Anal fixation

This story is a bit strange and won’t be to everyone’s taste. However, as it’s a true story, and from many years ago, I figured I’d write it anyway. I wonder if the girl reads Noveltrove and will recognise herself?


Dee and I had been in a relationship for just a few weeks. Our lovemaking was passionate and frequent, given that we were both just 21 and horny almost all the time. There wasn’t as much porn around back then like today. I had a few magazines stashed away in my closet but they hadn’t seen the light of day since Dee and I had hooked up. My favourite title had always been ‘Derriere’, a magazine dedicated to the sexiest part of a woman in my opinion. Other than her mind, of course!

Butts, bums, asses, fannies, arses, tushies. Call them what you will, whichever side of the pond you’re on, but I just love them!

However, Dee had never given me any clue that she was curious to sample a little back-door action. That is, until she happened upon my little stash one day when searching for a shirt to throw on after we’d just come out of a particularly steamy shower. She didn’t tell me right away, preferring to have a good look through the mags first.

A couple of days later, we were back in my bedroom.

“Steve, guess what I found in your wardrobe the other day?” asked Dee.

“Moths?” I suggested, sarcastically.

“Oh, no,” she continued, “Much better than that!”

I looked enquiringly at her and she said “Your porn stash!”

Without hesitating, I retorted “I expect they were covered in dust. I haven’t even looked at them since meeting you. Why would I need to?”

Dee laughed, saying “Ha, I don’t care if you look at them every day. But I have to admit, they are sexy, especially the ones called Derriere!”

I was intrigued. “Well, you know I’m an ass man. You must have got that by the attention I give yours?”

Dee giggled, turned around and shook her ass at me, giving her own rump a little smack. “Oh yeah, and I love it. But, I didn’t know you liked the idea of, you know…”

She left that comment hanging in the air, so I completed her sentence for her, somewhat crudely.

“Ass-fucking you?”

Dee blushed slightly and looked coy, nodding at my lewd remark. I added “Have you thought about it too?” more in hope than expectation.

“Well, no, not really. Not before I read some of the stories and letters in your mags,” she replied. “But now, I am thinking of it. To be honest, I haven’t been thinking about much else!”

I walked over to Dee with a huge smile on my face. I kissed her softly and reached around to squeeze her buttock as I said “Any time you fancy trying it, I’m your man!”

I felt Dee’s knees buckle a little as my kiss became more passionate and my buttock squeezing more urgent. She returned my kisses hungrily and pretty soon, our clothes were in a heap on the floor and we were already rolling around on the bed.

Dee can sometimes be a bit domineering when we fuck. Not in a BDSM kinda way, but she knows what she likes and she isn’t shy to tell me. “Lie on your back Steve, I want your cock in my mouth.”

Aaah, the words every straight guy called Steve wants to hear!

I did as I was told, lay with my hands behind my head propped on a pillow and watched her go to work on my very hard, throbbing cock. If there were exams in fellatio, Dee would get an A plus. She was awesome at it and I marvelled as she licked and slurped all over my cock and balls and I particularly enjoyed hearing her let out little sighs each time she withdrew from going really deep. After a few minutes, she turned her body around so she was squatting above my face. I made sure my hands were outside her legs as she lowered her pussy down to my eagerly awaiting lips.

I stuck out my tongue and held it firmly out letting Dee slide her slit up and down it. I reached up and gripped her hips and helped her move back and forth, occasionally pulling her down so my tongue penetrated her pussy. All the time she was doing this, she continued to blow me and I kneaded her ass cheeks, which I knew she loved. She then lifted up so I could concentrate on licking her clit and that got her moaning loudly.

I hadn’t forgotten what we had talked about earlier and I decided to see how much Dee really liked anal stimulation. I moved my tongue up to her puckered anus and very gently started to lick all around it. Dee’s moans turned into a big gasp when I pushed my tongue into her ass hole.

“Oh fuck, yes! Do that some more, Baby!” she almost begged.

