The Housewife and Her Neighbor

Beth checked the oven to see if the roast she was cooking needed water.  It didn’t, so she looked out her kitchen window at the back yard of their house and smiled.  That’s where it started, well, where he’d started it though she didn’t know he was doing it.  When she found out she’d been beside herself trying to figure out what she should do about her neighbor, Ralph.  What he’d done was both terrifying and exciting to her.  She knew she had to stop him before he did it again, but a tiny little voice in her head had kept asking her what would happen if she let him keep doing it.

Beth smiled again and then went to load her washer with Jim’s good shirts.  It hadn’t been more than she could stand after all, and it had opened a door for them both she hadn’t known even existed.

Ralph and his wife Judy had moved into the house next door in March, and to Beth, it seemed as if they’d be really good neighbors.  Ralph and Judy were in their forties and both looked trim and fit, the same way Beth tried to be.  Ralph was a good-looking guy who seemed to be polite and Judy was a pretty blonde with a nice figure who seemed quiet and a little shy.

Both Ralph and Judy had jobs.  Ralph was a dispatcher for the largest trucking company in the city and worked from eleven at night until seven in the morning.  He said he liked the hours because nothing much happened that late at night, and he had his afternoons free for fishing and taking care of the yard.

Judy worked as an accountant for a local business during the day.  She said she hadn’t worked while their two kids were growing up, but when they left home, she was going crazy with nothing to do.  She had an accounting degree and decided to go back to work.

Beth’s husband, Jim, made enough money for them to live comfortably and save for the future, so she didn’t have to work.  Instead, she stayed home after her kids left and worked at keeping her body in shape.  She’d always been active. How could any mother not be active what with all the stuff kids were involved with in school?  Once they left home though, she’d stepped on the bathroom scale one morning and realized she’d gained five pounds over the last six months.

She’d lost that five pounds by watching what she ate and by doing a few exercises every day, and when she looked in the full-length mirror in their bedroom, she liked what she saw.

Her breasts had gotten bigger over the years, but not so big they were saggy, and the exercises had kept her bottom pretty tight.  Her hips were wider than when she was twenty, but they made her waist look smaller.  Jim loved the way she looked, and it was usually difficult for her to keep his hands off her.  Beth liked sex a lot, but Jim would have kept her in bed all day Saturday and Sunday if she’d let him.  

One of the things Jim liked was the suntan Beth had always gotten every summer, and because he liked to see the way her naturally pale skin contrasted with her tan, she always wore a bikini when she laid out in the sun.  She did that every day after lunch - took a soda and a book and a blanket out to the back yard and let the sun turn her pale skin a sensuous light bronze color.  

After Beth had been on her blanket for an hour or so and had turned herself over a few times, she’d go back inside, take a shower to wash off the sunscreen, and then get dressed and start dinner.  

Ralph and Judy had lived next door for about three months when Ralph walked over to Beth’s back yard while she was sunbathing.  Beth wasn’t too concerned because she knew he’d seen her before when he mowed the grass or was puttering around in the garden shed at the back of the lot.  He’d just smile and wave at her, and then go on doing whatever it was he was doing at the time.

This time though, he’d walked over to her blanket and smiled.

“You know, Beth, I’ve seen you out here every day, and I think you must like showing off.  I don’t mind at all.  You’re pretty great.  I’ll bet Jim thinks so too.”

Beth had looked up at him and then put her book on top of her mound because that’s where Ralph was staring.  It made her a little uncomfortable to see him looking there.  Her bikini bottoms were a little snug and sometimes sort of slipped between her pussy lips and left a line.  It was all right if he looked, because she liked men looking at her.  That told her she was still a woman men would want to take to bed.  She just didn’t like him looking there.

“Thanks you for noticing.  Yes, I suppose he does.”

Ralph had grinned then.

“He’s not the only man who does, and neither am I.  The comments you’re getting on the website where I sent your pictures say a lot of men like you.”

Beth opened her eyes wide and her mouth fell open.

“What pictures?”

Ralph smiled.

“The pictures I took of you like you are now.  Usually, I submit pictures of Judy, but I thought, hey, my neighbor is hot, so why not.  Judy thought it was a good idea too.  I think she’d like to get better acquainted one of these days…a lot better acquainted.  She thinks you’re hot too.”

Beth started to say he had no right to even take her picture, let alone send them in to some website, but he stopped her.

“Now don’t go getting your panties in a wad.  None of them show your face…not yet anyway.”

He was grinning and that made Beth angry.

“What does that mean, not yet.”

“Well, I thought you might pose for me without so many clothes on.  If you did, I’d keep hiding your face when I submit the pictures.  If you don’t want to do that, well I have a few that show your face pretty well.  The guys and a couple of women who left comments on the ones I’ve submitted so far all say they want to see your face too.”

Beth couldn’t believe Ralph would do something like that.

“I don’t believe you.  You’re just saying that so I’ll do what you want.”

Ralph just smiled.

