All the Shades of White Part 7

Info TomDunson1948
03 Dec. '19

The rest of the week had passed uneventfully.  Each day Michael served Ms. Jean and did as she said.  He bathed her but was not yet allowed to bathe her breasts, ass, or pussy.  That was something he still had not earned but he hoped that one day it would happen.  He was fitting in quite well to the routine and felt at home and very content in his role.  He enjoyed being her slave and finally after years felt finally complete in his life.  

It was Friday evening and Michael had prepared dinner for Jean, Carol, and David.  At exactly six p.m. the door bell rang and Michael went to answer the door.  He was nude as he had been since he arrived at Jean's and finally for the first time he did not hesitate answering the door sans clothing.  

He opened the door and Carol breezed in followed by a middle aged blonde man who he assumed was David.  Carol called out for Jean and when she arrived a few moments later and the two women hugged and exchanged kisses on the cheek.  As David stepped inside Michael closed the door and David immediately began to remove his clothing.  Once he was naked Jean said, "Michael this is David, David, Michael, and of course you remember my sister Carol."  The two men exchanged handshakes and then Carol. blurted out, "Oh you two can do better than that."  The two men hugged and then exchanged kisses on the cheek.  

The four walked into the living room and each woman sat in an arm chair.  David stood right next to Carol.  David was slightly taller than Michael and he was blonde with blue eyes.  He was a nice looking man with no body hair except the hair on his head.  His cock was longer than Michael's but about the same width and like Michael, David was semi-erect.  

"Michael," began Jean, "Please bring four glasses of wine."  Michael immediately left the room and returned with four glasses of Merlot.  He served the women first, then gave a glass to David and then took his glass as he stood next to Jean.  Everyone held their glasses as Jean said, "What shall we drink too?"  

Finally Carol piped in, "Let's drink to an erotic coupling of these two men."  The women laughed and then drank as did the men.  Carol and Jean chatted as if no one else was in the room as the two men stood and sipped their wine.  After nearly an hour Jean said, "Well, I think it's time that these two gave us a show."  Both women laughed again as the two men looked at each other.  The women stood and led the way to the small guest house out back.  

It was stylish little cottage with living room, dinning room, and kitchenette.  Their was a bathroom and one large bedroom with comfortable easy chairs and an oversized king bed.  Jean and Carol sat as Michael filled their wine glasses once again.  The two men then stood in front of the women and waited further instructions.  

The women talked for a bit and then finally Carol spoke.  "We want  you two to enjoy yourselves.  While this little demonstration is for us we do want you two to enjoy yourselves.  No just 'wham bam' thank you ma'am sex, but do indeed make love.  When the time comes David will assume the male role and Michael the more passive female role."

The two men climbed in bed and turned on their sides facing each other.  They studied each other's faces for a few moments and then David leaned in and kissed Michael.  As they kissed their arms went around each other and their bodies pressed into each other.  This was a new experience for Michael but he responded in kind.  After the kiss the men began to caress each other's backs from neck to ass.

The two men kissed again and this time David offered Michael his tongue.  Michael opened his mouth and the two tongues intertwined in a very passionate kiss.  As the two men kissed  any inhibitions Michael had began to slip away.  The two men melted into each other.  

They kissed and then kissed jaws, cheeks, ears, and necks.  As they did they reached down and began to stroke each other's erections.  The men moaned and sighed as they kissed and gently stroked each other.  David began to assert himself and Michael just followed the more experienced man's aggressiveness.

"Lie on your back," said David and Michael rolled over on his back.  His erection sticking up into the air.  He happened to glance at the women.  They were sipping wine and smiling.  At that moment David began kissing his way down Michael's neck to his shoulders and then across to his chest.  

He placed a gentle kiss on Michael's right nipple as he reached down and began to caress Michael's cock.  Michael let out a long sigh as David kissed and then alternately licked Michael's nipple.  David repeated the same technique on Michales left nipple.  Michael just lay there enjoying the pleasure.  

David then began lightly caress Michael's balls and the little area between his balls and asshole.  Michael was in heaven.  David alternated between Michael's nipples with licks and wet kisses while at the same time exploring Michaels cock and balls with his fingers.  Michael glanced at the two women once again and then closed his eyes and just enjoyed the pleasure he was experiencing.  

