Luck Be A Lady Part III

Info Sybarite
06 Sep. '19

                                                                       LUCK IS A LADY  Part 3


I arrived at Kate’s house promptly at 7:00 o’clock. You don’t keep a lady waiting. She was dressed for a date. The cut of her top was lower, her heels were higher, her jeans were tighter, and her bra pushed up more. Her perfume was fresh and feminine. Her parent’s Tudor-style house was tastefully decorated in French Provincial style. The furniture was of solid woods with ornate carvings. Original paintings from local artists hung on the walls. The plush carpet attenuated sounds, providing soft acoustics. It was inviting and relaxing.

“Have you eaten, Laura?” asked Kate.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Can I offer you dessert? How about some cake from Krausmeyer’s Bakery?” Krausmeyer’s was the best bakery in town.

“That sounds nice.” Kate made some herbal tea and we munched on Black Forest layer cake. We chatted.

“How’s your neck feeling?”

“Much better. I don’t even think about it now because the pain is gone. The basalt stones and the stretching loosened me up.”

“Some floor stretching will help keep it loose. They probably offer a total tone class at your health club. Those classes emphasize stretching as well as tone maintenance.”

“They do. I’ll sign up for one.”

“Well let’s see if we can keep you supple in the meantime,” Kate said as she cleared away the cups and plates.

I moved toward the stairs that led down to her studio but Kate was making for the stairs going up. I turned and followed her. We climbed the stairs and she led me to her bedroom.

A queen size bed was covered with a rose-colored duvet. Coordinating pillows lay atop. Her walls were a light yellow, suggestive of sunlight. The hardwood floors were of red oak. A beige and ivory area rug lay beneath her bed. Blackout curtains covered the large windows. Everything was neat and in order, evocative of balance and harmony.

She sat on her bed and removed her heels. I followed and sat beside her. I was full of butterflies as we stared into each other’s eyes. It suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t kissed yet. Kate knew every inch of my body and had brought me to completion on two different occasions, but we’d never kissed. Perhaps it hadn’t occurred to me because I’d never given any thought to kissing a girl.

My wait was over. Kate took my face in her hands a gently kissed my lips. She leaned further into me and held me tighter.

“You’re a joy to hold, Laura,” Kate breathed.

I couldn’t just sit there like a cold fish so I hugged her back and kissed her, too. Our bodies were against each other. I felt her breasts on mine and I could feel her breathing. We remained in this loving embrace for some time, and then Kate released me. She stood and then bent down to remove my shoes.

“Lay down,” she said, gently pushing me back. She proceeded to slowly undress me. She unbuttoned my top and placed it aside. With equal ease she removed my jeans. She reached underneath me and removed my bra.

I was now naked except for my panties. Kate straddled me and placed her hands on my breasts. She squeezed me together and pushed me up.

“I love these,” she declared.

She enjoyed my breasts, alternately rubbing them up and down against one another and then grasping my nipples and jiggling me. She continued her fun and then rolled off the bed and stood. She helped me up by my hands and I stood in front of her. She ogled me up and down. She walked around me, taking stock, patting my behind and reaching around to squeeze my boobs together. Standing before me again, she kissed me.

”Undress me,” she commanded in a dead-serious tone.

“Yes ma’am.”

I had been looking forward to this moment for days. Slowly, I unbuttoned her top and removed it, carefully folding it and placing it aside. I reached around her and, with one hand, unclipped her bra. I had been practicing that at home. She popped out, unencumbered. I placed her bra with her blouse.

“Turn around,” I ordered.

Reaching around her, I unbuttoned her jeans and, kneeling behind her, lowered them to her ankles. She wiggled her behind in my face as I did. I sat her down and removed them, folding and placing them with the rest of her clothes. We were now both in our panties. I hesitated, facing her. I reached my fingers into the elastic band of her panties. She lifted her butt and I slowly peeled her panties off.

Her completely shaved, glistening vagina was revealed in all its beauty. Her mons veneris was prominent and her labia majora were slightly darker than the surrounding skin. Her clitoral hood transformed into beautiful labia minora that were a healthy pink, transitioning to a light brown at the tips. I was fixated on her stunningly gorgeous vagina. Her sparkling folds invited me to touch, but it wasn’t yet to be.

Kate stood and hugged me, and in our nakedness we kissed. Kate then lay me down on her bed. Again she straddled me and toyed with me. She was a thing of beauty; her bare breasts covered by only her rich hair, a thin tummy, nice thighs, gorgeous face, and toned arms. She scrunched me together in her delicate hands. She reached back and patted me. She dismounted and moved toward my feet. With a feral look in her eyes she removed my panties. She tugged my lips once or twice and, satisfied, she moved up and kind of scissored me, lifting my right leg and placing my ankle on her shoulder. She began a slow grind. Our ample moisture mixed and lubricated our union. I reflexively grinded back into her. She increased the intensity, but not the speed, and reached down and exposed her clitoris. I did the same.

