Waiting for Fate Pt. 02

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07 Dec. '19

Waiting on Fate Pt. 02

By: subDelilah


After the previous evening’s events, I was tempted to join Jay in the shower again. I wanted to give him some alone time to relax after work, so I resisted the urge. Besides, I needed a few minutes to get ready.

A few days after we initially started texting, he had responded to one of my messages by calling me “kitten”. I was surprised by the effect it had on me. My stomach and groin tingled just reading it. I had told him that if he ever called me that in person, then he had better be ready for me to jump him. He laughed and continued to tease me, knowing he was making me squirm at my desk as I tried to hide my flushed face from my coworkers.

While waiting for Jay to get off of work, I had driven around the area near the hotel to kill time. I stumbled across a Halloween store and figured I could wander around in there for a while. While looking at the various decorations and costumes, I had an idea. I found an adorable pair of black lace kitty ears, and also a choker that was a chain with two linked handcuffs for a subtle touch.

While Jay showered, I quickly got ready in the living room area of the suite to surprise him. I pulled the bedroom door almost closed so he would not see me until he came out. I took off my shirt and adjusted my new black bra to get the cleavage just right. I left my jeans on to leave at least a little to the imagination. I refreshed my makeup and added a hint of cat’s eye. Donning the handcuff necklace and cat ears, I quickly spritzed on vanilla body spray (his favorite) and posed seductively against the wall.

Jay finally emerged from the bedroom, but did not notice me around the corner at first.

“I kinda thought you might join me in the shower,” he said, eyes searching the room for me.

“I considered it but wanted to give you some time to decompress,” I replied, causing him to jump.

He turned to look at me and I watched his eyes look up and down my body as a grin slowly grew across his face.

“Besides, I wanted to surprise you. So..... surprise?”

“Damn!” he said as he walked over and pulled me to him.

I tilted my head up and kissed him, stealing my nerves. Over our former conversations and texts, I had gotten a distinct impression there was a more dominant side to him than I had seen before. I had in turn hinted around that I was very much okay with that, but I was so cryptic that he likely hadn’t picked up on it. I was scared to be wrong, but what if I wasn’t?

“And.....I was...um...thinking....that I would, ya know, let you be in charge again tonight?”

Jay looked at me in a way that was impossible to read. Did he understand what I was getting at? Why the hell am I so awkward and shy about these things?! Here I am, a grown-ass woman acting like a silly little school girl. I broke eye contact and took a step away from him.

“Do you want anything to drink?” he finally asked.

“No, I’m ok, thanks.”

“I’m going to grab a drink, so why don’t you wait for me in the bedroom then and we can watch some TV?”

“Ok,” I replied.

I took off my jeans and crawled into bed, pulling the sheet up to cover my stomach and feeling like a complete idiot. I turned on the television and tried not to cry. What was I thinking?! I wasn’t sexy. I was wearing cat ears for fuck’s sake. For a few moments I had felt confident, but now that was gone. The insecure bitch inside had taken control again, telling me that Jay was only trying to be nice because no one would find someone like me attractive.

The door opened and he joined me in bed. He reached over to pull me in and I slid into his arms, avoiding all eye contact. We didn’t say anything for a few minutes as he flipped through the channels. He stroked my hair soothingly, seeming to sense that I was sprinting back into my shell. He put the remote down and then I felt the headband being pulled from my head. I looked up at him as he placed it on his own head and smiled at me.

“What do you think?”

I laughed. “Oh yeah, you’re super sexy. It really suits you!”

Jay leaned down and kissed me deeply, pulling me tight against his chest.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling awkwardly. Either he was more observant than I thought, or I was just pathetically transparent. The fact that he was going out of his way to calm my nerves was so sweet that I couldn’t help but relax a little.

He took the headband off and tossed it away before grabbing the back of my neck and kissing me like there was no tomorrow. I moved my leg and gently caressed his crotch with my knee. My heart was racing and I grasped his shirt with the hand not pinned between us, trying to get it off of him.

