Luck Is A Lady Part 4

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20 Sep. '19


                                                                          LUCK IS A LADY  Part 4

The boyfriends. What about the boyfriends? I didn’t want to break up with mine. As much as I liked Kate’s company, I still wanted my guy. Bill treated me with respect and was unpretentious. He was a nice guy and he trusted me; he thought I was an angel and harbored not the slightest doubt about my fidelity. Tall, lanky, nerdy, even more so than me, he nevertheless had a certain allure to the opposite sex. I had competition from various girls, but Bill never did anything more than harmless flirting in return. Just for his ego. He was faithful to me.

Kate’s boyfriend, Tom, was a fitness buff. Lithe, solid, and athletic, he was a good physical match for beautiful Kate. But she was five years his senior. There was something odd about that. Although not immature, Tom didn’t seem to be on the same level as Kate. She was more urbane, more assertive, more self-assured. She wore the pants. She almost seemed like too much woman for him.

“Let’s double date this weekend,” Kate announced one day.

I remained reticent. I didn’t think it was a good idea to mix the boys into our relationship.


“Why not? We have boyfriends. It would be fun to spend some time all together. We could get something to eat and then go bowling. Girls against guys.”

I couldn’t come up with an excuse not to, so I agreed. Bill and Tom readily agreed too, so it was set.

During dinner I had the chance to observe Tom. He had good table manners and treated Kate like a queen. He was attentive to her; he knew how to treat a lady. I couldn’t help admiring him and appreciating his politeness. Tom and I actually exchanged some glances and smiles during the night and I found myself surreptitiously noticing his physique as he wound up to bowl. My discreetness fooled Bill, but not Kate. She seemed to like my observing. The boys let us win at bowling.

The double date actually turned out better than I thought it would and we did it several more times. My mixed feelings of jealousy and fondness for Tom were confusing, but I came to realize I liked him. Then one day Kate dropped a bombshell on me.

“Tom’s birthday is coming up and I want to give him a special present.”

“What did you have in mind? A Rolex?”

“I want to give him a three-way.”


“A three-way. With you. Tom is a special guy and deserves a special gift.”

My astonishment at this proposition caused me to blather incoherently. “Absolutely not! I can’t do that. I have a boyfriend. I couldn’t do that to Bill. He’s true to me. I don’t want anyone knowing about us. If I participate Tom will know you and I are intimate. And I’ll be cheating on Bill. And I’d be so embarrassed in front of Tom. It’s not respectable. Besides, won’t it bother you to see Tom and me?”

“It won’t bother me at all. He’s my guy, you’re my girl. I’d like to share him with you and you with him. He likes you and you like him.”

“I haven’t flirted with Tom.”

“I know you haven’t; I’m not saying that. But I think you and Tom are compatible enough that we could all enjoy some time together. It will be a nice present for him.”

“I don’t like the idea. I won’t do it.”

“Please, Laura. You’re the only one I could ask to help me with this. I wouldn’t ask anyone but you. You’re special.”

“What if Tom says ‘You have a girlfriend. I want one too.’?”

“Then I’ll agree to it. As long as you’re the girlfriend,” Kate countered. I couldn’t quite suppress a smile.

My answer remained ‘no’ but Kate kept hounding me. I begrudgingly admitted to myself that she was right; Tom and I were compatible and I did like him. I had a feeling that he liked me too. And I did owe Kate for the massages that cured my back pain. After asking me a hundred times I finally relented and agreed.

“OK. I’ll do you the favor because you’re special to me. I don’t like it, but I’ll do it. I wouldn’t do this favor for anyone else.” I hoped I wouldn’t regret it.

“Great. I’ll set it up. Now what I want is a show. A guy’s fantasy is to see his girl ravished by another girl. After that we’ll team up on Tom. Think you can do it?” I vowed to try.

Oh, what a woman must sometimes do for a friend.

Kate arranged a lunch date for the three of us on Tom’s birthday. I used some lame excuse about Bill having to work, but that he really wished he could have joined us for lunch. At Kate’s behest, we walked with her on one of Tom’s arms and me on his other arm. Tom liked escorting two women and was enjoying himself thoroughly. I was less comfortable. I didn’t feel at ease like this and began to feel apprehensive about the pending activities. It just wasn’t right.

We ended up back at Kate’s and she wasted no time. She led us straight to her bedroom and embraced Tom. I tried to escape but she took me by the hand and pulled me in. She was hugging us both and alternated between kissing Tom and me. She kissed me on the lips a few times and of course Tom liked that.

“Kiss Laura too, Tom. Don’t make her feel ignored. Treat the lady right,” Kate ordered.

Tom began kissing me, which made me feel awkward, but Kate smiled at the sight.

“Kiss him, Laura,” she said, her hands on the back of our heads, pushing Tom and I together.

I had no choice but to kiss back. Kate hugged us as we kissed. She pulled Tom and me apart and gave me full hug. Holding my face in her hands, she gave me a deep kiss.

