My Straight Lovers II: Building on Innuendo

Info Tristan LeMay
11 Aug. '16

   About a year ago, my friend Megan started doing volunteer work at a neighborhood food bank and thrift store, a sort of Salvation Army – just not actually run by the Salvation Army per se. It’s called The Turn Around Mission and it’s run by a guy, Warren, who started it in the basement of his church and then moved it to an abandoned warehouse when it grew too big for the cramped quarters of the church. Anyway, about six months ago, Megan asked me to come check it out and lend a hand because a few volunteers had moved away and, unfortunately, some others – illegal immigrants who had devoted so much time and energy to the mission’s success – were heartlessly deported back to their war-torn and human-rights-challenged countries.

   Since I did have some free time on my hands and I’d pretty much always done volunteer work in some form or another, I was glad to pitch in.

   I quickly became a regular, helping two mornings a week with sorting produce and portioning frozen meat and dry goods for the weekly food distribution. What I quickly discovered is that the Turn Around Mission has an agreement with the justice system and they have people come in and help out if they have to do community service. Unpaid parking tickets, legal fees, any type of criminal or penal offence they’ve been fined for, they can come in and give time in exchange for the amount they owe, therefore giving back to the community. I thought that was cool because everybody profits from it. These people can’t afford to pay back with money, so they pay back with their time.

   That’s how I met Anthony. I mean, I met him at the Mission. He wasn’t one of those guys who’d done something he needed to pay back to society, but I learned from talking to him that, when going through a rough period in his life, he had met Warren through the church and had started to volunteer at the Mission to build his self-esteem back up and keep busy so he wouldn’t lose his mind. I totally got that and I could relate to the fact that he’d had a rough time getting over his wife leaving him to get back with her ex. The whole thing sounded like a soap opera and I felt bad for him.

    Among the guys working off a big bunch of hours in the produce sorting division, there were a few that really got my heart racing. Not in the sense that they scared me, but in the sense that they were incredibly sexy, each in their own way.

   This one guy, Kadeem, was a gorgeous Black dude with a killer smile and a body to match. He’d come from Jamaica and had gotten in trouble with the cops one night when he’d had a bit too much to drink and had been stupid enough to think he could drive home without getting caught. This other guy, Pavel, was from Latvia and could have starred in the hottest Bel Ami porn flicks or William Higgins erotic wrestling videos. He had this really sexy accent and muscular build that made my shorts bulge every time he talked to me... until this one day when I squeezed his shoulder to warmly greet him and he said, “Gavin, you’re okay, but I really hate Westerners so please don’t touch me again”. His mental instability and the craziness in his eyes scared the shit out of me so he sort of disappeared from my jerk-off fantasies after that incident.

   There are plenty more guys much sexier than Anthony that I’ve fantasized about, but oddly enough, Anthony would be the one I’d end up having a sexual encounter with.

   Anthony is kind of a plain-looking guy really. He’s about 5’7”, with hirsute facial hair and a goatee that doesn’t really fill out. Although kind of on the short and skinny side, his shoulders and arms looked strong and muscular, maybe from the fact that he’d done a lot of manual work and moving of heavy furniture for the Mission’s thrift shop. Anyway, I was attracted to him in a sort of protective way, like I’ve been a few times with guys AND girls, friends AND lovers.

   As our friendship grew, I felt more and more attracted to him sexually as well. I knew how stupid it was to develop feelings of any kind beyond friendship with this guy because he kept telling how such-and-such a girl that worked in the office had really dreamy breasts or how such-and-such a girl that volunteered at the thrift shop had a really beautiful butt and seemed to appreciate his daily, morning welcome hugs. He had hinted that he was hoping that these hugs would turn into something more.

   Nevertheless, sometimes, while jacking-off at night, I’d have this crazy fantasy about Anthony where I combined two completely innocent situations that had really happened and turned them into something naughty. See, one day, when I came to the Mission, I noticed that Anthony had sprained the index and middle finger of his left hand and the ring finger and middle finger of his right hand. He had them taped up and was really limited in his working capacities. Another day, I had noticed that the zipper of his jeans was down and had discretely indicated it to him so he could pull it back up. So in my fantasy, I put those two things together and set my scene in the back of the Mission where a bunch of huge, wrapped couches were stored vertically and looked like a furniture forest. I imagined myself finding Anthony pushing some sofas against the wall with his hurt fingers, turning around and me telling him that his fly was open.

   – Shit, he’d say in my fantasy. How am I supposed to pull it up with my fingers wrapped up like fucking mummies? Can you help me?

