Smack Down

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22 Nov. '19

Zack was an experienced dom. He loved causing excruciating, exhilarating pain to women who loved to receive it. He would never raise his hand to a woman in real life, but in this fantasy world, causing sexual arousal by careful administration of pain thrilled him as much as the recipients.

It had started quite innocently when Jeannie, a former girlfriend, had told him she liked ‘the rough stuff’. Pretty soon in their relationship, it moved from biting and scratching, through to spanking and whipping and Zack had assumed the dom role easily. When he and this ex-lover had parted company, Zack had been amazed that not one, but two of her friends had made contact with him, both referring to their curiosity for BDSM. Jeannie had obviously been less than discrete in sharing the details of their love-life with her friends.

Zack explored this world further with both of these friends of Jeannie, getting more and more extreme with each meeting. He wasn’t dating either of them, merely providing a mutually beneficial ‘service’. A dominant friend with benefits, you might say.

Zach had been a busy online shopper for the next few months, buying a variety of equipment to ensure his subs’ pleasure. He bought handcuffs, whips and paddles, of course but he complimented these purchases with crops, canes, ropes, shackles, various dildos and vibrators, and he even bought an electro stimulator. This was like a mini-tazer, creating electric shocks of varying intensity against whichever body part Zach held it. He had even experimented with this piece of kit on himself and enjoyed the sensation, enabling him to achieve his first hands-free orgasm.

Word had spread throughout the local BDSM ‘community’ that Zach was the go-to guy for pain and pleasure. This had led to him becoming a professional Dom and charging for his time. What a great life, he thought to himself one day. I get paid for pleasuring women when I get just as much pleasure from doing it!

Sally was one of his newer clients. Their first few meetings had been fairly standard and quite tame as Zach explored her likes and dislikes along with her pain limits. The last time they met, Sally begged Zach to use the more serious equipment on her, including the electro stim, but he didn’t think she was ready for it yet. Besides, denial of pain was part of the Dom’s armoury, keeping the sub hanging on for the ultimate release. He promised to ramp up the action with her next time and Sally was his next appointment. He only booked a maximum of two clients per day, usually one in the afternoon and another in the evening. Sally was to be his Friday evening session, the last of the week.

Zach always enjoyed his Friday sessions the best, letting out his frustrations of the week on his ever-eager clients. On Fridays, Zach was at his most sadistic!

Zach’s phone pinged with a text telling him Sally was outside. He pressed the buzzer and his front door clicked open. Sally walked in and Zach greeted her in the hall with a gentle kiss on the cheek and a squeeze of her hands. Even this initial contact had Sally going weak at the knees. She thought Zach was the sexiest guy she’d ever met and would happily have sex with him with or without the pain play. But she knew she could never achieve the intensity of orgasm without feeling the thrill of pain and nobody could make her feel that way better than Zach.

Dom and Sub roleplay is just that – roleplay. For Zach, the roleplay started soon after they entered his ‘workroom’. This wasn’t a dungeon, more like a studio where he practised his art. There were wall restraints, shelf after shelf holding all his equipment and a large, deep-padded massage table right in the centre of the room. Most sessions usually started on this table, but could end up anywhere in the room. There was a discrete door in one corner that led into a smart bathroom. He invited Sally to use the facilities, handing her a clean towel. She would have a shower and get herself ready, both physically and mentally. When she re-entered the room, Zach’s personality would change dramatically!

He knew what Sally liked. Initially, it was name-calling, slut-shaming and the like. It would move on to spanking and who knew where today’s session would lead them. Zach had a rough idea in his mind, but the direction of a session never followed a set format. One thing he did know though was Sally’s safe word. It was funny and made Zach smile, but if Sally shouted “Pepper Pig!” he would stop whatever they were doing immediately.

Sally re-entered the room wrapped in a towel, looking tentative. Zach immediately assumed his dominant character, starting with “Hmm, Sally, I’m gonna treat you like the total fuck slut you are today. Get on the table and do exactly as I tell you.”

