Her secret life

He entered in the little cafe and immediately saw her. She was turning her back to him, like he asked her, and she was tense. He could see it even from a distance. Her hair was in a braid, a white pashmina on her shoulder, and she wore a blue shirt and jeans, as she had promised.

He approached the table without saying a word and he could see she knew he was approaching because her back straightened. He caressed her hair, then her neck, and then with both hands, started to relax her shoulders.

"Relax. You are fine."

Between the light massage and his husky voice, she felt her hard nipples poking through her shirt and down between her legs, a little wetness.

He ordered her to not wear panties for their first date, and she liked to be ordered what to wear... or not to. 

They met online on a dating app. With all the things that she’d heard on the news she was afraid to meet him,  but after so many months of sexting, she couldn't resist anymore. She wanted to feel his hands on her sensitive skin,  and she wanted to touch him.

That day she felt a mix of excitement and fear. She had no friend to tell where she was going... just in case… so she left a note on her desk in case somebody would notice her absence.

When her shoulders were more relaxed, he sat beside her looking at her, studying her features. 

She couldn't look at him. Not yet. But she could feel his eyes scanning her body. She wanted to know what he thought but she didn't dare to ask. 

In the past months they’d exchanged pictures but it's different to see him on a picture than to see him in person. 

"Hey beautiful. Look at me" his voice was low, just a little more than a whisper, but the tone was commanding.

She then slowly turned her head to him, her eyes still looking down.

"I said 'look at me'. I want to see your eyes"

She shyly pulled up her eyes to look straight into his. Her heart skipped a bit and she was holding her breath.

"Relax. Breathe. Do you really wanna spend our first date at the ER?"

She then smiled. Oh, her smile! It was taking her whole face: mouth, eyes, nose, cheeks. Her eyes were a little watery. She was beautiful,way better than the pictures.

With his right hand he started caressing her cheeks, so smooth even at her age. He could see she took care of her skin. His left hand was holding her hands on her thighs.

"What are you drinking?" he asked looking at her mouth

"A peppermint tea. I don't drink coffee after breakfast. Can I order you something? " 

Her voice was a little broken because of her excitement. In all these months they exchanged pictures, some very intimate, and they sexted, they never talked on the phone.  He didn't know her voice was so erotic. She could work on one of those hot lines. She told him that once she was working in a help-desk and there was a guy pretending every day to have a problem just to hear her voice. He could understand why.

"Can I try your tea to see if I like it?"

"Yes. Of course"

In reality he just wanted to put his mouth where hers was and he did, licking the rim of her mug while she was staring at his mouth, her eyes wide open and her lips apart. It was a very erotic scene.  

She knew what he was doing. Her eyes were staring at his mouth, her eyes wide open and her lips apart. She bit her lower lip between her teeth, she felt her nipples poking harder, and between her legs there was a waterfall. She tried to cross her legs but he stopped her.

"Oh no. Don't you dare! I can smell your excitement from here. I bet you are wet. Tell me, do you wear panties?"

" No. You said not to. "

" Good girl! Unbutton your jeans"

" What? Here?"

" Oh yes. I know you want that too. You're just playing at modesty but you want this too. Here, with all these people around,they might smell your excitement and they could see you. Isn't it arousing?"

She nodded but didn’t say anything. 

“I want to hear your voice. Answer"

" Yes"

"So, unbutton your jeans" 

And so she did. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her zipper while checking the people surrounding them. Nobody was paying them attention.

He then was stroking her knees, then her thighs, going slowly, very slowly up. His other hand was still on her cheek. He didn’t reach to touch her there. 

Her eyes were slightly closed, her lips apart. Her breath was labored. 

He then stopped, and put his hands on the table.

"Tell me, how was your day at work?"

She was confused as she looked around. Was she imagining things? She looked down and saw her jeans open. She was going to button up her jeans when he stopped her.

"Absolutely not. I want to smell your scent, and I like to see the peak of your mound. I can see your red hair"

She wasn't wearing panties and she could feel the cold air through the opening of her jeans. Oh, so arousing.