   – Sure. No problem.

   As I’d grab the base of the fabric with the fingers of my left hand and try to pull up the zipper with the fingers of my right hand, I’d feel his balls against my fingers and look up at him, blushing:

   – Sorry. I didn’t mean to…

   – It’s okay. What else are you gonna do, right?

   I just smiled and pulled at the fly but it wouldn’t budge.

   – God, I feel like such an idiot. Can’t even pull up a zipper!

   – It’s not your fault, he reassured me. They’re really old jeans and I struggle with it too, sometimes. That’s why it’s always opening up like that.

   – Oh, I thought that was on purpose for that girl in the thrift shop, I joked.

   He chuckled and involuntarily moved forward a little, pressing again my hands.

   – Sorry, he said.

   I felt his cock twitch and then swell a bit but kept thinking, “no, man, this is only in your brain… and your pants! This guy is 100% straight. Shut up!”

   – It’s okay. Do you mind if I try another way?

   – No. Please. I look like an idiot walking around like that. Just do it.

   With his permission, I slipped my fingers inside the fly to make sure a part of the fabric hadn’t gotten caught in the zipper. Involuntarily, my fingers kept rubbing against his junk and I could really feel his cock swelling. I pretended to ignore it, working harder and harder at loosening the zipper so I could eventually close his fly.

   Then, I heard him moan. Again, I pretended to ignore him but I thought how convenient it was that we were behind this forest of couches away from prying eyes. I took out my fingers and stuck the digits of my other hand in there, making sure I looked very busy getting the job done. I noticed my fingers were too high to make contact with his bulging cock now as I could feel his pubic bone through the fabric of his boxers. I was disappointed but remedied that situation quickly. With my other hand, I hooked my thumb inside the base of his fly and pulled down a bit, cupping his balls with the basket I’d made with my fingers, trying to make this look like it was part of my strategy to get his zipper back up.

   He moaned again. With my other hand, I reached inside the fly and rubbed the back of my fingers along his swelling cock which was pointing toward his left hip. I brought my fingers back out, making sure they rubbed his dick again and I felt his hips grind against my hand.

   – God, man, you’re making me hard, he whispered, chuckling nervously.

   – Yeah, sorry about that, I whispered back, looking up at his face.

   – With this injury, I haven’t jacked-off in three days so I’m really horny, you know?

   – Yeah, I get it.

   – That’s why I got this boner, he over-justified.

   – Happens to me all the time. Don’t worry about it.

   – Really?

   – Of course! Want me to take care of it for you?

   – What do you mean?

I reached inside the piss hole of his boxers and slipped his meat out of there.

   – What are you doing? he whispered, sounding alarmed.

I ignored him and delicately pulled his pole out of his fly.

   In my fantasy, his dick had impressive girth but was as short as Anthony was. He was also cut and had a dark, mushroom-sized dick head. I could feel his breathing becoming heavier and could see his abs pulsating under his t-shirt, like he was a little boy doing something naughty and worrying he’d get caught.

   – What are you doing? he asked again, his voice quivering. That won’t fix my zipper.

   – I’ll fix your fly later, I whispered, stroking his rock hard cock. I can’t pull your zipper up with your dick sticking out like that, now can I?

   Since we hadn’t had any sexual talk yet, even in my fantasy, he didn’t know I was bisexual so I didn’t want to scare him off.

   – What are you going to do? he whispered, his voice more excited and full of anticipation than with apprehension.

   – I’m going to do what you haven’t been able to do for yourself these last few days.

   I started tugging at his hard dick, squeezing it a little to add to the pleasure of the rubbing sensation.

   – Oh man, that feels so good… he whispered.

   I looked up at him. His eyes were turned up to the ceiling like he was thanking God for the ecstasy he was feeling. I kept jacking his dick and his hips started to fuck my fist. I was starting to feel that the friction from my dry hand might end up chafing more than it would actually do good. I kept thinking of how he’d feel later in the day and started licking my other hand, creating a better masturbation device and thinking, “wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I had one of those pocket pussies, right now?”

   When I changed hands, he almost didn’t notice. He gave one stroke mid-air and before you can say “cum”, my other hand was acting as a wet pussy, stroking his pole and bringing the hot semen to a boil in his hidden balls. Even in my fantasy, I remember thinking I wished I could play with them, but I had decided to concentrate on just jacking him off, letting him fuck my fist till he’d shoot.

   – Oh man, yeah! Ooooo… I need this so bad!

   I looked up at him and our eyes met.

