Carl's American Adventure Pt 1

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03 Dec. '19

Carl was a British porn actor. He’d signed a contract with Phil’s studio on the strength of one excellent audition and had been successful from the off.

Not only was Carl well-suited to this ‘job’, being fit, good-looking and very well hung, but he also had an insatiable desire for sex. He figured when he first started that two days a week would make him some good money. It did, but he quickly became so in-demand, he was working much more than that. The money and the frequent sex were an intoxicating mix, so much so that he never turned down the chance to work.

Having made so many movies now, he was becoming something of a minor celebrity at home. So many people watch porn online now, he was starting to get recognised. When he was out with friends, he’d get approached by girls and the occasional gay guy and his friends teased him about it. “They don’t want you, man, they want your massive pornstar dong!” teased his best buddy Joe.

“And the problem with that would be…?” replied Carl, grinning.

It was a strange feeling, knowing that everyone who approached him knew what he looked like naked. This gave him a great ‘in’ when he was approached by a girl he fancied. Once he’d established that she had seen him perform, he would say “But you have me at a disadvantage. You’ve already seen me naked, when do I get to see you?” And it never failed. He was very careful when meeting and fucking a girl who wasn’t a pro pornstar, always using protection. However, being permanently horny, he rarely let an opportunity slip by. He was also keen to share this new-found fortune and Joe had benefitted from Carl’s notoriety many times too.

Apart from Carl’s great body and high sex drive, the main reason he was so successful in this most cut-throat industry was because he was so respectful of the girls and guys he worked with, cast and crew alike. He knew he had nothing to prove to anyone, so behaved with no bravado. He was a naturally caring person and loved to have a laugh on set, which not only relaxed his co-stars but endeared them to him as well. It’s always easier to fuck someone you like, even for professionals. Plus, they knew Carl could always perform on cue and this reliability was very much in demand.

Making movies is a very complex process, especially when working with other studios. Contracts have to be written and signed and Phil protected his charges jealously. However, he was also keen to let them work as frequently as they wanted to and was happy to sub-contract Carl when opportunities arose. It was only a matter of time before one of the big American porn producers would contact Phil. Carl had worked with a few American stars, male and female, and word had gotten back to the guys who signed the checks.

“Got a minute, Carl?” asked Phil one morning as Carl walked in to the studio.

“Sure Phil, what’s going on?” he replied.

“Come and see this email I just got from GoGonzo in the States,” Phil teased.

Carl followed Phil into his office. He’d heard of this studio, one of the biggest producers in America. He was intrigued.

To: Phil Weston

From: Kenny Benjamin

Subject: Your guy Carl C

Hey Phil, I’m hearing good things about your boy Carl C. We love a Brit over here. How would you like to do some joint productions, get Carl over to this side, see if he is a hit with the guys? I’ve seen some of his work, I reckon we could earn some fast bucks.

If he’s up for it, send me prelims and I’ll laugh at them and tell you what we’ll really pay. Don’t pass this chance up buddy, I want him over here before he burns out.



“So, what do you think?” asked Phil. He’d always shown Carl emails he’d got from other producers and between them, they’d plotted a way through the mire and had done some great deals, although a year in to Carl’s chosen career, it wasn’t really about money any more. Carl was lucky enough to be able to pick and choose his gigs, but being very loyal to Phil, would only work elsewhere with his approval.

“Sounds good to me. How would you see it going? Like spend a month or so in the States?” asked Carl.

“Yeah,” said Phil, “three or four weeks would be enough to try it out. If you go down as well there as you have done here, you’ll make some big bucks and it might be the start of something huge!”

“Hmm, OK. Let me think about it Phil. It sounds too good an opportunity to miss,” observed Carl.

Phil joked “If you like fucking silicone Barbie dolls and making a shit load of cash, it’s a perfect gig for you!”

Carl grinned and said “What’s not to like?!”

“OK,” said Phil. “I’ll mail Kenny and tell him we’ll be in touch by Friday. That’ll give you a couple of days to consider it and I’ll work up some numbers. Big numbers, of course!”

Carl nodded He was about to speak when Phil said “Don’t get carried away though, you’ve got some work to do here first. You know that hot trans girls I was telling you about?” Carl nodded again. “Well, “ Phil continued, “she’s coming in this morning for her audition and I’d like you to try her out, if you don’t mind?”

A big smile appeared on Carl’s face. “Oh, sure thing Phil, no problem. I’m really horny today!”

