Tom Martin 5 Star Fuck

Ava Cortez sits like a royal at her table. She may not be a queen of any country, but she is the queen of Costa Rosa's social circle. Her words can make or break a business, much like my father's new hotel the Riveria Inn and the adjoined Taste restaurant. About ten years ago, she made a name for herself after coming runner up in one of those cooking shows, and its only been up from their. As soon as I saw the curvaceous Hispanic on TV, she became one of my biggest fantasies.

Tonight, she wears thick-rimmed glasses and a striking red dress that's the same color as her heels and lipstick. Said lips take a sip of the cosmopolitan I had made for her. I hope it's to her liking. In fact, I hope it's the best one she's ever had. The night continues to get busier. Dad will be happy, that's for sure. I continue to pour drinks when Ava approaches the bar with a sinful little smirk. She places a napkin on the bar, before asking “One cosmo please.”

“Sure.” I look down at the note, which reads 'Room 247. When are you free?'

I glance at my watch, which told me I had five minutes until freedom. I hold up that many fingers to indicate such. She gives me a nod as I prepare her drink. Once it's served she says “See you soon Tommy.”

Damn, I didn't think she knew my name. Then again, a woman like Ava wouldn't have to go to much trouble to find it out.

Once John relieves me, I head for her room. Inside the elevator, my brain rushes with all my old fantasies of Ava. Now it's all coming true. I'm going to make love to one of my first crushes. I wonder if she is as confident in bed as she is in the kitchen?

Inside her room I find a phone lying on the bed, with a piece of paper under it that reads 'Check the Messages – Ava'.

I check the texts, finding one that reads 'Strip naked and send me a photo.'

'How do I kno its u?' I reply.

In return Ava sends me a selfie of her in the bathroom, followed by 'get naked boy'.

I obey Ava's demand, removing every piece of clothing, and then taking a photo of myself in the bathroom mirror.

'Already hard??' Ava texts.

'only for a sexy girl like u'

'I'm a woman'

Shit, have I blown this already? 'sorry Ava'

'Its ok. Your learning. Tell me boy, what is your favorite part of my body. Be honest.'

'Ur breasts'


My hand trembles as I wait for a reply. She'snot even in the same room and she's has got me anxious and on edge. All I'm left with is the tick-tock of the room's clock as wait for her reply. Was I too blunt? Should I have said something else?

Eventually, she replies 'Not many boys are so honest. I like honest boys.'

'Thank you Ava'

'Make that Goddess Ava'

'Yes Goddess Ava'

'Good boy. I'll be there soon.'

The seconds seem to drag into minutes as I wait for the door to open. Before that happens, my new Goddess sends me another text.

'what color underwear do u think Im wearing?'

'None.' I reply.

'is that what you think or what u wish?'

'both my Goddess'

My Goddess then opens the door, with a wicked smirk across her face. “Hello boy.”


“That's Goddess Ava to you.”

“Sorry Miss... I mean Goddess Ava.”

“It's okay Boy. You're still learning."

I nod my head as Ava approaches the nightstand.

“So was I right about your underwear Goddess Ava?”

“Promise not to touch?”

“Of course Goddess Ava.”

“Good boy.” Ava bends over and pulls up her skirt to reveal her plump ass and pink slit. I'd spent years dreaming of this very moment, and

I take a deep breath as Ava opens the drawer.

“What do you say boy?”

“Thank you Goddess Ava. It's an amazing view.

“Breathtaking by the sounds of it.”


My Goddess stands up, with a blindfold in hand. “Put this on.”

I catch the blindfold and put it over my eyes. Her clothes rustle, my ears informing me of what my eyes have been denied. I'm only inches away from her undressing and I don't get to see a thing. Goddesses can be so cruel.

“Alright boy, stand up.”

I do as I am instructed.

“Take a step forward.”

I feel Ava move pass me before I hear the springs of the mattress bare her weight. “I want you to climb onto the bed and start touching me with your hands. You're going to use your other senses to see.”

“Yes Goddess.”

I climb onto the bed and inhale the smell of her rosy perfume. Next, I run my hand across her left hip, and run it down to her waist and then her thigh, my hand feeling her smooth, yet somewhat cold skin. She breathes in deeply at my touch, and I begin to wonder what her lips are like.

I lean in for a kiss. My cock twitches as her breasts press against my chest. Her hands wrap around me as the scent of alcohol comes from her mouth. We lock lips and she thrusts her tongue inside of my mouth. After the kiss, she says "Kiss me lower, Boy."

To begin with, I kiss her neck, to which she says "Lower."

My lips kiss her chest. Only an idiot would not understand what 'lips' she wants me to 'kiss', but only an idiot would deny themselves to suck on one of her nipples whilst pawing her breasts. She lets out a slight whimper, before cooing "Lower."

My kisses run down her belly, all the way towards her slit. Kissing the lips of her entrance, my tongue then darts out and licks around for her clit. Once I feel the sensitive bud under my tongue, she purrs. My tongue circles around in an attempt to pleasure my Goddess, and judging by her moans, I'm doing just that.

"Mhmmm... That's good boy..."

I decide to make it better by pressing a finger inside of her soaking wet slit. This causes her purrs to become moans as she squeezes on my head.

"Keep doing that..."

Just as she instructs, I continue what I'm doing, eager for her praise. She doesn't say a word, but her passionate moans say more than words ever could. My Goddess is getting close to climax. Her trembling legs tell me its inevitable, and soon enough, they flail around as Ava lets out a loud cry. That's when I know she's at my mercy. In defiance, I remove my blindfood to see her breathing heavily, with a smile on her face. "My God... Tommy..."

With a grin, I move on top of her. I have Ava right where any man would want her: Naked and eager for more. When my aching cock teases her slit, all she can do is nod. How the mighty have fallen...

I press my cock inside of her soaking wet slit, causing her to gasp. Next, I bend down and taste Ava's lips once more, feeling her breasts squeeze against my chest. That's when I whisper into her ear "Who's the man?"

"You are." She moans.

I assert myself by thrusting faster, to which Ava moans. I push my body up to take in the sight of her. Her breasts bouncing. Her jaw agape with a smile. Her eyes burning with desire. She's mine now. My fantasy girl, the Queen of Costa Rosa's social circle has bowed to my will, and now she's a moaning mess underneath me, desperate for every thrust I give her. Soon enough, I have her tensing up. Her hands claw the bedsheets and her jaw clenches. Next, I feel her legs shake against me, right before she declares "Ahh... I'm cumming."

After one last thrust, her body quakes throughout a blissful orgasm. With a brief lull, I catch my breath before pulling out of her. I then move forward and straddle her torso, putting my cock between her breasts. Her massive mounds engulf my member, hugging it with softness. With a smile, I start pistoning towards my own release.

When I let out a moan, Ava looks to me. "You gonna cum?"


"Cum on me Tommy."

Within seconds I spurt. Panting, I look down to see ropes of my seed land from her forehead to her chest.

"Mhmm..." Ava licks her lips. "What a load."

"Sure was... So how was that?"

Ava removes her cum-coated glasses. "Well, if that's the kind of service I can expect, I'm certain I'll be back for more..."