“The website is called  Go there, search for ‘histoy86’, and see for yourself.  I’ll come back tomorrow and we can talk about how and where you’re going to pose for me.”

Ralph walked back to his house then.  Beth gathered up her things and went back inside, then sat down at her laptop and typed “” into the search engine.  

She found her pictures on the second page, two of them right beside three she assumed were of Judy that had been posted by “histoy86”.  The pictures had been cropped so only her body showed, but they were definitely pictures of her.  The bikini was the same as was the little birthmark on the back of her right thigh.

The captions on both pictures said “my hot neighbor” and there were about twenty comments below each one.  The comments on the picture of her laying on her back all said they wanted to see her without the bikini bra and varied from “Nice tits.  Want to see more” to “I wanna see them big jugs naked with stiff nips.”

The comments on the picture of her laying on her front were a lot more descriptive, and ranged from “love her hot ass” to “get her to strip so I can see which hole I wanna fuck first”.

Beth looked at the three pictures of Judy as well.  Those pictures didn’t show Judy’s face either, but they showed everything else.  The captions were “this is what I get to fuck every night”, “she loves to have her nipples pinched”, and “she loves sucking my cock”.  There were more comments on Judy’s pictures than on hers, but they were all about the same.  Most of the men wanted to do what the captions said.

Beth was embarrassed that so many men had looked at her, but in some ways it was exciting too.  Men always looked at her when she went shopping, but they never said anything to her.  These men had said a lot, and she found that to be thrilling.

Even so, she didn’t like the idea that Ralph had done what he did, and there was no way she was going to pose for him so he could do it again.  She quickly typed an email to the webmaster of the site, told him the pictures were posted without her permission and asked that they be removed.  When she checked that night before she went to bed, Judy’s were still there, but her pictures were gone.

She was sunbathing the next day when Ralph walked over again.

He smiled.

“I got an email from my website saying you’d asked to have your pictures taken down, and I shouldn’t post any more of you unless you agreed.  I wrote back that you’d just gotten nervous and I’d take them down.  I did, but then I set up an account for you and posted them again.  Since they think it was you who signed up for an account, it won’t do any good to ask them to take them down.  You could take them down yourself, except you’d need the password I used for your account to do that.  You can go look at your pictures and comments though.  Just do a search for ‘sexdoll22’ and you’ll all your pictures.”

“Now, I think beside that big tree in your back yard would make for some great pictures.  It’s back far enough it’s hidden from the other house next door, so you can get as naked as I want you to get.  Why don’t we walk back there and see how hot I can make you look, well, unless you want me to send in more pictures that show your face.”

Beth was furious.

“I’m not going to pose for you, and if you send in any pictures that show my face, I’ll tell my husband what you did.”

Ralph just grinned.

“Yes, you could do that.  I’m sure your husband would wonder why those pictures were posted to your own account though.  I’d just have to tell him you asked me to take the pictures and then show you how to set up the account and submit them.”

“Jim would never believe I did that.”

Ralph chuckled.

“Oh, I think he would.  The caption I put on one is “this is how hubby likes me to dress on the weekends”, and on the other it says, “wouldn’t you like to take off my bikini like hubby gets to do”.  There’s also what I put in your profile.  Jim told me you like to play cowgirl, so I wrote “riding hubby’s hard cock” as the position you like best, and in the box for ‘libido’ I wrote ‘insatiable’.  Jim told me that as well.”

“Jim wouldn’t tell you something like that.”

“Well, he didn’t in so many words, but he didn’t have to.  I just told him that was Judy’s favorite way and he grinned and nodded.  Then I said Judy wanted it that way every night.  Jim smiled and said he knew the feeling. ”

Beth frowned because both were true.  She liked being able to control how fast she and Jim had sex, and she liked being able to adjust her body position to get the most stimulation.  Riding Jim was the best way to do both.  It was also true that she loved sex, though she wouldn’t have characterized her sex drive as insatiable.  Jim would know there was no way for anybody else but her to know those two things about their sex life, and he knew she dressed like she did so men would look at her.  

He’d believe Ralph was telling him the truth when he said she’d asked him to take the pictures and then show her how to post them.  Beth didn’t know how he’d react to that, but she was sure it wouldn’t be good.  Maybe if she just let Ralph do what he wanted, he’d be satisfied and go back to posting pictures of Judy instead.

Another thought crept into Beth’s mind then.  If she did let Ralph take some pictures of her and he posted them on the web site, would the men leave more comments like on the others?  In the other pictures she wasn’t really showing anything and their comments had made her feel like she was still sexy.  She’d tried hard to be that way and she knew Jim liked what she’d done, but he’d never been so explicit as the men who wrote comments.  

It was the words they used that stirred something inside her.  Beth didn’t like the words “tits” and “jugs”, but they were so blatantly sexual she’d been aroused a little.   The one comment about which hole the guy wanted to use had sent a chill down her spine.  Like “tits” and “jugs” the word “hole” was coarse and uncouth and shouldn’t have seemed even a little erotic to her, yet it was.

