What She Needs to Hear

Info EroNoire
25 Oct. '19

*Sometimes a little encouragement is helpful ;)


She laid down, relishing in the feel of the plush sheets against her freshly washed and moisturized deep brown skin. Running her fingers down her body, she rested her hands on her perky breasts to gently twist her nipples. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was him. The calluses on his hands would create more friction then her soft ones, but they would just have to suffice. Nimble fingers travelled down her stomach, admiring the way her soft skin covered the toned muscle underneath. Becoming more immersed into the scene she was creating, her fantasy began to overlap with reality. Her fingers became his lips. The words she whispered to herself, fell from his mouth instead. 

"So beautiful"

The heat of his words tickled her skin. His lips trailed lower and lower down her body, leaving wet kisses in their wake. Dragging his nose against the hairs on her mound, he inhaled her scent. "Mmmm." The vibrations of his groan reverberated through her body. Like liquid gold, that was the only way to describe how she felt. Her body was hot, malleable, and ready to take on the shape of whatever he desired. She hummed back in delight as his tongue snaked out to tease her hardened bud. 

"Your honeypot is already dripping for me." His words were thickened with lust. "You like when I touch you like, don't you baby?" 

"Mmmm, yes" she panted out. 

Warm pussy juices leaked from her lips and down the slit of her ass. His tongue followed the path. He hiked up and folded her lean legs into her body, granting him more access to her puckered asshole. Gently, his tongue teased it until it opened just a bit more. 

"Relax baby, you're safe with me. I'm here to bring you pleasure." 

A deep groan erupted from the recesses of her body as his tongue entered. The fingers of his left hand rubbed circles on her clit, and his right began to tease her folds. All the while his tongue continued to explore the nerves of her asshole. The feelings flowing through her were absolutely amazing. He was working so hard to please her...so hard...to please just her. 
Bad thoughts began to creep into her mind. "You're taking too long..."; "Hurry up and cum already!"; "How long do you think he can stay down there?"; "You know you're not going to cum."

She had become so lost in the sea of doubt that she hadn't even realized he stopped. He could sense the tension rise in her body like a cord being wound up from both ends. Her breathing wasn't as labored. Her juices didn't coat his hand. He had to reel her back in. The sound of his commanding voice pulled her out and saved her from drowning. 

"Baby, listen to me...focus on the sound of my voice." Immediately her subconscious began to respond; her body relaxing as he spoke, slowly unwinding. "All you need to think about is how good you feel. How good what I'm doing to you feels, and nothing else. It doesn't matter how long you take. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy it. Just relax and let me take care of you. Okay?" 


Slowly, he returned to playing her body like an instrument. Lapping at her pulsing clit, while stroking that special spot within her. She focused her attention on the pleasure that radiated from her center with each stroke of his fingers. 

"Oooohhh god" she moaned out, unable to contain herself. 

"I love the way you moan for me baby, come on, let it out."

"I think I'm gonna..fuck..I'm gonna.."

"Cum baby, cum for me" 

Her walls pulsed and clenched and her legs shook. Eyes rolling back as her orgasm crashed into her. Wave after wave, she rode it out until it finally calmed. Her body relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. 

As she opened her eyes, her fantasy faded away and she was faced with reality. Her skin was slick with sweat. Her legs splayed open, in between them laid her vibrator and butt plug. 

"Will I ever meet someone who will tell me what I need to hear?" she asked no one as she began to clean up.