Hotwife enjoys an extended lunch with 2 young men

My wife is very attractive and looks a lot younger than she is. I catch men looking at her and eyeing her up all the time. I love it and I think she notices less than I do.

Last week I called from the office to see if she wanted to meet for lunch. She had finished all her calls for the day so she agreed and we met at a nice Italian restaurant near to my office. I was there about 5 minutes earlier than her, so I took a table for two and waited patiently. I could see the entrance from where I sat and saw her approaching through the wide glass doors. As she got nearer to the door two men were entering the restaurant too. They were both dressed casually but smart and looked to be in their thirties. The second guy held the door open for Dawn and I could see he gave her a big smile, looking her up and down and said something to her. I saw her smile back at him and say Hi. She was looking hot with a pair of tight black jeans and a black top that showed her pert breasts well. Her hair was down and she never fails to draw attention with her bright blue eyes. She’d certainly done it this time.

Dawn sat down facing me and immediately said, “Two guy’s just hit on me”. I questioned what happened and she related one guy had held the door open and said Hi staring right at her and really was eyeing her up head to toe. “Two good looking guys about thirty”. 

“Well they obviously want to fuck you”, I replied. “It happens more than you noticed darling, men are looking at you all the time”.

“Don’t be so crude”, she snapped back.

“Babe, make no bones about it, if they could, they would take you straight over the road to that hotel and take it in turns to fuck you all afternoon “, I said. “You are a hot woman”.

She took a moment and looked over to where they had sat. I looked over at where they had sat down too and could see they were talking about Dawn still giving glances over chatting and smiling. 

“Well that’s not going to happen”, Dawn said looking back at me. “Don’t worry”.

I could sense she had thought about such an encounter but was probably thinking not to hurt my feelings and upset me. But the reality was that my cock was growing hard seeing her even think about it and I was feeling a nervous sexual rush of excitement run through me. My God, it felt good, as though I was on the edge of a huge orgasm. I wanted her to know or at least test the water with her. 

“I’m not. In fact it would be great to watch you get done by a young guy, you are so beautiful when you cum. It would be awesome to watch you”. 

That caught her by complete surprise and the first thing she did was make a glance back over to them. She is up for it I thought to myself, she just looked over to the two younger guys. She became aware of what she had done and looked back at me. “Dawn, watching you cum is one of the best things about having sex with you. I love watching you orgasm. As long as I am in the room and enjoying it then I don’t think you are cheating, if you did it without me then we’d have a serious issue. But if I am there watching and enjoying a young guy or two young guys fuck you then I think we’d both get off on it. My cock is as hard as hell now just thinking about it”.

“My God. I can’t believe you are saying these things to me”, she replied. 

“Is your pussy wet”, I asked? 

Dawn broke into a nervous smile that grew bigger. “Well it might be a bit”.

“Just a bit, or are you really wet and aroused”, I asked. 


I didn’t let her answer, we both knew she had been turned on when they initially flirted with her at the door. “I am going to the restroom, if they come over here I am interested in seeing them do you in that hotel over the road”. I got up and went to the restroom. 

I was hoping that would happen. Stood at the urinal my cock had oozed some pre-cum and was semi-hard. I finished up and turned to wash my hands as one of the guys came in. It was the taller one who had spoken to Dawn holding the door for her. I smiled and said, “hey”. The guy looked smart, professional, dark hair swept back but not long and sharp chiselled features. Good looking and clearly worked out. It was easy to see why he’d made Dawn smile.

“Hey, your colleague’s a looker,” he remarked.

“Well she’s not my colleague,” I replied. “ She’s my wife”.

The guy looked back and was clearly about to apologise when I carried on, “She likes you two though. You’ve got her all flustered”.


“Yes, she said you’d hit her up at the door, and I think she liked it a lot. She’s pretty horny”. 

“Fuck man”!

“Exactly, that what she wants, a good fuck,” I said back at him quickly.

“You’re okay with that,”?

“Yes, as long as a I am there, I think you and your friend should meet us over the road in the hotel foyer and I’ll get the room,” I suggested.

