Beauty Pool Knockout II: Zoe And Lizzy’z Exzellent Adventurez

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16 Aug. '16

Originally published June 2016 as Smokey Saga #64


Hello, dear friends! This is my first sequel posted on NovelTrove, but certainly not the first I’ve ever written. If you’re unfamiliar with the story on which this sequel is based, I highly recommend going back and reading it first. Its title is indeed “Beauty Pool Knockout,” and you can find it elsewhere in my works here on NT. Interestingly, this sequel’s set in the same month I originally created these girls (February 2015).

…Up to speed? All right!

While clearly a reference, the sequel title is really only whimsical (and yes, the words are intentionally misspelled). The lasses don’t travel through time to a totally radical fututopia with George Carlin. Instead, theywell, you’ll see. Enjoy, cheers, thank you for stopping by, happy reading, and your feedback’s always welcomed, valued and appreciated.

***This Saga has been modified from its original version and formatted to fit this screen. No animals were harmed in the writing of this story. The fictional persons and events in this fictive work of fiction are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely unintentional and coincidental.***


24 Hours From You-Know-Where

Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 7:10 p.m.

It was not a dark and stormy night.

Good old reliable Sunny Ray was below the horizon for the evening, passing the circadian baton to friendly Luna Moona. The interior of 810-2C Wilson Apartments stood still, peaceful and quiet. Then the door opened, and in stepped Lizzy-Beth Williams.

Oh, what a day! This morning Lizzy had the inspiration to bring an unexpected treat to work at PetCo: glazed and jelly doughnuts for everyone. The supplemental breakfast was enjoyed, then she was on the clock. Her main body of work took place in the cubby hole where the young cats and kittens were situated. Lizzy-Beth adored cats. Right up there with swimming, they were one of her favorite things in the world. Her own kitty at home, Muffins, a two-year-old Himalayan, spent her day in the top of her kitty house, watching over her queendom and dozing. Actually, the cat’s full name was Muffinstein de Rossi Etheridge Maddow Navratilova Toe-Claws, but Muffins sufficed for short. And it saved them countless minutes calling out the kitty’s name (not that it did any good; she only came when she wanted). She slept in bed with her owner—and her owner’s girlfriend—during the night, and frankly never appreciated that rude noise the clock made in the morning, nor her Mommies’ daily departure. She rather felt a bit insulted by it all. Why on Earth would they want to leave, when they could stay home all day, playing with, petting, pampering and worshiping her??

But they always returned home sooner or later, those silly humans. Lizzy-Beth’s duties at PetCo included feeding the adoptable cats, scooping their litter, showing them off to the interested customer, and playing with them, God bless America. It was for demonstrative purposes, of course—a cat’s cuteness and love of play were big selling points for new owners—but Lizzy still couldn’t believe she actually got paid to play with half a dozen adorable felines, then come home and carry on playtime with her own cat. Sometimes life could be so nice. Today was a big day, as Saturdays tended to be. On busier days like this, her job description expanded with more tasks. While not with the cats, she also sold product to shoppers, directed them where to find their pet needs, and cashiered as necessary. She did so much running around today, she actually shaved an ounce or two off her body weight.

But PetCo was her occupation—as Wilson Apartments, Commons County was her home—only eight months out of the year. May through August were spent in Fisherman’s Bay, at the Bayside Inn on 38th and Fisherman’s Avenue. It was here she resided and did her other job in the summers, lifeguard at the Bayside Inn’s massive indoor pool. Though only seasonally, she’d been at this job longer and grown too attached to give it up. PetCo missed her and her devoted work in the summer, but just like a child starting school again, come September, back she was. Sometimes, even Lizzy-Beth Kessie Williams needed one heck of a vacation.

But the water…oh, swimming was just ever so delightful as cats for Lizzy, if not more. Even when frantically going under to snatch a drowner, she felt the passion in the midst of panic, stroking, pushing, kicking through the water. So magically freeing…so wondrous. Lizzy-Beth felt truly fortunate. Almost 29 years old, and she’d already been blessed with two potential careers, corresponding to two of her greatest loves. And then of course, there was a most recently attained third great love in her life.

“Zoe…oh, Zohhhh-eeee…” she sang tunelessly, wishing there was an actual song called “Zoe” for her to croon. This performance, natch, was in reference and deference to the woman who’d last summer become her beloved girlfriend: Zoe Trix Palmer. One stormy, enigmatic night last July at the Inn, Zoe’d accidentally knocked herself out and fallen in the pool. She could’ve possibly drowned had Lizzy-Beth not been there with the necessary skills. She’d saved the girl’s life, which she kept modest vis-à-vis (but still gave her a small thrill when she put it in perspective). She saved far more lives than the average individual. But she couldn’t get a swelled head over it.

Speaking—or, singing—of Zoe, shouldn’t she be home right about now? A Saturday at her beauty salon was a big day too, but she never came back long after 6:30 or 7:00. Zoe still kept her own apartment nearby in Statler as of right now, but often as she’d been staying here, she’d practically moved in already. Which was just fine with Lizzy-Beth. Muffins may have felt differently.

“Mrow!” declared Muffins, following her Mommy into the kitchen to rub her legs and give her the business. “Mrow! Mrow! Mrow!!

Mrow!” Lizzy countered, mimicking her tone. She opened the fridge and freezer together, studying contents. She and Zoe had started something of an unspoken pattern that whoever got home first would usually make dinner. Unless of course neither felt like it, in which case they went out or ordered in. Muffins sniffed the bottom drawers and meowed at the veggie crisper.

“Salad?” asked Lizzy-Beth, alluding to the head of lettuce inside. “Well, that’s one idea. Let’s see what Zoe wants, how ’bout it?”

Zoe indeed got home a few minutes later. Lizzy, who’d adjourned to her/their bedroom to straighten a few things up, heard the door reopen and bounded back out. But the person she saw enter was not the same Zoe who normally carried that beautiful smile on her face. This Zoe was frowning, furrowing, and…almost tearful, in fact. Oh my gosh, thought Lizzy-Beth. What happened?

Zoe didn’t seem to register her girlfriend’s presence there in the same room, nor that of said girlfriend’s cat. But she failed to care whether Lizzy-Beth saw her do what she was about to do or not. She removed her purse by the strap, whipped it in the air with a mix of frustration and ire, and slung it down into the sofa like an angry missile. Then she sat. She didn’t even take off her coat. She simply planted herself in the sofa beside her wounded pocketbook, clamped her hands over her unhappy face, and whimpered.

Lizzy’s eyebrows jumped at the violent purse abuse. This really wasn’t like Zoe. Something was even more wrong than she thought.

The oblivious Muffins was the first to attempt communication. She repeated her meows and rubbed Zoe’s legs.