Sally whimpered “ Yes sir,” and dropped the towel as she climbed onto the table.

“Did I say to lose the towel?” bellowed Zach. “Fuck me, you sad little shit, you can’t do anything right!”

He picked the towel up from the floor, rolled it up loosely, then flicked it hard at Sally’s belly, taking her breath away. Three more big slaps with the towel had Sally begging forgiveness. “I’m sorry sir, so sorry!” she snivelled.

“Don’t do anything unless I tell you, understood?” ordered Zach. Sally nodded meekly and lay back on the table.

Zach made a big show of going over to the shelves and selecting which implements he would use today to inflict pain on the poor, shaking girl lying on the table. He knew Sally’s belly and breasts were particularly sensitive, so he decided to start with the crop, which had a little triangular flap of leather at the business end.

Part of the pleasure/pain fun was the teasing and the anticipation. Zach flexed the crop, walked over to the table and lifted it high above her head, as if he was going to cane Sally’s tits really hard. He saw Sally wince and close her eyes, bracing herself for the sting that she was expecting, so Zach changed his mind, dropped his head and tenderly licked her nipples instead. The feeling of his hot mouth on her erect nipples made her jump nearly as much as the stinging crop would have done. However, she instead relaxed and enjoyed this surprisingly gentle nipple play.

Just as Zach saw Sally’s body relax, and still with his tongue swirling around one of Sally’s bullet-hard nipples, he brought the crop down hard right in the centre of Sally’s belly. The shock of pleasure and pain jolted her upright, almost knocking Zach over. He grabbed her shoulders and lay Sally back down on the table, then gave her another sharp thwack with the crop, this time a little lower, just above her pubic mound. Sally gasped and her body tensed. Zach pinched both her nipples very hard then kissed her tenderly on the lips. Sally reached up to kiss Zach passionately and this had the effect of arousing Zach. He could feel his cock stiffening, so he slipped his pants down and removed his shirt. When Sally opened her eyes, she could see Zach’s impressive physique and the massive erection in his shorts. She had never seen his body before, the previous sessions they had enjoyed had been purely for her pleasure. Today, Zach was really horny and intended to fuck Sally hard, whether she protested or not.

“Turn over, bitch!” commanded Zach. Sally did as she was told, hoping she was about to feel the crop on her bare ass cheeks. Zach stood right next to Sally’s head, his throbbing cock now just inches from her face. She inhaled deeply and took in the musky odour of his arousal. She wanted so much to take his cock into her mouth, but she didn’t dare until he said she could.

Zach ran the leather flap of the crop over Sally’s ass cheeks, teasing her. He traced the leather flap up and down her crack, then reached forward with one hand to part her legs a little. Now he could tease her slit with the leather flap, rubbing it up and down, then sniffing it, satisfied that Sally’s arousal was growing nicely.

Whoosh! The sound of the crop through the air gave no time for Sally to brace herself and the sound of the smack on her left buttock resonated through the room.

“Fuuuuuck!” shouted Sally and Zach pushed her face down onto the table to quieten her. He stared at her ass cheek and watched a bright red welt line develop. He grinned as he reached his hand in between Sally’s legs and pushed a finger into her pussy. It was already soaking wet and Sally was sobbing gently. It would be too easy to give her a good thrashing with the crop or a paddle, but denial was as much part of the fun. Zach walked back to his shelves and selected a metal butt plug.

Sally didn’t see what he had picked up, so when Zach ordered “Open your slutty mouth, bitch!” she didn’t expect a bulbous metal plug to hit her tongue. “You’d better get this wet cos it’s going into your asshole in five seconds time!”

Sally slathered over the butt plug and was shaking with anticipation as Zach pulled it roughly from her mouth, pushed it in between her cheeks, then forced it hard into her puckered anus in one firm push.

