All the Shades of White - Part 3

"You heard me.  Take off all your clothes.  You can put them in the box in the closet over there and then lock the closet door and bring me the key."

"Yes, Ms. White," mike replied in a quivering voice.  With his back to her and undressed and put all of his clothes in the box, slid the box into the closet, and locked the door.  He walked back with the key in hand, looking down, and with his free hand trying to modestly hide is cock.  He handed her the key and she said, "Stand up straight and put your hands at your sides."

He did.  She giggled, "I see that you are quite aroused by this and we haven't really begun."

As she reached out and lightly caressed his cock she said, "Very nice cock.  Very handsome and I just love those long hanging balls of yours."  As she said that she released his cock, palmed his balls, and lifted them gently.  "Heavy.  The must be full.  When was the last time you cam?"

He stammered slightly, "It's been a while, I don't remember when."

She tugged on them and said, "Liar you remember exactly when you came last.  Now tell me me when and under what circumstances."

"Ok, Ms. White, thirteen days ago and I, uhh you know, took care of it myself."

She laughed, "Say it.  Don't be shy about it."

He swallowed hard and turned a deep red.  "Ms. White, I jacked off."

"Honestly is always the best policy with me, Michael."  Her finger tip made a little circle right behind his balls and in front of his anus.  He sighed softly.  

"Hmmm.  Like that, do we?"  She circled him again.  She moved her hand, "Turn around."

He did as was instructed.  When his back was turned to her she said, "Bend over and spread your cheeks."  He was totally embarrassed but, did what he was told.  As he stood there he felt her finger tip circle his anus and push gently against it.  He jumped slightly.  

He heard her laugh.  "Are you an anal virgin?"  

"Uh what do you mean, Ms. White?"

She pushed her finger a little harder into his anus and she said, "Have you ever been butt fucked?  Had a finger or fingers, a vibrator, or butt plug up your ass.?

"No, Ms. White.  Never."

"Well that will change and soon you will discover the pleasure of anal sex.   You may stand up and turn around."  

"Kneel."  He knelt down in front of her and as he did she ran her finger tips over his nipples.  He let a soft moan escape his lips.  She did it again and once again he sighed.  

"Nice.  I like a man with sensitive nipples.  A few strokes and they are rock hard."  She stood and turned around.  "Unzip my dress!"  

He reached up and slid the zipper down.  "Stand and take my dress off."  

He stood and removed her dress.  She was left standing in her thigh highs and heels.  She had beautiful breasts with elongated nipples.  A nice waist and a shaved pussy.  

"Fold my dress neatly, and lay it on the couch."  He did as he was told and then came to her.  She patted his cheek and asked, 
Like what you see?"  

"Yes, very much Ms. White.  Very much."

"I never wear underwear.  Waste of time and money.  Kneel."  He knelt again as she raised her foot.  Take my shoe off and then remove my stocking.  He removed her shoe and gently rolled his stockings down her leg.  "Now kiss my foot, and then suck on each toe."  

He held her foot in his hands and began to kiss her foot.  Once he had kissed her foot he began to suck on each brightly polished toe.  As he did she smiled and said, "You are enjoying this I can tell.  Your cock is straining and you have a large drop of precum at the tip."  

"Yes Ms. White, I find your feet very sexy.  It is my pleasure to love them."

"I don't want that precum on my floor, so please wipe it with your fingertip and then suck it off in  your mouth."

He looked at her for a moment and then slowly caught his secretions on the tip of his finger.  He lifted it to his mouth, opened his mouth, close his eyes, and put his finger in his mouth.  It had a mild salty taste.  

"Not so bad was it?"

"No Ms. White."

"No my other foot."  He then repeated the process on the other foot.  Lovingly kissing it and sucking on each toe.  When he was done she patted him on the head and said, "Such a good boy."  She leaned back  and put her legs over the arms of the wing-back chair.  There before him was her pussy and ask cheeks spread wide.  The sight was magnificent.  She had a rather large clit that poked out from its hood, like a tiny cock.  

"Let's see how good you are at orally satisfying me."

He leaned down and inhaled.  Her scent as overwhelming.  It was rich, musky, so inviting.  He placed little kisses over her upper thighs and then along the lips of her shave pussy.  He leaned back for a moment and say that she was glistening.  He was proud that he made her so wet so quickly.  

He leaned back, opened his mouth, flattened his tongue and licked slowly from her anus to he clit.  It was a long, agonizingly slow lick.  He then lowered his head and repeated the process.  He licked her like that for several minutes and then she pulled his head forward right into her pussy.  He rolled his tongue and pushed it into her pussy and moved his tongue around inside of her.  She moaned with pleasure.  He kept it up and then removed his tongue only to replace it quickly with his finger.  He pushed his finger in and pressed up and he leaned back and began to slowly lick her clit.  She began to mover her hips and moan louder.  