Zoe gently shoved Muffins away with her foot. “Cat, please just get lost,” came the anguished mutter. Appearing to pick up the hint, the scorned Muffins turned up her nose. She slunk off with indignance. Well! she seemed to say. I never!

Wow, she really is upset.

“Wow, you really are upset. Well, I hope you’re not gonna tell me to please just get lost too, ’cause I’m not prepared to do that.”

Lizzy-Beth sat cautiously beside and slipped her arm around Zoe.

“Sweetie-bear, what on Earth is the matter? Tell me.”

Zoe leaned over in her direction, dropped her head in Lizzy’s bosom, and emitted a noise that sounded remarkably like the loud clock that irritated Muffins so. It was actually a loud groan, but muzzled by her paws, sounded quite like an alarm or a car horn.

She felt Lizzy-Beth swaddle her in her other arm as well, and finally lowered her hands with a sigh.

Worst stupid effing day…of my whole stupid effing life.”

Lizzy-Beth was so very sad to hear that.

“Oh, honey!...I’m so very sad to hear that!” As was Lizzy’s nature, she gave a small try to humor Zoe out of it. “Well, this must be serious. I’ve never heard you use the ‘eff’ word before.”

She was hoping for a tiny chuckle at most, but got just the opposite. Zoe started crying.

“Aw, babe, I…I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” Lizzy-Beth apologized. “Please don’t cry, Zoe, I didn’t mean to tease you. I was just trying to make you smile. Please, Zoe, I can’t handle it when people cry. I just can’t deal with it. I never know what to do!”

Well, that was true. The very seldom times Zoe had been sad enough to cry in front of her, Lizzy’s methods of cheering her up had proved tactless and inept. Zoe tried to stop crying for her girlfriend’s sake. It wasn’t Lizzy’s fault she’d had such a terrible day. She was home now; she could pull it together, spill it all out, and lap up the sympathy like a bowl of Muffins’ yummy milk.

“Okay,” she grumbled, wiping her nose. She sat back up with a sigh.

“Well…” Sniffle. “I guess it just feels like…since yesterday, right about this time—like someone’s put a curse on me, Lizzy. Right now it’s 7:…I dunno, whatever. So, y’know, last night, at…7:whatever, I tried to make dinner, but I totally screwed it up, so we just ordered Chinese. And I know that’s not such a big deal, but I think it was a bad omen, ’cause I’ve been screwing everything up since. I banged my knee on the coffee table…I ripped my pajamas…and whether it was that Chinese food or God knows what else, I had these awful freaking nightmares all freaking night. Then today, I got out of bed and stubbed my toe! And then…heh! I slipped in the shower. I had to grab the knob just so I didn’t fall…again…and I turned it the wrong way, and I burned myself.”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry! You’ve gotta be careful! Just take your time, and watch what you’re doing. And where you’re going.”

“Oh, Lizzy, that doesn’t help! You know how clumsy I can be! You saw what happened last summer! But today, it was like my clumsiness hit a whole new level. Now, listen; I’m not done yet.

“So on the way to work, someone cuts me off. And that scares the crap out of me, but I figure, well, at least that wasn’t my fault. I got to work okay, but then every-effing-thing went downhill. I mean, I’m sure I did some customers okay, but all I can remember were the disasters. Like this one lady, I was giving her a manicure, and I poked her in the hand with the nail file. I didn’t break her skin, but, I doubt she’ll be back. Then I’m cutting another lady’s hair, and I nipped her ear with the scissors. I didn’t draw her blood either, but, God! So I’m thinking, what is wrong with me?! I just all but lost another customer! No one is ever this klutzy, not even me!

“So, here’s the capper. The one that really killed me. Last one of the day wanted me to frost her. So I point her face to the mirror, but…believe it or not, she says she doesn’t wanna see herself till it’s all done. Said she wants the final result to be a surprise. And…well, I have never heard anyone say that in my life, but I figure, if she’s serious…the customer’s always right. So here goes nothing.

“And I’m doing my best on her, working my magic…and it’s actually looking really good! And I started to get my confidence back. I mean, she looks hot, Lizzy. She looks amazing! And I’m feeling good now. I’m thinking, this is it! The end of the curse! It’s over! And I’m done. And I give her the hand mirror so she can see. And…I’m looking at her hair, not her face. I’m thinking how awesome it is. I’m waiting for the praise. I-I just can’t even help it, I’m already congratulating myself inside. And I hear her say—and I quote…”

Zoe took a deep breath, and did her best imitation of the woman’s voice.

“…‘Oh, HELL, no.’”

Lizzy-Beth’s face washed in grave concern.

Ohhh, dear…”

“I know, right?!” Zoe abruptly snapped. “And I’m like…did I hear you right, lady?? Well, I didn’t say that, but…I said, you don’t like it? And she…” Zoe started breathing heavy again, reliving the scariness of the moment. “Well…she said a bunch of stuff I really don’t wanna repeat…lot of very…colorful language, and…so, she demands I fix it! And I’m like, fix…fix what??! You look incredible! I’m like, to all the girls, doesn’t she? And they all start agreeing with me, complimenting her like crazy! But she’s not having any of it. She gets up and leaves, and she refuses to pay me, Lizzy. Not only does she refuse to pay me, she goes, ‘You’ll be lucky if I don’t sue your ass!’”

Zoe’s voice cracked narrating these last quoted words. She dropped her face back in her hand, indicating she was done now. Her girlfriend shut her eyes in a wince, feeling the pain in her heart on Zoe’s behalf.

God…” Lizzy empathized and sympathized. “I’m so sorry, honey…I wish I knew what to tell you. I mean…no one’s threatened to sue me at the pool…I guess people feel like it’s a little extreme to sue a lifeguard. But I can tell you at PetCo, sometimes we really screw up with customers too. I mean…it’s customer service. We do our best, just like you and your girls at the salon; we all do our best—but, you know this: we just can’t please everybody. It’s just the nature of the biz, Zoe. Cubby-bear, some people are just always gonna be upset, no matter what, and you can’t do a thing about it.”

“Oh, dearheart, I know that, but…” Zoe wept. “But what if she really does sue me? What if I lose…” Zoe clammed up, unable to finish the question, as if it might come true if said out loud. “I…I can’t lose my salon, Lizzy. I just can’t. It’s everything to me. It’s my life.”

“Well…” Lizzy-Beth continued hugging her, trying to think of more supportive things to say or do. “Zoe, I’d love to tell you that you won’t lose it, that somehow I’ll do whatever it takes, but…I’m not sure it’s in my power. I mean, we’ll…we’ll deal with it if it happens, Zoe. We’ll get your girls and our families and some legal help on our side. We’ll do everything we can. And…well, this is speculative, but…I mean, you’re brilliant at what you do, Zoe. You’re a genius. You’re a beauty wizard. And if you and everyone who works with you thought this woman looked good with her frosted hair, then I’m willing to bet whatever judge hears your case will too.”