   – Thanks for this, dude. You really know how to jack a cock, man.

   There was a mix of amazement and discomfort in his eyes. I thought it wasn’t the time to talk about anything gay.

   – That’s ‘cause I have one, too, I whispered, smiling.

   He chuckled and let his head fall back so that he could really enjoy the work of my hand.

   – Oh yeah! I haven’t been with a girl in over a year, dude. You gonna make me cum?

   – Sure, man. Yeah! That’s it. Fuck my hand. Gimme that load.

   My eyes focused on the slit in the middle of his cock head, concentrating on my cock-stroking, in hopes that I would witness each shot of cum as it came out of his beautiful knob.

   – Oh dude, yeah, I’m gonna cum. You’re gonna make me shoot!

  And just as I could feel the cum bubbling up from his balls and into his tube, without even thinking about it, I swallowed his pole, pushing my hand down one last time toward his pubes, and I felt the first gush of hot spunk hit the back of my throat like a garden hose getting turned on.

   – Aaaaaahhhh! he moaned a little too loudly.

   And I came, too, jacking off on my bed, not giving a shit that Anthony might have moaned too loudly because none of this had actually happened other than in my mind. Sure, once I’d cum for real, alone at home, I could afford to really go crazy in my fantasy and I imagined myself standing up and leaning down a little – because I’m at least 7 inches taller than Anthony – to kiss him full on the mouth and give him a surprise taste of his own cum… while my hands pushed his cock back into his jeans and pulled up the zipper of his fly, his eyes looking at me with bewilderment and his mouth unable to answer since covered with mine.

   Yeah. That was my fantasy sex with Anthony. What was really about to happen was even crazier as far as I’m concerned. But I’ll let you judge.


   A few weeks ago, on a Tuesday, the day after I’d once again jacked off to that fantasy of getting Anthony’s rocks off for him in a humanitarian way, Warren, the Mission’s director, asked me to work in the office instead of at the produce sorting tables as he needed my expertise to translate a letter from French to English. I was happy to oblige since, after all, why wouldn’t the Mission use my actual writing skills if that is what they needed most?

   Warren had me set up at a desk with a computer, in a small office, and emailed me the document that needed my attention. It was a bit strange not seeing the people I was accustomed to working with in the back, but I was fine with that. Nonetheless, thinking about Anthony being in the back kept gnawing at my brain and the memories of my fantasy kept pulling my concentration away from the work at hand.

   After about an hour, Anthony erupted in the office where I was working.

   – Hey man! I was looking for you everywhere!

   I chuckled, flattered that he wanted to see me and amused that I was basically right there, just not where I usually was.

   – Well, here I am…

   He chuckled, too, realizing that he’d been kind of silly bursting in like that and sounding almost like he was accusing me of trying to avoid him.

   – I have this really big favor I wanted to ask you, he said, and when I thought you weren’t here this morning, I started to worry ‘cause it’s kinda urgent.

   I couldn’t help but think, “You need me to pump your cock for you?”

   I laughed out loud and, by his reaction, I realized that was kind of weird.

   – I’m sorry. What can I help you with? I asked.

   He went on to explain that he had a daughter whom he didn’t have custody of and that he’d gotten a call from social services saying that he was allowed a supervised visit with her but needed transportation to get to the place because it was about a hundred miles away.

   – Are you free on Friday? It’s at 10 in the morning. I’ll pay for your gas and… maybe we could have lunch after?

   I know my eyes widened. They did, I’m sure. This was the last thing I was expecting. First, Anthony had a daughter? Okay. That’s alright. I have one, too, and I love her to pieces and couldn’t imagine not seeing her almost every day so I could totally relate to how important this visit was for him. Second, he was asking me to go with him? We barely knew each other but since I did want to know him better, I thought this would be a nice way to do that. Third, he was inviting me to lunch after? That almost sounded like a date.

   – Sure, I responded. Yeah. I’m free on Friday. I’d be happy to drive you.

   His eyes lit up.

   – Thanks so much, he said, sounding very relieved. Could you pick me up here at eight and we would go?

   – No problem.

   His eyes welled up a little as he got up and came around the desk. Spontaneously, I got up and he hugged me.

   – You have no idea what this means to me.

   The hug was really nice and the fact that I was attracted to him gave it a really different meaning for me than it did for him. I could feel the strong muscles of his back and I felt like exploring his whole body with my hands, which, of course, I could not do. His right cheek was resting on my chest and, slowly, but not in a sexual manner, I brought my hand up to base of his neck and slipped my fingers into his hair. He might have had a bad reaction to that, like that might be “too gay”, but he sort of relaxed in my arms, took in a deep breath and just let it out slowly like he was meditating, safely wrapped in strong arms that could make him feel comfortable.