Oh my God, the pain she felt was amazing! When he pulled the plug out roughly and reinserted it equally forcefully, Sally nearly came on the spot. Just as she was getting used to the feel of it in her asshole, the sensation changed. Zach had selected a stiff cane and brought it down hard right on the exposed flat metal plate of the butt plug. The soft flesh of Sally’s buttocks felt the sting of the cane, but the feeling as it struck directly on the butt plug was breath taking, making Sally gasp out loud again. Another swish followed and another direct hit on the plug, this time making her squeal. Then she felt Zach’s strong hands, gently massaging and kneading her soft ass cheeks. The contrast was exhilarating.

“Turn your head to face the side,” ordered Zach. Sally had no idea what was going to happen, except she knew Zach wouldn’t hurt her face in any way. She had her eyes closed, still enjoying the sensation of Zach’s hands on her body when she suddenly felt something touch her cheek. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Zach had dropped his shorts and was now rubbing his erect cock all over her face. Some pre-cum seeped out and Zack spread this all over Sally’s face and lips.

“Open,” Zach said, simply. Sally was thrilled. She really wanted his cock in her mouth but, oh boy, she had no idea how well hung Zach was! She opened her mouth and felt Zach’s very hard, very thick cock force its way inside. He didn’t stop when he felt resistance, pushing in further and making Sally gag. He withdrew, opened Sally’s mouth wide with his fingers, then proceeded to roughly face-fuck her, making her gag with each thrust. When he felt she was taking this face-fucking satisfactorily, he brought the cane into play again, smacking the back of Sally’s thighs, not too hard to leave marks, but hard enough to sting. Sally was whimpering with pain and lust, loving the feel of Zach’s monster cock in her mouth and the hot, tingling stings from the cane.

When Zach dropped the cane and inserted two fingers into Sally’s dripping wet pussy, she couldn’t help but arch her back. Zach finger fucked her vigorously, making sure to hit her g spot as he frigged her faster and faster, knowing she would cum hard. His cock was still in Sally’s mouth and when she let out a huge moan as she hit her first orgasm, Zach couldn’t hold back and came as well, spurting his cum directly into Sally’s mouth. He hadn’t cum for a few days, so his load was copious. Sally was shocked that he came in her mouth but swallowed all of his load eagerly. Her body was convulsing from her own orgasm and the feeling of pure bliss she experienced at that moment was one she had never felt before.

Zach tenderly ran his fingers up and down Sally’s face, admiring her tear-stained cheeks and the droplets of cum on her chin. She was breathing hard so Zach decided to bring her down gently, massaging her bare flesh, forcing her to relax.

“Enjoy this little break while you can, I haven’t finished with you yet!” snapped Zach. Sally’s knees went to jelly on hearing this, wondering how it could possibly get any better.

Zach, even though his legs were wobbly from his own huge orgasm, wandered back to his shelves and selected two pairs of handcuffs and two lengths of fine white rope. He returned to the table where Sally was now sat up, cross-legged. He held out his hand and Sally placed her own hand into it. He pulled her gently off the table and led her to the wall next to the bathroom. This wall had bars attached to it and without saying anything, Zach opened the cuffs, attached one to each of Sally’s wrists, then stretching her arms up in a Y position, secured each wrist to the bars on the wall. She was facing the wall and breathing hard.

Sally knees were shaking as Zach carefully tied each of her ankles to the lower bars on the wall, making sure her legs were apart. She was now stood in an X position, facing the wall and totally helpless. To finish this preparation, Zach took a blindfold and tied it tightly around Sally’s eyes. Now she would have no warning of what was going to happen. As if to illustrate this, Zach gave Sally a crashing smack directly on to her quivering ass with his bare hand, making Sally gasp out loud.

“You will be silent, bitch. Understand?” Sally replied “Yes, sir,” and felt another hard smack on her ass. “I said silent!”