Phil shook his head. “You’re always fucking horny man, that’s why we love you round here! Seriously though, thanks. She said she might be a bit nervous so she’ll need someone like you to get the best out of her. She’s due to arrive in half an hour. Trixie will give you a shout when we’re ready, OK?”

Carl gave Phil the thumbs-up sign and left Phil’s office, wondering where Trixie was hiding herself today. She was normally sat at reception when he arrived, but wasn’t there today. He didn’t have to look far. Trixie was in the dining area, using percussive maintenance on the coffee machine. In other words, she was bashing it and cursing that it appeared to be broken.

“Hey, Tiger, what the hell are you doing?” asked Carl. He had a soft spot for Trixie and loved to tease her. After his first audition, he had taken her out to dinner then they’d gone back to her apartment and fucked for hours. They had never really dated, as such, but had had a few naughty evenings over the last year. If either of them had been feeling horny and the other one was free, they’d hook up and have some intense sex. Trixie would say “Well, I have to make sure you keep in practice, don’t I?”

He’d also discovered that Trixie still did the occasional movie as well. She would stand in for no-shows if Phil asked her and had auditioned a few potential male stars too. This meant that she always kept her tests up to date, so she and Carl could fuck each other with confidence.

Today, however, it was the coffee machine that demanded Carl’s attention. “Don’t smash the fucking thing up!” Carl admonished. “Let me have a look.” Trixie stood to one side, cursing. “I’m dying for a fucking coffee, if you can fix it you’ll be my hero!”

Carl smiled and said “I thought I already was your hero, Trix,” and turned the machine around on the table. “See this switch here? It’s a reset switch. If the thing stops working, check it’s got beans and water in, then press and hold this for a few seconds. When the blue light comes on, bingo!”

The blue light flickered into life and within a few minutes, the sound of beans being ground and water flowing meant they could both enjoy a coffee and there would be no more drama. Trixie looked up at Carl, smiled sweetly, and said “Thanks, hero!” Carl took a mock bow and Trixie said “I’ll be able to thank you properly later. Phil asked me to help you audition Sia, the trans girl who’s coming in today. Shit, she’ll be here soon, I’d better go!” With that, she scuttled back to reception leaving Carl with a big grin on his face. He’d never actually performed in a scene with Trixie and he thought it would be great. After all, he knew exactly which buttons to press to make her squeal!

Carl decided he’d enjoy his coffee while reading the paper, then have a shower and get ready for the audition. He was always scrupulously hygienic and wanted to make a good impression on the new girl. As he was drying himself off in the locker area, he heard Trixie calling for him. He popped his head around the door and Trixie said “Phil’s office in five?” He nodded, then returned to dress.

Five minutes later, he knocked Phil’s door.

“Come!” he heard Phil shout, and Carl chuckled to himself like a schoolboy.

He entered the room to find Phil sat behind his desk, Trixie sat to one side and a very elegant, exotic looking girl sat nervously, legs crossed, opposite Phil. She looked over to see who was entering and saw a handsome hunk smiling as he came in.

“Carl, this is Sia. Sia, Carl,” said Phil. Carl walked up to Sia and as she extended her hand, he lifted her out of her seat and kissed her on the cheek.

“Hi Sia,” said Carl, “ nice to meet you. You look beautiful!” Sia actually blushed and looked very flustered at Carl’s compliment. Carl thought she really did look hot. She was tall, almost as tall as Carl, with long black hair, high cheekbones and large breasts. Her lips were full and a deep red colour and her face was striking. Not exactly pretty, more sultry and sensuous. On looks alone, Carl knew this girl would be successful, but this game isn’t just about looks.

“Sit down Carl,” Phil started, “we’re gonna talk Sia through what we want to get out of today. Chip in when you want.”

Phil explained what was required to Sia and Carl tried to help her relax. “My audition here was the best day of my life so far, so I hope it’s the same for you, Sia,” Carl offered, looking over to Trixie and winking as he said it. Trixie beamed and said “One of my favourite days ever too!”

Sia still looked nervous but a lot more relaxed than she had done. Carl was holding her hand and felt her tense a little when Phil said “OK, let’s do this. Sia, we’ll need to see you strip naked for us here, then we’ll go into the studio to start filming, OK?”

Sia nodded and stood up. They had to be sure she could get naked in front of them plus Phil wanted to check out her body. He didn’t do many trans films, but the ones he did do were always with the hottest looking girls. Sia certainly looked the part dressed, now was her opportunity to show she looked as good naked.