   When we ended the hug, we agreed that he’d “friend” me on Facebook that night and would give me all the details about where we’d be going and everything.

   I was a bit dumbstruck for the rest of the day, but I felt that this turn of events definitely had potential for helping me bring my relationship with Anthony to a different level. I just didn’t want to take advantage of the situation like some sort of sexual predator. You know what I mean?


   That night, when I accessed my Facebook account, there he was. And there was the Friend request. He didn’t have trouble finding me as I was already Facebook friends with Warren and so was he.

   – Hey Gavin!

   – Hey Anthony!

   – I still can’t believe you said yes.

   – Why wouldn’t I? It’s not like you asked me to run naked in a park in the middle of winter.

   – LOL! Yeah, I wouldn’t ask you that… only in the summer. ;-)

   Wow! He was going along with my double-entendre humor.

   – But really. You could have said no. I thought you might be busy or … you’d find some kind of excuse because, well… we really don’t know each other that well.

   “It you only knew, my friend!” came to my mind but I didn’t dare type that.

   – You are really saving my ass.

   “Well, I’d love it if you saved your ass for me,” was the first clever thought that jumped into my head but again, I refrained from typing.

   – I’m happy to save your ass. It’s an ass worth saving, wouldn’t you say?

   Yeah. I couldn’t believe I had actually went that far myself. Either I was shooting myself in the foot or he would just laugh it off, right?

   – LOL. That’s what my ex used to say. She would always say that she liked my butt.

   I was happy my strategy had worked. We’d stayed on the subject of his ass.

   – Really? That’s hot.

   – Yeah. When I made love to her, she’d always be grabbing my butt cheeks and kneading them like bread dough that needed to be shaped, you know?

   Imagining him doing the nasty with his girl was making me hard. My cock twitched in my shorts.

   – Your butt cheeks don’t look like they need any molding. They look pretty good just the way they are.

   I was really going out on a limb, but he didn’t seem to catch on.

   – Yeah. They’re really firm ‘cause I do a lot of bike riding so my thighs, calves and butt are really tight.

   I swallowed hard. He probably had no idea how erotic it was for me to hear this and, at that point, I didn’t care.

   – Your shoulders and arms are in pretty good shape, too, I typed.

   – Thanks. That’s from all the manual labor at the Mission… and at my church.

   – Well, you certainly look good, that’s for sure.

   – Thanks, man.

   – And your ex probably loved kneading your firm butt cheeks and pulling you even closer to her so that she could feel your hard cock move inside her.

   – Yeah. I think you’re right. What I liked most was taking her doggy style ‘cause I’m really a butt guy, too. I just love looking down at a girl’s ass and holding on to her hips while I watch my cock going in and out of her hot pussy. You know what I mean?

   I gulped again and realized I had started rubbing my hardening meat through my shorts.

   – Sure I do. Who doesn’t like that?

   – Right? I even like spreading the butt cheeks a little so I can check out the girl’s butt hole winking at me.

   I couldn’t believe how cool it was that we were having this conversation. But hey, Facebook and all types of chats have a way of breaking down walls and making us less inhibited so I certainly wasn’t surprised.

   – That’s really hot, man, I wrote.

   I really did think it was hot even though when I have sex with a woman, my favorite position is her on top, riding my cock while I cup her tits and play with her nipples. I was definitely going to tell him that some other time.

   – Yeah, I love that, he continued typing. My ex would always let me take her from behind like that even though she said my cock felt better inside her when we were in the missionary position and she could play with my ass.

   I almost shot a load in my shorts right then and there. I couldn’t believe how bold he was, but to him, this was just gym locker chatter. Two guys shooting the breeze about girls and what they liked to do with them. I wanted to keep going but I was getting a reading of zero on the gay vibe detector.

   – It sounds like you had really satisfying sex with her.

   That wasn’t exactly the sexiest of lines, but I didn’t know what else to say without being utterly blunt.

   – Yeah, she was a really amazing lover. But now she’s gone back to the guy she left for me.

   – I remember you telling me that.

   – But I didn’t tell you how it started. I’ll save that for the trip to visit my daughter Friday. I still can’t believe you said yes.

   – There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for you, I ventured.

   – You’re like the Good Samaritan.

   – I guess… but with a bigger sex drive.

   – LOL. So does that mean I’ll have to pay for the gas by renting out parts of my body?

