All the Shades of White Part 6

Info TomDunson1948
20 Nov. '19

He crawled on his hands and knees over to Deborah.  She was a beautiful blonde with petite tits and pointy nipples.  She had  a thin waste and hips and her pussy was completely devoid of any hair.  She lifted her legs and Michael began to alternate kissing her thighs from knees to pelvis.  He took his time kissing and gently running his tongue over her warm, smooth flesh.  It was a treat for him and as he neared her pussy he could smell her desire.  

He took a look at her pussy.  Her outer lips were swollen and parted revealing the thin inner lips and a petite little clit poking out from its hood looking for attention.  She was already wet and he leaned down and placed small little kisses from her asshole to her clit.  He repeated this process over and and over and then turning his head slightly he took the swollen outer left lip and sucked it gently into his mouth.  Deborah sighed.  As he sucked on her lip he ran his tongue across it as well, giving her a nice little jolt.

As he licked he noticed that the Dr. had moved closer to watch the action while Jean seemed to have disappeared.  He then turned his attention to her right outer lip and repeated the process.  He looked up into Deborah's face and she smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. 

He then flattened his tongue out agains her inner lips and clit and Deborah's eyes gently fluttered shut.  He moved his head slowly up and back causing his tongue to stimulate the swollen bud.  She put her feet up on his back, took his hands in hers and placed them on her breasts.  He gently kneaded them as he licked her pussy.  

He took her pointy nipples in his hands and rolled them between his fingers.  As he did this he lowered his head and ran his tongue around her asshole.  She shuddered at his ministrations.  Just then he heard Jean come back into the room.  He ignored her return and kept working on Deborah trying to give her as much pleasure as he could. 

As he rolled her nipples, he rolled his tongue and pushed it into Deborah's tight little asshole.  It was then that he felt Jean behind him.  The Dr. moved and knelt next to him.  Lois spread Michael's cheeks as Jean deposited a large dollop of lube in his asshole.  He had never been touched there before even though he had dreamed and fantasized of it always hoping that one day he might experience that pleasure.  

As he licked and caressed Deborah's tits Jean leaned down and kissed his ear.  It was a tender kiss, the first time she had ever really kissed him and he felt close to her.  He felt love and acceptance and he vowed that he would work hard at keep Jean and whoever else she wanted him to keep happy.  She then whispered in his ear.

"Michael, I have a vibrator and I am going to gently insert it into your ass and fuck you with it until you have pleasured Deborah.  I am not going to lie it will sting at first, but I will be gentle and before you know it, you will feel pleasure.  Your cock will grow very hard and as the vibrator stimulates your prostate you will be leaking cum.  If you just relax, it will be an amazing feeling for you."

He listened intently and could hear love and care in her voice.  He kept massaging Deborah's breasts and licking her pussy.  He shifted his focus to circling her clit when he felt the tip of the vibrator at the entrance of his asshole.  He relaxed as best he could as the vibrator began to penetrate him.  Fortunately while long it was not very thick.  Soon it was all the way in.  He kept licking Deborah's pussy trying to take his mind off the discomfort.

Her pussy had a very strong taste to it and he enjoyed it.  He lapped up her juices and then as he licked and heard her moaning he felt the vibrator turn on.  He was stunned for a moment and then after a very brief period of time the feeling began to not only get comfortable but to actually be enjoyable.  

He kept kneading her breasts and she covered his hands with hers.  He licked her pussy and her nectar flowed freely into his mouth.  He took his pinky finger, inserted it into her pussy, pulled out his wet finger and slipped it in her asshole.  She let out a long loud sigh of pleasure.  As he licked he noticed that while Jean was thrusting the vibrator and in and out and caressing his low hanging balls the doctor as gently stroking his cock, like milking a cow.  

The feelings of pleasure in Michael were totally overwhelming.  He had never experienced such pleasure and was grateful that the women were tending to him and were so sweet and gentle.  The more pleasure they gave him the more he gave to Deborah.  

As he licked he could feel Deborah beginning to tense.  Her thighs tightened around his head.  Now Jean let go of the vibrator and while still caressing his balls she reached underneath and caressed his nipples.  The pleasure he was experiencing was like nothing he had ever experienced.  It was a special moment in his life and he felt that maybe he had finally  found what he was looking for.  A woman, women, to serve.  A way to share his feelings and love in a way he had never been allowed to share before.  

As all these thoughts were running through his mind and the pleasure running through his body suddenly Deborah stiffened.  She lifted her hips off the chair and pressed the back of Michael's head so that his face was buried in her pussy.  And then she came.  She grunted and bucked hard.  Then cried out, "Of Fuck!"  

It was then that Michael went over.  His cock began to spurt and his asshole contracted shooting the vibrator out of his ass and on to the floor.  He grunted like a pig and all he could do was keep licking and shaking in pleasure.  

Finally Deborah began to calm down and the Dr. gave a last few gently tugs on his empty cock.  

Deborah lowered her legs and released Mike's head from the vice created by her thighs.  Michael sat back on his heels while Jean and Deborah patted him on the head.  It was then that the Dr. brought her hand up to Michael's face.  She had caught his cum in her palm and then smeared it all over Michael's face.  The women giggled and kept petting him.  

The women rose as Jean said, "Michael, clean off the table, wash the dishes, straighten up the room and do  not wash that cum off your face until you are all done."  

"Yes, Ms. Jean," he replied.  

As the women got dressed they chatted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.  By the time Michael had finished his assignment the women had gone.  He reported to Jean to tell her he was finished.  

"You were splendid today.  You gave us a wonderful time, and I thank you."  She pointed to floor in front of him and he walked over.  She reached up and ran the back of her hand across his pubic area.  "I see the stubble grows back quickly on you.  From now on you will shave twice a day.  I want you smooth all the time."  The clock struck three and Jean said she was going to lie down for a while and that Michael could shower and shave and then report to her at five for dinner preparations.  

Jean rose and Michael quietly followed her down the hall.  Jean paused at her door and looked at Michael.  She was about to say something but stopped.  She merely smiled, walked through the door, and gave him one more glance before she shut her door.

Michael when into his room, turned on the shower, and took care of himself.  He dried off, shaved, and then lay naked on the bed.  He began to drift off but set the clock so he would not sleep past five.  He drifted off, tired from his service.