Kate’s facial expression was one I hadn’t seen before; she had an intense, absorbed look as she thrust her pelvis. She grasped my foot and kissing it once, held it to her left breast. Her hard nipple peeked out from between my toes as I rubbed my foot on her perfect tit. Her beautiful hair danced on her shoulders and her right breast bounced with her movements. In her wild state, it didn’t take long for her to finish. Her eyes rolled and her pretty face screwed up in intensity. She sounded so cute during an orgasm. Her delicate whimper was the nicest sound I ever heard, so feminine and tender.

Kate collapsed into my arms and she kissed me deeply. ”Thank you for that, Laura,” she whispered. “You’re a great lover,” she continued as she squeezed and lifted me and kissed each nipple. She worked south and gave a passionate kiss to my vagina.

“You’re delicious. I mean we’re delicious,” she corrected as she lapped at our comingled juices.

She treated me to her gentle kisses and loving care. Her tender touch, her teasing pecks, and her warm breath brought me to one of my grand finishes. After a proper amount of time and caring kisses between my lips, she lay down next to me.

We lay in an embrace, savoring the afterglow, running our fingers through each other’s hair.

“I’m falling for you, Laura. What are we going to tell our boyfriends?”

Oh, that. Of course I hadn’t breathed a word of this to anyone, especially my boyfriend. Nor had Kate. It would only ruin things. She was my secret, and I was hers. We enjoyed our intimacy and gave each other special affection.

“Nothing. We’re secret lovers. It’s better that way. Let’s keep the boys out of this.” She agreed.               

In reality I resented having to share her. I wanted her to myself, even though her boyfriend was cute and a nice guy. If she broke up with him for me, that would be just fine. He was too young for her, anyway. A woman should date a man five years older than herself, not five years younger.


Saturday became our night and I arrived at my usual time. I was dressed for a date; tight jeans and a low cut top, heels, makeup, a spritz, some bling. I wanted to start projecting a racier image to Kate. I was getting the feeling that she thought I was just a kid and didn’t know anything. That maybe I was too young to comfort her. I resolved to take a more proactive role. I’d demonstrate my prowess.

Kate too was dressed alluringly. Her thin jeans accentuated her long legs. She wore her racy three inch pumps and the top buttons of her blouse were open. A push-up bra enhanced her. She had blown out her hair and looked like a fashion model. She ogled me craftily. After a kiss, Kate led me to her lair and had me naked in seconds.

“Let’s get you shaved,” she announced. “Come,” she commanded, and taking my hand, led me to her bathroom, her heels clicking on the bare portion of the floor, my bare feet making hardly a patter. She produced a ladies razor for sensitive skin and lavender shaving cream and sat me on the edge of her bathtub. She trimmed me with a small scissor. She then washed me and lathered me up. Crouching before me, she very delicately and very carefully shaved my mons veneris.

“Lean back and open wide,” Kate directed. I spread wider and leaning close, she manipulated the razor over my labia majora. I was almost bare now. Kate took my left hand and led me to her work.

“Pull your lip to the side,” she demonstrated. I tugged my right lip toward my left thigh as Kate shaved horizontally inward. “Now the other,” she said, her face close to her work. I pulled my left lip right. “This will get you all smooth and pretty,” she said in her sensual voice as she worked. Her efforts were well lubricated by my considerable wetness.

“Pull up to show me your clit. We’re almost done.” Squatting down in her pumps, her jeans outlined her hips, and when she leaned forward her heart pendant dangled out of her open collar. I peered down her top to see her bra restraining her breasts from doing the same.

This was exhilarating. Beautiful Kate, tastefully dressed, had me totally naked and was shaving my vagina, with me spread wide and holding myself open for her. Submitting to her like this was the greatest stimulation. I almost finished then and there.

She put the finishing touches on the job. When she was satisfied she had personalized my vagina to her liking she took a warm cloth and wiped me clean. To test her work she rubbed her cheek on me.

“There. So cute,” she said with a kiss. I stared at my smoothness, touching it. It was so different, so revealing.

“Once you get used to it you’ll never go back to hair,” Kate said. “Your vagina is beautiful. Show it off,” she added with a rub and a pat.

She led me to her bed and ordered me to undress her. I had gotten quite good at this, I think, and enjoyed the opportunity to show her how sensual I could be. I removed her bra, freeing her. I kneeled in front of her as she sat on her bed and I peeled off her jeans. I gently removed her panties to reveal her adorable folds. I continued kneeling, gazing at her glittering beauty. I still hadn’t kissed Kate where a girl likes to be kissed. Several times I almost worked up the nerve, but then hesitated due to lack of confidence.

How do I do it? What if I’m unable to please her? What about the smell? What if I didn’t like it and gagged? It would be such an insult to Kate and would ruin our relationship. These concerns preoccupied my mind as Kate sat before me, legs wide, and her hand stroking my hair. I was timid and frozen in indecision. I feared I’d never do it.

With her hand on the back of my head, Kate abruptly pulled me in and my lips careened into hers.