   – I’m not into extortion, don’t worry. Haha! You won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want.

   He gave me another “lol” and thanked me again for driving him to the visit.

   – Talk to you tomorrow, my friend, he wrote. And with all this sex talk we had, I hope you’ll be able to get to sleep.

   – Yeah, with all that sex talk, I’ll definitely need my favorite prescription for sleep: masturbation.

   He gave me the cheeky emoticon, a thumb’s up and a bunch of Zs to indicate he was going to bed.

   That night, I conjured up a massage fantasy in which Anthony complained to me about back pain related to all the heavy lugging of furniture at the Mission. In the fantasy, I told Anthony that I was a very good masseur although I couldn’t call myself a licensed massage therapist because I’d only learned a few tricks and pointers from one of my exes who was a certified massage professional. That really is true.

   – Trust me, I told him. I really think I can help you with your pain. Just take your shirt off and lie on your stomach.

   – Do you think you could work on my calves, too? I don’t know why but they are so tight. They have me walking like I have wooden legs.

   I was getting a wooden something else from this fantasy!

   – Sure I can do your calves, but you’ll have to take your jeans off.

   He quickly obliged and lay on my bed – yeah, he was at my house which doesn’t make sense but this is a fantasy, so give me some leeway, okay? – in his underpants. I took out my almond massage oil and rubbed some vigorously in my hands, making it hot before pressing down on his lower back so that the heat would relieve some of his pain. He moaned gratefully.

   – Oh yeah. That is what I need.

   I worked his lower back with my thumbs and noticed that he was grinding his pelvis against the mattress. I pretended I didn’t see what he was doing but it definitely gave me a major boner. I went up on his back, massaging with my whole hands, all the way to his neck and shoulders. He definitely seemed to like what I was doing.

   Then, I went for his legs, spreading them a bit and massaging his calves one by one, focusing my eyes on the pant legs of his boxers. I massaged my way to his knees and then worked his thighs even though he hadn’t asked me to give him a full-body massage.

   – Can you turn over so I can work on your calves from the front?

   There was a small hesitation before he said:

   – I can’t.

   – Why not?

   – Uh… because you gave me a hard-on.

   – Oh. Sorry about that.

   – You don’t have to be sorry. It’s cool, but… it’s kind of embarrassing.

   – Nah. Don’t worry about that. It’s actually pretty flattering that my hands were able to arouse you.

   He turned around and his meat was clearly outlined in his boxers, pushing upward and partially visible through the front hole in his underpants. I went back to massaging his calves without taking my eyes off his bulge. He was moaning and groaning in appreciation of my hands easing the knots out of his leg muscles. After a few seconds, Anthony reached inside the hole in his boxers with his right hand and pulled his hard pecker out, jacking it like he was alone in the room.

   – Yeah, dude. Work my legs while I work my cock.

    My eyes widened.

   I kept massaging him, my own cock pushing against the fabric of my pants. As I eased my way up toward his crotch, straddling his right leg and rubbing my junk against his flesh, one of my hands left Anthony’s leg to free my cock and balls. As I got to his boxers, I slipped my hands through the pant legs, massaging his inner thighs and his balls. Then, I grabbed the base of his cock from under his boxers.

   He lifted his head to look down at me.

   – What are you doing, dude?

   – Making you feel a hell of a lot better, I answered.

   – Yeah! Go for it, man.

   And I tilted the base of his dick toward my mouth so I could give him a full-rate blow job.

   While I jacked off, Anthony’s hips started bouncing on my bed in my fantasy. And before I knew it, I shot a hot load of cum all over my belly while Anthony’s cum rushed up his tube and inundated my mouth in my fantasy.

    I really didn’t have a hard time falling asleep.


   That Friday morning, at the appointed hour, I picked up Anthony at The Turn Around Mission, we stopped off at Tim Hortons to pick up coffee and something to eat for the road and we were on our way.

   – I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

   I felt like saying “stop talking about it and show me how much” but then I thought how ridiculous that sounded and how contradictory. If you are going to help somebody, you shouldn’t expect anything in return.

   – Don’t even mention it.

   On our way to the meeting point for Anthony’s visit with his daughter, we spoke mostly about her and how proud he was of her, even though his whole story with her mother wasn’t exactly the way he was expecting to have children. He explained that his relationship with Daphnee’s mother had been really tumultuous and, even though the sex had always been good, the rest of the relationship had been a real nightmare.

   – Now I have to find a girl who’ll give me great sex like Rachel, but a more stable, healthy life.

