Luck Be A Lady Ch.6

I still held Kate’s boobs in my hands, enjoying their firm abundance. “I enjoy playing with your tits, Kate. It gives me pleasure,” I said, holding her fast.

 “My tits are yours for your enjoyment and pleasure, mistress,” Kate replied, her eyes lowered.

“Good. I’m going to titty-fuck you.” She lifted her eyes, her eyebrows knit. “I’ll show you how.” I climbed on board.

“Squeeze your tits together, Kate. Like this,” I said as I scrunched her together.

“Yes, ma’am.”

I slid up and began to rub myself on her engorged left nipple. After a while I switched to the right one.

“Keep those tits together,” I warned.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kate replied in her subservient voice.

“Good girl.” I continued forcefully rubbing my wetness all over her gorgeous tits. I felt I was riding a bronco. Before long I released an abundant orgasm, further wetting Kate’s boobs. I dismounted and took her boobs in my hands.

“That’s how a girl titty-fucks a girl,” I told her as I pushed her right nipple to her mouth and made her lick my secretions off of it. I repeated with the left nipple.

“Did you like it?” I asked as she slid her tongue over her nipples.

“I loved it.”

“Good. I’m not ready to sit on your face yet. You’re going to give me one of your excellent massages and shower me with kisses while I recover.” I released her tits and dismounted. I rolled onto my back.

Kate began a sensuous massage. Starting with my shoulders, she then fondled my boobs and continued south, with kisses following her soft hands. She arrived at my vagina and pulled me open. Between gentle kisses she blew lightly between my lips. She knew exactly how to please me.

“I don’t want to finish yet. I’m going to come on your face later,” I promised her.

“Ooh, yes ma’am,” Kate cooed.

“Massage my legs and feet,” I ordered her.

Kate obeyed and slowly worked down my legs, kissing me all the way. She took my feet in her hands one by one and rubbed her thumbs in my arches. She massaged my instep and heels all the while kissing my feet. She inserted her tongue between my toes before sucking each toe individually, then taking several at a time in her mouth. I emitted some audible sighs.

“Does this pleasure you, mistress?”

“Oh, yes, it does,” I groaned. “I’m going to make you do this every time.”

“I’d be happy to,” was her muffled reply with my toes in her mouth.

After she finished with my feet I ordered her onto her back.

“I’m going to sit on your face now, my pretty,” I told her.

“Ooh, I love that,” she beamed, all smiles. She put two pillows under her head. “So I can be closer to your sweetness.”

I mounted her and situated myself on her face. “Hold out your tongue, Kate,” I ordered. She obeyed. I bounced on her face a while, sliding up and down her stiffened tongue.

“You’re so cute with your face between my thighs.”

“Thank you, mistress,” Kate replied. She then reached for something in the drawer of the night table and handed it to me. It looked like a small fly swatter.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a riding crop.”

“What do I do with it?”

“Anything you want, mistress.” 

“Hmm. Lick my clit,” I said as I examined the riding crop.

She dragged her tongue up my slit and found my clitoris. She teased it the way only she knows how to tease it. I couldn’t stifle a moan.

“Good girl,” I praised. As I did, I took the riding crop and turning slightly, I administered a light spanking on her bald pussy. I rode her pretty face and gently spanked her vagina as I kept repeating “Good girl.”

“Do you like this spanking”?

“Oh, yes, mistress. A little harder, please. She’s been a bad girl.”

“Keep your legs open.” Kate lifted her feet into the air and spread wide. “Good girl.” I said as I increased the intensity, all the while riding her wet face.

Kate soon exploded in an orgasmic fit. Inspired by her intensity, I was near.

"You want me to come in your mouth, my pretty?" I asked.

"Oh, please do mistress," she begged. The way she implored is what brought me over the edge.

"Open wide." Kate enthusiastically obeyed, stretching her mouth as wide as possible.

I released a giant orgasm. Kate tried to catch it, to not much avail; I squirted all over her face. 

I rode her a while longer, rubbing my sex into her pores. Then totally spent, I rolled off of her. We kissed.

“How was that?” I asked her as I lightly rubbed my fingers on her wet face.

“I loved it,” Kate replied sincerely. “I needed that,” she continued, still panting slightly. “I’ve wanted to submit to a girl forever. Thank you for giving me the chance. We have to do that again.”

“We will,” I assured her. “We’ll keep our role playing a secret from Tom, but in our next three way, when I screw your boyfriend on your face, I’m going to make you suck his come out of me.”

“Oooh, I can’t wait.”

Kate’s face was a wreck. We got up and cleaned off.