It was awful! She was wet and hot and sticky and smelled musty. I tried to back away but Kate held me tight. Her wetness was now on my lips and tasted sour. I struggled against her, my whining muffled by her folds, but Kate held me fast. I was crying in my desperation to escape but Kate kept me hard-pressed into herself. The more I squirmed the harder she held me. She put her feet on my back to further restrain me. After about a minute of fruitless struggle and whimpering, I relented. I could see no escape; I was kneeling before her as she sat on the edge of her bed, her legs locked around me, her hand on the back of my head holding me fast.

“Stay there, Laura,” Kate instructed. I resigned myself to the fact that she wouldn’t let me go, so I submitted to her.

Kate’s scent wasn’t so bad after all and the wetness was kind of nice. I gave her a kiss. She seemed to like that because she lessened the pressure, but still held me in. I reached up and pulled her open and softly kissed between her lips.

“That’s better, Laura. Now kiss me gently,” she cooed, her feet still on my lower back, holding me in. I obeyed and tenderly kissed her. Her vagina and my mouth became one as I French kissed her, her hand still holding the back of my head.

“Get lower. I’m going to rub your whole face. Now hold still.”

I sat on my heels and remained motionless. Placing her feet on the floor, she scooted her butt to the very edge of the bed. With a fistful of my hair in her hand, she spent some time smearing my face forehead to chin, ear to ear with her vaginal juices. She was marking her territory.

She leaned back a bit and tilted my wet face up with her index finger under my chin.

“There. So pretty. Now you’re mine.”

Kate leaned back and placed her arms behind her. She put her feet on my shoulders.

“Now please me, Laura,” she ordered.

I gave her some full-length licks with my tongue way out. She watched me intently with a satisfied smile. She was freshly shaven and clean. Kate had a soft feminine scent after all and she actually tasted quite nice. I was unsure of technique, but then it occurred to me that I’d just mimic what Kate did to me.

I took out her white clitoris. It appeared like the sun. I kissed it and then flicked it about with a stiff tongue. This produced some soft sighs so I knew I was doing it right. I continued toying with her and the sighing became more intense.

Kate interrupted me by suddenly standing. She stood me up with her and lay me on her bed. She climbed atop me, straddling me. She squeezed my boobs together and then moved up on me, keeping me scrunched together between her thighs. She moved further up and started rubbing herself on my boobs. I thought only guys did this. She’d rub one, and then move to the other. Her thrusts became more intense. She kept grinding herself on me, wiping her wetness all over my scrunched up breasts. The tension in her face proved her determination. She thrust her pelvis as she pressed down on me forcefully, the friction being lubricated by her wetness.

Before long she reached a wild finish. She stayed atop me for a minute then slid back and scrunched me together with her hands. She began licking herself off of me. She pushed me up and beckoning me to join her, we both licked her secretions off, our tongues sometimes touching. I thought she was done but, still straddling me, she moved up again. This time, though, she bumped over my breasts until she was astride my face. She slid a pillow under my head. I stared cross-eyed at her opening, her redolence wafting in my nose. She lowered herself onto my mouth. I pulled her open and gently kissed her, continuing on to licks. I took out her clitoris and kissed it too, then teased it with my tongue. Kate reached back and lightly spanked my vagina.

“Stick out your tongue,” Kate ordered. “Make it stiff.”

When I did, Kate bounced up and down on me, her pelvic bone thrashing my jaw. For balance, she leaned back on me, her fingers covering my smooth vagina. She stopped bouncing and settled on me. My tongue was still fully extended. Kate pulled up, and exposing her clitoris, started rubbing herself. It was the sexiest thing I ever saw. Her lips yawned open and brushed against mine with her strokes. I took each between mine and tugged. Her clitoris enlarged. Having a woman sit on me and masturbate in my face made me crazy; without realizing it, I had begun rubbing myself. I could tell Kate was getting near because I could feel a very light mist on my face.

“Open wide,” she ordered with a devilish smile. I opened my mouth as wide as I could while keeping my tongue jammed inside her, and Kate deposited a furious orgasm into my mouth. She exhaled profusely, her face tormented. I kept my tongue buried throughout her ferocious throes. In the midst of her mania I had a fierce one of my own. She continued stimulating herself and had multiples. This continued for I don’t know how long. I stayed with her and she finally calmed. Kate continued sitting on me, caressing my face as she dripped into my mouth. Eventually she rolled off of me. I rolled onto my side. Her face was near my feet and she pulled them toward her.

“You sexy girl,” she panted as she nibbled on my toes. “I’ve never finished like that.”

I was proud. “Pretty good for a first timer,” I boasted.

“Pretty good? You almost made me finish instantly at your first touch. Your pretty face, wet and determined between my legs, was more than I could endure. I had to stand up and take a breath.” 

She spun around and gave a sheepish grin. We kissed. “I’m going to keep you,” she vowed. “I have plans for you,” she added, holding my breasts.

My face was a smeared mess. Lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, blush, and Kate’s sex. Kate still looked as fresh as a daisy. We rose and showered together.