Waiting for Fate Pt. 01

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23 Nov. '19

Waiting on Fate Pt. 01 

By: subDelilah 


I was nervous but excited. Twenty-two years had passed since I had last been with Jay. We were high school sweethearts and went to homecoming together. I’ll never forget the night I gave him a surprise blow job while he was driving me home. I had no dick sucking experience besides with him, but he seemed more than satisfied. It ended prematurely in hysterical laughter when he lost focus and ran up on a curb, banging my head into the steering wheel.  

While most teenage love is hormonal, we knew this was completely different. We were unequivocally in love with each other. However, soon after homecoming my father broke the news that we were moving away in a few weeks. In the late 90’s, not everyone had cell phones and a long-distance relationship between high schoolers proved to be impossible. But I never stopped loving him or fantasizing about him.  

As I grew into myself and my sexuality, I discovered that I had kinks that were considered “weird”. It was taboo to discuss in general, but when I did get the courage to tell my partners, they showed little interest in BDSM. My ex-husband had humored me by tying me up once, but was too uncomfortable to ever do it again. I never got any further with anyone else except the one guy who could at least spank my ass raw while fucking it. 

I gave up on my secret desires and resigned myself to vanilla sex for the rest of my life. For years I remained ashamed of my needs, feeling alone and perverted. Eventually, through YouTube and the explosion of people making these topics more mainstream, I discovered that I was not as alone as I had thought. However, being an introvert and still being trapped by my fear of judgment from years of conditioning, I could not bring myself to interact with the community at all, let alone find a play partner.  


One day, my phone chimed and I was floored to see a Facebook message and friend request from none other than Jay. My stomach felt like it was turning inside out and my face flushed. It took me over a day to reply, but once I did, we spent hours upon hours messaging and then texting back and forth for days, testing the waters with sly hints and gentle flirting.  

Never one to shy away, Jay flat out told me that he had thought about me all those years – over 2 decades – and was still very much in love with me. I had dreamed of this moment for so long and I assured him that I felt the same way. Later I decided it was time for a visit, so we planned out our schedules. After the longest week of my life, I was finally on my way to see him.  


After settling into the hotel room and some chit chat, Jay walked over and wrapped his arms around me as he pulled me into a deep kiss. The years melted away and it was as if we’d never been apart. He slowly removed my shirt, then resumed kissing me as he slowly backed me toward the bed. When my legs hit the mattress, I promptly sat down in surprise. I took the opportunity to catch my breath while he peeled off his shirt and kneeled in front of me so that we were practically eye level to each other.  

I trailed my fingers over his arms, admiring his plentiful tattoos. I made my way to one on his chest and teasingly grazed it as he watched. He ran his hands slowly up my back and stopped at my bra strap. I suddenly realized that I was shirtless and about to be bra-less. I automatically covered my exposed stomach with my arms and dropped my head. Being a plus-sized girl, I was painfully self-conscious about my stomach, let alone everything else.  

Jay cupped my chin in his hand and brought my eyes up to meet his while asking if I was ok. I hesitated, but explained my concern. His face softened and he smiled warmly.  

“You are beautiful,” he said as he kissed my embarrassment away.  

As I wrapped my arms around his neck, he released the clasps and dropped my bra to the floor. I had never been naked in front of him before and I was desperately fighting off the self-conscious bitch inside me. To buy myself time, I reminded him that I had planned a few things and asked him to lie down on the bed, face down. He complied with a cheeky grin as I grabbed the bottle of lotion from my suitcase. I massaged his back, neck and shoulders, feeling the tension ease away. 

When I was satisfied, I told Jay to roll over on his back. I continued the massage but focused in on his chest. When he was fully relaxed, I instructed him to close his eyes. Sneaking over to the ice bucket, I slipped a large piece of ice into my mouth and crossed back to the bed. A devilish grin appeared on my face at his sharp inhale as I slowly sucked on each nipple. Once the ice had fully melted, I had intended on moving south to continue the tease. 

Before this could happen, Jay quickly sat up, grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me with a passion I had never experienced before. In a flash he was standing and had pulled me around to face him. Before I could react, he lifted my legs, which forced my back onto the bed, and pulled off my jeans and panties all in one motion. He leaned onto my legs and my knees were gently pressed to my chest. He loomed over me with an unbelievably sexy grin while I looked up at him in wide-eyed surprise. 

“You have two choices,” Jay said. “Either you can continue on with your plan, or you can give up that control and let me take over.” 

My mouth dropped open as I remembered one of the texts he had sent the week before. “I want to bury my face between your thighs until your toes cramp and your voice is hoarse from screaming.” I was so taken aback by how quickly the tables had turned that I could only stare at him while my brain tried to unravel itself. My heart rate had doubled and I was getting wetter by the second. 

“Time’s up!” he said as he spread my legs and dove in like it was his first meal in weeks. I gasped and clenched the sheets in my fists. He alternated between licking and sucking, driving me insane. He dragged his tongue from the bottom of my lips up to my clit and slurped up the juices that had already seeped out. He drove his tongue inside me and I cried out. 

That seemed to spur him on even more as he amped up his movements. He ravaged my pussy and it was all I could do to remember to breathe. His beard rubbed up against me as his tongue bathed my insides. At this rate, his jaw or tongue would surely give out quickly. I felt the familiar pressure building and knew I was seconds away from cumming. My back arched as I gripped the sheets and moaned through every orgasmic wave.  

To my shock, he kept going as if nothing happened. That was a first for me. I squirmed and gasped for breath as he taunted my now over-stimulated clit. Out of self-preservation I grasped his hands that he had wrapped around my thighs, holding me firmly in place. When I tried to pry his hands free in my desperation to give my sensitive pussy at least a brief reprieve, he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down without missing a stroke.  

My brain had started to fog over. I could no longer think straight – all I could do was feel. My head rolled back and forth and my legs shook. I lost all sense of time, but eventually I begged my body for release. When the second orgasm hit, every muscle and nerve in my body responded and I cried out once again. 

Yet still he continued. Before my sanity completely abandoned me, I begged him for mercy and he reluctantly stopped. He crawled into bed next to me and watched as I desperately tried to regain my composure. I turned and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips.  

When I had the ability to stand, he invited me into the shower with him. He turned the water on to a temperature that was so hot it was borderline unbearable, but it was actually very soothing. He lathered up the soap and washed me as I reveled in his touch and leaned against the wall for support. Once I was clean, he then washed himself. Unsure of how much longer my shaky legs would hold me upright, I stepped out while he finished. I dried myself and wrapped the towel around me as the water was shut off. Handing him a towel, I wondered what tomorrow night would bring.