All the Shades of White: Part 5

Info TomDunson1948
18 Nov. '19

It was ten when Michael entered his bedroom.  He was going to take a shower but then remembered he would have to shave in the morning so he decided to shower and shave then.  He washed his face, brushed his teeth and climbed into bed setting his cell phone down next to him.  H grabbed a book that he had brought with him.  It was a historical novel about World War 1.  

It was nearly mid-night when he turned out the lights and his phone rang.  It was Jean.  "Pet, would you please come in here.  I need you."

Michael got out of bed and walked naked into her bedroom.  She was lying there with the bedside table light on.  "I just can't sleep, Michael.  Be a darling and give me a back rub and then read to me."  He bowed his head as she rolled over on her stomach.  Arms at her side she pushed the covers down just to the tops of her curvy hips and ass.  He filled his hand with lavender lotion and warmed the lotion in his hands before applying it to her back.  

He straddled her hips as he began to massage her neck and shoulders.  His erection rested on the small of her back and as he massaged her his cock moved up and back across the soft skin of her lower back.  She sighed softly as he massaged and then moved to her shoulder blades.  The area between the spine and shoulder blades was tense and as he massaged there with his fingertips he felt the tension beginning to leave her body.  

She mumbled about what a good job he was doing as he worked his way down her spine to the small of her back.  Her body was warm and smooth.  Tender to the touch.  He loved the scent of the lavender and her own erotic aroma.  The two scents mixed and left him in a state of dripping arousal.  As he slid off her body he had left a small wet spot on the small of her back.  He swiped it with his finger and licked it clean.  He covered her back up and stood next to her.  

"Thank you so very much Michael.  There is a book there.  Filled with sensual and erotic poems.  I'd like you to read to me til I fall asleep.  And don't forget, shaved, showered, and my breakfast by 8.  I am having some guests over for a luncheon. You will prepare and serve.  You may sit while you read."

Michael opened the book at began to read the sensuous poems out loud.  As he read he saw her and heard her breathing become more rhythmic.  While she relaxed he became more aroused.  His nipples and his cock were hard as the poetic images ran through his head.  He was beside himself with lust and desire and while he thought about masturbating when he got back to his room he realized that somehow Jean would know and he would be in trouble.  He remembered the "three strike rule" she had laid out for him.  

He read for nearly forty-five minutes when he realized she was fully asleep.  He closed the book and put it on the bedside table.  He pulled the covers up a bit more on her and tucked her in.  He turned out the light and quietly returned to his room.   He checked the alarm to make sure it was on and set for the right time.  He fell asleep feeling good about taking such good care of Jean.  

The alarm went off at six-thirty and he rose.  Emptied his bladder and took a nice long, hot shower.  He then shaved himself bare.  Went to the kitchen and made coffee and toast.  Just before eight he knocked on her door.  He heard her say come in and as he entered she was walking back naked from her bathroom to her bed.  She was lovely with a very sexy body and his cock sprung to life as he gazed at her.  Once settled he set the tray down and poured her coffee.  

She thanked him for last night and for breakfast.  As she ate she told him to sit down.  "Michael, I am having two friends of mine over for lunch today.  I would like you to serve us.  We will have a fresh chicken Caesar Salad, garlic bread, and white wine.  We will eat in the dinning room and you will serve us our meal.  No need to be shy, both my fiends know about my pets  and are very accepting."

Michale swallowed hard.  This was something he was not expecting.  It was bad enough when Jean's sister used him yesterday but this would be even worse.  As he was thinking his thoughts were interrupted.  

"Michael, I am very pleased with the way you are handling yourself and serving me.  I know we are only three days in, but how do you feel things are going so far.  And please be honest with me."

"Ms. Jean I must admit I have gone up and back in my feelings.  From amazement to nervousness, from embarrassment to arousal.  I am enjoying our relationship.   As I am enjoying this more and more I am hoping that I do not make any mistakes that will cause  you to let me go.  I am sure I will still be getting nervous as new things develop but I know that if I can get through I, you will be happy."

She smiled, "That makes me very happy Michael.  Come back in half an hour and you can help bathe me."  He rose to his feet lowered his dead and said, "Yes, Ms. Jean."

He went to the kitchen and checked the supplies.  There were salad makings. dressing, skinless chicken that he would prepare and add to the salad, garlic bread, and a bottle of pinot grigio.  He looked at the clock and headed back to her bedroom.  He knocked and her door and  she called him in.  

He took he tray from her and set it on the bedside table.  He drew her bath with hot water and the lavender bubble bath.  He then got her robe, a towel and turned back the bedcovers.  She rose and he followed her into the bathroom.  He helped her into the tub and stood by as she sunk down in the bubbled water to her neck.  She closed her eyes and just lay there.  

Michael stood and watched her.  She was beautiful  Her shoulders, breasts, upper legs and feet were visible breaking through the bubbles.  He really desired to be with her.  His erection was at full staff.  Finally she held up a leg.  Wash me from foot to knee.  He knelt, and washed her leg and foot.  He did the same with her other leg.  Once finished she sat up, my back, Michael.  He washed her back and then she offered him an arm.  Shoulder to my fingers and under my arm.  Once done she offered the other arm.  

She smiled and said she would take care of the rest.  He stood and watched as she finished bathing and looked forward to the day when he might bathe the rest of her body.  She rose from the tub and he dried off her upper body.  He helped her out and then dried her legs and feet.  He held the robe for her as she put it on and then walked back to the room.  