Beth was torn between being faithful to Jim and the almost craving desire to see what the men would say if she was naked.  If she just allowed Ralph to take her picture and show it to other men, that wasn’t really being unfaithful, was it?  It wasn’t like she was going to have sex with any of them.  She’d just be showing a little more than she would have at the beach.

Finding out what other men really thought about her was starting to break down her resistance.  Still, she didn’t want Ralph to think she wanted to do it.  If she did, he’d just want her to do more..

She sighed.

“OK, it’s extortion, but I’ll pose for you.  How do you want me to pose?”

The first three pictures Ralph took of her were in her bikini and leaning up against the tree.  For the last one, he had her spread her legs, and then chuckled, “Oh, they’re gonna love the camel toe”.  

Then, he’d asked her to untie her bikini bra but hold it over her breasts.  Beth did what he asked, and he took two more pictures.  

That wasn’t so bad, she thought.  It’s almost like I’m still dressed.  

It was when he said for her to let the bikini bra fall to the ground she got nervous.  She let it go, but she was scared to death because she felt naked.  

Ralph snapped two pictures and then said, “Lift those big tits up for me now”.

As Beth cupped her breasts and then lifted them, a strange thought popped into her mind.  She’d never been this naked for any man other than her husband, but it was more than a little exciting to know a lot of other men would see her breasts.  She wondered what they’d say about them.

Ralph chuckled then.

“Beth, you’re smiling.  I think you like this, don’t you?”

Beth couldn’t tell him what she’d been thinking or he’d just want to keep taking pictures of her.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, the guys are gonna go crazy over your big tits.  Pinch your nipples for me and then lift up your tits that way.  They always go ape-shit when Judy does that.”

When Beth closed her fingers on her nipples, she felt the same thing she always felt, except instead of a slight tingle, the sensation raced to her core and made her catch her breath.  This shouldn’t be happening, she thought, but it was.  She pinched a little tighter, felt the same wave race through her, and then caught her breath again when she pulled her breasts up.

Ralph breathed, “Oh fuck, that’s hot”, and moved closer.  He snapped four more pictures, then stepped back a little.

“Half the guys who see this will want to fuck you.  The other half will be jacking off.  What do you think about that?”

Beth hadn’t let her nipple go yet because she couldn’t.  If she moved her hands even a little, the shock tightened her tummy and she’d have to stifle the little gasp.  After the last one, Beth murmured, “I don’t know.  If that’s what they want to do, I guess they can do it”.

Ralph chuckled.

“You want a hundred guys to fuck you?”

Beth did let go of her nipples then.  She held back the little gasp, but couldn’t stop her hips from rocking forward slightly.

“No, I don’t want a hundred guys to do that.  Just get done so I can go take a shower.”

Ralph smiled.

“We’re almost done.  You know what has to come off next.”

As Beth worked her bikini bottoms down over her hips, she was thinking about the comments she’d probably get.  She shaved because she liked to feel smooth, and Jim liked her that way.  The men seemed to like Judy’s hair covered pussy and she wondered if they’d like seeing her full but slender lips too.

When Beth stepped out of the bikini bottoms and then tossed them to the side, Ralph said,  “OK, Beth spread your legs a little”.  He took several pictures of her and than told her to turn around and bend over.  Beth did so reluctantly, and after she bent over and put her hands on her knees, Ralph swore under his breath.

“Damn, Beth, your pussy is wet.”

Beth already knew that.  She’d seen the darker spot in her bikini bottoms.

“Beth murmured, “I know”, and stayed like that while Ralph snapped six pictures, each one closer than the last.  He was only a foot away from her when he quietly said, “Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart”.

Beth didn’t think she should be this aroused.  She should have been mad, but she wasn’t.  Instead, she was wishing Jim was home so she could ride his cock until she came and then ride it and cum again once she could get him hard enough.  That feeling got worse when she cupped her cheeks and pulled them apart, because as her cheeks separated, so did her pussy lips.

“Holy fuck”, said Ralph.  “You’re so wet you’re leaking.”

Beth felt her pussy contract and then relax after he said that, and knew what that meant.  It meant more would drip from her open lips.  That’s what always happened when she was so excited she couldn’t control that part of her body.  It happened often enough she took a towel to bed when she and Jim had sex so the sheets weren’t soaked through.  When Jim came home, she wasn’t going to let him change clothes.  She was going to push him back on the couch, find his cock and ride him until she came.

Ralph took several more pictures of her open pussy and then moved to the side and took some more.  He said those were for the guys who liked big hanging breasts.

Ralph chuckled then.

“We’re done…for now.  I’m going to go put some of these on the site.  I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at what the guys write, and I think there are a few girls who like you too.  I already got a PM from one of them.  Would you like to know what she said?”

Beth was putting on her bikini bottoms, and once she had them up over her hips, she said “what did she say”.