The more he licked the more she moaned and moved her hips.  She was producing a great deal of honey and he lapped it down as he licked her.  She began to move her hips up into his face and she said, "That's my good boy."

He began to press his tongue harder into her clit and she moaned even louder.  He looked up and she was rolling her nipples between thumb and finger tips as she moved her hips up and down off the chair faster and faster.  As he licked she moved her legs off the arms of the chair and pressed her thighs around his head as she placed her feet on his back.  

She pushed up again and this time held her hips off the chair as she did she said,"Oh fuck!"  Her hips began to buck up and down and he felt her ejaculate into his waiting mouth.  He kept licking and swallowing as she came.  Her hips bucked up and down and then she began to come down from her orgasmic high.  She gently pushed his head away and lowered her legs and feet to the floor.  He placed one more kiss on her pussy and then leaned back.  His face was covered with her nectar.  

Her body glistened with perspiration.  He breathing was labored but slowing down.  He was proud of himself and the way in which he pleased her.  She finally opened her eyes and smiled.  "That was very good my little one.  Very good."  I think it's time for a reward.  Lie down at the foot of my chair."

He lay down on his back, his cock pointing up toward his face.  She raised her foot, pressed his cock into his belly and began to stroke his cock up and down.  He had never had a woman do it but there was something very erotic about it.  He put his arms under his head so he could watch as her foot moved up and down his cock.  It felt good and he looked up at her as she moved her foot.  

"Enjoying it?"

"Yes, Ms, White, I am."

"Good, but don't you dare cum until I tell you it's all right."  

As she moved her foot she poured another glass of wine for herself, grabbed a remote and pressed a button and from the speakers came a very soft sound of jazz.  She smiled as she sipped her wine and keep her foot moving up and down his cock.  It was perfect and he was lost in all the senses as he was overwhelmed.  Her scent still in his nose and her taste still on his lips.  

She kept moving and now Mike began to move his hips as he came closer to coming.  

"Don't cum yet."

"Yes, Ms. White."  

Mike was staring at the ceiling and thinking of all kinds of different things to get his mind of his impending orgasm.  But he was losing.  

Then suddenly he felt her other foot move to his chest and with her toes she began to caress his nipples.  The feeling from her toes on his nipples and her foot moving up and down his cock brought him ever closer.

"Ms. White, May I cum?"

She smiled and asked, "What's the magic word?"

"Ms. White, may I please cum?"

She giggled and took a sip of wine.  "Make it extra special."

"Ms. White pretty please with a cherry to top, may I cum."

"Yes, Michael you may cum."

"Thank you."  He closed his eyes and gave in to the feeling.  He played over in his mind all that happened. He could still smell her and taste her.  He could feel her toes and pussy on his lips.  Her feet doing these amazing things to his body and then it happened.  He exploded.  He came so hard his hips came up off the floor.  His cum spurting out covering his chest and stomach.  He grunted and moaned as he came until finally he could cum no more.  His arms limp at his side.  Body and mind totally at peace.  

He finally opened his eyes and looked at her.  She smiled and he smiled back.  He felt her toes playing with the cum on his chest and tummy.

"Thank you Ms. White."  She smiled and said, "You have made quite a mess here."  She lifted her cum covered foot his face and said, "Be a darling and clean me up."

He stuck out his tongue and began to lick his cum off her feet.  It tasted almost identical to his precum excpet that it was thicker.  He licked and then she would dip her toes back in.  She did that until she could take no more cum off his body.

You may rise and sit in the chair.  He did and she poured another glass of wine for both of them.  They drank in silence until she finally said, "Well what did you think this experience?'

"I found it totally exhilarating.  I hope I can continue to serve you for many days to come."  

She smiled, "We will see."  It is time for bed.  They rose.  "Grab my clothes, darling and follow me."  He did and followed her to another part of the house.  She pointed to a room with a bed and an attached bathroom.  "This will be your room.  Do you shower in the evening or morning?"

"In the evening."

"Not tonight darling.  You will sleep covered in my cum and in yours.  When you rise in the morning, you will shower and come into my room at 8 a.m.  You will bring me coffee and toast, lightly buttered.  After I am done with my coffee and breakfast you will bring me a razor and cream and I will shave you so that you are presentable."  She pointed to the other room.  It has a king,  four poster, canopied bed.  A recliner, TV, and cd play with speakers.  An attached bathroom wit shower and two person whirlpool tub.  

"This is my room.  You never ever unless you are invited to told to come in."  She patted him on the head and said, "8 a.m. I hate tardiness.  She took her clothes from him and told him to go to bed.  He watched her close the door and then went back to his room.  He turned off the light and climbed into bed.  

He lay there thinking about the evening and suddenly he got hard.  He thought about masturbating but decided he'd better not.  He set the alarm for seven and drifted off to sleep.