Suddenly the hand on the back of my head grabbed a handful of hair and yanked my head back, breaking our kiss. I gasped and looked at him in surprise. He peered into my eyes, looking for an indication of how I felt about it. Holy shit! Could this seriously be happening right now? The love of my life, AND he might be into the same type of play as me?

I looked at him coyly with a smirk on my face. I could see he was pleased by my response, which sent electric rushes surging through my body. I grabbed his other hand and began sucking on his index finger. I heard him stifle a quick intake of air and smirked internally. He pulled his finger from my mouth, but I wasn’t letting him off that easy. I yanked his hand back and started in on his middle finger this time.

“You like sucking on my fingers, do ya?” he asked, his voice dropping another octave.

“Mmmhmm,” I mumbled as I continued.

He pulled back on my hair while simultaneously withdrawing his finger from my mouth again. When I tried to pull his hand back, he pulled harder on my hair to stop me. He slowly moved his finger closer to my mouth, but never quite enough, taunting me. Every time I would open my mouth, he would pull away, firmly holding my head in place. I grew impatient and tried to force his hand forward.

“No. Put your hand down,” he commanded, gripping my hair tighter.

Without a second thought, I immediately released his wrist. While this was something I had always fantasized about, I was honestly a bit surprised at my instant obedience. There was no denying that submission was built into me, even though I was a very independent woman outside of the bedroom.

“Keep your tongue in your mouth.”

He continued teasing me, running his finger along my lips and smiling in amusement as he observed my struggle to resist. My brain was still trying to comprehend that this was actually real, while my body was reacting very powerfully to this turn of events. With everything going on, I lost focus for a moment and accidentally stuck my tongue out to lick his finger.

“What did I say?” he asked as he lightly smacked my cheek. It was slightly more firm than a parent might pop a young child’s hand for misbehaving. Not painful, but startling. He looked me in the eyes and quietly asked if I was ok with that.

“Yes, I am,” I responded. Frankly, my daydreams had involved plenty of things I wanted to try, but was honestly unsure how I would genuinely feel about it until it happened. To reassure him, I smiled warmly and kissed him. Then I promptly tried to suck on his finger again, just to see if I could get away with it. Yes, I absolutely have a brat side that shows up here and there. Besides, it seemed like as good a time as any since we were both testing the other’s limits.

I was rewarded with a stronger yank on my hair, pulling my head back and exposing my neck. Hmmm.....he didn’t cave. The butterflies in my stomach become pterodactyls as he kissed and sucked on my neck, then moved up to my ear, both of which are my weak spots (as he had discovered the evening before during sporadic make-out sessions throughout the night). I was squirming like crazy, but he held on tight. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly take any more, he slowed.

Never letting go of the fistful of hair, Jay gently kissed my cheek and my neck as his other hand cupped my chin. The combination of his control and tenderness had effectively shut my brain down, while cranking my horniness into overdrive.

“Keep your mouth closed,” he whispered as he kissed me. He ran his fingers over my mouth, then kissed me again. Instead of his fingers, he then slowly ran his tongue over my lips and I opened my mouth to let his tongue inside. I immediately realized what I had done and snapped my jaw shut.

“Good girl,” he growled in my ear. And that’s it. I was completely undone. Those two little words were all it took to completely melt me. I looked up at him in complete adoration, happier than I had ever been in my life.

“Are you sure you’re ok with all this?” he asked sincerely, dropping the dom role for a moment.

“Yes, I promise,” I said emphatically.

“Are you just saying that because you wanna get laid?”


“That’s exactly what someone who wanted to get laid would say.”

“I’m really, really good with this. I promise. Seriously.” I placed my hand on his cheek and looked him directly in the eyes, half in assurance and half pleading with him to continue.

“I just really want you to be sure. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable or upset or just acting the way you think I want you to. This is a serious thing.”

“I know. I do. And I appreciate that so much. But I swear to you I’m more than ok.”

He just looked at me for a minute and I refused to let myself break eye contact for fear of giving him the wrong idea. After what felt like an eternity, he finally spoke.

“Would you be more comfortable calling me Sir or Daddy?”


(to be continued)