We spoke a little more and he realised I was being straight with him. His name was Terry and he said the other man was named Mike. They were brothers and Mike had come to see him from out of town. The arrangement was made. We’d pay up at the restaurant and meet 15 minutes later in the hotel foyer which gave me time to get the room.


I walked back to the table where Dawn and I sat and she asked me what was going on. I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat. “Well, I just met your fancier Terry and he and Mike will be at the hotel in 15 minutes. Are we  going to do this”, I asked her?

She stuttered, “are you joking....I mean...will you be okay with that....I mean, what will you do , how will you feel”, she replied?

“Well right now my cock is making a big tent pole sat here thinking of you fucking and having orgasms on their dicks, whilst I sit down naked stroking myself watching the show”, I said.

“Oh my God, come on....”!

I could sense Dawn held the same sexual excitement I was feeling. That nervous rush of extreme delight; but she probably had it more so given she was going to be the center of attention.

I paid the check and we stood up. I looked over to Terry and Mike and nodded smiling. They understood it was on and glanced to Dawn then each other grinning as much as me. I followed after Dawn to the door, walking behind her and watching her hips sway as she strode out, I was going to see her fuck these two, and boy...she looked so sexy. We were all going to have a great time.


I drove Dawn over to the hotel, checked into a room with a king size bed and went up with her. She was nervous so I held her and gave her a passionate kiss. “Darling, you are such a wonderful woman and so beautiful, I really am looking forward seeing you orgasm here”. She kissed me back and told me she loved me then she sat down at the foot of the big bed. 

“I’ll go fetch the guys up, will you stay there or get naked,”?

“I’ll stay here for now”, she replied.

As I walked to the hotel elevator I was pretty nervous. I was full of excitement to bring these two guys back up and then watch the situation unfold, knowing my wife was going to fuck two younger men at the same time and I wanted to see her cum with them fucking her all afternoon. 

The elevator doors opened and Mike and Terry were stood straight in front, so I just beckoned them into the elevator which they did. I introduced myself to Mike as we had not spoke earlier. I sensed the guy’s too were a little nervous. It wasn’t something any of us were accustomed to doing. So to relax the situation I started talking about it.

“Hey guys, Dawn and I are really looking forward to this, but no rough stuff ok”. They nodded and I laid down a few ground rules. “No anal, if she says no to anything or I see her being uncomfortable then it stops. Respect the girl and enjoy her but do not push things, if she says no, it is no”.

The guys seemed to relax and Mike asked, “What does she like”?

“Well, she kisses passionately as foreplay and loves her breasts being kissed all over. She will open her legs when she wants you to play downstairs and she likes to give me head before I fuck her. And she loves her pussy eaten, we often 69 before fucking too. Her favourite position is missionary”, I let out as we got to the room door. I put the key card through the swipe and smiled at the two men just about to fuck Dawn. I was so excited this was happening. They both grinned back at me. I swung the door open.


The three of us stepped into the room and Dawn was still fully clothed sat on the foot stool at the end of the bed. She looked past me completely and to Mike and Terry smiling as she had at the restaurant entrance earlier. I introduced them. “Dawn, this is Mike and this is Terry”, I gestured to each one. “Guys, this Dawn and she is really looking forward to having fun with you this afternoon “.