Zach retrieved the crop and started to playfully stroke it over Sally’s thighs. She wasn’t able to tell when the next stinging stroke would come and Zach cruelly brushed it against her ass cheeks, each time making Sally shudder. This was followed by another hard, stinging stroke directly on to her right buttock, causing another red welt to form, matching the one from earlier. Sally couldn’t help but cry out as the exquisite pain engulfed her.

“You’re not being silent, are you?” questioned Zach, ominously. As if to punish her for crying out, Zach swiped the crop over Sally’s butt cheeks again and again, causing her legs to buckle, her body held up only by the handcuffs. For Sally, the pain coursing through her body was like liquid fire. Her pussy was dripping juice along the inside of her legs and Zach took a moment to pause the sadistic crop strokes and crawled up behind Sally. He licked the inside of one thigh, then the other, tasting her copious juices. This mixture of pain followed by tenderness was really driving Sally insane. She still had the metal butt plug inserted and was shocked to feel something push against it. Then, the sensation changed rapidly as she heard a loud buzzing noise.

Zach had turned on his big Hitachi vibrator and pushed the head right against the metal plate of the butt plug. The intense vibrations that shot directly into Sally’s anus were both shocking and intensely stimulating. She knew this would make her cum hard and she wasn’t sure what response this would elicit from Zach. He continued with the butt-plug vibrations, increasing the pitch gradually until the loud rattle and searing vibrations pushed Sally closer to cumming.

What Sally didn’t know was that Zach was naked and stroking his thick, hard cock as he teased her. He was positioned behind her and as Sally started to writhe with her orgasm, he dropped the Hitachi, pulled the butt plug forcibly out of Sally’s anus and rammed his rigid cock right into her gaping asshole, forcing it in deeply.

If Sally had felt pain earlier, it was nothing compared to this. It felt like a red-hot poker had been forced into her rectum and she shrieked loudly, her whole body flailing around as much as it could given her restraints.

Zach was merciless, thrusting his strong, hard cock deep into Sally’s ass with fast, hard strokes. She was still convulsing from her orgasm as Zach violated her and spasm after spasm shot through her body. She felt her head was going to explode with the mixture of pain and pleasure and when Zach reached around to pinch her nipples, she came again, panting like a dog with each thrust of his cock.

With one final push, Zach came hard and filled Sally’s aching asshole with hot cum. He stopped thrusting so she could really feel his cock pulsating inside her and Sally sobbed as she came down from her own multiple orgasms. Zach held her tight and kissed the base of her neck. He was almost as exhausted as Sally and felt very loving towards her at this point.

“No more pain, my beautiful girl,” he whispered tenderly into her ear, making her cry harder. He gently took off the blindfold and undid Sally’s restraints. He picked up her limp body and carried her back to the massage table, placing her gently down on her back. He bent down and kissed her on the lips and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers and heard Sally let out the biggest sigh of satisfaction.

Zach went to the bathroom and ran a sink-full of hot water. He took a clean towel and immersed it into the water, wrang it out, then returned to Sally. He gently wiped her body with the towel, being careful not to hurt her recently acquired bruises and welts. He cleaned between her ass cheeks, not resisting the urge to kiss them. All the time, Sally was sighing with contentment, praying that Zach would ask her to marry him right there and then. She wouldn’t have said no!

This had been one of the best sessions Zach had ever had. Not only had he given the most intense pleasure ever to a woman, he’d pushed the boundaries of his own pleasure by actually fucking a client, something he’d never done before.

“Are you feeling OK now, sweetheart?” he asked Sally.

She was still spaced out with pure bliss and simply replied “Mmmmm!” but she sat up immediately when Zach said “That’s good. I want you to recover fully before I take you out to dinner.”

Sally reached her hands behind Zach’s head, kissed him passionately and said “Mmmm, yes please. That would be the perfect end to a perfect day!”



Please feel free to comment on my first ever BDSM story. I’m not an expert in this field so I hope I pitched it right. All feedback most welcome.