Hot Desert Days

Info LorenzoAbajos
04 Aug. '16

It was 1962. The place was Needles, California. Located on Route 66, it was a desert town with a Santa Fe depot right downtown.

The boys were down near the Colorado River. They were collecting specimens from the backwaters and ponds fed from the river. There were tules all along the standing waters and they were finding lots of interesting insects and small vertebrates in the brackish water.

It was a project for their biology class. The two juniors were working together. They would be graduating next year. Everyone in class had a teammate for this project. Jacob and Booker had been put together by their teacher. 

Jake wished his buddy Bruce was working with him. But this was alright. Booker was the only black boy in class. His first and middle names were Booker Taliaferro, and some called him BeeTee. They were working well together. They had plenty of stuff in their glass vials. They would look at them under the microscopes during the next class period. It was about time to head home. 

They had both been wearing jeans and tee shirts under the warm desert sun. It was late April and it was already getting hot. They had already taken off their sneakers, going barefooted. But when they wanted to get out farther into the stagnant water BeeTee suggested they take their pants off so they wouldn't get them soaking wet. It seemed like a good idea. Jake and BeeTee both unbuckled and dropped their jeans, and stepped out of them. 

The water was warm enough from the desert sun and they gathered up what they needed. Their jockey shorts were soaked through. When they got back out of the water Jake glanced over and noticed that BeeTee's pecker was hard. He wondered about that. Then BeeTee spoke. 

"Damn, I don't wanna put my jeans on over wet underwear. I'm gonna just take them off. I can carry them home." 

He slipped them off and his hard on sprang up. He just laughed. So Jake laughed too as he noticed that the brown cock was thicker, but not much longer, than his own. Jake never wanted to seem like the odd guy out, so he took his shorts off, too.

"Don't mind me, man. He thinks I'm gonna play with him. He liked that warm water just now. Maybe I oughta just get him soft again. You don't mind, do you?" 

BeeTee didn't wait for an answer. He just started running his hand up and down his hard prick. Jake was watching now, and his pecker started to get harder, too. At first he was surprised, but then a little excited. It was kind of funny, but he slowly took his circumsized cock and began stroking it, rubbing the mushroom head of his prick with his thumb. He could feel a little wetness forming. 

"Man, I guess you needed to play with yours too. That's cool, man. Yeah. That's cool. Shit, this feels good." 

Both boys were hunched over now, jerking their cocks in their hands. It did feel good. Jake had learned long ago how good it could feel to pull your cock. It was clear that other guys knew about it too. Booker sure did. He had never thought about doing this with someone else. It seemed right somehow. His face was grimacing now and he seemed close to shooting his white stuff. 

"Ah, shit, man. I'm coming. Yeah, shit." 

BeeTee shot out sperm about three or four feet and he kept jerking until he stopped squirting. He groaned and looked over at Jake, then he grinned. He approached and looked down at Jake's cock as he continued jerking, but a little slower now. 

"Need some help, buddy? Here, let me get this going. Yeah, you got a nice little prick here, my man." 

Jake had no idea what to say as BeeTee took his cock and began jacking it off. BeeTee was grinning as he saw that Jake was getting close. Then he suddenly dropped to his knees and was sucking on his friend's hard on. Jake was surprised, but it wasn't unpleasant. Not at all. No, it was really good. It felt too good to stop. Jake had no idea. Was it wrong? He didn't know. He didn't care. He just wanted to shoot out his white spunk. He began humping his prick into BeeTee's eager mouth.

"Jesus, BeeTee. Oh shit. I'm gonna come now. Watch out man. I'm gonna come." 

But BeeTee didn't take his mouth off of Jake's hard on. It spurted from his hard prick and BeeTee was swallowing it and sucking harder. His cock was so tender now. It kept feeling good, and he didn't care. If BeeTee wanted to suck his stuff he didn't care. He finally was done. BeeTee got up quickly. 

"There ain't no reason to talk about this, you know. We're cool. We gotta get going, man." 

They put on their jeans and their sneakers. They started trudging back to town with the bag full of specimens. Neither one felt like talking. In town Booker broke off and headed south down Broadway. Jake headed north to his stucco bungalow home. As they passed the train depot a waiting diesel engine blew its horn. Jake's dad worked on the railroad. That was probably an engineer or fireman that his father knew. The boys had not said a word since leaving the riverside. 

The next week Jake was talking to his buddy. Bruce lived on the side of town closest to the river. Lots of Irish families lived over there, and Bruce was as Irish as they came. He had curly copper hair and an engaging grin.