Dawn stood and Mike stepped in and kissed her then so did Terry. Both their hands already moving over Dawn’s body. She held each one at the waist, one stood either side of her. She glanced at me looking so happy and so sexy. “Oh yes”, she exclaimed. Her blue eyes glinted with a look that said she was about to step into heaven. She looked away from me now and started to kiss Terry hard on the lips mouth open, her other hand reaching for behind Mike’s head and then she pulled him in to kiss as well. This was going to be hot and I moved back to the reading chair at the corner of the room and undid my zipper to get my cock out. It was hard and streaming pre-cum in anticipation. I started to undress as the guys still kissing Dawn with their hands feeling over her breasts and her lovely ass started to pull her top over her head and undress her. Her bra fell down to her feet and her breasts fell out. Her nipples were erect and her tits looked magnificent. Mike took one and Terry the other kissing over each breast making their way to her nipples all the time Dawn was starting to moan with pleasure, eyes closed and her hands on the back of their heads pushing their mouths to her nipples. It was like I was not in the room, the three of them oblivious to my presence and fully into the swing of the threesome. I had stripped off completely now, had my legs wide open and I chose not to stroke my cock just yet. It was too early and the threesome had just started, I lightly stroked my balls and wiped the dribbling pre-cum away as it was dribbling down my shaft. The nervous sense of excitement was so intense my hands shook a little and the sensation was amazing, running through my whole body as I prepared to see my beautiful wife get fucked really good in front of me.

The two guys had their cocks out now and Dawn had a hand on each one. Terry was a big man, at least 8-inches and pretty thick, Mike was about my size, not small but Terry had a bigger shaft that I knew would give her pussy a good stretch. Dawn had a firm grip on both guys as she kissed one whilst the other gave good attention to her breasts and nipples. The three of them were all moaning in the intense pleasure being had. Then Dawn took her hands away and started to undo her jeans’ buttons and slipped them off and peeled her panties down stepping out of them and then got on all fours on the bed. We could all see her asshole and pussy from behind. It was such a sight; my wife offering her most intimate parts to two relative strangers she had met at a restaurant entrance, even then thinking”Mmmm, yes I’d like to fuck these two”. How often did that happen I thought to myself, I did like the idea though. The guys started kissing her ass and pussy and I could see her right hand move down to feel her own breasts. “Fuck, you are so wet honey”, one of them said. Her moaning intensified and she was in deep ecstasy. They were in no rush at all, the guys now and again stroked their own cocks but they seemed very happy licking and kissing her from behind for the time being. 

After a few minutes it was Dawn that made a move, she flipped around and onto her back. Her face was close to Mike’s cock and she reached out at it gripping it and pulled him towards her open mouth, at the same time Terry got down between her legs, pulled them up over his shoulders and she spread her pussy wide open as he got down and licked up over her well trimmed vagina. He was very good at it, that was clear. As Dawn licked and moved her tongue over the balls of Mike and up and down his cock she was moaning with intense pleasure and I could hear the wet licking sounds Terry made. Her moaning intensified and she let out a shout from time to time saying, “fucking eat me baby, Oooh yeh, that’s it eat me good”, “fuck, yeh, eat my cunt honey, that’s it baby, Oooh”. She was going to cum, Dawn always talks dirty when she is brewing up for a good orgasm and she was there right now. Terry sensed this and concentrated his tongue over her little bud as her noises grew louder. “Ooh, yes, ooh fuck yes baby eat it fuck ooh, ooh, ..... Her body shook as she yelled out in the throws of her first orgasm. It was amazing she was still stroking Mike’s cock and her tits shook wildly as her orgasm wracked through her whole body. She came to a stop but spread her legs even wider and pulled Mike down the bed. 