Ralph smiled.

“She said she thinks your gorgeous and she wants to meet with you.”

Beth felt panic then.

“Oh God no, I’m not going to do that no matter what you do.”

Ralph just waved his hand.

“I didn’t reply.  I figured I’d ask you before I did, because if I wrote something, she’d probably know I was a man.  Anything you want me to tell her?”

“Just say I only like guys.”

Ralph chuckled again.

“Well, I could do that, except I sort of put in your profile that you like girls too.”

Beth didn’t say anything.  She had her bikini bra back on by then, so she just walked back to her house and left Ralph standing there.

That night while Jim took a shower, Beth opened the website and then searched for sexdoll22.  She held her breath until the page of pictures popped up on her screen, and then clicked on the first one.  It was the picture of her leaning against the tree, and the caption was “do you want to see more”.  There were a dozen or so comments that basically were just different ways of saying yes.  

Beth closed out that picture and then clicked on the thumbnail of her standing by the tree with her bare breasts showing.  The caption on that one was, “have anything I can put between these?” and the page was filled with comments that all said either 'my face’ or ‘my stiff cock’.  

As Beth clicked on the pictures and read the comments, she was getting increasingly aroused.  Some comments were pretty nice, like “just beautiful” and “absolutely gorgeous”, and Beth liked those.  It was the blatant rawness of some of the comments that stirred her so much.  One guy named “cuntlikr” wrote below the picture of her holding her breasts that “he’d suck her nipples until her pussy was dripping”.   She could imagine a man doing that, just sucking on her nipples until she was leaking and her mind was screaming for sex.

The comments on the pictures of her bent over were even more arousing, well, some of them were.  Beth shuddered a little at the comment that said the guy wanted to “ram his thick cock up her ass”, but most of the rest said something like “I’d love to feel my cock in your tight little pussy”.  On that picture, there was also a comment from a woman who called herself “mistyblue”.  The comment said, “would love to taste those beautiful lips”.  Beth wondered if that was the same woman who’d sent the PM.

She heard the bedroom door open then so she clicked on the “X” to close out the browser and then closed the laptop.  Jim walked in wrapped in a towel and asked if she was ready for bed.  Beth stood up and pulled the T-shirt over her head and then grinned.  

“I hope you’re not thinking about going to sleep for a while.”

It was three days later when Beth was outside on her blanket that Ralph walked over with his camera in his hand.

“Been reading your comments?”

Beth said she had.  Ralph grinned.  

“You should read all the PM’s too.  Oh, I forgot.  You don’t have the password, do you?  I guess I’ll have to tell you what they were all about.

“There were a lot of offers to meet you somewhere for some fun and games.  One guy even said he’d fly over from England if you’ll suck his cock before he fucked you.  A few asked if you liked taking a cock in your ass.  

That same woman really likes you.  She said if you’d come to Florida where she lives, she’d show you how one woman loves another.  That one sounded pretty good to me and she looks pretty hot in the picture she attached to the PM.  Might want to check her out one of these days.

“I still have a lot more pictures of you to post, but there were some PM’s with special requests, and that’s why I’m back.  We need to go to your bedroom for those though.”

Beth frowned.

“What special requests?”

Ralph smiled.

“They want to see you getting yourself off.  Some guys like that, you know.  I’m one of them.  I can cum just by watching Judy do that.”

Beth was still frowning.

“You want me to do that…while you take pictures?”

“Sure…well, I’ll take a video I’ll post and then take some pictures from it.  It won’t do any good to load a blank picture and say “this is me cumming”, now would it?”

Beth shook her head.  She’d never let even Jim see her do that.  If she hadn’t done it for Jim, she sure couldn’t do it for Ralph much less the hundreds of other men who would see her.

“Ralph, I can’t do it.  I could do everything else up to this point, but I can’t do this.”

Ralph just smiled.

“If you think you got some hot comments on what I’ve posted so far, you won’t believe the comment you’ll get on a video.  I think you like those comments, don’t you?  After I took the first picture of you, you started getting this look on your face.  It’s the same look Judy gets when she want’s to be fucked.  

“If you’d rather, I could just add the state and city to your profile and put up a few pictures of you when you were pinching your nipples.  You had that same look on your face then and I’ll bet the guys would love seeing that.  I know there are at least a couple guys who live within fifty miles of here.

“Don’t worry.  This city is too big for them to find you.  You wouldn’t mind a few phone calls though, would you?  I could put your cell phone number in a reply to a PM if I think the guy is serious.”

Ralph looked at Beth then for a couple of seconds.

“You know what?  You have that same look right now.  You’re all hot and bothered aren’t you?”

Beth knew she was blushing because her chest felt warm. She also knew what Ralph said was true.  In one of the last comments she’d gotten, the guy had said he wanted to watch her cum while he jacked off so he could cum too.  When she read that, a vision of a man stroking his stiff cock and watching her when she arched up and shook out an orgasm had filled her mind.  