“You’re so cute,” she gushed. She turned to Tom. “Do you mind if Laura helps me undress, Tom?”

“No!” Tom replied immediately.

She hesitated for effect. “But I’m uneasy about this,” Kate play acted, still holding me. “I’m your girl, Tom. I want your permission. If it will make you jealous, you can say no.”

“You have my permission.”

“And Laura is a lady. Her honor prevents her from doing this without your explicit consent. Without your approval Laura can’t undress me,” Kate insisted, her eyebrows knit in false concern.

“Please Laura, undress Kate. You have my express, unequivocal, and full permission.”

“Well, because you asked nicely, I will,” I replied to Tom with a sly smile.

I had felt some stirring when Tom hugged and kissed me, but when he ordered me to undress Kate the feelings intensified. There was something about unwrapping his girlfriend right in front of him, with his permission no less. I made it as appealing as possible, removing each article of her clothing slowly and deliberately. Her top, her bra, her heels and pants. I had her down to her panties. She was as beautiful as ever. In keeping with her desire to put on a show for Tom I got an idea.

“Turn around, my pretty.” Kate turned, facing her bed.

“Put your pumps back on,” I ordered. Kate complied.

I pushed gently between Kate’s shoulder blades to bend her over her bed. She leaned on her outstretched arms, her back straight, and her butt in the air, irresistible in her compliant position. I lowered her panties, revealing her cute behind. She moved as if to rise.

“Stay bent over, Kate,” I ordered.

I spread her long legs and her elegant vagina slowly yawned open. She was dripping wet. I pushed her shoulder blades down further so her face now rested on the duvet on her bed, her arms outstretched in front of her. Her delightful butt was displayed like a banner. I led her hands back and placed her fingers on her lips. She looked nice.

“Open wide,” I ordered. Kate pulled herself open and I gave her smoothness a light spanking. The sound of my index and middle fingers patting her between her open lips was like that of patting a saturated sponge.

“Open wider for me,” I said gently, but with the tone of authority used when addressing a child. Kate repositioned her fingers and stretched herself wide.

“Good girl. Now hold her open so I can spank you better,” I said as I held her shoulder blades down.

Kate’s fingers slipped and struggled for traction as I continued patting her.

“Good girl. Keep her opened wide for me,” I intoned as I spanked her vagina. “Good girl,” I said as if I was talking to a five year old. As accessible as she was, I couldn’t resist penetrating her a few times between pats. After I was done defiling her I let her up and she stood. She turned around, statuesque in her heels, and kissed me.

“Ooh, I liked that,” she quietly enthused. She turned to Tom, who stared wide-eyed. “Tom, is it OK if I undress Laura?” Kate asked, totally serious, totally naked.

“As long as it’s OK with Laura,” Tom replied, still spellbound.

Kate didn’t ask me for permission. She drew the heavy blackout curtains and began, slowly and sensually. I was a bit anxious and wanted to hide in the darkness. When she finished she hugged me and gave me some soft kisses. We were in a fully naked embrace. Tom stared in awe.

“Help me with Tom,” Kate instructed.

We turned to Tom. Kate did most of it but she made me help. She unzipped and liberated him and he bound out like a wound spring. We finished quickly and Kate gave a group hug again. Tom’s manhood rubbed on my tummy, leaving a trail of pre-ejaculate fluid. Kate escorted me to her bed. I straddled her and fondled her breasts a while, then she pushed me down. I kissed and savored her soft scent and delicate taste while Tom watched. I toyed with her lips and violated her a few more times.

After enjoying her vagina I straddled her again and sat on her tits. I pulled my feet out from under me and placed them next to and above her head. She wriggled under me to situate herself and began kissing me. Her pretty face down there under my smoothness made a lovely sight.

I raised myself up on one foot and with a fistful of her lush hair, rode up and down her pretty face, painting her. I moved back over her mouth and she inserted her tongue. I started rubbing myself in her face. Kate was enjoying this immensely; I turned to see her rubbing herself, too. She kept her tongue deep.

I had never done anything like this and had no idea how passionate this lascivious behavior would make me feel. What I was doing seemed so impolite. I had intruded on Tom’s girlfriend, had taken off her clothes, toyed with her privates, was sitting on her and masturbating in her mouth. I had taken Tom’s girlfriend and made her my whore right in front of him. And he adored her as she displayed her perfidy. My feelings were a combination of kinky sex, exhibitionism, flaunting, and girl-power. If a guy was doing this to Kate there would be violence. But Tom totally admired me defiling his girl and cuckolding him. I became that much more enthralled.

I reached back, and leaning on Kate’s boobs, I lifted up a bit and bounced on her face. I ran my toes though her lush hair. I gave her another facial and then settled back on her. I resumed rubbing myself and assertively spanked her abundant wetness again, violated her and then wiped it on her cheekbones. I spanked her a few more times, this time wiping her firm nipples, handling her boobs disrespectfully.

I was getting near. Kate knew me well enough to know when I was near.