Zoe looked back up and blinked her teary-red half-moon eyes at Lizzy. Her face blurred and refocused through the lacrimal shimmer.

“That actually really does make me feel better…oh, Lizzy, thank you. I love you so much…I dunno what I’d do without you.”

“Darn straight you don’t,” Lizzy-Beth kidded her. “And I know just the thing to turn that frown upside-down. I’m gonna take you straight to our therapy clinic—Dairy Dreams—and I’m gonna buy you the most delicious two-scoop waffle cone you’ve ever had.”

Zoe almost instantly felt her mouth start watering.

“Oh, honey, that sounds sooo good, but the way my luck’s been going, I’ll probably drop it on the floor and cry like a three-year-old.”

“Silly, that’s what they have bowls for!” Lizzy giggled, rubbing Zoe’s hungry belly. “Seriously, angel, all joking aside, this is just a matter of mind over…well…matter. If you just keep focused, I know you can overcome your little missteps.”

“Mmm,” Zoe nuzzled her. “You are the best and finest thing that has ever happened to my life, Lizzy. Hands down.”

“Okay.” Lizzy-Beth reached southward with both paws, groping Zoe’s tush with one and rubbing her between the legs with the other.

Gasp. “LIZzy!”

“What? You said, ‘Hands down.’”

“I didn’t mea—”

Before she could get out the “—n literally!” Lizzy-Beth’s impish smile disarmed her. It rendered Zoe weak in the knees, making it a lucky, lucky thing they were sitting down. The last thing she needed was to take another tumble, or harm herself anymore. But Lizzy’s smile and the significance behind set Zoe’s heart to fluttering. And the facetious mischief therein highlighted her playful, sometimes even wicked sense of humor, which had a similar effect. Sometimes Lizzy-Beth made her giggle, squeal or get quite excited with the slightest roguish gesture. And it never failed to endear her only more and more to Zoe.

While having her momentarily off-guard, Lizzy kissed her. Zoe felt her eyelids drop shut to settle in and revel. She squeezed Lizzy-Beth, her soft, curvy girl figure, feeling her insides teem with comfort and goodness, and her troubles of the past twenty-four hours already melting away. She’d spoken the truth. She really didn’t know what she’d do without Lizzy by her side, now that they’d been together the last six months. They’d been by far the happiest, brightest, most joyful six months of her life.

She could have stayed like this eternally, but Lizzy-Beth abruptly broke the kiss and stood up.

“A’right, I’m gonna go get dressed. You’re just about all set, but you might wanna grab your cap and mittens too.”

“Wha—” Zoe was disoriented. “…But I thought we were…y’know, getting…friendly.”

“We were, but now it’s time to go out for ice cream.”

“B—…can’t that wait?”

“Not at all. They’re only open till 9:00, and if we let ourselves get too friendly first, it’d be much too late by the time we were done.”

“…Well, yeah, but, Lizzy…snookums, uh…couldn’t we just go there tomorrow instead? We’re both off all day.”

“Not at all.”

Something told Zoe she should have seen the answer to that one coming.

“The parlor’s only open to 5:00 on Sundaes—ha, ha—and besides, I’ve already mapped out tomorrow’s entire activity in my mind. PetCo’s just given us all an early Valentine’s present in the form of our quarterly bonuses. And tomorrow, I’m going to take you to the mall as soon as it opens, and spend the hell out of it. I’m gonna buy us more bags of stuff than we can carry.”

Zoe’s eyes opened as wide as saucers. She loved this idea. And she didn’t at all mind spending her entire day this way. The mall was one of her sanctum sanctorums, a magical shopping haven where everything was nice, and where they could buy anything their eager beating hearts desired. She assumed Lizzy-Beth meant the Juniper Mall. It wasn’t as expansive as Bloomington’s legendary Mall Of America (although what mall could be?), but was closer in proximity and boasted many of their same favorite stores. Actually, there was talk of Juniper Mall add-ons later on in ’15 or ’16. It was very exciting news. Lizzy and Zoe loved shopping, and not just for any one type of merchandise. They needn’t always shop, either; sometimes they just went and enjoyed the atmosphere. Sometimes they scavenger hunted, sometimes they hung out, sometimes they did what they were about to do tonight, and got something tasty to eat.

“Besides,” Lizzy went on, a sneaky smile playing at her lips, “I like making you wait till I’m ready. It makes the libido grow…fonder.”

Zoe knew she was right, gosh-darn her. Despite Lizzy’s coy, beatific shyness the very first time they made love last summer, things changed in the past half-year. And it was Lizzy-Beth Williams who ran things concerning their sex life. Sometimes this frustrated or annoyed Zoe a bit, but for the most part, the Palm-girl enjoyed being under Lizzy’s sexual control. She liked how much Lizzy-Beth took initiative in their naughty escapades. It was one of the sweet little touches in their relationship that showed how much she cared.

But first, Zoe would be made to wait. Fortunately for her, ice cream was a deliciously sweet diversion.


Cream Dreams

Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 8:47 p.m.

Lizzy and Zoe sat across from each other in the Dairy Dreams parlor. Each ordered a dish with two different-flavored scoops and waffle cones crushed on top. Lizzy chose raspberry and mint chocolate chip, and Zoe butter pecan and mocha. Mixing flavors was extra fun, and for even more fun they spoon-fed one another. At this point in their union, they’d shared much more than utensils.

Before they knew it they were done, and two more ecstatically happy puffed tummies exited the parlor. It may not have been the order of operations Zoe’d have chosen, but her tummy was not the body part foremost in her mind just now.

Lizzy-Beth took her back in from the cold and they began shedding clothes, starting with their shoes and following up immediately with their nylons. Oh, that felt much better already. Now to resume puck’rin’ up. Each additional kiss lit another small candle in their souls, until they started sweating under the leftover clothing they had on. Their bellies remained stuffed with ice cream to the point that they felt they could birth a banana split, but didn’t care. Such meager, venial details couldn’t have dissuaded them less.

All four locked lips smiled. Now that they were done waiting, Zoe felt grateful and appreciative Lizzy’d forced her to hold off. She’d been absolutely right. Had Zoe pushed earlier and prevailed, the act would’ve been less satisfying, for a few reasons. To name one, her mind would’ve been on nice cold ice cream, rather than nice hot Liz-cream. This logically would cause her trouble concentrating. That Lizzy was one smart cookie. To say nothing of sexy. And now Zoe got to discover that sexiness all over again. She was the lucky cookie.