She’d also felt herself getting wet.  Could she really do that to a man – make him have an orgasm just because he was watching her have one?  It wouldn’t be cheating on Jim, not really, because she wasn’t having sex with anybody but herself.

Once they were in her bedroom, Ralph told her to take off her bikini and then lay down on the bed and play with her nipples.

Beth tried not to feel the tingles that caused, but it wasn’t working.  The night before, she’d looked at her pictures and read the comments while Jim took his shower, and the comments had aroused her.  When Jim came out of the bathroom, Beth was on the bed, naked, and had her legs spread.  Jim had taken one look and said, “Beth Honey, we already did it four times this week.  I need to get some rest.  We’ll have fun tomorrow night.”

She’d tried to sleep when he turned out the light, but kept thinking about those comments, and the more she thought, the more she felt the need to relieve feeling of needing to feel his cock inside her.  

There, lying on the same bed while Ralph snapped the shutter of his camera, Beth found herself becoming aroused again.  It was like she couldn’t keep her hands still.  Without her thinking, they caressed her breasts and pinched and pulled at her nipples until she felt a wet warmth between her pussy lips.  Beth closed her eyes and let the sensations take her away.

Ralph didn’t tell her to do it, but Beth couldn’t stop herself from stroking down her tummy to her mound and then lightly stroking her shaved lips.  When those soft, gentle touches forced a quiet little moan from her mouth she felt Ralph climb onto the bed.  She opened her eyes and sat him kneeling between her spread legs and snapping pictures with his right hand.  He was stroking his rigid cock with his left hand.

It was her vision come to life and something she hadn’t seen in a long time.  Jim used to do it.  She’d walked in on him when he was in the shower one day so she knew he probably still did, but she hadn’t seen him do it in years.

Watching Ralph slowly work the skin of his cock up and down, and seeing how thick and swollen his cock head was triggered something inside Beth.  She wasn’t afraid to be doing this anymore.  She wanted to make herself have an orgasm and she wanted to see Ralph do the same.

It didn’t take as long as she thought it would.  It was the combination of watching Ralph stroke his thick, swollen cock and imagining it was the two fingers she had inside her that made Beth start to pant and lift her hips up off the bed.  A couple minutes later, the first wave raced through her body.  Beth arched up and trembled as that wave shook her.  After one more look at Ralph’s swollen cock,  she closed her eyes and let the orgasm take her away.  

Ralph groaned then, rubbed his cock a lot faster and then gasped as a stream of white shot out the tip and landed on Beth’s thigh.  She didn’t feel it.  She was arched up again and her legs were shaking as wave after wave wracked her body.  

When she fell back down, still panting for breath, Ralph was smiling.

“Got that last part on video, and the guys are gonna go nuts over that.  I just need a couple shots of my cum on your thigh and we’ll be done.”

Beth quickly took a shower and dressed, then pulled the bottom sheet off the bed and took it to the laundry room.  She had several of Jim’s shirts to wash, so she tossed the sheet in with them, added detergent and fabric softener to the little cups in the machine, and then started the cycle.  She had the sheet changed and the bed made by the time Jim got home.  

Beth didn’t look at the website that night.   Doing herself was always pretty good, and this afternoon it had been better because she was watching Ralph, but all that did was sharpen the feeling of need that she felt.  After she cleaned up the dinner dishes and put them in the dishwasher, she changed into just skimpy little panties and walked into the living room where Jim was watching TV.  He looked surprised, but grinned, shut off the TV and walked into the bedroom.

The next morning after Jim left for work, she did look, and when she did, she felt the same stirring inside her.

The comments on the pictures were enough to do that.

“I wanna put my cock where your fingers are.”

“Oh fuck.  I came harder than I ever have before just from watching you.  If I was there, I’d have my cock in you so fast your head would spin.”

“Fucking you would be something I’d want to do again just as soon as I could get the old ramrod stiff again.”

It was the video and the comments on it that made Beth feel even more tense than she’d felt the night before.

She held her breath until the video loaded, and when it started to play, she sat in the chair, spellbound, and watched the whole thing.  She didn’t remember doing most of what she saw herself doing.  She didn’t remember stroking her clit and then moaning out loud.  She didn’t remember being so wet, but the sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy were little wet noises, and she could see the darker color of her juices on the sheet under her hips.

She remembered watching Ralph stroking his cock, but she didn’t remember licking her lips.  She remembered the orgasm, but didn’t remember saying, “Oh my God” right before she lurched up off the mattress and started to shake so hard her thighs and bottom jiggled.

The comments made her slide her hand down to her jeans and then slip inside her panties.

“Holy fuck, sexdoll, I just shot my spunk all over my keyboard.”

“I came before you did, and my cock is hard again already.”

“Damn, I wish I could fuck you, but I know if I did, I’d just want to fuck you again.”

There were others, but Beth stopped reading them because she’d closed her eyes and was rubbing beside her clit.  The orgasm happened a few minutes later, and she sat there in the chair while the contractions ebbed away, then shut off the browser and closed her laptop.