"Top drawer matching bra and panty sets.  Bring me a black set.  The other top drawer are hose,  Bring me pair of black thigh highs."  He did as he was told.  She took the panties and stood.  She handed him the panties and he knelt down and help them for her as she stepped into them.  She handed him the bra and he snapped it closed in back.  He then rolled and put the stockings on her legs.  

Black pants and grey turtle neck sweater.  He helped her put them on.  "I will be working in my office.  The ladies will be coming at 11:30.  Wine will be served immediately.  Then lunch after a bit.  Make sure you are ready and remember you are there to serve them in any way they choose."  He nodded and held the door for her as she went to her office.  

Michael was so busy that he he didn't even notice that it was almost 11:30.  Jean walked into kitchen.  "Everything ready?"

"Yes, Ms. Jean.  Uhhh what am I to wear."

She giggled, "Oh nothing dear."  He didn't know what to think when the doorbell rang.  "Please get that, and bring them to the living room."  

He went to the door and took a deep breath.  A blonde and brunette stood there.  They walked in and did not even act shocked that a naked man answered the door.  He took their coats, hung them up and led them to the sitting room.  Jean rose to her feet and the three women hugged and greeted each other.  

Jean pointed to Michael, "This is Michael.  While he is here use him as you wish."  She then looked at Michael and said, "This is Dr. Lois Cates and Ms. Deborah Peterson.  Dr. Cates is my ob-gyn and good friend and Ms. Peterson is my attorney and good friend.  You will do as they say.  Now go get us some wine Michael."

He bowed as he said, "Yes, Ms. Jean."  He turned and walked to the kitchen as he heard the doctor say, "He is cute.  I think you have a keeper there."

Michael poured the wine and brought the glasses out to the women on a tray.  He served the guests first and was a bit shocked when the attorney gave him a little pat on his butt and the doctor lightly brushed his thigh.  He served Jean and then waited for orders.

"How long have you had him," asked Dr. Cates.  Jean told both of them that they had know each other for a couple of years but that he was with her exclusively for four days.  

"Is he good?" asked the attorney.  "So far.  "Very good at bathing me, massaging, and making breakfasts.  We will find out what kind of a cook he is and he has a very talented tongue."  The three women laughed and Michael only blushed.  

"He tongued Carol yesterday and gave her a great anal orgasm.  Then he came in her hand and he licked it clean.  So he is a very good boy.  But with twenty-six days to go we will just have to wait and see."

Michael refilled the glasses and Jean told him to bring the meal to the dinning room.  Michael walked out as the women took their glasses and walked to the dinning room.  

He brought out the salads and put them down in front of the women.  He then brought out the bread, gave each a piece and set the bread and remaining salad in the middle of the table.  Michael stood by as the women visited, ate, and drank. Finally the attorney spoke to Michael.  

"So, I noticed Michael that you are always half erect.  Why is that?"

Michael blushed and replied, "Ms. Peterson, I guess it is a natural reaction when I am surrounded by lovely women."  The three giggled and Deborah said, "Oh he is a charmer.  Tell me Michael, do those low hanging balls of yours produce a lot of cum?"

Michael turned totally red and before he could say anything Jean replied, "He can fill a double shot glass and can he squirt.  Like "Old Faithful."  The women laughed and the Dr. said, "Might have to check that out."  

"Do you enjoy eating pussy, Michael?" asked the Dr.  

Michael replied, "I orally enjoy every part of a woman's body.  I love her scent, the different textures, and her taste."

The doctor pushed her plate back, rose from her chair, and said, "Michael come with me."  He followed her out into the living room as Jean and Deborah visited and had more wine.  

The doctor stood in front of the couch and told Michael to remove her shoes.  He knelt down and took them off her feet.  Now my pants and panties.  He slid them down and she stepped out of them.  The Dr.'s bush was dark but very closely trimmed.  She sat on the couch, bent her knees, and put her feet on the edge of the couch.  She smiled and told him to make her cum.  

Michael came forward on his hands and knees.  He lowered his face and he caught her scent.  It was a strong scent, heavy, but very pleasing.  He pushed his face in and stuck out his tongue.  He started at her asshole and slowly licked his way up to her clit.  Once at her clit, he gave it a few quick licks.  Then back down to her asshole and up again.  He made his way very slowly from asshole to clit.  Savoring, enjoying the doctor's strong musky scent and her rich taste.  Her nectar was flowing freely now, leaving a damp spot on the couch.  

He changed his tactics up a little bit by circling his tongue around her asshole and then flicking her clit.  She moaned.  She ran his tongue around her asshole again and flicked her clit.  He did this for quite some time and then good doctor had opened her blouse, pushed up her bra and was massaging her breasts as he teased her.  

Now he changed again, this time sticking his tongue into her pussy and twirling it around inside her.  Then he would flick her clit again and then reinsert his tongue.  He went on like this and then finally just flattened out his tongue and held it against her clit.  She began to move her hips.  She was setting the pace, using his tongue.  He just held his tongue as she moved alternating between moving her hips  from side to side and up and down.  

She began to pant.  Beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead.  She began to moan more loudly.  Suddenly she reached out and simultaneously pushed his head into her pussy and locked her thighs around hid head.  She brought her hips up off the couch and held them there for a second and then cried out, "Oh shit."  Her hips took on a life of their own bouncing up and down off the couch and back up into Michael's face.  She was gasping for air.  The orgasm just took over her whole body.  Perspiration dripped down from under her arms as she rode the orgasm to completion.  She finally stopped moving.  She rested for a few moments, lifted her head and said, "Jean if you ever get rid of him I have first dibs."  The women laughed and as Mike withdrew he saw Deborah, totally naked in the chair on the other side of the room.