Muffins, indefinitely napping curled up on a sofa pillow, heard them enter and trotted to greet them. Zzzzzzzzzz—“Mrow!...Mrow!...” Their feline companion got literally underfoot. Everywhere. They had to do some fancy-dancy footwork to avoid kicking or stepping on her. Muffins of course didn’t know, mean or wish to interrupt their romantic time; she just wanted her figure-eight leg-love received and rewarded. However, resourceful Lizzy found something to distract pesky kitty away. Half-dressed to their underthings and bare feet, Lizzy happened upon a jingle-bell toy. She brought Zoe to a halt, picked up the toy with her tarsal piggies, and let it fly in another direction. Muffins stood on her hind paws to try and catch it, missed, and chased off after. And the lovebird lasses were back on track.

This cat toy was included in a package of assorted jingle balls and mice. They were Her Kittyness Muffins’ favorite. She could play with them until it was sleepy-time all over again. So as long as they could keep their minds off the incessant jingling, Zoe and Lizzy would be set for the evening. Fortuitously, like many bedrooms found in common residential dwellings, this one consisted of a door.

CreeeeEAK…CREEEEeakslam. And we’re in.

The trail of strewn garments on the other side left Lizzy in her undershirt and Zoe her bra and panties, nothing more. Yet separated by one window from 25° of winter outside, the girls were even warmer. Zoe reached beneath Lizzy’s undershirt, tickling her sides.

You are my world,” she serenely proclaimed to Lizzy-Beth. “You’re so beautiful, and so wonderful, and colorful, and fanciful, and lots of other terrific character traits that end in ‘ful.

Lizzy laughed, both at the rib tickle Zoe gave her and her silly sweet remark.

And you, Zoe Palmer, are the greatest, most fantastic thing ever to happen to me.”

I love you, Lizzy-Beth Williams.”

Lizzy-Beth Williams’ expression turned from charmed to sultry and seductive.

“Prove it.”

The two simple monosyllabic words stirred Zoe and awoke her erogenous Zoens. Her tits plumped, nipples stiffening. Her body was hugged the slightest bit tighter by the bra, which was about to be discarded. Her soft, ginger fingertips slid diagonally up from Lizzy-Beth’s hips, to the undersides of her liberated boobs. Lizzy gave a gasp amongst a dozen fluttering blinks, and reciprocated the caressing over Zoe’s silky bare torso. They began raising the room temperature with only their body heat.

With a series of steps resembling something between a tango and a foxwaltz, they made their way to the bed. They attempted to sit, but gravity took over and tumbled them in together. Both giggled with a faint squeak. All four (front) paws reached and groped around each other, snuggling aggressively in the mattress. Stray hair fell over all four eyes and both noses. They shook their heads, trying to whip it away, and smushed their faces in an Earth-rocking kiss, before the hair could get in their way again.

Mmmmm…” Zoe moaned, pushing up Lizzy’s nightshirt to fondle her girlfriend’s breasts and tweak her now hard nipples.

MmmMMMmm…” Lizzy replied, finding Zoe’s bra hooks and rapidly unfastening. Before Zoe knew it, her own wired cups fell off. Very grateful feeling her girls freed, Zoe snatched the bra and flung it behind to land where it would. Lizzy-Beth broke the kiss, exhaling in haste before seizing the hem of her undershirt to pull over her head. Warm, dairy-tinged breath settled over Zoe’s face, enticing her soft, pronounced nose with remnants of raspberry and mint chocolate chip. She found herself yet happier Lizzy’d forced her to go out for that ice cream. The girl really did know how to make her year, turning all the worst days of her life into the best. She was a miracle. However, this miracle was having some trouble getting her nightshirt off. In her excitement, she’d gotten it tangled in her arms. The more she facelessly struggled and scrambled to solve this problem, the more amused Zoe became. She looked so funny, Zoe couldn’t resist. While Lizzy’s face was covered in cotton, Zoe tickled her again, this time under the arms—cracking them both up.

You sure like tickling me a lot tonight, don’t you, you little snake! thought Lizzy-Beth.

Finally, Zoe took hold of the shirt as well and helped Lizzy get it off. Lizzy sent it flying to join the bra, and once her hands were free again, Zoe directed them to her own hips, and encouraged Lizzy-Beth to remove her panties. Lizzy slid them down off her legs and feet. Zhoop! She ditched them, and just like that, they were two naked jaybirds. And still just as warm without covers or comforters.

Their cuddling graduated to a firm, gripping, squeezing embrace, generating more and more pleasure to swim through the bedroom. Sharing more kisses, limb-locks and “I love you”s than they could count, the girls produced a heart-shaped cloud of steam above them.

Mmmmm…” the literally hot girls unisonously declared, each evaluating sweet tastiness in the other’s mouth. It was heaven, no shadow of a doubt. Side by side they lay, arms and legs draping all about, paws at hard work caressing and loving. The slightly tanner Lizzy-Beth’s skin warmly, splendidly contrasted Zoe’s fairer, lighter hue. Four glorious tits pressed hard, supplying doses of blooming goodness through their owners. Two appetized pussies dampened between their milky thighs. They groaned, kissing ferociously, grabbing, palming, pressing, gam-hugging thighs and trading budding cunt moisture.

This was one reason Lizzy and Zoe shared such an incredible sex life since last summer: their constant impulse to sensually top and dominate the other, demonstrating a whole “I’ll show you who’s tougher!” mentality in bed. Who could take more before breaking? It was a wonderful game the two had invented for themselves, which both loved and always very much wanted to win. Actually, in one way or another, both won. The stakes were raised to a whole new level of kink, bringing in a stipulation that for example, the loser must submit herself in bed the next time for the winner to do with as she would. Each knowing how playfully sly the other could be made them strive even harder for victory, though there was more than one occasion when things got so explosive, they decided just to heck with it, and called it a tie. Tonight, however, would not quite be one of those times.

Once they stripped nude and got to snuggling in the sack, the game was on. The challenge toughened each time coming up with new, original techniques to take one another’s breath away, while keeping their mojo going and their play stepped up. Zoe, while cheered by the ice cream, remained a little preoccupied by her unfortunate day. She might have to let Lizzy orchestrate a touch more than usual this sultry, hot winter evening. Then again, she might just come from behind and surprise them both; it had happened before.

Sometimes Zoe and Lizzy-Beth wished they could read each other’s minds, fairly, on a two-way street. Then on nights like tonight, they were extra thankful they couldn’t. Well, they still secretly wished to telepathize on a one-way street, but realized it was far better this way. Reading the other’s thoughts in any sort of game wasn’t only cheating, it took the fun and fairness out of it. Both were sportswomen in competition, and much too honest to cheat. This didn’t, however, mean they weren’t sneaky.

Suddenly, Zoe did get an idea. Her girlfriend didn’t very much enjoy being teased sexually, and she might end up paying for this later, but right now it was a good way to get the upper hand. She extricated her legs from in and around Lizzy’s, raised and stretched them out, one by one. Then she gently took Lizzy-Beth’s wrists, unpawed herself, removing Lizzy’s hands, and pretended to reroute them. This would allot her one good try, and require pretty precise timing to pull off. But if she did it right, oh, she’d gain an advantage.