Beth didn’t really know what to do now.  The first time she’d posed for Ralph she’d been a little scared.  Now, the craving to see what men wrote about her, wrote about what they did when they looked at her pictures, and wrote about what they’d like to do to her were exciting her until she had to make herself cum.  

She could imagine each one sitting in front of his computer stroking his stiff cock until he squirted all over his lap like Ralph had squirted onto her thighs.  She could imagine being stretched by some of the cocks in the men’s profile pictures.  Some of them looked bigger than Jim’s and she wondered how that would feel.

That night, she walked into the living room naked while Jim was watching TV.  When she sat down beside him, she unzipped his zipper and fished for his cock.  When Jim asked her what she was doing, Beth just stroked his stiffening cock and said, “take me here on the couch.  I can’t wait until we get into bed.”

Beth looked at her pictures and the video every day until Saturday.  She hoped she and Jim could just stay in bed until he’d taken the feeling away, but when she started stroking his cock, he chuckled.

“That won’t do you any good.  I’m playing golf this morning, remember?  I don’t know why but Judy asked if I’d play nine holes with her, and I didn’t want to tell her no.  We’ll be back about noon, and we can play after lunch.”

Beth stood at the front door at a little after ten and watched Jim put Judy’s clubs in the trunk with his and then watched them drive away.  After that, she did some washing and then looked at her pictures again.

There were a few more comments to the old ones, and Ralph had posted some new ones as well.  The comments were all about like the others, just saying they’d love to fuck her or would love to lick her pussy until she came.  Even though they weren’t new, they still caused a tightening in her core and the feeling of wetness soaking the crotch of her panties.  She was sliding her hand down inside her jeans again when there was a knock on the back door.

It was Ralph.  He was holding his camera and he was smiling.

“Sexdoll22 got some more PM’s last night and thought we’d make the guys happy.”

Hearing that some men wanted to see more was just making the need inside her stronger.  She didn’t want Ralph to know that so she faked a sigh.

“What do they want that I haven’t already shown them?”

Ralph grinned.

“They want to see you with a cock in your pussy.  Some said in your ass, but most were to see one in your pussy.  I don’t think much of the ass thing myself, so I won’t do that unless you like it.”

Beth pushed her palm at Ralph’s face.

“Oh, no.  Not that.  Not with you.”

“Why not.  You’ve done everything else I wanted.”

“Because I’m married.”

Ralph grinned.

“So am I.  Judy understands.”

“Well, Jim won’t.”

Ralph scratched his head.

“Think he’ll understand the caption I put on the picture I posted just before I came over, the one of you holding your pussy lips apart?  It says, “I need more than hubby can give me.  You interested in filling this hole for me?”.

“You didn’t.”

“Yes I did.  Tomorrow, I’m going to post the one I took with my cum on your thigh.  The caption on that one is going to read, “This was fun but I want your cum in me guys, not on me”.  Well, I’ll post it unless you do what I want you to do.  It’s your decision, but that little dark spot in the crotch of your jeans and the look on your face tells me you need to be fucked.”

Beth felt between her thighs and felt the spot.  She hadn’t thought she was that wet, but evidently she was.  She was pulling her hand away when Ralph snapped another picture.

“Mistygreen wanted to see a picture of you with your panties wet.  I’ll take that one after you have your jeans off.  This one is just to tease her a little.”

Beth knew Jim wouldn’t understand those last two pictures.  She could maybe convince him that the rest were just her playing without really doing anything, but one was asking men to find her and have sex with her and the other one was proof she already had done that with at least one guy.  

She remembered how big Ralph’s cock looked then.  She’d wondered if some of the cocks men posted would feel different.  When she saw Ralph stroking his, it looked as big as any of them.  She knew she was safe, so what could it hurt as long as Jim never found out?  She looked Ralph in his smiling face.

“If I do this, will it be the last time, or are you going to keep asking me to do it?”

Ralph grinned.

“Well, I’m sure I won’t want it to be the last time, but I promise I won’t ask again.  If you want to do it again, you’ll have to do the asking.”

“Let’s get it over with then.  How do you want to do it?”

Beth had taken off all her clothes while Ralph put his camera on the bed table and started it recording.

“I’ll take a video and then take some screen captures for the pictures”, he said.

Ralph took off his clothes then, and Beth was a little taken aback by his cock.  It was already stiff, and since she was closer to him than before, it looked bigger than before, big enough she wondered if it was going to hurt going in.

Ralph pulled the spread, blanket, and sheet down to the foot of the bed and then stretched out and waved his hand.

“You like to ride, so get on top.”

As soon as she did, Ralph reached for her breasts.  Beth thought she’d just ride him until he had an orgasm and then it would be over.  She wasn’t prepared for the little tingles his hands caused.  She wasn’t prepared for his thumbs on her nipples either and had to hold back the gasp.