Jake scratched his head with its crewcut hair, then asked Bruce if he knew about people using their mouths to have sex. The two often talked about sex now. Bruce told him it was called cock sucking when the girl sucked the prick and it was muff diving when the guy licked the girl. 

"Okay. So do guys ever do it to each other? Or girls to each other?" Jake looked at Bruce. 

"Oh. Yeah. I heard of that. Guys who're queer do it to each other. And girls who are dykes. That's what they're called." 

"Oh. Okay. So if you ever do that then you're queer? Or if someone does it to you?" Jake was hesitant now. 

"Jesus, man. I never thought of that. I don't know. I just like jerking off now. I haven't done anything else yet." Bruce had an odd sound in his voice. 

"I'll have to think about it I guess," said Jake. "I kind of wonder what it would be like to do stuff like that. Do you think it would be horrible if someone let another guy do things to him?" 

"Well, to be honest, I think about it myself. It makes me hard at night on the couch, thinking about what my parents do. I can hear them from the living room where I sleep." 

"What do they do, Bruce?" 

"Man, you gotta keep this secret as hell. You understand? Okay. See, my sister has got her own bedroom. You know that right? Back before Sis and I got older we shared the bedroom. But Mom decided about three years ago that I couldn't sleep in the same room. So I've been in the living room for a while. And I can hear shit. It makes me feel funny and I get hard. Especially if I hear my mom talking about tasting Dad's dick.

"But the last time, see, the last time I was sort of wondering what it would be like to lick a cock. I took my prick out of my shorts and jacked off thinking about it. I was even thinking it would be kind of cool to be able to suck my own cock. I did try but I couldn't bend over that far.

"Anyway, swear to god you won't tell, but I jerked off while I thought about it. You know, thinking about sucking on a dick. Jeez, I never came so much before. I was afraid Mom would see all the stuff on the sheets when she changed them. I don't know. Do you think I'm queer?"

Bruce was looking at his buddy with a wistful look. Jake could tell he wanted to say something but he wasn't sure what. It was strange but Jake had felt his own cock getting harder while he listened to his pal. He decided to get home. He wasn't sure what to think. He quickly said bye and left.

Jake couldn't sleep. The bathroom door was open off of his bedroom. Its night light was lighting the room enough to see now that his eyes were used to the darkness. The air conditioning was not on yet so his window was open and he could feel a little breeze coming in, but he was still sweaty. He slid his legs over the side of his bed as he sat up.

He pulled jockey shorts down and off, pushing them down over his skinny knees. His pecker was hard. So fucking hard. He slowly stroked it. He was breathing through his mouth so he wouldn't make any noise. His parents slept right in the room next to his. He was thinking about what BeeTee had done to him that afternoon by the river. And his buddy Bruce.

He didn't know if he could ever suck a cock. But thinking about someone doing it to him was ever so nice. Yes, that image of BeeTee on his knees, taking all of the hard prick into his mouth, and moaning while he did it. That image was nice. Jake started slow, but he built up his stroking. He got up and stepped carefully into the bathroom, still running his hand up and down his cock. He was quiet. He closed the door, needing more privacy.

Bruce had been his friend since grade school. They had always been friends it seemed. But now he was thinking about him a little differently. Now he was wondering what it would feel like to have Bruce on his knees, licking and jacking Jake's prick. Yeah, that was a good feeling. Good feeling for sure. He was fisting faster now. Faster, holding his prick towards the toilet, wanting to come.

Jake was grimacing as his spunk shot out, over and over, and he milked his cock to get it all out and keep the feeling as long as possible. That was a good come. The best he could remember having. And he did it a lot now. He had done it looking at cartoon booklets. Sometimes it was Popeye fucking Olive Oyl. He always enjoyed seeing the huge cocks the cartoon characters had. And for some reason seeing pictures of dicks getting licked always seemed fun to look at.

Was it the fucking he liked, or the cocks? All he knew was that he didn't think it was wrong. It couldn't be or why would it feel so good? Did Bruce ever think about him when he jerked off? Did BeeTee like to remember sucking Jake's come down? He took some tissue and wiped his cock clean, then flushed the toilet, making sure no come stuck to the sides of the bowl.

The next week Jacob was over at Bruce's house, after school. They were alone. Bruce's dad was out fishing, and his mom was doing the shopping. His sister was staying over at another friend's house. Sitting on the couch, they were watching the television. The only thing coming in on the tube was a show out of Phoenix, Arizona. Some silly kid's show. They just had it on because it was always on.