She started talking about her day, her voice broken from the excitement, and he could feel it. 

He then turned his chair to see her and give his full attention to her face. He put his left elbow on the table, holding his head with his left hand. He put his right hand on her shoulder.

"Turn toward me and keep your legs open"

She hesitated a moment but she really wanted to obey. It was terrifying, but so exciting. She couldn't say no, so she turned toward him with her legs slightly open. She could smell her own scent. She could feel her jeans were wet.

He looked down and smiled. 

"There is a dark spot on the crotch of your jeans. I wish everybody here could see it."

It was so embarrassing and yet she liked it so much. In one of their sexting sessions she confessed him that this was one of her wet dreams: to be seen wet in the crowd. She knew that in the moment she would stand up, everybody could see she was wet, behind and in the front, and that was what she wanted - shamefulness and excitement. He knew that and his grin was saying that much.

"Touch yourself. Slide your finger in your wetness and let me taste your finger"

Oh my. That was something she didn't think about. But she knew better than to disobey him. 

She slowly tucked her hand in her jeans, opened her legs wider, and then slid her finger up and down her slit. She couldn't stop, it was he who stopped her.

"Stop it. I said I want to taste you. Give me your finger. I want to suck it."

She did move her finger to his mouth, first touching his soft lips, then putting it into his mouth. His tongue was literally fucking her finger. 

They didn't even exchange a kiss, and yet he was eating her juice from her finger. 

She totally forgot about the people around. For what she cared, they were alone, so she didn't noticed that group of college students looking at them knowing exactly what was going on, and jealous of their excitement, of their spontaneity, of their envelopment.

She could imagine his tongue fucking her pussy. She's never used that word and today she’d used it twice already.  

He let go of her finger, his eyes showing his own lust.

"Now you go home. Do not button your pants. Prepare yourself a nice, warm bath, with candles all around. You can't touch yourself. When you are in the water, text me and let me know. Wait for my answer, but I don't know when it will be."

"But... I thought..."

"No buts. Do as I say." he said in a command tone but with whispering with a low, sexy voice.

"I have to ride a bus. I need to button my pants."

"Even better. Ride the bus. Do not sit. Stand in front of somebody. No matter if it's a male or a female. Stand in front of him or her. Let the person see you and smell you. Look at the person. When I'll call you, you have to tell me her or his reaction and yours. Am I clear?"

"Yes. I just thought..."

"To have sex? It's our first date. We shouldn't have sex on our first date. Now go."

She stood up, her legs weak, her heart beating so fast. She felt his eyes on her ass and the eyes of all the patrons.

She went to the bus stop and waited 7 minutes, seven long minutes. The bus ride is generally not very long, about 12 minutes. She stepped up hoping it was empty, but unfortunately it wasn't. She stood before a man of 45 or so, good looking and reading the newspaper. Good, he was distracted. She looked at him. He raised his head up and asked her if she wanted to sit.

"No thank you. I prefer to stand."

Before continuing to read the newspaper his eyes fell on her crotch and noticed her pants were unbuttoned. Clearly he was going to tell her but decided not to. He folded the newspaper while looking the opening of her pants. He had to uncross his legs and she could see the bulge growing. 

A sudden stop of the bus made her lose her balance. He helped her to not fall and her breast touched his forehead. He raised up his head up moaning: her breast was soft and she had a sweet flowery perfume. And she smelled of excitement.

She then recovered her standing position and noticed his fingers moving like he wanted to touch her. He looked around.

"Damn. It's my stop. Sorry M'am, I have to get off now." 

She had moved aside to let him go when the back of his hand touched the opening in her pants. His nose was touching hers. He smelled good. 

"I think I will wait for the next stop" he said, and then tucked his hand in her pants and slid his fingers up and down her wet slit.

Their breathing was heavy when she quietly said, "I think this is your stop".

"You're right. Damn. I gotta go." 

He then got off the bus. The bus resumed the ride and she saw him through the window. He was licking his finger. 

The thought of going home and not touching herself made her craving for more.