Finally, when her moment was perfect, Zoe made her move. With Lizzy half-over on her back, Zoe released her, rolled up onto her hands and toes, leapfrogged backwards down to Lizzy-Beth’s pussy level, and pushed one knee and both hands between her thighs. Before Lizzy could figure out what was happening, Zoe parted her legs, moved in, grasped her pelvis, culled her cunt open, nosedived in with a mouthful of saliva, and aggressively tongued Lizzy-Beth, from the taint straight up—hitting every square inch of precious pussy flesh—to just beneath the clit. She narrowed her lips on Lizzy-Beth’s clitty, took it in a passionate sucking kiss…listened for the gasping shriek she knew was coming…heard it…grinned in self-satisfaction…and just as abruptly released her with all ten fingers and both lips. She leapfrogged right back up, reclasped Lizzy-Beth under the arms, French-kissed her, giving Lizzy a taste of her own pussy, and threw her upper leg over Lizzy’s hip. Lizzy-Beth was so dazed and dizzied, Zoe knew she’d succeeded.

Enveloping her beneath the arms and gam-hugging her hip was a follow-up part of Zoe’s strategy, knowing it would only take Lizzy a second to regroup her faculties. And she also intimately knew Little Lizzy, knew that once she received some attention, she wanted more and more and just more still. She couldn’t get enough. But right now, according to Zoe’s little scheme, she would have to wait. Once Lizzy-Beth realized that Zoe wasn’t touching or licking her pussy anymore, she tried to reach down for it herself. But Zoe’s limbs were in her way. A naughty, amused Zoe heard her straining to get her paw down there. “Errrgghh-hey, wh—…” she moaned.

The next thing Lizzy heard was giggling, in her neck. She realized Zoe was screwing with her. And now also laughing at her.

Lizzy-Beth saw dark red. That was mean. This was downright devious and conniving of the usually thoughtful, benevolent Zoe. But Lizzy knew what was going on. This was a new tactic Zoe’d concocted to get ahead in their game, the minx. Oh, you rat! thought Lizzy. She stretched and reached ever more desperately to touch her cunt, but Zoe just hugged tighter. She kissed Lizzy-Beth on the cheek.

I love you, sweetie-bear,” she merrily whispered between giggles.

Enveloped in Zoe’s soft, naked mounds of flesh, Lizzy grew only more and more aroused, and not being able to rub or fondle her now damp pussy made her mad—in every sense of the word. She whirled back on Zoe, her face twisted in horny anguish. Zoe smiled innocently back at her, as if to ask, “…Who, moi?

Lizzy’s eyes narrowed to slits. She could see Zoe was in it to win it tonight, the little imp. Well, Lizzy-Beth wasn’t taking this lying…

…Well…Lizzy-Beth wasn’t giving up without a fight. She began putting together a move to get Zoe back, starting with her own pretense this time, trying once again to reach down and touch Little Lizzy. “Oh, Zoe, plee-ee-eeeease,” she begged.

Zoe was enjoying this, but wasn’t planning to carry it much further. The idea was to tantalize, not terrorize. She just wanted to tease Lizzy, not torture her. Lizzy-Beth’s pleas to be able to touch herself were intended to reinforce the illusion that Zoe was in control, and did so beautifully. What Zoe didn’t anticipate was that while Lizzy couldn’t reach her own pussy, she could reach Zoe’s. And with one leg draped over Lizzy-Beth’s hip, Zoe’s thighs were wide open. Preventing her from touching Little Lizzy also left Little Zoe vulnerable.

Lizzy wondered how Zoe would like a taste of her own vellicating medicine. So once she was done pretend-pleading, she made an equally abrupt launch for Zoe’s coochie with one hand, and grabbed one of her boobies with the other, digging in all ten tickling fingers.

Gitchie-gitchie-gitchie!!” she crowed, as Zoe shouted out in laughter, reflexively tensing up to protect herself. Lizzy-Beth was now freed from her girlfriend’s huggy extremities, but didn’t even care so much anymore about jilling herself off. She went on mercilessly tickling Zoe, who blindly groped for vengeance but without much headway. She heard Lizzy chuckle sadistically, now having usurped back the upper hand. What was more, this time, Zoe hadn’t a trick at the ready to get back at her. She supposed she might just have to let Lizzy-Beth have her way for a minute, until she could come up with something else.

“MESS WITH THIS GIRL, HUH??” Lizzy cackled at her, as Zoe guffawed into hysterics.

That was to say, if Lizzy let her come up with anything else.

Lizzy-Beth did not intend to let up. She had the advantage now, and would take advantage of it. She all but pounced on Zoe, exposing and exploiting her weak spots, driving Zoe up the figurative wall. She lay atop, loving such an extraction of revenge, but at the same time unable to wait much longer to pleasure them both. So she switched gears, grabbed Zoe in the same tender spots, and Frenched her back, practically inhaling her tongue. Zoe’s laughs turned to moans and whimpers, entranced under Lizzy’s figure and romantic spell. Her own fragile body burned with love and lust, and her skin flushed red. Her eyes rolled backwards and began crossing.

The heat was on. Both hearts thundered under heaving, brushing tits. Lizzy may not have been tickle-tormenting her anymore, but had taken a commanding lead in their game. She went on siccing herself on Zoe, squeezing one hand between their now soaked pussies. Lizzy-Beth liked to be dominant and come out on the winning end of these sex games. But Zoe was artful and crafty, and could utilize her wits to gain points. She was the slightly lesser in size at 5’3½”, but had quite the intellect on her. Lizzy was, however, no dummy either. Each’s attributes made for fun, sporting matches in the sheets.

Zoe was losing her mind and the game, but who cared. Right now, in the wild throes of the act, there was no loser. What made this such a great game was that the “loser,” in this case, received a consolation prize in the form of a mind-smashing orgasm. Not half-bad for second-place. The winner would force the loser to do her bidding, either in the next sexcapade, or in the way of a favor, such as cooking din-din. Well, whatever Lizzy-Beth had in mind as the fruits of her imminent triumph, Zoe sensed she’d be paying up dearly.

“OHHHH!! OHHHHHGOD!!” shrieked Zoe, feeling every sweat gland activate and dampen.

“I’d prefer ‘OHHHHHLIZZY,’ I’ll have you know,” Lizzy-Beth shouted back, feeling her own sweat mingle rampantly.