   I kept waiting for him to tell me about how the relationship had started but he wasn’t going there. Had he forgotten that he had said he’d tell me all about it during this trip? Was he waiting for the ride back to touch on this? I really didn’t know but I was certainly curious.


   When we got to Sherbrooke, we found the center where Anthony was to meet with Daphnee and I waited in the car, reading a magazine. After all, an hour isn’t that long and I preferred waiting just across the street in the car than driving around to find a coffee shop and then have Anthony look for me when he came out of the building.

   – So? How did it go?

   – It was totally amazing! She was so happy to see me. Check this out! I took pictures with my phone.

   He was so totally enamored of his little girl that he totally reminded me of how I feel about my own. A father’s love for his child is just overwhelming. It takes over your life. There is just nothing like it and Anthony’s enthusiasm made him all the more attractive to me.

   We decided to drive back half way before we stopped for lunch. We agreed on this cool Thai place we both liked and had a nice meal. When we got back in the car, I thought: “Okay, if I ever want to get to the bottom of the story of how he got involved with Rachel, it looks like I’ll have to ask straight out.”

   – Hey, man! Weren’t you supposed to tell me how Rachel and you first hooked up?

   – Oh yeah! Hahaha! Right! It’s funny because you’ve become such an important friend in my life that it sort of feels like you know everything about me.

   – That’s really sweet. I feel the same way about you.

   Now was not the time to add “and even more”.

   – So how did it happen?

   – Remember I told you she left me to go back to her ex? Well, she actually left him to start a relationship with me.

   – Really?

   – Yeah. But that’s not the half of it. That guy was my best friend. We used to hang around all the time. When he met Rachel and started dating her, I thought she was really hot and everything, you know, but I knew she was my best friend’s girl so I didn’t want to do anything to mess up our friendship, right?

   – Sure.

   – But then one night, we went out to a club with a bunch of friends and when we came out of there, we went to Trent’s place – that’s his name – and had a few more drinks, just Rachel, Trent and me. That’s when they started getting into some heavy kissing and petting and the first thing I knew, the whole thing was turning into a threesome.

   – Wow! How did that happen?

   Sure I was asking the question because I was curious and really wanted to know, but I was also really into what he was telling me and was getting aroused as hell.

   – When they started pulling their clothes off, I started getting hard.

   – No kidding! I said with plenty of irony in my voice.

   – No, really, he continued, making me realize he hadn’t gotten my subtlety. They were going at it like I wasn’t even there, but later, they told me that they were actually getting off on giving me a show.

   – Shit! This sounds like something right out of a porn flick!

   – I know, right? Trent pulled Rachel’s top off over her head and started nibbling at her nipples through her bra. She has these amazing tits, you know? I think I told you how hot they are, didn’t I?

   – You talked mostly about her butt cheeks. But keep going.

   I was hardly able to speak. I could feel my cock pressing against the bottom of the steering wheel while I drove and my heart pound in my chest like I was afraid to say something that would ruin the moment.

   – Then, he pulled them out of the cups without unhooking her bra or taking it off and those beautiful globes of flesh were hanging over the underwire. He licked and nibbled at her tits, sometimes pushing with his tongue into the flesh under her nipples, you know? That made her moan like crazy. I was like, getting a class on how to make Rachel moan and groan and satisfy her sexually, you know?

   – Sure. Yeah. Of course.

   I didn’t want to answer or talk. I just wanted him to keep telling me the story without asking me for my input, but that was the price I had to pay.

   – Then, while he kept licking, nibbling and sucking on her tits, he slipped his hand in her pants and started working her pussy.

   – Right in front of you? How did you not just pull out your cock and start jerking off?

   – I don’t know. I really felt like it.

   – Of course, you did! I’m just hearing you tell the story and I’m hard as hell.

   – You are? he asked with so much naivete in his voice that he almost sounded like a kid.

   – Shit yeah. Look.

   I pulled my right hand off the steering wheel so he could get a look at the bulge in my pants.

   – Wow! You look like you have a big cock.

   I felt like offering him to touch it, but since he was clearly straight, I decided against that.

   – It’s not that big, really, I said modestly, but your story is so hot, it’s just really hard, you know?

   I realized I had said “you know?” just like him and chuckled in my mind.

   – So what happened after that?

   – Oh… right…

   He paused for a moment and I looked over at him, catching him still staring at my bulge.

   – I, uh… well, Rachel looked over at me and smiled and she started grinding against Trent’s hand. She was moaning and groaning and I realized he was fingering her while still working his mouth on her tits. She looked down at my crotch and licked her lips.