I tongue-fucked her ass with relish, never taking my hands off her firm butt cheeks. I pulled her cheeks apart so I could reach better and felt Dee pushing back with each darting thrust of my tongue. I was conscious of getting close to cumming, so I figured I’d try and get Dee off at the same time. I pulled my tongue out of her ass, fastened my lips around her clit then pushed the middle finger of my right hand deep into her anus, which was so slippery from the tonguing I’d given her, it slipped right in easily.

With my cock deep in Dee’s mouth at the time, I as much felt her scream as heard it. I was flicking the tip of my tongue across her clit while pushing my finger in and out of her so quickly, the rest of my hand was spanking her with each push. When she let go, she let go big time!

Dee’s body went rigid, she kinda gargled a scream and then shouted “FUUUUUUUUCK!” as she came hard. I came at the same time, pumping my hot seed directly into her throat, making her gargle even more with each gasp and each spasm of her orgasm. She swallowed my load as she always does, then came up gasping for breath. She kept saying “Oh God, oh God,” over and over as her orgasm seemed to go on for ages, my finger still inserted deeply in her ass hole. I was shattered after my own orgasm, but Dee was completely wrecked as she fell off me, her body wracked with sobs as she tried to catch her breath.

That went well, I thought to myself.

Dee curled into a ball beside me, so I spooned into her, cuddling her tenderly. We drifted off to sleep for an hour or so, both sated and in total bliss.

I woke first and needed to pee, so I untangled myself from the naked beauty in my bed and slid off to the bathroom. I had a quick wash, and after brushing my teeth, I re-entered the bedroom to find Dee sat cross-legged on the bed, still naked. She looked tousled and beautiful and she had the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her face.

“Was that as good for you as it was for me?” she asked. I nodded and smiled back at her. “Best 69 ever!” and poked my tongue out at her.

Dee loved to review our best love-making sessions and spoke candidly and unashamedly about what we’d just done.

“Mmm, I loved sliding up and down that tongue, you naughty boy, but when you pushed it into my bum, I nearly fucking died!” she said, chuckling. “It was so fucking hot, I never knew how sensitive my ass was until now. We gotta do that again, and maybe, you know…”

I knew.

My beautiful girlfriend was gagging for an ass-fuck and I wasn’t going to complain. I started to get hard again as she spoke and within a minute or two, I was fully erect. Dee saw this and said “So, shall we try? Got any lube?”

I didn’t want her to know just how eager I was to try anal with her. I’d never done it before either but having read many stories and readers’ letters (yeah, right!) in Derriere magazine, I was really gagging for it too.

“Since when did we need lube?” I replied. “I’ve got some nice massage oil though, that ought to do. Are you sure you wanna try, Babe?”

Dee held her arms out and I approached her. She grabbed my hard cock, pulled me even closer and whispered huskily “I want it bad and I want it now! Go fetch the oil Baby.”

Dee usually gets what she wants; beautiful girls often do. I quickly found the massage oil in my bedside cabinet and waved it at her.

“Let me give you a nice relaxing massage and let’s see where it ends up,” I suggested.

“Oooh, yes please,” came the expected reply.

“On your back first,” I said, handing Dee a big bath towel to put on the bed first. She lay on the towel and I reached down to kiss her as I squirted a generous amount of oil onto her breasts. Her nipples sprung out of her firm boobs as I started to gently knead and stroke them, moving up to her shoulders and upper arms, then back down again. I flicked her hard nipples with my thumbs and heard Dee moan with pleasure. I was straddling Dee’s thighs, so I shuffled down to her ankles as I applied more oil to her belly. I absolutely adore Dee’s flat belly and perfect belly-button, so I spent a lot of time softly caressing her here, then eased down lower until I reached her shaven mound. More gasps and moaning came from Dee as I circled that mound with my fingers, then gently traced one finger up her moist slit. I heard her catch her breath, probably anticipating me slipping a finger or two into her, but I didn’t. Instead, I worked my way down her thighs and calf muscles and ended up tickling her feet a little.

I didn’t want her to cum again too quickly. A slow build produces a much better orgasm and I wanted her first proper anal experience to be mind-blowing. This wasn’t just because I’m a kind and sensitive lover. I knew I was going to love it and I wanted Dee to love it as well, so much so that she’d want to do it again. And again!

