Man to man

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26 Nov. '19

Dan stepped into the shower directly behind Cal, who was already soaped up. He moved closer to him until their bodies touched. Dan reached around to massage Cal’s soapy chest, rubbing his nipples until they were hard and tingling.

Cal reached his hands behind him to caress Dan’s buttocks, squeezing them, pulling his body even closer. Cal could feel Dan’s cock hardening and start to throb against his own butt cheeks. The anticipation of what Dan would do next was exhilarating, making his breath quicken.

Dan stepped back slightly and brought his hands down to Cal’s ass. The soap had rinsed away but it was still slippery to Dan’s touch. He kneaded and squeezed Cal’s firm, smooth buttocks and this had Cal’s cock stiffening rapidly.

Dan dropped to his knees and kissed down Cal’s back, down his butt crack and he gently bit the underside of his buttocks, each cheek in turn. With his strong hands, he eased Cal’s ass cheeks apart so he could reach in with his tongue. Smelling sweetly from the shower gel and knowing Cal would have cleaned himself thoroughly, Dan started to trace his eager tongue all around Cal’s tight, puckered anus. Cal’s cock grew to its full length, throbbing hard, but he didn’t touch it, preferring to wait until Dan’s hand reached around to hold it.

Dan now had his face buried completely in Cal’s ass. His used his tongue to lube Cal’s anus by pushing it in and swirling it around, easing the tightness, preparing him. His hands were holding Cal’s buttocks apart and Dan could feel Cal’s legs shaking. Dan knew Cal’s cock would be as hard as his own by now and he couldn’t wait to touch it, to stroke it. To suck it. But for now, he concentrated on stimulating Cal's beautiful ass hole, tongue-fucking it with increased urgency, making Cal whimper with desire.

Dan couldn’t wait any longer. He had to have Cal’s cock. He pulled his face out of Cal’s ass and placed both hands on his hips. He motioned for Cal to turn around, which he did, gently slapping his erect cock against Dan’s cheek. Without using his hands, Dan got to work on Cal’s rampantly hard cock. He placed his lips at the tip of this beautiful penis and pushed down, just enough so Cal’s foreskin slid fully back. The knob was now inside his mouth and despite the fragrance of the shower gel, Dan could smell and taste Cal’s sex.

Cal was dying to thrust his hips forward, to fuck his lover’s mouth and throat, but instead let Dan control things. Dan had his hands on Cal’s ass again. How he loved those sexy butt cheeks. He pulled Cal towards him, making his cock slide further into his mouth, not stopping until the full length of his shaft was engulfed, the knob pushing against Dan’s throat.

The fantastic warmth of Dan’s lips, tongue and throat were driving Cal crazy. Encouraged by Dan’s hands on his ass cheeks, Cal started to push his cock in and out of Dan’s mouth. He loved to face-fuck him and placed his hands around the back of Dan’s head. The only problem with doing this was it aroused him so much, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself cumming very quickly. He could feel Dan’s tongue dancing around his knob on the outward strokes, then the warmth and wetness of his throat on the inward thrusts. With Dan’s hands continuing to squeeze has ass cheeks and control the tempo of his thrusting, Cal rolled his head back and let out a deep sigh as he came hard, filling Dan’s mouth with his seed.

Dan held Cal’s cock in his mouth, running the tip of his tongue all around Cal’s glans, letting him fully enjoy his huge orgasm. Cal had shot five big spurts of semen and a few dribbles into Dan’s mouth and he could feel the texture of it on his cock as Dan’s tongue played with his load. When his cock was released, he lifted Dan up to kiss him and Dan released the massive load from his mouth onto Cal’s own lips and tongue and they played with his semen some more before both swallowing what hadn’t run down onto Cal’s chest.

Some men can’t take a cock straight away after cumming, but Cal wasn’t one of those men. No sooner had Dan pulled back to admire the cum dripping down Cal’s body, he span around and leant forward and pulled his own ass cheeks apart. Dan’s cock was harder than it had ever been as he offered it up to Cal’s already lubed ass hole.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Dan, fuck me good,” breathed Cal. That was exactly what Dan was intending to do and pushed firmly until Cal’s sphincter relaxed enough to accept his bulging knob. Both let out a moan as Dan’s cock slipped into Cal’s tight ass and with Dan’s hands on his hips, he started to pummel Cal’s ass deep and hard, the way he loved it.

With such a passionate build up to this intense fuck, Dan felt the urge to cum quite quickly. He fucked Cal slowly and deeply, reaching around to feel his friend’s cock already growing hard again. He deliberately jerked him quickly, making Cal wince with pain and pleasure from the sensitivity of having only cum a few minutes before. But Dan was good at this. He knew he could force his lover to cum again with the intensity of his deep thrusting and the vigour of his jerking.

When Cal shouted “Fucking breed me!” Dan pushed in again deeply, held his cock inside Cal’s ass and jerked Cal’s cock furiously, forcing another orgasm. As he felt Cal’s cock starting to twitch wildly, he also felt his ass muscles contract. He savoured this feeling and let himself cum deep inside Cal’s ass while feeling the familiar texture of cum in his hand as Cal came again. Dan started to thrust, to make sure all his own cum had stopped flowing, but Cal couldn’t take any more stimulation and pulled away. He dropped to his knees to lick and suck the last few dribbles of cum from Dan’s cock instead.

More than satisfied with their Monday-morning shower quickie, they both sighed as they started the water flow again and tenderly washed each other before stepping out of the shower and towelling off.

“Well, that was unexpected,” said Cal with a grin. Dan smiled back and said “I woke up with a hard on and when I heard the shower going, I couldn’t resist!”

“I’m so fucking glad you didn’t resist,” said Cal, “Visiting my little sis is way more fun these days!"

Dan gave Cal's ass a little smack and said "I fucking love it when you come to stay with us. I'm just glad she has to go out earlier than we do..."