Luck Is A Lady Part 5


                                                                       LUCK IS A LADY  Part 5


“Your mind seems to be elsewhere tonight. Is everything alright?” Bill asked me over dinner.

“I’m just thinking about all the bookwork I need to get done this week.”

This afternoon’s activities had left my head spinning. I was unsure for whom this tête-à-tête was; Tom or me. I couldn’t help but feeling that Kate wanted Tom and me together. For sure, she had gone first with her boyfriend. She tamed the beast and took the edge off. But it was the way she directed him with me that had me wondering. Her reprimand to Tom kept ringing in my head: ‘You enter a lady respectfully.’ And she made sure he did. Nothing unclean, but very gently, with love. She supervised us up close. She displayed not the slightest hint jealousy watching her boyfriend and I get intimate; indeed, she pulled us together. And I thoroughly enjoyed being with Tom. The way he held me in his arms as he kissed me. How gentle he was. The intensity of his orgasm. But he was Kate’s boyfriend. And I had my own boyfriend. Did I feel better with Tom because he was new? Or because he was so loving and tender? Or that I just plain liked him better?

“I know you’ve had a lot of work lately,” Bill sympathized. “We can go back to your house and I’ll help you get some of it done.”

I kept wondering if Kate would rescind her invitation once she thought better of it. I hoped she wouldn’t because I was looking forward to being with her and Tom again. I wanted to be a part of Kate’s beautiful intimacy. I wanted Tom’s tenderness again. That’s where the guilt came in. I felt more guilt for wanting Kate’s boyfriend than I felt for betraying Bill. A boyfriend is just that: a boyfriend. I was free and unencumbered. But to want your friend’s boyfriend, that was different. I felt like a scoundrel.

“Thank you, Bill, but now is not the time. I don’t have the head for that right now. But you can take me home where we can just relax. Maybe watch TV or I can put on a movie. That’s about as deep as I can get right now.”

We ended up back home watching a movie in the dark. Bill was truly sensitive to my feelings and wanted to comfort me. He started getting amorous and while I wasn’t an active participant, I didn’t push him away either. He held me affectionately and tried to assuage my turmoil.

“You’re very uptight. Lay down,” Bill instructed.

Bill started a neck and back massage. He undressed me as he continued and had me totally naked on the couch. His touch was comforting, although not as good as Kate’s.

“I like you better shaved,” Bill said fondly, tugging me. The first time Bill saw me bald he nearly went wild. He couldn’t stop looking and touching and kissing me. He moved to kiss me now.

“Not tonight, Bill. I don’t think it’s a good idea.” After that afternoon’s activity I was a bit sore from Tom.

“I want to relax you, Laura. Just lay back and let me indulge you. It’s my treat and my pleasure.”

I tried to hold him off. “No Bill, don’t…” But it was too late; Bill planted some gentle kisses on me. I had cleaned myself thoroughly, but still feared Bill would detect the remnants of Tom’s substantial orgasm of that afternoon. Apparently, he didn’t.

Bill’s refinement was on par with Kate’s. He emitted some tender sounds as he held me open and inhaled and kissed and cherished. He was warm and loving and couldn’t do enough to comfort me. He was being typical Bill: he was the most compassionate when I was feeling blue. He put his tongue in deeply.

“You taste so sexy,” Bill intoned. He didn’t know how right he was.

Bill continued his affection and brought me to a gentle finish. After kissing me deeply, he pressed his erection home. Next, he put me on my hands and knees and was soon done.

“I feel better now. Thanks for the tenderness.”

“Anything for the lady. You’re simply delicious.”


I saw Kate the next day. She glowed. Dressed in a skirt and pumps, flaunting her long legs, she radiated beauty. “Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. Tom says this was his best birthday ever. He hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

“Thank you for inviting me.”

“And you thought you wouldn’t like it. You loved it.”

“I did. What I liked most was witnessing your lovemaking. You are the essence of femininity when you make love. I enjoyed participating in something so beautiful.”

“Aww, thank you, Laura. You’re so sweet. And thanks for the attention,” Kate replied.

I succumbed to the sudden urge to kiss her. All the previous night and all day I couldn’t get the picture of her lustfulness out of my mind. I had dreamed of her. I ached to adore her beauty again. I dropped down on my knees, and kneeling before her, lifted her skirt and attacked. I yanked her panties off and one of her pumps came off with them. She backed up toward a chair, losing her other pump, but I kept locked onto her, following on my knees. I luxuriated in her delicate feminine scent and sweet taste and rubbed my face in her succulence. She ran her slim fingers through my hair with one hand and with fingers forked, held herself open with the other. She cooed as I pleased her. It didn’t take long for Kate to arrive at one of her cute endings. Her toes curled and her voice pitched up as she quivered and grabbed her breasts. Her pretty face tensed up and she exhaled profusely through her mouth. Her pleasant secretions bathed my tongue and lips. When she was done panting I stood, sexily wiping her sweetness off my lips with my index finger.

“Laura, my love. What was that for?”

“For being you. For the love you give me. For the gentle way you treated me with your boyfriend.”

“But you did me the favor. I want us together again as soon as possible. So does Tom.” She stood.

I hesitated, lost for words. “Kate, I feel funny about Tom and I being intimate. He’s your boyfriend. He and I shouldn’t be doing that. I mean, I know you invited me, but I feel guilty,” I explained as I lifted her panties into place.

“Nonsense, my love. It was my idea. It’s good for Tom and it’s good for you,” she said, adjusting them under her skirt. “And it was good for me too,” she continued. “The attentiveness you showed to Tom and I was exquisite. You’re coming back this weekend,” she announced, sliding into her pumps.

“Well, if that’s what you want.”