Firstly, Sia stepped out of her shoes. She eased her outer jacket off then turned to Phil and said “Uh, this feels a bit weird without music!” and laughed, nervously. They all smiled, knowing that Sia had been a club dancer before deciding to try porn. “Don’t worry,” said Phil, “this isn’t a performance, Honey. Just get ‘em off!”  When Sia was down to her bra and panties, Carl let out a whistle, as much to reassure Sia as to admire her body, which appeared to be flawless. She had a subtle tattoo on her left shoulder, but otherwise, there wasn’t a mark on her. She unclasped her bra and let it drop, revealing very shapely, no doubt very expensive breasts. Her nipples were standing erect and she seemed to appreciate the admiring looks of her little audience.

Then came the best part. She pulled her panties down and shimmied her hips so they fell around her ankles. She had managed to keep her penis tucked until this point, but when she relaxed her thighs, it popped out. “Wow!” exclaimed Trixie. “Yeah, very nice,” said Phil. “Mmm, looks good enough to eat!” observed Carl. Sia giggled and thanked them and Phil said “I think we’re ready to shoot, don’t you?” Carl nodded, Trixie said “Oh yeah!” and handed Sia a long robe. “Pop this on, Hun, then grab your clothes and follow me to the changing area. You’ll need to be dressed at the start of the scene.”

The girls disappeared and Phil said “This’ll be your first time working with a trans girl Carl, how are you feeling?”

“Excited!” was his one word reply. Carl had fucked a trans girl once before and found it to be stimulating as well as being a bit different. Plus, he would have Trixie to help him and that would add another dimension. Phil’s trans productions were called “Shemales and Couples” and Carl had seen one or two of them. He loved seeing how the guys interacted with the “chicks with dicks” so he mentally prepared himself for some mutual cock play. He wouldn’t let Sia fuck him though, that would be Trixie’s role in proceedings, but as Carl hadn’t sucked a cock for some time, he was looking forward to it.

Carl entered the studio where the guys were setting things up. He cast his mind back to his own audition and remembered how professional they all were. He had gotten to know the crew well over the last year and the banter started the minute he entered the room.

“Hey Carl, I hear we’re gonna see you getting fucked today!” blurted one of them. “Yeah, see if you can throat a dick as big as yours, pal,” teased another. It was all good-natured and Carl didn’t rise to the bait. “Be nice, guys!” came his reply. “Sia is lovely, we need to help her through this, OK?”

A bit more banter followed until Phil entered the room, followed by Trixie and Sia, arms entwined. Carl was sure he heard a few gasps. Both Trixie and Sia looked amazing and Carl was confident this was going to go well, just as long as Sia was really up for it.

There was to be no script for this audition. Phil told Sia to strip down to her undies, then Trixie and Carl would join her and to go with the flow.

“Action!” barked Phil and Sia started to strip down sexily. Trixie was sat next to Carl and the two of them started to undress as well. All three performers were now down to their undies and Phil said “Go on guys, join her and ravage her!”

Trixie practically jumped up and Carl quickly followed. They were standing in front of the big round bed, hot video lights shining brightly on them, boom mics hovering above. Trixie stood to one side of Sia and Carl to the other. They started to caress her breasts and Carl leaned in to kiss Sia passionately on the lips. Trixie unclasped Sia’s bra with one hand and it fell loosely around her shoulders. Carl tugged it over her arms and her large breasts were exposed, her nipples standing erect in anticipation.

Each breast was now being given attention by Carl and Trixie, Carl gently biting and pinching Sia’s right nipple while Trixie lovingly squeezed Sia’s left breast. Trixie slipped out of her own bra and panties and encouraged Sia to grope her body. Carl dropped to his knees, working his hands all the way down Sia’s toned body until he reached her ass. He turned her around so that the camera could see that firm, round ass. Carl kissed her left butt cheek and Trixie playfully spanked her other one, making Sia gasp. Then, in unison, Carl and Trixie hooked a finger into the waistband of Sia’s thong and pulled it down to her ankles. Sia stepped out and kicked it to one side. Both Carl and Trixie gave some more sensual attention to Sia’s sexy ass, Carl running his fingers up and down her crack.

Unseen by the camera, as she was facing away, Carl and Trixie started to fondle Sia’s cock. It was no more than semi-hard when her panties came down, but with Carl stroking her shaft and Trixie tickling her balls, very soon it was fully hard and it was an impressive sight. About 7 inches long, thick and straight, Trixie couldn’t wait to get her lips wrapped around it. Carl put his hands on Sia’s hips and encouraged her to spin around. He was still stroking it slowly, revealing it to the camera. Carl looked over to Phil, who had the biggest smile on his face and was giving Carl the thumbs-up.