Much better!” gushed Lizzy-Beth. She felt sizzling heat bathe her at the sound of Zoe shrieking her name. Zoe was helpless, veritably pinned in the mattress as Lizzy conquered her. Zoe could squeeze, kiss, nuzzle and bite her, but had been rendered utterly submissive otherwise. She rolled back her pretty sweaty little head, grimaced and howled, fueling Lizzy-Beth onward. The responsibility had fallen entirely on Lizzy’s shoulders, and she was fine with that; it basically guaranteed her the win. She loved owning Zoe. She loved playfully lording it over her, and bringing it up in completely separate situations, such as over breakfast. She may not have won a hundred percent of the time, but she was about a hundred percent likelier to rub Zoe’s nose in it when she did.

Lizzy lay flat on top, letting Zoe go on hugging, humping, and salivating on her, while her paws toiled down under. She worked Zoe’s drenched, swollen pussy with her right hand and her own with the left. She wasn’t ambidextrous, but could hold her own randy longing at bay while focusing on her beloved. Again hugging her with all four limbs, Zoe cried and bellowed with ecstasy, smothering Lizzy in hot, drooling kisses. Lizzy-Beth reciprocated, starting under Zoe’s chin and working her way down, little by little, creating a necktie of lipprints which only lengthened and lengthened, down her torso, between her breasts, to her tummy.

Zoe couldn’t take it. Her dam was about to irreparably shatter. The passion was so overwhelmingly great it was indescribable. Lizzy’s fingers rubbed her inside and out, harder and faster, harder and faster, until the searing contact was almost enough to literally set Zoe on fire. The mattress underneath her transformed into a cauldron of hot pleasure spikes, pins and needles, penetrating the rest of her as Lizzy-Beth thrusted inside her foaming cunt. Her necktie extended to her bellybutton and further still. She held on to Lizzy as long as she could, yelling and screeching her name a dozen more love-soaked, devotion-coated times.

Lizzy-Beth wasn’t far behind her. The more Zoe hollered her name, the hotter and more aroused Lizzy grew as well. Maintaining such a grand sexual hold on her girlfriend, and being the only person in the world who could make Zoe feel this way, wildly excited her, reminding her day after giddy day that someone adored her more than life itself. She felt the exact same way, and would go to any and all lengths to demonstrate it. Speaking of lengths, the artificial necktie Lizzy’d made her was reaching to her pubes. And inside, the pounding sensations and good vibrations were building, and building, and building still more. It wouldn’t be long now.

“OHHHH! GOOOOOD! OHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Zoe yowled, almost as if she were being brutalized rather than pleased. It was just how much she enjoyed her girlfriend’s touch, and a testament to what a fine lover Lizzy-Beth was. They’d forgotten about their game now, concentrating in ecstasy and euphoria on the matter quite literally at hand. Lizzy had quite a gift for making them both so very happy—often simultaneously, which wasn’t easy to do. Zoe may not have been so naturally skilled, but was happy to volunteer when needed. It was like the gesture of paying for a date out together, but…on a much, much grander scale. At long, long last…Lizzy-Beth Kessie Williams heard Zoe Trix Palmer once again scream the magic words.


Lizzy-Beth’s eyes involuntarily bugged wide open, then shut again in a teeth-gnashing wince. That was her signal. That, and the mind-shifting passion shooting crazily through her pussy to her brain, about to reach its zenith.

“ME TOO!” Lizzy harmonized. “MEEEEEETOOOOOOO!!

She finished Zoe’s necktie, keeping her hands at work jilling the both of them off like mad, and added one last oral touch. She pushed up on Zoe with her thumb, nosed under her anterior hood and took her big, red, throbbing clit in a sucking kiss, just as she’d felt Zoe do for that brief teasing earlier moment. Unlike Zoe, however, she wasn’t to stop as soon as she started. Zoe, who couldn’t reach any part of Lizzy-Beth with her arms anymore, reached back and around for anything to cling to. She located a pillow, strangling, twisting, and throttling the stuffing from it. Finally, as expected, the sucking clit-kiss did her in.


Zoe muffled herself with the pillow so as to not destroy her lungs. But down by the foot of the bed, hers weren’t the only lungs getting a trying workout. She felt her clit tugged by Lizzy’s teeth as Lizzy faced the challenge of taking her monstergasm like a big girl as well. A few piercing seconds (which could have woken the dead, but failed to disturb the slumbering cat in the next room) later, the act was complete. Both brains were scrambled in an orgasmic mess. And both Lizzy-Beth’s hands were splattered in warm, frothy, musty cum from their quivering pussies. The muffled shrieks died down, and Zoe’s clit and Lizzy’s pillow were removed from each other’s mouths.

Lizzy-Beth tumbled on her back beside Zoe’s pelvis. She let her head lie stationary, basking in the hazy afterglow. She moved only her eyes over to the unset alarm clock, which read 11:06, then back upwards in Zoe’s direction.

“Whew,” said Lizzy. “Holy…just…whew.”

“Oh God,” Zoe repeated indefinitely. “Oh my God…oh my God…”

“Zoe…I love you, my dear.”

“I love you too, Lizzy baby.”

“I can’t imagine my life without you.”

“You’re the best thing ever to happen to me.”

“I get the bathroom first.”

“Not on your life, Williams.”


Twenty Motionless Minutes Later

Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 11:26 p.m.

“I’m telling you, Zoe, that bathroom’s mine.”

“In your dreams, Lizzy.”


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Guts

Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 12:13 a.m.

Lizzy-Beth and Zoe did not always fall asleep after sex. Some nights, like this one, they lay awake having a honeyed chat. They’d both used the john and returned to bed. Now with the door open, Muffins entered to join them. She’d been through playing for a while, having fallen to sleep, waking as she noticed her Mommies egress. She hopped on the bed, bringing the pussy count to three, marching about and looking for a nice spot to settle in. She chose an untouched stretch of mattress alongside both bodies, purring, baring claws as she kneaded the spot for about five days, swishing tail tickling her Mommies’ noses. Lizzy couldn’t help but feel proud of herself. She felt she had truly turned Zoe’s bad day around. And they still had another big day waiting for them when they woke up.

But Zoe still had something else on her mind.


“…Angel?” Lizzy-Beth whispered back.

I’ve gotta tell you somethingthere was one other thing about last night I left out.”

One arm over Zoe’s swanny neck, Lizzy shifted onto her side, sifted her other hand through Zoe’s unruly hair, and gazed adoringly.

“That you missed me so dearly and desperately every last second we were apart till you came in the door again?”

Zoe chuckled wistfully.

“No. W—I mean, yes, yes, of course I did, but…something else. You remember my brother took me out to dinner, right?”

“Oh yeah. How is Zack?”