“It is what I want. And I want something else from you, Laura.”

“What would that be?” I hesitatingly asked.

“I’ve always had the secret desire to surrender to another woman and be controlled by her.”


“I have a submissive side. There are things I’d like to try. No pain, no bruises, no ropes, just a sexual submission. I would never allow any man to do the things I have in mind, and there’s never been a woman I felt comfortable enough with to engage in that behavior, so that desire has gone unfulfilled.”

I stood there in silence.

“What piqued my desire,” she continued, “is when you took control of me. You bent me over my bed, making me hold myself open for you to spank my lips. I nearly finished right then and there. It was so hot. Then when you sat on me and tickled yourself in my face, you drove me wild.”

“I enjoyed that, too,” I admitted.

“We have to do that again in private, you sex goddess, just the two of us. I have some ideas.”

“I’m not sure if I’m the right woman for that. That’s not my thing.”

“Oh, but it seems to be your thing. What possessed you to manipulate me the way you did?”

“Undressing you in front of Tom made me adventurous. And a remark you made while convincing me to join you and Tom. You said ‘A guy’s fantasy is to see his girl ravished by another girl.’ So I did what you asked me to do.”

“You put me in some sexy positions. I loved it.” I couldn’t help but smile.

“I want that again and I want you to take it further. I want to explore my kinky side with you, Laura.”

She took me in her arms and kissed me. “Help me with this, Laura. Think about it overnight. I want this.” I promised I would consider it.

I now faced my third moral dilemma. I had cheated on Bill by having sex with Kate. Then I cheated again by engaging in a three-way with Kate and Tom. And to add insult to that injury, I made love with Bill that very night, allowing him to perform oral sex on me mere hours after Tom had finished so profusely inside of me.

Now Kate wanted me to become her mistress. It wasn’t a role I sought or even wanted, but I found it impossible to refuse Kate’s request. She was my girl; I would do it for her. I prepared myself mentally for my new role.  

I saw Kate the next day. She was dressed in a short skirt showing her long legs and cute pumps, and a frilly blouse, under which was a push-up bra. She had blown out her hair. With her beauty she could have any man she wanted wrapped around her finger. Yet she wanted to submit to a woman. You can’t tell by looking, that’s for sure.

We hugged and kissed and I got right to it. I unbuttoned her top and freed her gorgeous boobs from her bra. I removed her skirt and then peeled off her panties. I let her keep the pumps.

She emanated beauty, lithe and statuesque in her heels. I stood there staring.

“Here’s where we started the other day,” she said, turning and bending over her bed.

Taking a step back to admire her, my eyes travelled up from her heels to her shapely calves and smooth thighs. Her ass was propped up invitingly. Her moist vagina unzipped and yawned open. I stepped forward and took her ass in my hands. My thumbs probed her labia.

“She’s been a bad girl. She’s been cheating on her boyfriend. I think she needs to be spanked,” Kate suggested.

“She needs to be shaved first. Get your Venus.”

Kate returned with her Venus and shaving gel. Still fully clothed myself, I led my naked prize by her hand to her bathroom, her heels clicking on the tile floor. I sat her on the edge of the tub and lathered her up. I soon had her mound smooth.

“Now show me your clit so I can get your lips,” I ordered. “I want you as smooth as a baby.”

Kate pulled up and her swollen clit appeared like the sunrise. She was dripping wet by this point, which helped with the shaving. Her long, slim fingers struggled for traction in her wetness.

“Keep that clit out,” I barked, and Kate obeyed.

I soon had her smooth and wiped her with a soft, warm cloth. I tested my work by rubbing my cheek on her vagina. Perfect! I gave her a kiss and dragged my tongue up her slit.

We returned to her bed and she assumed her position, bent over her bed, cute ass in the air. I held her hips as I ground my pelvis into her. I then knelt behind her.

“Pull yourself open for your spanking” I ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.”

I began giving light taps in her saturated crevice.

“You’ve been a bad girl. Bad pussy,” I said as I spanked her. “How do like that, pussy?”

“A little harder please, ma’am.” I intensified my assaults.

“Like this?” I asked over the sound of my two fingers thumping against her wetness.

“Harder. Spank me!”

I couldn’t administer what she wanted in this position, so I turned her around and laid her on her back.

“Get that pussy back open,” I barked. “And get those feet in the air.”

I undressed myself in front of her. Her waiting for me while she held her shaved vagina open with her feet in the air in those pumps was the sexiest thing I ever saw.

Now naked myself, I crawled between her legs and, lying on my tummy, inspected her vagina close up. She held her labia stretched toward her thighs.

“Show me your clit, Kate.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Her swollen, white clit peeked out. I took it between my fingers and tugged it.

“Bad clitoris,” I said as I spanked it. “You’ve been a very bad girl.”

Her considerable wetness caused her to lose her grip on her labia.

“Keep that clit out for me,” I barked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Kate redoubled her efforts to keep her clit exposed.

Still on my tummy with my feet in the air, I alternately spanked and kissed Kate’s clitoris.

I took only seconds for Kate to release a furious orgasm. As she did I inserted two fingers and massaged her G-spot. She emitted a primal yell as her orgasm intensified. I held her on the crest as long as I could and then finally let her come down. She lay panting as I gently caressed her vagina, carefully avoiding her sensitive clitoris.

“I almost had a heart attack,” she breathed, her hair a mess and her face still flushed.

I crawled up and took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. “But I’m not done with you yet, my pretty,” I informed her in a low, sexy voice. Her eyes widened.

I took her tits in my hands and squeezed hard. “I’m going to sit on your face and you’re going to please me,” I said, still gripping her boobs firmly.

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied through heavy breathing.