Those Nights

                                              Those Nights

We talk and laugh in my house after a great night on the town: drinking wine, flirting, letting the romance build, and teasing each other. I put my glass down on the marble table – unable to take anymore. I kiss you self-consciously – worried if I’m a good kisser, wondering if you like it and if you will kiss me back. We kiss, for a second; I pull back. Before I can speak, you kiss me in return. We kiss. We continue – wanting nothing more than for this night to escalate and never end. I sensually rub you across your back, then grasp your hips with both hands and pull you closer - wanting more.

You feel my right forearm with the fingertips of your right hand and use the other hand to intensely feel up and down the back of my neck, running your fingers through my hair. I stop kissing you to lead you to the bedroom. We walk from the living room, up the stairs through the hallway hearing the thumping and clacking of the shoes that we’ll never admit were hurting our feet all night. Once we get to my bedroom we resume kissing - this time with more passion. We begin undressing; and as we do you unbutton your blazer and take off your shirt. I admire your radiant skin as you pull it over your head. Our eyes meet. My mind is racing with anxiety and nervousness but my body seems increasingly unable to resist this urge, to resist you.

I slowly begin unbuttoning my shirt, one, two...You take off your last piece of clothing on your upper body and I am overwhelmed; I try to quickly pull my button up over my head with my undershirt and get it stuck half way over my head. You laugh hysterically. I awkwardly and quickly try to fix myself. You give me a sweet smile and we resume. Finally we kick off the torturous shoes we’d endured all night and get onto the bed.

I quickly unfasten and take off my belt. I lay you down so that this tease can finally cease. I go down – going back and forth between light pecking and sucking – kissing your body. Going from your lips to your chin, chin to your neck, and your neck before smothering your chest, slowly and surely getting to your mid-section, showing it much love, acknowledging your insecurity of it. I move even more slowly reaching your pelvis. I go to work: light kissing at the bottom of your midsection as I grab hold of the belt loops of your jeans and pull down. Then more kissing as I pull down, getting closer, teasing you, knowing fully how much you want it.

I throw your jeans to the carpet and crawl up to you from the foot of the bed and notice something I hadn’t before, your pretty feet.  I kiss your soles, then the tips of your toes, knees, calves, thighs. I know you'd rather just get right down to it, but I don’t care; you're in my hands now. I lick upwards lightly on your thighs, right - getting closer- then I do the same with your left. I kiss your right thigh, moving upwards, getting as close as possible without actually touching, then the left. Once I feel that I have tormented you enough I go for it.... but before I am able to begin you stop me. You take my head in your left hand, raise my head lightly and surely as you sit up to meet me face to face, tilt your head as if to kiss me but whisper in my ear, “you first”.

Part 2:

I, feeling a tiny bit confused, switch positions with you. You climb onto me and sit on my thighs, below my pelvis. I sit up on my elbows watching you, trying to take this all in. You forcefully push me down into the bed - like a lion pinning down its prey. You treat me as a lion would treat its meal so it cannot escape or move until the lion has finished with it, eaten it alive. I'm overwhelmed and loving it. In utter bliss I close my eyes as I feel you take me in. Porn betrayed me; I thought oral would be rougher, but with you it was so tender. Your experience is obvious; it's as if you know what I like better than I do and you repay me in full for all the teasing I dealt you.

I come close; you stop and kiss me from the bottom to the top, from the parts I feel least to the part I feel most. I come close; you stop and play with me with your fingertips. I come close, you squeeze my cheeks harshly and use your fingertips to play with me again, something I'd never thought I'd ever do but enjoy it intensely. I’ve lost all fight left in me and all I want is to fucking cum already. Then I feel your fingers behind me, but with this I feel your tongue and lips at the same time, almost moving in unison. I tense up, close and squint my eyes, curl my toes, the hairs on my neck stand up. My mind goes blank and I finally exhale. I look down and meet eyes with you smiling at me. I smile back as I watch you suction off of me and say "now it's my turn."

I blush, smile, and laugh. Slightly panting, you crawl back up to my face and we make out. The amount of passion I feel at this moment is immeasurable and I can tell you feel the same. As we kiss I move my head closer to yours, I moan, grope you, rock my body and cause you to rock with me. We kiss; we moan more; we Rock, we kiss; we grope more; we ROck; we kiss; we moan even more; we ROCk; we kiss; we grope even more; we ROCK... we're lying next to each other on the carpet floor, full of laughter. We laugh, reveling in the moment. We look at each other and continue.