After a while Michael felt David begin to move down his body with little kisses and licks and he knew what was coming next.  In a matter of moments Michael felt David place a little, tender kiss right on the tip of his cock.  Michael gasped again.  And then he felt David engulf his cock into his warm, wet mouth.  The pleasure was overwhelming and Michael could hardly move.  He felt like he was paralyzed with pleasure as David's head bobbed up and down on his cock.  

As Michael lay there he heard someone get up and opened his eyes to see Carol walking over toward the bed.  He noticed a small tube in her hand.  She unscrewed the lid and then squeezed out some opaque gel onto David's extended middle finger.  That completed, Michael felt David's finger move between the cheeks of his ass.  

Michael had never experienced any kind of anal penetration before, yet he knew enough to pull is legs up and let them fall open.   As David sucked on Michael's cock he felt David's middle finger beginning to penetrate his virgin asshole.  He tried to relax as David gently inserted his finger as far in as he could.  The pleasure being given to him between the sucking on his cock and the gentle probing of his asshole as simply amazing.  He just closed his eyes and let it all happen.  

As Michael reached up and began to caress his own nipples David inserted a second finger into Michael's asshole.  It stung for only a moment and then the sting disappeared and was replaced with feelings of pleasure.  The more David sucked while at the same time exploring Michael's asshole the closer Michael came to cuming.

Michael tired to put off cuming for as long as possible but he knew that eventually he would surrender to the pleasure.  He opened his eyes for a moment and looked at the women  Both were smiling as they watched the erotic scene.  David's tongue was doing amazing things to the underside of Michael's cock just in back of the head.  He didn't know how much longer he could hold out and then he heard Jean say, "David get ready.  Michael, you may cum at anytime  you wish."  Michael looked at Jean and through half close eyes he smiled and mouthed thank you.  Jean returned his smile with one of her own.  Then Michael closed his eyes.

It took less than a minute after gaining permission for Michael to say, "I'm cuming."  He had reached that amazing moment of pleasure just before he began to ejaculate.  The pleasure was indescribable and then he could hold back no longer and the first spurt of his pearly white cum shot into David's mouth.  Spurt after spurt until Michael was totally drained.  Michael was sure the feeling of pleasure was intensified because of the audience, the probing of his asshole, and David's work on his cock.  

He lay there for a few moments without moving.  And then Jean piped out, "Bravo!  The was wonderful to behold" 

Carol came over once again with the tube on gel as David knelt between Michael's legs.  David covered his cock with the lube and then inserted more in Michael's asshole.  Michael just lay there and watched.  Having two fingers in your ass was one thing, but a cock in your ass, well that's something else.  

Finished, David looked at Michael and said, "Just relax.  It will sting a bit at first, but not for very long.  As I begin to enter push out.  It will make the insertion much easier.   I will be gentle and once in I will let you get accustomed to it."  There was a pause and then David said, "Ready."  Michael whispered. "Fuck me."

The two men smiled at each other then David began to push the head of his cock into David's asshole.  He pushed gently and Michael tried to relax.  There was a stinging, burning feeling but when David was finally all the way in the sting began to diminish.  

David lowered his head and the two men exchanged a deep passionate kiss.  Then David pulled back just a little and then slid back in.  His thrusts were soft and gentle for which Michael was grateful.  Soon, the thrusts became longer and Michael began to realize that the discomfort was indeed going away.  As David thrust the discomfort actually began to feel good.  Michael wrapped his legs around David's hips as both men began to moan in pleasure.  

David's thrusts were now longer and gaining momentum.  The two men looked at each other and smiled.  David began to move faster as both men closed their eyes.

As Michael lay there, mixed feelings were running through his body.  There was pleasure, but also embarrassment.  Men aren't supposed to be doing this.  Humiliation that he was actually enjoying being fucked.  Awkwardness because two women were watching and he was enjoying it.  And then his thoughts were interrupted as David said, "Fuck, I'M CUMING."  His hips moved like a piston in and out of Michael's asshole.  And then almost as quickly as it began David began to slow down.  He leaned down the two men embraced they kissed.  As they did Carol said, "That was so sensual.  Simply Amazing."  

David's cock shriveled and slipped out of Michael.  The two rolled on their backs and didn't move.  The women just let them rest.  After about fifteen minutes Jean said, "You two go take a shower and come back ready to service us."  The men rose and went to the bathroom.  The women finished their wine and waited patiently for the return of the men.