Carl turned Sia so she was facing Trixie, who was on her knees waiting to taste this beautiful penis. Carl was now behind her so decided to kiss and lick Sia’s ass as Trixie lovingly took her cock into her mouth, going deep immediately and making Sia sigh with pleasure. Carl pulled Sia’s cheeks apart and was now snaking his tongue into Sia’s tight anus. He was relaxing her sphincter, enjoying the taste and smell of her sex. He slipped one, then two fingers into her, making her moan again “Oh my God!” she blurted, “Oh Fuck!” and without warning, started to cum. Trixie was taken by surprise with how quickly she came, but pulled her mouth away just in time for the camera to see the cum spurt out of the end of her throbbing penis. Four spurts and a dribble covered Trixie’s mouth and cheeks and Sia was breathing hard. Carl reached around to help stroke the last of the cum out of her, then Sia dropped to her knees. Trixie, covered in Sia’s cum, kissed Sia full on the mouth and when they started to play with her cum, Carl joined in too and kissed first Trixie, then Sia.

Sia looked a little flustered, so Carl pretended to kiss and her neck and ear. He whispered “That was awesome, Sia, you’re doing great. Keep going and follow Trixie’s lead.”

Phil could see what Carl was doing and smiled to himself, knowing he’d chosen the right guy to help Sia through her audition.

Carl stood and wandered over to sit on the edge of the bed. Trixie whispered something to Sia, and they both turned and crawled over to Carl. Trixie didn’t hesitate, and started to stroke Carl’s massive cock. Sia, eyes wide with surprise at the sheer size of Carl’s hard cock, kissed the tip tentatively, then opened her mouth for Trixie to feed it in. She then dropped her head so she could lick Carl’s shaft as it disappeared in and out of Sia’s hungry mouth. She may be a novice porn performer, but she certainly knew how to suck cock, thought Carl to himself. The sensation of her tongue on his glans was fantastic and Trixie was adding to his pleasure by taking each of his balls into her mouth in turn, while grazing her fingernails across the underside of his scrotum. A less-experienced guy wouldn’t be able to hold back, but Carl was a pro now. He could take this stimulation for hours and only let himself cum when he was ready.

But now it was time to see if Sia could take a cock in her ass as well as she could in her mouth. Carl stopped the girls from sucking him by standing up. He lifted Trixie up and got her to lay face up on the bed, legs apart, her feet on the floor. He could see that Sia’s cock was flaccid after her earlier orgasm, so he decided to take the lead. He moved in between Trixie’s legs and licked from her anus up to her clitoris, making her squirm and gasp. Sia sat on the bed next to Trixie and leant forward to kiss her, while caressing her breasts. Carl knelt up and offered his cock up to Trixie’s quivering pussy and gently eased it into her, not stopping until it was fully inserted. Trixie let out another gasp as Carl held his cock deep inside her. She’d felt it before and loved it when Carl fucked her hard and deep.

He withdrew almost completely, paused then thrust right back into her, making Trixie scream “Oh Fuck! Yes, like that, Baby, like that!” Carl pummelled her pussy mercilessly, knowing that Trixie’s cries and screams were for real. Sia, who had never before been this close to a couple fucking, let alone directly involved, felt the sap rising again, her cock becoming fully engorged. Carl reached over to stroke it firmly while still deep-fucking Trixie, who was holding back her own orgasm – just!

Carl then had an idea, which he just knew Trixie would be up for. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, then said out loud to Sia “Let’s both fuck my sexy little wife before I fuck you!”

The smile on Phil’s face was beginning to hurt! He knew he could count on Carl to deliver a great scene and Carl knew if it was successful, he’d be helping the studio make more money and be helping to launch a new career in the process.

Carl got Sia to lie flat on the bed and got Trixie to straddle her. He helped Trixie impale herself on Sia’s hard cock, making sure the camera got a great view. Once Trixie had established a nice rhythm, Carl got into position. He stood on the bed and crouched so his cock was poised against Trixie’s anus. Just as Trixie was feeling less than full after having Carl’s monster cock replaced by Sia’s more normal sized-one, she felt a squirt of cold lube on her ass hole, followed by Carl’s probing finger. This was quickly followed by something much bigger than a finger, as Carl eased his huge knob into Trixie’s tight little anus. When her sphincter relaxed and sucked his cock into her, Trixie let out a loud moan and started to cum almost immediately. She kept easing herself up and down on Sia’s cock and exploded as Carl’s huge cock penetrated her anally, taking her breath away and causing her to sob loudly. “Oh my God, oh my God, fuck yes, yes!”