   – That’s a sweet invitation if I’ve ever seen one.

   – Yeah! And when Trent saw that she was looking over at me, he looked over, too, and said: “You like what you see, ‘Tone?” That’s how he used to call me. So you can guess what I answered.

   – Yeah. Just hearing the story… I like what I’m hearing.

   – Shit! I’m getting hard remembering now. Check it out.

   He shifted in the passenger seat so that he was resting more on his hips.

   – Thinking of Rachel and that day still makes me want to jack off to this day!

   – I can understand.

   We both started rubbing our crotches while I kept driving and he kept telling his story.

   – Rachel lifted her butt off the couch to take off her pants and her panties and that’s the first look I got of her bare ass. Trent’s index and middle finger were both up her pussy and she put her left foot on the couch to turn and give me a better view of her cunt.

   He bit into the word “cunt” as if he wasn’t talking only about her vagina but also about the bitch it belonged to.

   – Instead of just moving his fingers inside her, Trent started pulling them in and out like if he wanted them to look like a cock fucking her. Then he looked at her and said, “That make you feel good, baby?” She moaned and turned to me and he said: “You getting off on this, man?” And I remember I swallowed hard. My heart was racing.

  – Sure. My heart is racing right now, I said.

  – It is?

  I could see he’d started staring at my crotch again so I made my cock twitch in my pants. I heard him swallow hard.

  – That’s when Rachel opened Trent’s pants and pushed them down with his underwear and his cock popped out. I couldn’t resist anymore and I took off my pants, too. I really used every inch of control I had not to touch my dick, you know? I just stood there, my thing pointing upward and looking Rachel in the eyes.

   I was just about to lose it.

  – Do you mind if I take the next exit to get some gas?

   That was just an excuse to get off the road because I felt my concentration was starting to fail.

   – Sure. Anything you need.

   – Anything? I repeated with a chuckle.

   He chuckled, too, and I caught him blushing in the corner of my eye.

   – Anyway… I came closer and, just when I thought that Rachel would take my cock in her hand, it was actually Trent that pulled his fingers out of her wet pussy and lubricated my dick with her juices.

   – Holy shit!

   – Yeah. I was really surprised, too. He started making my cock wet and and then, without letting go of me, he positioned himself so that he could slip his cock in her pussy and my cock in his mouth.

   – What? He gave you a fucking blowjob while he fucked her?

   – Yeah! And it was one of the best blowjobs I ever got.

   I couldn’t take it anymore. I came upon the exit and drove off the highway. Thankfully, this was a really small, rural area where very little cars got off. I didn’t care about the gas anymore. I just pulled over in a spot where there were plenty of trees.

   – Are you alright? He asked, his voice sounding worried. Did I say anything wrong?

   – No. You did everything right.

   I leaned over and rubbed his crotch, my eyes looking deeply into his.

   – What are you doing?

   He didn’t push me away but was looking at me like this was the last thing he was expecting.

   – You’re really good at telling a story.

   His breathing was getting heavier.

   – But it’s ‘cause it’s the truth.

   – I know.

   – I… I didn’t know you…

  – I'm bisexual? Yeah. Are you okay with that?

  – Uh… sure, but… that was my only time with a guy.

   At this point, I really didn’t care about the end of the story of what had happened with Rachel and Trent. I was hoping there'd be time for that some other time. I just wanted to get to his cock.

   – That’s okay.

   I unbuttoned his pants and realized his zipper was up. I guess these were his good jeans… When I pulled the fly down, he unbuckled his seat belt, lifted his butt off the seat and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees, releasing his rock hard cock which snapped against his t-shirt. I grabbed it with my left hand to take stock of it. He breathed in sharply. I noticed his cock had left a spot of pre-cum on his t-shirt and a trail of the translucent stuff was connecting his cock head to his belly.

   I don’t know what got into me, but I picked up the gooey liquid with my index and middle finger – the same two Trent had used to fuck Rachel – and brought my fingers to Anthony’s mouth, rubbing his spunk on his lips like it was lip balm. He looked at me with a mix of surprise and amazement. Before licking his lips. I smiled at him and went down on his cock, savoring the above-average length of his manhood.

   – Oh my God! Yes! That feels so great!

   I couldn’t believe my fantasies were actually coming true, even though we weren’t following any of the scripts line by line. But who gave a shit about that? I certainly was just happy to be sucking his cock and if nothing else was to come of this, I was fine with that.

  After only what seemed like a few seconds, he started breathing even more quickly and moaning louder.