I quickly roll on top of you. From your lips I kiss your chin, then your neck, collarbone, chest, nipples - as I do I hear you grunt in joyous pleasure - mid-section, belly button, pelvis. I waste no time this time. You weren’t coy with me. Although intimidated by the task before me, I bite the bullet. I suck you, tasting every bit of you, and salivating more and more the hotter it feels. I pull back and take a breath. As time passed, as I got rougher, your breathing changed, what were strong, sensual moans are now shorter and shorter nasal pants.

"I know you're trying to hide how good this feels, you can't fool me."

As much as you try withholding them, small moans escape in hums here and there. I can't help but feel like I'm supposed to be doing better or doing more. You did so much to make me cum so I should be doing the same. I let my fingers go slowly forward and around your waist. As I graze your pelvis and then your hip I feel you your skin tremble, as if you know what I’m about to do and are anxious of what’s to come but are looking forward to it. You tremble even harder as I graze your plump cheek. As slowly and softly as possible, I separate my index from my other fingers and point planning to play with as you did me. As soon I touched you there that was it. You exploded. I wipe my mouth with my wrist and watch you, almost laughing at how the tables have turned, how my once predator has become prey. I watch you in awe. I’ve never seen anything like this. Your raw, uninhibited response, I think, felt better for me than it did for you. You’re usually calculated; even seem a little up tight. Seeing that you, your pleasure, your orgasm was completely in my control and seeing just how vulnerable you became as a result of it, of me, turned me on so much that I had to keep going.


Part 3:

Whether you could or couldn’t cum again was irrelevant, I was too turned on to care. I suck with purpose; I lick with meaning, and rub my finger slowly and softly around, fucking loving it.

"Wait, what the fuck?!"

As much as I’m enjoying this, something doesn’t seem right. You stopped trembling, your pants had stopped, and you weren’t even moaning anymore. I don’t know what’s going on. You're silent. I open my eyes, look up, and see a dear in headlights. Eyes wide, jaw dropped, face and body frozen.

"Are you oka"...

 "Don't... Stop."

I suck as if through a straw and you were a quench satisfying, near empty, delicious drink. I lick like it was 100˚F and you were a rich, ice cold, sugar loaded ice cream. I put my fatigued arm down and use my other to rub your nipple with my thumb and index finger. I hear you moan loudly, see you curl your back and jerk it arched, and feel you explode once again.

Riley: Want to go to bed?

Jay: Sure.

Riley: C’mon, I'll help you up.

Jay: Alright.

Jay: Surprised I can still use my legs; it felt like you sucked the life out of me.

Riley: Don't knock me over now. Falling again won't be as fun this time.

Jay: No worries, I've had enough fun for a lifetime.

Riley: Come.

Jay: Taking my hand again? Where are you leading me now?

Riley: Oh just shut up already. Come cuddle me.

Jay: Why do you have to be so mean? I'm sensitive you know.

Riley: Oh, I know. How could I forget? "Don't... stop."

Jay: Leave me alone. I was in the moment, ok?

Riley: I still can’t believe that I did that. I never would’ve thought I could make anyone feel like that.

Jay: Me neither. I have experienced a lot, but nothing like that.

Riley: Yeah, me neither. Really didn’t think tonight was going to go like this.

Jay: How did you think it was going to end?

Riley: With our first kiss, not with our first, well… everything else

Jay: Do you mean like getting your shirt stuck over your head? Was that a first? I sure hope so.

Riley: Oh so you’re teasing me now.

Jay: You do stuff like that all the time. I think it’s cute.

Riley: Bet that was the first you cried during sex.

Jay: Looks like we both had a first tonight.

Riley: The way you reacted to things I did, I’d bet you had more than one first tonight. Inviting me out, taking me places, I thought you would’ve been the dominant one. I’m surprised you’re not cuming right now with my head on your chest.

Jay: Back to teasing me again I see… back to regularly scheduled…program

Riley: Guess I did suck the life out of you.

Jay: I don’t mean to be rude… but I’m exhausted. Aren’t you?

Riley: No, go ahead. I’m just going to stay up. I’m not tired yet.






Riley: Hey, you asleep?


Riley: I know you can’t hear me but… I really had fun tonight. I did things, felt things I never…It's crazy; I really didn't think this night was going to go this way. None of my dates have ever gone like this. It seems like we just click. We talked and walked around. I loved it when you made me dance with you when that homeless guy played your favorite song on his guitar, whatever the name was. I always had it in my head before that vegan stuff was gross, especially ice cream. We had so much fun we lost track of time and missed the movie that you were excited for. Your phone had died. You told me to tell you when it got close to 7:30 so we didn’t miss it but I forgot. You didn’t get mad; you didn’t freak out. I loved that. You just took me to the park and there was a free movie playing, crazy how things work out sometimes. We didn’t even have anything to sit on; we just sat on the grass…I don’t know…I really like you. I know we haven’t known each other long but … I really like you.