“Fuck me Mike”, she said. Her eyes stayed with his as he moved between her legs and held his cock against her pussy. He moved it around and up and down. I could see she was totally wet as her pussy lips glistened and she was moaning again as he rubbed himself up against her clitoris. He brought it downwards and again around until he slipped inside her. This made Dawn arch her back and make a noise that she was in intense pleasure. Dawn was still staring at him and said,”Ooh, yes, yes, that’s it Mike all the way in, fuck me baby, fuck me”. Mike gave her long slow strokes and was moaning as much as she was when his cock slipped deep into her. I was watching his balls sink all the way down and slap against her ass with each stroke he gave her. Terry had walked around the bed and climbed up to the side now and started to kiss Dawn’s neck his hands on her tits squeezing and rubbing them lightly. All this made her nipples stand proud and she moved her head to the side to kiss with Terry as his brother fucked her with a steady rhythm. Her hand reaching for Terry’s hard cock and stroking it slowly. She was moving her hips against Mike’s thrusts now and they increased their tempo. With each stroke she moaned loudly and was clearly working it up to cum again. Her hands cupped her own breasts and Terry was working at her nipples as Mike’s grunting became louder. With a few more thrusts he said he felt like cumming soon. Terry gestured to change over and Mike withdrew from Dawn’s pussy to swap places with his brother. Dawn moved too, she got on her side and lifted her left leg high, opening her pussy to Terry’s big dick. Her tongue licked at Mike who’s hands were caressing her back and tits at the same time. Dawn gave out a deep moan as Terry pushed into her. “Aargh! Oooh, yes, Oh my god, fuck yes, yes, Ooh fuck it in me .... give it me baby , yes, that’s it, Ugh, Ugh, yes”.  She was staring at Terry’s cock fuck her with long strokes, but then Terry started pumping her hard and faster as a Dawn’s exclamations grew more and louder. I was sure the whole hotel could hear her about to cum. As Terry fucked my wife her tits were jiggling hard and the site of this was so wonderful Mike had started to stroke his cock and told Dawn he was going to cum. 

“On my tits, give it me, Ugh”, she moaned as she too neared her orgasm again. She grabbed Terry’s arm to steady herself as he banged her. “Yes, yes, that’s it, fuck me Ooh, Ooh fuck me yes, Uuugh, Ooh, Ugh, yes Ooh, I am cumming , Ooh fuck oooh”, Dawn screamed as she closed her eyes. Mike grunted loudly at the same time and jerked his cock as thick streams of cum erupted on Dawn’s chest. There was lots of it and it dripped from her tits onto the bed. 

This sight was too much for me now, I neared the bed. Terry continued fucking Dawn who was still moaning with pleasure even though she had just cum for the second time. 

“Good baby”, she asked me, “ cum on me, yes,” she said.

My dick and balls were about to explode and as she held her cum soaked breasts out I let out a loud proclamation that was cumming and I held my dick against her breasts as my semen spurted out onto her. Her tits were now totally covered in cum and she rubbed it all around with her free hand, then put her fingers into her mouth to taste us both. Mike and I kneeled either side of her and she lay back to take our cocks near to her mouth and take turns licking the end of our cocks. She was still grunting every time Terry pushed himself deep in her and I knew she was going for number three. It was so nice watching her fuck so hard.

Terry asked a Dawn to change positions and wanted to take her doggy style. She moved onto all fours and he plugged her again straight away gripping her waist and pulling her back onto his cock, now driving harder into her pussy making slapping sounds. Mike and I tried to stick our cocks in her face from each side but she was bucking so wildly it was impossible. I lay back stroking off to the vision of my wife being fucked hard from behind, her tits banged around and were still visibly covered in lots of cum, but it did not stop Terry feeling around below her to cup her tits as they fucked hard. Dawn was getting there again as Terry was also visibly working up to cum. 

Dawn was grunting loudly and told Terry, “ fuck me, fuck my pussy, harder baby, fuck me yes that’s it”!

“I’m gonna cum, ooh Dawn, I am gonna cum”, he blurted.

“Fuck it in me Terry, cum in my cunt, I want that big cock in me”, she screamed as Terry pulled her back one last time and cum deep inside my wife. He held her there back against his cock until his balls had emptied in her. She was still groaning with pleasure and I felt myself cumming again and did it over my stomach. 


Hell, that was amazing. I’d seen Dawn cum three times, she had her pussy fucked by these two guys and was lay there exhausted. Her tits covered and her pussy filled with other guys’ cum. She looked so sexy, I love her so much. The guys both kissed her then she moved up over the bed to me and kissed me laying in my arms. The cum still wet on her breasts but that did not matter. I’d never seen Dawn so fucked. We held each other and kissed; both so happy. Mike and Terry dressed, kissed Dawn, shook my hand, then left. We stayed there for about another hour talking and reminiscing about what we both enjoyed and how it felt. Whilst we don’t want to meet with other people regularly we did agree we’d do it again if the moment was there. What a great afternoon!