Summer Breathes by the Lake (My 1st girl on girl encounter)

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15 Aug. '16

Summer Breathes by the Lake

 In the Sunshine State of Florida, where the weather is almost never dull, I reside in a small town with my two kids. Being a divorced mom in my early 40-s had never been more difficult, with lovely couples and happy families everywhere I went. To get away from all the activities of my daily life, I often go down by the quiet lake about 20 minutes from my house- only bringing along a simple book to help pass the lonesome time.

But that Wednesday afternoon came unlike any other. The air felt lighter, the kids were at their aunt’s house for a few days, and I felt like just having a drink down by the lake me myself and I, reminding myself that I didn’t need a man to put a smile on my face or to look beautiful anymore. So there I was, sipping gracefully from my glass when she walked up behind me and said, “Such lovely hair!” I quickly turned around in surprise to see her majestic face. Her baby blue eyes just glistening without the need of the sun. “Well, thank you!” I exclaimed with a smile. “Do you mind if I sit down?” she asked, “I’m Summer!” “Absolutely not,” I interrupted “Go right ahead, I could use some company. I’m Lindsay.” We sat there on the ground sharing champagne from my single glass and sharing stories, as our laughter and concern filled the air. Before we knew it, it was night fall and we were wrapped up in each other’s company not wanting the good time to end.

“You know for my 25th birthday, a friend of mine gave me a pink dildo with a note that said ‘who needs a man when you have this’!” she chuckled as she whipped a 9” dildo from her purse. I was in shock, grasping for air, “Wow…ummm that’s great…I guess,” I slowly responded, “Have you tried it out yet?” “Not yet,” she replied, “I haven’t the person to test it on but I was thinking maybe…” she moved closer and her lips met mine with a soft kiss. Her lips smooth, and softer than a baby’s bum. She had me speechless. One of such beauty and charm could have anyone she wanted, but she was here sharing this awesome time with me. “You’re so beautiful!” she told me, while running her fingers through my hair, “I just want to taste you, all of you!” She bit my lips, and slowly began to stroll kisses along my neck. Her hands gently gripping my breast as I softly moaned with my head upon her shoulder. I had never done this before with a woman, but heaven knows how hot and bothered she made me, and there was no stopping her now.

I gently gripped her waist, as she whispered naughty words in my ears of what she was going to do to me. The fire inside me grew wider, and I was dying to see what was beneath her pretty red dress. I pulled it over her head to reveal her gorgeous body, deep curves, and smooth soft skin that was barely kissed by the sun. I wrapped my tongue around her nipples and sucked on her succulent breast as her fingers slipped beneath my dress and fondled my clitoris. I was soaking wet, wetter than I could remember ever being. She took my dress off, and kissed all over my body steadily, not wasting a single moment. I lay my head back, opened my legs and moaned as her lips gently kissed my entrance, and her tongue slowly made its way inside my opening. I felt my body weakened as showers poured into her mouth as she sucked my pussy harder and harder, swallowing my juices each time her mouth became full. Her right hand gripping my breast tenderly, I begged her not to stop. She grabbed the dildo that was patiently waiting there to the side of us, and slipped it inside me. My muscles tightened around it, as I let myself go completely, grinding back and forth in a circular motion, while she struck it deeper and deeper inside me. She was reaching spots I never knew existed. I was cumming hard, and she muzzled her face in it, licking up the juices as they came down. She climbed upon my heated body covered in sweat, and kissed me. “Taste the fine art of your pussy juice,” she instructed me, “Your ex-husband was a fool to let this get away.” Her words did something to me. I was unable to control the electricity running through my veins from each touch, each kiss. I flipped her over, with her buttocks in the air, doggy style, and reached my head beneath her to taste her fine juices. I sucked on her pussy lips as she came all over my face. With one finger in her ass hole, I grabbed the dildo and pierced deep into her tight, wet pussy. She moaned softly, “Oh my god, it feels so good; please don’t stop.” I continued to stroke her. She made soft whispers and sighs, biting her lips hard, as I pumped the dildo inside her in 1-2 rhythm. I put the toy to the side, lay her on her back, and continued to kiss and suck on her delicious pink pussy lips. She tasted like my favorite cupcake covered in sweet icing. I slid one finger in, watching her body digest it gracefully, then two- as she grinded up and down on it, 3 fingers- 4, subtle movements until my whole fist was inside her. I felt every contraction; her wet, slippery pussy tightened on my hand as she moaned while her tongue wandered about in my mouth- screams of passion, kisses of seduction- all the way to climax. We lay on top of each other, rolling on the grass that became our bed, kissing each other wildly like hungry pythons to a prey. Our heated bodies filled the air with hot aroma. We smiled at each other, knowing what we had done, was intense and mind-blowing and we would be damned if it ended there.

We got dressed and walked hand in hand on the back-roads to my house. We went inside. We knew what was about to happen again and we both wanted it to. “Nobody can know about this, Summer” I told her. She smiled, “It will be our little secret then, Lindsay…” Her tongued reached to the back of my throat, as she braced me against the front door, slipped her hand beneath my dress, and felt the warm, wet, steaming pussy she had left. Our clothing hit the floor-; sounds of squeezing and touching on each other up-roared as we made our way to my bedroom, bumping into almost every decorative piece of furniture there was, and leaving our stained signature all over my floor and my satin sheets. We had passionate and unforgettable sex- the best I’ve ever had- through the whole night and many more nights that came.