Carl knew the vocals were mostly for the camera but he hadn’t been surprised that Trixie had cum so quickly. She’d been fucking for some time and had responded this way before when being nailed in the ass by Carl. He also knew she wouldn’t be able to take him much more, so he eased out and walked out of shot. He grabbed a sterile wipe and cleaned himself off. Trixie was coming down from her orgasm, easing herself off Sia’s rampant cock.

“Your turn!” he said, commandingly, to Sia. He lay on his back and helped Sia on top of him, facing away from him and toward the camera. He held his cock rigid while Trixie applied some lube to Sia’s ass. Trixie whispered to Sia again, telling her not to worry and that it would feel amazing. She lowered herself down and Carl felt the resistance of her tight ass. He pushed and manoeuvred but couldn’t penetrate her so Trixie got some more lube and squeezed the tube directly into Sia’s ass. Carl reached a finger forward to penetrate her first, then as he eased it out, replaced it with his bulbous knob. That did the trick and Sia gasped as his penis slipped into her. All the time, her cock was erect and bouncing up and down. Once she had impaled herself on Carl’s cock, she got into a rhythm and her cock bounced invitingly again.

Trixie was sat with her hands on Carl’s knee, watching intently. She reached up to gently stroke Sia’s cock, letting her fuck Trixie's hand with her squats. It didn’t take long for her to feel the urge to cum again. Trixie saw this and lay on her back on the floor in front of them, being careful not to obscure the view for the camera. Sia was stroking herself now and after a few more deep thrusts into her, Carl could feel her cumming. She crashed down onto his cock, stayed there and stroked a huge spurt of cum out of her cock, which shot over Trixie’s belly and breasts. This was followed by another three spurts, mostly covering her own hand, but dripping down onto Carls thighs as well.

Carl lifted Sia off him and eased her to the floor where she started to clean Trixie up with her tongue. Carl got onto his knees and stroked his own cock, waiting for Sia and Trixie to start kissing each other on the lips. As they did so, he relaxed and let himself cum, spurting a massive load of about eight spurts all over Sia and Trixie’s mouths and faces. They were absolutely plastered in cum and both girls hungrily sucked in as much as they could and swallowed it. Carl leant in for a final kiss with each of the girls. As he was stroking Sia’s hair, he could see tears running down her cheeks. It had been the most erotic and intense fuck of her life and she was completely overwhelmed.

Phil, as usual, broke the mood “CUT!” he yelled, and all three of them looked up, remembering where they were. “Fucking awesome guys, really, that was fantastic. Carl, you’re the best, Trixie, you’re such a perfect slut and Sia, well, fuck me if that wasn’t the hottest trans scene I’ve ever shot! Great job, guys!”

Trixie was giggling and high-fived Carl. They all got up, Carl helping a very wobbly-legged Sia and they went off to the showers to clean up.

Phil was writing an email when one by one, all three of the performers re-entered his office.

“Be with you in a sec, just drafting an email to Kenny. I’m going to send him this video raw and unedited. I think it demonstrates Carl’s abilities perfectly and if I can’t get you a minimum of twenty grand for four weeks with him, I’m gonna give this game up!”

Carl grinned, Trixie clapped her hands together and Sia looked a little puzzled. Carl leant into her and whispered “My gateway to America and the big bucks. Thanks, Babe!”

Phil clicked ‘send’ then looked up from his PC. “Sia, honey, how was that for you?”

Sia, who had only just recovered from the fuck of her young life, beamed up at Phil and said “Will it always be this good?” Trixie interrupted and said “It will when you work with Carl, baby!”

Phil laughed and said “Yeah, well I can’t guarantee that. He might be leaving us for a while soon anyway. But Sia, if you want to work for us, I’d be delighted to sign you up.” Sia nodded and said “After that, how could I refuse?” “Atta girl,” said Phil. “I’ll send a contact to your agent and we’ll get you booked in for a full movie soon. Carl, if it’s before you go, do you wanna be in it?”

“Damn right!” said Carl. “I can’t remember enjoying a shoot more than today.” He looked Sia in the eyes, held her hands in his and said “Thanks Sia. You’re really something!” He saw another tear in the corner of her eye as she replied “Carl, thank you. And Trixie too, you’re both amazing!” They hadn’t been in Phil’s office for more than ten minutes after he’d sent the email to Kenny in America, but all four of them heard the ping of an incoming mail.

“Well, would ya look at that? Kenny has replied already!”


To be continued…