me keep my libido in check this summer, he said with a coy smile.

   – We’ll have to be discreet, but I bet we’ll be able to find other guys to help us out with that, too.

   – Really??? he exclaimed as though he couldn’t believe it.

   Really, Lang. This is going to be a memorable summer. Believe me.