   – Oh man, are you sure this is okay? Uuuuhhhhh… Should we be doing this?

   I took my mouth off his cock to answer him.

   – It’s okay, Anthony. Just enjoy it, alright?

   – But I’m gonna cum. I…

   – Don’t worry about it.

   – God, it’s been so long since I’ve been with someone.

   – I know. It’s okay. Just let it happen.

   I thought I saw tears in his eyes.

   – You really are an amazing friend.

   – I’m just really as aroused as you are because of what you were telling me.

   I gave his cock a few strokes with my hand and he closed his eyes, moaning with pleasure. I leaned down again and engulfed his manhood in my mouth.

   – Mmmmm…. This feels sooooo good, man.

   My mouth bobbed up and down on his cock but I wanted to really taste and feel each inch of his hard pole in my mouth. I pulled it out and pulled the foreskin off his cock head – realizing that he was uncut, which was different from my fantasy. I didn’t mind because he was definitely clean and his cock juice was sweet.

   – I… I… stop. I… I’m gonna cum.

   I released his cock again.

   – I’m okay with that. Do you want to cum?

   – Yes.

   – You wanna cum in my mouth?

   – Oh man, yes!

   In a moment of craziness that could have gone very badly, I kissed him softly on the lips and he half smiled at me, as though he didn’t know what to do with that. I smiled at him and caressed his cheek softly. Then, without another word or gesture, I wrapped my lips around his cock head again and enjoyed the pulsating sensation of his man meat beating like a love-sick heart in my mouth.

   Since he seemed to be enjoying this and considering the fact that he hadn’t been touched sexually in many mouths – over a year, he'd said –, I knew he was more vulnerable to ejaculating too quickly. I knew he was probably dying to bust a nut and I certainly was dying to give him that pleasure, but I also felt that he would want this to last as long as it could. I started playing with his ball sac as I sucked, licked, nibbled on his gorged cock.

   – Mmmm…. Thank you so much. Mmmm… Oh! How I’ve missed this! Yeah. Suck me!

   Those last words sounded a bit strange, but it also felt almost like he was saying “kiss me!” like he wished I would if it wasn’t “such a gay thing to do”. I didn’t think about that for too long, but every time I felt his balls tighten up against the base of his cock, I gently tugged at them to delay his orgasm. I knew I was probably driving him crazy but, all the while driving him wild.

   – Ooooohhhh! You’re gonna make me cum! You’re gonna make me cum!

   I made a ring with my thumb and index, above his balls at the base of his cock and I pulled, interrupting his explosion once again.

   – Ugh! No, please, let me cum! Please!

    I released the pressure of the ring and intensified the pressure of my sucking.

   – Oh my God, yes! Suck it. Make me cum. Your mouth is so hot.

   I literally felt his balls come back up to the base of his cock, his dick swell up to horse-choking proportions and heard his moans and groans intensify to deafening levels.

   – I’m gonna explode. I’m gonna cum in your mouth.

   He did. He exploded with all his might and I swallowed every drop of his delicious cum. But I wasn’t ready to stop. I kept on licking and sucking his cock, driving each nerve end of his knob to send spasms to every other nerve in his body. He shivered, trembled, quivered and tried to pull my head away, not able to take any more stimulation. I just didn’t let him pull me off.

   – Stop, man. Uh! I can’t take it anymore.

   But his cock was giving no sign of wanting to rest. When I did finally let him go, he started jerking off!

   I thought that was cool because I certainly felt like releasing a bit of tension myself so I sat back in the driver’s seat, pushed the seat back a bit and pulled off my own pants. My cock popped out and I joined Anthony in a jack-off session, using my abundant pre-cum to lubricate myself.

   – I like your cock, Gavin, he said.

   – I like yours, too.

   – Yeah. I saw that.

   We chuckled and continued jacking off. We both shot a load and, before I could realize what was happening, Anthony kissed me on the mouth. When I opened my eyes, completely stunned, he looked down at me and said:

   – Thank you. For the ride… and for the ride. I really needed both.


   The following Tuesday, when I was at the Mission for my usual volunteer work, Anthony and I exchanged a few knowing glances and I got a feeling we would probably hook up again very soon. Then, when I went back in on the Thursday, I found Anthony making out with the girl from the thrift shop behind the bunch of vertically-stored couches. When he caught a glance of me over the girl’s shoulder, he started caressing and kneading her butt, reminding me of how much of a butt man he really is.

   If he was inviting me to turn this into a threesome, he chose the wrong girl. She really isn’t my type.