“He’s good, he’s fine. Sends his love. Actually, twenty-four hours ago, I bet he was way better than me, after what happened. Okay…

“So we get our food, we’re eating, chatting, laughing, everything’s nice. Then all of a sudden, we hear this noise coming from a few tables away. And we look, and this man, probably about 40, gets up from his seat, and…he’s choking, Lizzy. Like, bad. Like, the people he’s with are panicking. And everyone starts looking, but, I dunno, it’s like…nobody’s doing anything. Like…like they all think someone else is gonna do something, or…or they’re afraid, or…I have no idea. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was just as frozen as they were. Then I see something out of the corner of my eye. It’s Zack. I can’t even figure how much time’s passed, but, he jumps up, runs right up behind the gentleman, grabs him from behind, and Heimlichs him. Like crazy. Just…just like Mrs. Doubtfire. And…he…”

She closed her eyes and let out a single, silent sigh.

“…Lizzy, he saved his life. It worked. My brother…saved this man’s life.”

Lizzy-Beth, now engaged in this suspenseful story, lit up at the final words.

“…Well, Zoe, that’s great!” she exclaimed. “Oh my God, that’s terrific! He’s…your-your brother’s a hero!”

Zoe had begun nodding halfway through Lizzy’s reaction.

Oh, yeah, Lizzy. He’s a hero. ’S why his initials are Z.A.P.: he ZAPped that thing right outta the guy’s throat. Yes sir, Zack Allen Palmer…is a hero.” She turned to look at Lizzy. “Lizzy-Beth Williams…is a hero.” Another sigh.

“…Albert Schweitzer was a different kind of hero. But he still counts. So’s Mother Teresa. And Clara Barton. Babe Ruth. John Lennon.

“Spider-Man and Wonder Woman are superheroes. They may not be, y’know, ‘real,’ but they count too. They’re all heroes, Lizzy, in one way or another. My little brother’s a hero for doing what he did…”

Lizzy-Beth heard her voice crack. She looked back up to Zoe’s face. Her eyes blinked, glimmered with moisture, and leaked.

“…And his big sister, who he always looked up to as a kid…is nothing but a beautician.

“Let’s face it, Lizzy, just flip the vowels in my name, stick an ‘r’ in there, and that’s that. He’s a hero…I’m a zero.”

“Oh, honey-bear, no! Please don’t do that to yourself!”

“Too late; ’s already done. Lizzy, you spend all summer every year saving people. Sometimes every day. You saved me. My God, if you hadn’t been there, I…I probably wouldn’t even be alive today.”

“So I was, and you are. Zoe, it just happened to be what I do. I mean, people just…do what they do. It doesn’t make you less valuable as a person, or your profession either. In fact, y’know what? I’d be willing to bet some of your customers’ve been so jazzed after you’ve beautified ’em, they’ve thought of you as a hero. Remember the next day last summer? You prettied me up, and I couldn’t believe it.”

“Nice try, Lizzy. But it’s just not the same. ‘Oh, don’t you worry, Mr. Johnson! If your little girl starts to drown, brave, courageous Lizzy’ll snatch her right from the jaws of death! She’s a true hero. OH, oh, yeah, and Zoe over here’ll make her look real pretty too.’”

“Zoe, stop. Everyone does good in their own ways. You have nothing to feel inferior about. You’re a good woman, and a good citizen.”

Zoe finally seemed to run out of argumentative steam. She gave off another sigh, and turned back to Lizzy.

“…Good lover?”

Lizzy-Beth grinned, enveloping Zoe tight in her arms once more. “The best.”

Zoe’s limbs found their way around Lizzy as well. These last points her girlfriend had made finally seemed to cheer her back up again. In fact, she was starting to want to cry now for a completely different reason.

“By the way, Zoe, where’d you stub your little piggie? I wanna kiss it better.”

“Ohhh…” Zoe offered Lizzy her hind paw. “It’s the pinky on my right foot.”

Lizzy-Beth took her foot, kissing and caressing from the pinky toe, up and down, and once again. When she finished kissing, she took each of Zoe’s toes in her mouth and gave them some oral affection. Zoe’s eyes rolled back, almost getting aroused all over again.

Oh my God…oh, sweetie, that feels SOOOO good…I couldn’t love you any possibly more than I do.”

“Well, who can blame you; I am pretty damn great myself.”


Let’s Go To The Shoppes

Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 10:35 a.m.

Juniper Mall opened at 11:00 on Sunday mornings and closed at 7:00. Its eight business hours during the day of rest got pretty busy, and after a few of them, it became equally difficult to find a parking space. So Lizzy and Zoe got up and dressed in time to make it by opening. They liked sleeping late Sundays, but no one would call them lazybones today. And what with it being something of a special occasion, the lasses decided to doll up, decking out in their literal Sunday best. Zoe clad herself in her red maxi dress with a wrap jacket draped over, a pair of thick, warm nylons and her woven ankle-buckles. Lizzy-Beth threw on her suit shirt and jacket, dress slacks, one of her fanciest ties and her brilliant royal blue Clarks Sugar Dusts. They were dressed to kill. A figure of speech, of course.

“Mm!” assessed Zoe, whipping her hair before the mirror, tossing her locks haphazardly. “Sweetie-bear, we’re so hot, we’re on fire.”

“I agree,” Lizzy agreed. “We are gonna turn some heads today.”

“Even better—” Zoe amended. “We are so hot, we’re cool. So COOL…we’re hot.”

“So in other words, we’re Pop Tarts and Hot Wheels. Well, c’mon then; let’s get our Hot-Ass Wheels in motion.”

They drove to the mall. The temperature sat in the low 30s, crystallizing what little drizzle fell, but causing them no impediment. Allowing for traffic and inclement weather, they arrived within five minutes of opening time, at 11:02. The mall was a two-floor hexagon with stores on either side of the main walkways, forming an inner and outer hexagonal pattern. First-time visitors could get lost in it like a maze, but if they kept going one way, they’d see the same stores again. They parked in front of the two-story Forever 21, which used to be a super-Borders before the group bankrupted. While they both missed Borders, Forever 21 appealed as well to a different part of their interest. Lizzy and Zoe climbed out and trotted to the entrance against the cold breeze.

“Whew!” exclaimed Lizzy. She rushed inside as Zoe held the outer door ajar for her, and returned the gesture with the inner door.

It was logically pretty empty as they entered, having been open only a matter of moments. An associate behind the counter greeted them as they strode in. They got busy combing display racks, and their shopping quest was officially underway. Even with different personal styles, they mostly agreed on outfits, and could shop together without much drama.

“Ooh, how cute is this?” Lizzy asked, plucking off another maxi to show Zoe. It was medium blue, M-slit and floral-printed. “Bet it’d look even cuter in a mini when spring comes. But everything I’ve seen you in looks awesome on ya.”

“Yeah, that is pretty adorable…nice cut, lovely print,” her girlfriend sure enough concurred. “I’m just not sure it’s my color, though.”