"So, I was thinking about what we talked about. The other day? If I tell you something will you keep it secret, man?" Jake had been thinking, and he'd gotten his nerve up.

"Yeah, so I tell you shit all the time. I mean, sure you can tell me. What?"

"That biology project? That we did a while back? I was out with Booker. So, this is it. We sort of jacked off together down by the river. But, that's not the best part. I mean, the most interesting, I guess. You know, you talked about sucking dick? He did it. He really did it. He jerked off, and then he licked my prick and I came and everything, in his mouth."

"No shit! Wow, man. No shit. So, how did it feel. Did you like it?" Bruce was leaning forward eagerly, with a hand covering his crotch. "Wait, so you got hard and all? You must have liked it. Did you?"

"Well, yeah. I came and everything. In his mouth. It felt great. Don't tell anyone, Bruce. You can't, man."

"Have you done it again? Do you want to? Do you think you would ever do that again? With someone? BeeTee, or someone?" Bruce had the look that Jake had seen before.

"Um...yeah. I was thinking about it the other night. So, would you ever do that, or let someone do it? Do you think you would like that kind of thing? I don't know. Would you, Bruce?"

Jake was standing up now. He was slowly unzipping his jeans, and unbuckling his belt. He was breathing heavily. Not really sure of what was going to happen, but needing to find out. He stopped momentarily and waited. Then he saw Bruce shudder and drop down off the couch and onto his knees. Jake's pants were quickly pulled down, and his buddy was stroking his hardness for him now.

God, this was fucking hot. The windows of the room were open and a warm breeze was blowing in. He would always remember the smell of the creosote bushes outside when he thought of this day. When his best friend did it to him. BeeTee had been good. This was great. Bruce was jerking his cock now, looking up at Jake.

"Jeez, man. Go on. Do it. Oh shit you're getting me horny, Bruce."

Bruce was grinning now as he let his tongue come out and touch his buddy's prick. He laughed now and paused to take out his own cock and stroke it to fullness. Then his wet lips wrapped around Jake's hardness, and he began to suck and take it all in. One hand was holding Jake's cock as the other was squeezing his pal's ass, and rubbing it, pulling Jake firmly to him.

It didn't take long. Jake was so sweaty and he'd never felt this good before. Not when he did himself, or when BeeTee had done it. That had been good, but this was better. Bruce was better because he was his best friend. He loved what they were doing now. This was good. He was close. He was close to coming now in his friend's mouth.

"That's it, man! Yeah, shit. Gotta come now."

Bruce was jacking harder now with one hand as he eagerly held Jake's cock with the other. Wanting to take all the goodness from his pal. Wanting to come together, too. Bruce was gagging a little, taking in the hardness of his best buddy. Then his mouth was filled with wet stickiness, and he willingly swallowed it, choking just a little, but wanting to take it all.

As Jake finished coming in Bruce's mouth he slumped back onto the couch. Bruce was trying hard to make himself come now, too. He stood up, licking his lips, and jerked his prick right in front of Jake. His face was twisted as he kept jacking his purple prick.

"Oh fuck, man. I gotta come now, Jake. Fuck man. Suck it for me, too. Shit man, gotta come."

Bruce's knees were shaking as he looked pleadingly down at Jake. Not sure, Jake leaned forward and Bruce grabbed his head and pressed his dick into his pal's face, needing to fuck Jake's mouth. Finally, Jake opened up and accepted the head of Bruce's prick, then the whole cock. Choking and gagging, he tried to do what Bruce had done for him. It didn't take long. Bruce was so close that the sticky whiteness was spurting into Jake's mouth almost immediately. It tasted rather bitter, but not horrible.

They both heard the car door slamming right outside. Both boys scrambled to stand up and pull their pants up. Buckling up, they sat down and were watching the television as Bruce's mother came in, holding some brown paper sacks of groceries.

"Oh, hi Jake. Bruce, go out and get the rest of the shopping. I think you can get it all. How are you, Jake? Did your mother like that recipe? Tell her to call me. I have to get the milk in the fridge."

She went out through the archway to the kitchen. Bruce looked at him, then they both smiled.

"Come on, man. I'll help with the bags. That was close this time, for sure."

"Yeah. So, this time. Does that mean a next time?" Bruce was grinning now.

"Jeez, man. Why not?"

They stepped out onto the concrete porch and the warm breezes struck them. It was getting so hot in the desert.