She tried to move back and impale her self then, but Ralph grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up on his chest.

“Uh-uh. Since this will be the only time, I’m gonna see how you taste first.”

Ralph’s hands on her breasts and his tongue between her pussy lips soon had Beth forgetting about everything else.  It wasn’t right, but she couldn’t stop all the little shocks and tingles he was causing.  She couldn’t stop responding to all those little tingles and shocks either.  The first moan slipped from her throat when he licked from her entrance to her clit and then said, “God, you taste great.”

Ralph pinched her nipples and licked her clit then, and Beth’s tummy rolled.  She moaned again, and then gasped as Ralph drew circles around her clit with his tongue.  

A few minutes later, Beth had thrown her head back and gasped.  Ralph had just sucked on her clit and the feeling made her lose control over her thoughts and actions.  She was just a pussy, breasts and nipples begging to be licked, sucked, and fondled.

When she started rubbing her pussy into his face, Ralph pushed her gently back.

“I think you’re ready.  Are you?”

Beth inhaled and nodded.

“What are you ready for, Beth?”

When she didn’t answer, Ralph moved his head forward and licked the tip of her clit.  Beth gasped, “I’m ready for you to do it.”

Ralph stroked a fingertip over he taut nipple.

“You’ll have to tell me what ‘it’ is, Beth, just like the men say in their comments on your pictures.  Now, what is it you want.”

Beth gasped again because he’d just licked her clit.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Well, I thought you were going to fuck me.  That’s what you like isn’t it?”

“I don’t care.  Just fuck me.”

Ralph pushed on her thighs until she felt his stiff cock against her hip.  He lifted her to get her started, and then groaned when Beth sank down on his cock head.  

Beth felt his thick, swollen cock head separate her lips, moved forward a little to find it with her entrance, then took a deep breath and let her pussy move down.  She intended to take his cock in stages, but she was so wet and aroused, once she started she couldn’t stop.  She moaned a deep, throaty moan as she impaled herself.  It didn’t hurt.  The stretching just sent continuous sensations to her core.

Beth knew it wasn’t going to take long.  It never did when she was this aroused.  Ralph felt different inside her as well, and that made her even more excited.  She closed her eyes and began riding Ralph’s cock with the slow, long strokes she liked.  When he reached between them and stroked her clit with his fingertip, those strokes became a little faster and she started to breathe deeper.

She felt the orgasm coming a little later.  It was just the slight tension in her body, but she knew that tension would increase until she cried out when it released.  That happened after Ralph pulled her down, locked his mouth on her right nipple and sucked hard.  Beth felt her body jerk once, and then cried out as that jerk became an uncontrollable rocking of her hips and the contractions that gripped the cock inside her.  She barely heard Ralph groan, but she felt him ram his cock inside her three times when he came.

Beth had fallen down onto Ralph’s chest and was laying there still panting when she heard Jim’s voice.

“Judy, I don’t know about this.  What if Beth didn’t go shopping like she told you she was?

Beth heard Judy’s voice then.

“Well, if she’s here, we’ll just say you were giving me a tour of your house.  Now, come on, I want you to do what you said you’d do.”

Beth shrieked and tried to climb off Ralph but he held her on top of him.  

“Just stay put Beth.  It’ll all work out just fine.”

Jim walked into the bedroom first, and just stood there in the doorway staring at Beth.  Judy pushed him into the room and then stood in front of him.

“See, Jim, Beth won’t say anything.  You don’t think they’ve just been taking a nap together, do you?”

Jim’s mouth opened and closed a few times before he could get the words out.

“Beth…was this your idea?  I didn’t know you ever thought about anything like this."

Beth started to apologize, but Ralph put his hand over her mouth.

“Now Jim, if you’re going to ask why Beth is here with me, you’re going to have to tell me why you have my wife in your house.  I know Judy, so I can guess, but I’ll need to hear your side of the story.”

Jim looked at the floor.

“Well, she was sending pictures to my cell phone and then she sent me text messages saying she wanted to…you know.  Then today when we played golf, she sort of got to me.”

Judy grinned.

“I thought you’d like it that I didn’t wear any panties under my golf skirt.  You sure seemed to like it.  Every time I bent down to pick up my ball, you had your fingers on my pussy.”

“Well, that’s what you said you wanted.”

Judy giggled.

“No…I said I hoped I’d get a hole in one, not one in the hole.  

She giggled again.

“Well, maybe I did say it that way.  That’s what you tried to do on every hole after the second one.”

Beth pulled Ralph’s hand away from her face.  She looked down at him with shock on her face.

“You and Judy planned all this?”

Ralph chuckled.

“Yes, but it turned out better than we thought.  We thought it would take longer than it did.”

He stroked Beth’s side and then cupped her hip.

“I’m glad it didn’t.  Aren’t you?  It felt like you enjoyed what we just did.”

Beth shook her head.

“I don’t know.  I’m just really confused.  Jim…did you really do what Judy says?”