I moved back up to give Dee a gentle kiss on her lips. “Turn over now?” I asked. Dee nodded and spun her body around so she was now face down on the bed. I climbed back onto her and squirted some more oil into my hands and got to work on her neck and shoulders. I was absolutely dying to get straight to her buttocks, but I managed to prolong the agony for us both, smoothing her lower back and hips, before ignoring her ass and going straight to the back of her thighs. Then, with firm, squeezing strokes, I pushed my hands up her thighs and buttocks and back down again, letting my thumbs brush down her crack with each stroke.

I now concentrated all my effort on her sexy butt cheeks, pouring some oil in between them and making sure my thumbs went deeper as I massaged those slippery buttocks. There was plenty of oil and I could see her anus glistening as I held a finger against it, then pushed gently but firmly, forcing her sphincter to accept my probing digit. Again, it slipped in easily and it made Dee moan loudly. After a few gentle thrusts, I added a second finger, making Dee cry out with lust. My cock was tight against my belly now, so strong was my erection. I poured some oil onto my cock, then leaned forward to rub it up and down Dee’s ass crack. This felt amazing and I could easily have cum by just doing this, but it was time and I couldn’t torture Dee any more.

I grabbed a pillow and lifted Dee’s hips up. I slid the pillow underneath them and now her shiny, slippery ass was presented to me. She was gasping and playing with her own clit as I offered the tip of my cock up to her oiled and more-than-ready anus. I was inexperienced, but knew enough to start slowly. My urge was to slam into her in one thrust, but I wasn’t a complete idiot, pushing firmly but letting her ass take my cock at her pace. My knob slipped into her and her muscles clasped around it. The sensation was every bit as good as I’d hoped it would be. Dee stopped frigging herself and breathed “Oh, yeah, that’s amazing!” as my cock slid fully into her. I think I may have overdone it a bit with the oil, but I wanted this to be all pleasure and no pain.

Well, it was the first time for both of us and we had both enjoyed the erotic massage foreplay. Perhaps that why we didn’t last more than a few minutes before Dee, without any clitoral stimulation at all, raised herself a bit more, reached through her legs and grabbed my balls and shouted “FUCK ME!”.

I pummelled into her ass as hard as I could before exploding into her, feeling Dee cum hard at the same time. Her gasps of “Oh God, oh God, oh fuuuuuck!” were even louder than earlier and I slumped on top of her, both our bodies twitching and spasming for a good while before I eventually rolled off.

It took ages for our breathing to return to normal and we lay side by side, holding hands, letting out the occasional sniffle as we came back down to earth.

That went rather well too, I thought to myself.

It was our first foray into back-door fun and it had been mind-blowing. Dee thought so too, saying she’d never had two such amazing orgasms as she’d had this day.

We incorporated anal sex into our lovemaking frequently after that night and I bought Dee a little present of a polished metal butt-plug. You know the ones that have a coloured crystal and look so sexy when a girl has one inserted. Well, Dee loved it and used it every time she was feeling horny, which was most days! Quite frequently, she’d be at the sink washing dishes or something, when she’d say “Baby, come and squeeze my ass!” I’d rub my hands all over her, slip them inside her panties and lo and behold, the butt-plug was already in place and Dee’s pussy was already soaking wet with anticipation of another anal pounding.

If only I knew what I’d started, because it all got a bit weird from here on in.

The next time we made love, Dee knelt on the bed, butt-plug inserted. She started to pull it out as I watched, then let it slip back in. She was, in effect, fucking her own ass with the plug. The she pulled it fully out and said “Pass me my dildo, Baby.” I did as I was asked, and she proceeded to slip that into her ass too and got very aroused when I started to jerk while watching her fuck herself anally. It was an erotic sight and I figured we were going to have some more butt fun. I kept stroking my cock until I felt the familiar feeling in my loins. I moved closer to Dee’s face and said “Hun?” just as I was about to cum. She turned to look at me at the same moment as I shot a huge spurt of cum and it landed on her face. It was followed by another three or four spurts and Dee loved this almost as much as I did. In fact, maybe more, as she had a shuddering orgasm immediately after I’d stopped spurting. She took my cock into her mouth to clean me up and then collapsed face down on the bed, gratefully accepting the tissues I handed her to wipe her face.