“You want me to come in your mouth, my pretty?”

“Yes!” she begged into my smoothness.

“Then open wide for me, my pretty girl.”

Between the undressing, the girl show, sitting on her, painting her pretty face, the girl-power fascination, I exploded. A tidal wave of excitement overcame me and I almost lost control of my bodily functions. I gushed forth, depositing a titanic orgasm into Kate’s waiting mouth. She kept her tongue pressed deeply inside. I continued in this fury for I don’t know how long, She took it like a woman and swallowed every drop. I remained sitting on Kate, panting.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He came at me like a tiger, his manhood locked and loaded. I recoiled. Kate intervened.

“Slow down, buster. Let the lady calm,” she said, rising to protect me.

She spun him around onto his back and climbed aboard. She took him in with ease. Her hair hung down, her breasts bouncing with her thrusts as she leaned on Tom’s developed pectoral muscles. Her feet curled onto Tom’s thighs. She evoked the aura of a love goddess, with lovemaking the most natural thing for her. I was feeling left out when she pulled me in and kissed me. Her face was smeared and sticky with my sex, but Kate is the kind of woman that could be covered in mud and still look good.

“Your orgasms are so sweet,” Kate cooed, her hands on my breasts. I kissed her and detected my scent on her breath.

Kate unlocked her feet and turned around without dismounting. Tom remained on his back, now entering Kate from behind. Her vagina in action was the essence of beauty. Her delicate lips enfolding Tom were gorgeous. She’d take him in fully, and then slowly ride up, her lips closing like a Venus fly trap, and keep him in about an inch. She’d delicately bounce on his head only, the base of his glans penis peeking out of her opening. Then she’d ride him down, grinding once he was in deeply. She was love incarnate.

I had feared that I would feel pangs of jealousy when seeing Kate and Tom. Awed by her beauty, I didn’t even think to get jealous. Kate was all smiles as she kissed me again and led my head down. I now had a close-up view. Kate’s vagina enveloping Tom’s erection was the very definition of sexuality. I stared at her genteel womanhood in reverence and awe. I could no longer control myself; Kate’s lovemaking was something to be adored.

I uncovered her clitoris and tasted her. I gently cupped Tom’s swollen testicles and licked her as he indulged her. I inserted my tongue a few times, crowding in between Tom’s manhood and Kate’s soft tunnel walls. Her lovemaking had the essence of the sweetest nectar. I never loved Kate as much as I did now, worshiping her sex.

She rose up too high, on purpose I think, and Tom sprang out in my face. I instinctively took him in as deeply as I could. I discerned Kate’s familiar taste all over him. I took him in my hand and reinserted him in Kate. Her warm folds swallowed him hungrily. This sequence repeated several more times. Tom could no longer restrain himself and exploded. I held his throbbing testicles as he filled Kate, gently scratching the back of his scrotum. Minutes passed as they regained their composure. Kate finally rolled off Tom and had me lay down. Tom was still rock-hard and ready for rape. Kate checked him.

“Slowly,” she said sternly. “You enter a lady respectfully.”

Tom eased off. Kate took him in her hand and led him to me. She very gently and slowly inserted him. Once he was in too deep to hold by his penis, she kept her hand on his abdomen to keep him restrained. When he was in fully she took hold of his testicles and pulled and pushed from there, ever so gently. It was quite nice and I was glad she was there. Tom became a gentleman and treated me like a queen. Very slowly, very lovingly.

“That’s better,” Kate admonished, Tom still in her hand. From there Kate moved us into a variety of positions. From missionary, to me on top, to on our sides. She was a hands-on chaperone; tenderly arresting the sway of my boobs, doting on my lips as we moved, affectionately exposing my clitoris and rubbing it. She moved to a supine position and had me straddle her in a so-called sixty nine position. Tom entered me from behind. I spread my knees a bit to lower us, and we were grinding on Kate’s pretty face. I stretched out my arms and held Kate’s ankles, resting my cheek on her mound, enjoying her sweet fragrance. She was stimulating my clitoris with a stiff tongue as her boyfriend entertained me.

Too soon Tom and I shared simultaneous finishes. He pulsated for thirty seconds or more, groaning loudly. He remained inside for a time, and when we disconnected Kate sucked up the surplus semen dripping out of me. We collapsed in a heap with Tom in the middle. Kate took my hand in hers and led me to Tom’s still half-erect penis. We held hands and Tom.

“Happy birthday, Tom,” Kate said. I felt her squeeze him as she said it.

“Thank you, Kate. I wish every day was my birthday. And thank you, Laura. You’re a wonderful young woman.”

I blushed. “You’re welcome.” I gave him a squeeze, too.

“We need to do this again soon. You’ve never finished like that before, Tom,” Kate said, without a trace of jealousy in her voice. “Laura is good company.”

“Agreed,” Tom sighed.          

“Laura, you’re invited back.”

We lay basking in the glow for some time. But it soon came time for me to leave.

I had a date with Bill that night.