Jim looked at her with a sheepish smile on his face.

“I’m afraid I did…just with a finger though.  I couldn’t stop…I mean, Beth, you mean the world to me, but Judy just kept…I was going to ask you first if we should maybe think about other people just to see what it’s like, but well, she didn’t want to wait.”

Judy grinned back at him.

“Yes, it was just with your finger, and no, I didn’t want to wait.  I don’t think you really wanted to wait either.  You promised to fuck me when we got back here.  Remember that?”

“Yes, I remember.”

Judy walked over to the bed.

“Beth, I’m going to take Jim home with me.  We’ll be back in an hour or so.  While we’re gone, why don’t you two figure out something to do.”

After they left, Beth raised back up until she was sitting on Ralph’s thighs.

“So all that about posting my pictures and threatening to show my face was all to get me in bed with you?”

“Yes, but I would never have put up a picture that showed your face.  I just said that so you’d let me take more pictures of you.  When I saw you in your yard, I thought maybe you liked showing yourself off.  Turns out, I was right about that.

“Judy was right about Jim too.  She likes how he always stares at her tits, so she thought she’d send him some pictures so he could see the real thing.  She asked him if she could have his cell phone number because I was always at work at night and if she needed help with something, he’d be closer.  The day after he gave it to her, she sent him a picture of her in her bra and panties, and wrote that I thought she was getting fat and wanted to know if he thought she was or not.

“He texted back that she wasn’t fat but he didn’t think it was right that she sent him the picture.  Judy sent him another with her bra off and said if he wanted her to stop, she would, but it turned her on to think he was seeing her.  I guess he liked seeing her tits, because he texted back that he supposed if it made her feel good about herself, she could keep doing it.

“She kept sending him pictures in text messages and on Thursday of last week, asked if he’d play a round of golf with her.  She sent him a picture of her pussy and said if he did, maybe she’d show him up close.  That was to get him out of the house so I could do what I think you’ve wanted to do since that day you made yourself cum while I jacked off.  I could see it in your eyes.  You wanted to be fucked right then and right there, didn’t you?”

Beth had to smile, because that was how she’d felt.  She didn’t think it would show, but when she’d watched the video, she realized it did.

“So, what happens now?”

Ralph chuckled.

“Well, if I had to guess, Jim has his tongue stuck in Judy’s pussy and she’s about ready to cum all over his face.  After that, she’s going to get on her hands and knees and tell him she wants to be fucked that way.”

He grinned.

“Judy likes getting fucked from behind as much as she does by riding my cock.  It’ll take her about another half-hour or so to cum again and she’ll want Jim to keep his cock in her for a while after that.  My cock is starting to get hard again, so if you’ll just bend down and let me suck those big nipples, it’ll get hard enough I can make you cum again.”

“No, I mean about the pictures on that website.  Are you going to take them down now.”

Ralph chuckled.

“Well, I was going to, but that last few times I took them, I know you liked it.  I’ll just give you the password to the account and you can do with them what you want.  Now, I know you want to feel my cock in you because your eyes are getting pretty open.  You want me to fuck you like this again, or would you like to try it from the rear?  I’ll bet your hot ass will feel great rubbing my belly when you cum.”

The next afternoon, Beth opened the website, signed on with the password Ralph had given her, and looked at the comments on her pictures.  Ralph hadn’t posted any new ones, but there were new comments on what was there.  A guy called “nineindik” said he’d like to fuck her until she passed out.  Another guy who went by the name of “cocky10” said he’d lick her pussy until she was screaming to be fucked and then he would.  Mistyblue had also left a comment.  She said, “All these guys don’t have a clue about what a woman wants, but I do.  Let me show you, Honey.”

She also clicked on the icon for PM’s and was amazed at how many there were.  Most were more of the same but usually a little more explicit.  Mistyblue’s PM was very explicit.  The last one was from “histoy86” and said, “this is Judy and I was wondering if you’ve ever thought about another woman.  You know where I am.  Just let me know”.

Beth was going to delete the entire account, but before she clicked on the “yes” button, she smiled.  It was exciting and arousing to read the comments and the PM’s from the men.  She knew most of them were just to make her respond with more pictures and maybe a reply to the PM’s, but some were interesting.  She wasn’t ready to meet anybody she didn’t know, but it made her excited to know that’s what they wanted.  

The PM’s from mistyblue and from histoy86 made her smile again.  She’d thought about another woman since reading that first comment from mistyblue, but all the women she knew would have thought she was some sort of pervert if she’d asked them.

She had no intention of ever meeting mistyblue, but Judy was right next door.  Beth backed out of the page without deleting her account and then clicked on the PM icon again.  After pulling up the PM from histoy86, she clicked “reply” and then typed an answer to Judy’s question.

“Yes, I’ve thought about it, but I’m still a virgin that way so I wouldn’t know what to do.  Maybe you could show me one of these days.  Would Ralph want to take pictures?  I don’t think I’d mind if you didn’t.”