OK, that was good. It was only 8pm and I was expecting a good long session. That’s what I got, but I didn’t expect it to be quite like it ended up. Dee had disappeared into the bathroom and it was ages before she came back into the bedroom, clutching various items she had gathered together. She had a hairbrush, a slim deodorant can, a round shampoo bottle and her big rabbit vibrator. I looked quizzically at her and she just grinned.

“Help me?” she said to me, her eyes opened wide. She lay on the bed on her back and lifted her knees up to her chest. I loved her in this position when I went down on her, but as I dropped my head to start kissing her pussy she said “No, I want this inside me. Inside my ass!” and handed me the hairbrush.

Damn, I wanted to taste her pussy, but Dee had other ideas. I took the hairbrush and noticed Dee was lubeing her ass with the massage oil. Teasingly, I held the bristle end of the brush up to her anus and Dee smacked my hand. “Don’t be so fucking stupid, do it properly!” Oops, I think I’d upset her...

I span the brush around and eased the handle into her anus, which elicited a satisfying moan from Dee’s lips. I inserted it deeper, then pulled it out, then pushed it in deeper still until eventually, the whole handle was sliding in and out of Dee’s ass, making her moan with each thrust.

“Ok, try this now,” Dee said and handed me the slim can of deodorant. I say slim, but it’s thicker than the hairbrush handle. I could see what she was doing. She wanted me to insert thicker and thicker things into her ass, hopefully finishing with my cock! I have to admit, her rabbit vibrator was thicker than me, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out. However, Dee had taken the can of deodorant from me and started to push it in to herself. “Don’t be so gentle, Steve, I like it a bit rough!” I took over and started to ream her ass with the can and Dee moaned loudly again.

After a few minutes of this, she started to feel around the bed with her hand. I knew what she wanted, so I let the can slip out of her, squirted some more oil onto her ass and found the shampoo bottle, which was in turn a little thicker than the can. It slid into her ass easily and I started to slam it in and out of her, enjoying hearing her moan and curse. “Oooooh, you fucking bastard, fuck my ass, make me cum!”

I reached for the rabbit, and seamlessly replaced the shampoo bottle with it, dildoing her ass with long, firm strokes, hoping she was ready for my cock. Damn, too late! On the fourth or fifth deep insertion of the rabbit, Dee started to buck and scream loudly as she came. She spanked her own ass and let out an ear-splitting squeal then panted hard like a bitch on heat. Dee certainly enjoyed her anal orgasms and I hoped she’d want me inside her again tonight, but despite me begging for her pussy, she refused, saying she was too tender down there. She gave me another world-class blowjob instead and I soon filled her mouth with hot cum, but I was ultimately frustrated. I wanted her pussy but that was now out of bounds.

The next time we made love, Dee had already arranged the deodorant can, the shampoo bottle and an even thicker dildo, which I hadn’t seen before, at the foot of the bed. Again, she had her butt-plug in and this time, she was on all fours, ass in the air when she ordered me to fuck her with each of the implements in turn. She wouldn’t let me go down on her again but I did get to fuck her ass before she finished herself off with the new dildo.

This became the pattern of our sex life and as much as I liked butt-fucking Dee, I missed eating her pussy and fucking her properly. I also thought all this anal penetration couldn’t be doing her sphincter any good for the long term. When I mentioned this, she callously said “If you don’t fucking like it, find somebody else!” Wow, how she’d changed.

I’d never minded her being a bit assertive in the bedroom, but now she was becoming way too demanding and bossy. Perhaps that’s why when a new girl called Penny started at work and was obviously attracted to me, I pursued her. Dee found out and left me the same day, marching out of the house cursing me, calling me a cheating piece of shit and telling me I’d never find an ass as good as hers to fuck ever again!

But to be honest, I didn’t care.

And in case you're wondering, Penny and I have now been married for twenty years.

And her pussy still tastes like nectar!