“Oh, you’re kidding. You’re a natural blonde, and it’s ideal with your skin tone. And floral print is 2015’s thing! Throw in the right shoes, put one of your hair bows in with it, and boom: you’re literally a blue-ribbon babe.”

Well, she was right about that; Zoe owned dozens of hair ribbons, and the right color could accent anything nicely.

“How much is it?”

“Uhhh…oooh, nice price! Twenty-three bucks!”

You’re kidding! Does it come in a small??”

“This one is a small. I have eyes for size, you know that. Now get that sexy small ass of yours in the fitting room.”

So Zoe sashayed in, slipped off all except her skivvies, and changed maxis. She left everything in the fitting room to come out and show Lizzy, including her shoes. She knew Lizzy liked seeing her barefoot, especially in anything that clothed her down to the ankles. She wasn’t sure why, but thought it had something to do with the isolation of her naked tootsies, with little else uncovered. It seemed since they’d met, Lizzy-Beth had developed a little thing for her feet. And Zoe had to admit, though having paid less attention to them in the past, she nonetheless boasted a pair of pretty pretty pedal paws. And Lizzy liked playing with them, rubbing, nibbling, tickling, giving her home pedicures, sucking her toes. They were petite, after all, size 6s. Not least but last, she remembered a night when Lizzy-Beth had asked her to give her a footjob in bed. It turned out to be one of the best nights of Lizzy’s life.

Besides, for her part, parading around barefoot outside home was fun…and freeing. Especially in February. And this carpet felt good.

“Ta-daaaa!” she announced. She gave her blonde tresses a flip to complement her first fitting du jour.

Lizzy-Beth turned her way, along with a salesgirl she’d begun chatting up. Zoe heard her girlfriend wolf-whistle at her and felt her cheeks redden…and just a bit more as Lizzy wound her finger in an imperative circular motion. “Now twirl for us.”

Zoe giggled, stood on tippy-toe and performed a slow 360°. She heard another wolf-whistle follow.

“What do you think?” Lizzy asked the salesgirl, whose nametag read CLARISSA.

Clarissa nodded approvingly. “I could go gay for her.”

Lizzy-Beth laughed as Zoe turned to make sure she’d really heard what she thought she heard.

“Well, hey, now, don’t get too carried away there; she’s mine. But, I do like a woman who gets right to the point. And, eh,” she paused to readdress Zoe, “I’d say that’s a ringing endorsement, huh, babe?”

Zoe changed back into her arrival clothes (minus nylons, which were stuffed in her purse) and emerged, dress in hand. The prospect of the day’s first purchase excited Lizzy, but also reminded her of something. She unzipped her own purse to find payment means.

“Yeah…” she confirmed, digging and sifting. She turned back to Clarissa. “Hey, Clare? I’ve had this purse for ages. It’s getting kinda beat-up, and it’s shrinking too. I can’t find a gosh-damn thing in it. Have you got anything a little bigger, or easier to organize?”

“Oh, I think we could find something that suits your fancy,” said Clarissa. She led her to the accessories department, Zoe scampering behind like a puppy. A dozen or three handbags later, Lizzy-Beth finally decided on her new pocketbook companion.

It was a black leather trapeze crossbody, pre-bedazzled in a crosshatch pattern with every color of the rainbow represented. It looked like bright fluorescent lines dancing in the dark. She loved it. She also loved that the inside was lined in white for easy visibility and access, and that its separate compartments were just ubiquitous. It was eye-catching without being obnoxiously loud, not too small or too unwieldy, and virtually impossible to lose one’s belongings in. It might as well’ve had Lizzy’s name literally written all over it. Its price—a bit more than double that of the maxi dress—made Lizzy-Beth hesitant, but her girlfriend insisted money was no object.

“Omigod, honey-bear, that is effing perfect!” Zoe very nearly swore. “No kidding, you have to lock that baby down. And I’ll tell you why: I like my purse, but the more I look at that beauty, the less special mine seems. And if you dunno if you want it…” She shrugged. “...Well, I might just have to snatch it from you and buy it for myself.”

“Oh, you don’t have to compete over it,” said Clarissa. “We can order a unit for you too. You can pick it up as soon as we get it in.”

“Um, ix-nay, Clarissa,” Zoe uttered. “Thou shalt not lead me into temptation. I don’t really want it myself; I was just trying to make a point. I want Lizzy to have it, ’cause it’s so perfect for her.”

“Point taken, darling,” said Lizzy-Beth. Turning back to Clarissa, she added, “I think it’s a better idea for me to have it anyway. My girlfriend sometimes gets a little rough with her purse when she’s had a bad day.”

Zoe laughed. “She’s right. Besides, her birthday’s coming up.”

“Really?!” Clarissa turned back to Lizzy-Beth. “Well, that is an occasion! When’s the big day?”

“Oh, actually, not for a couple more weeks yet, Clare. Early next month, March 3rd.”

“Well, how nice!” exclaimed Clarissa. “Well, I wouldn’t impose so much as to invite myself to your party or anything, but perhaps I could give you an early present. How would you feel if I was able to knock fifty percent off the price?”

Four eyebrows jumped. “You…you can do that?” asked Zoe.

“Well, here’s the thing,” explained Clarissa, lowering her voice a notch. “I’d have to ring up the merchandise as is, to have the receipts in order and everything. I can’t really authorize a markdown on my own. But I could get around it by enclosing your receipt in the bag along with half the money…directly from my own personal…purse.”

Lizzy-Beth and Zoe almost synchronically began shaking their heads.

“Oh, no, no, please…” said Lizzy.

“W-we couldn’t let you do that,” Zoe overlapped her.

“Of course we couldn’t,” Lizzy added. “It would be wrong. We barely even know you, Clare.”

“Oh, please let me,” Clarissa pleaded. “Birthdays mean so much to me. When someone tells me their birthday’s anywhere in sight, I just so much wanna give them something. Or do them a nice favor. And if it makes you feel weird or awkward, you might be interested to know that my birthday’s on April 11th. You can always come back to the store and give me something,” she grinned at them.

Zoe and Lizzy-Beth exchanged glances. That was a pretty persuasive argument.

“Well, okay,” Lizzy agreed, now admittedly without much hesitation. The money wasn’t really important, but in any case, she wanted this thing. And she really did need a new purse, not to mention a new system of organization. She grinned back at Clarissa.

“But only because you insist.”

“I do,” Clarissa confirmed, as a figure wandered into earshot. “Let’s just please not let my boss find out.”

“Let me find out what, Clarissa?”

The salesgirl froze. Sure enough, that was the voice of her boss and store manager Marsha. Her tone sounded curious and suspicious. She wasn’t a fan of employees doing things work-related behind her back. Waiting for an answer, she crossed her arms behind Clarissa, whose face was awash in worry. It looked like she was in trouble. She’d said those last nine words just a bit too audibly. A few moments passed as Lizzy and Zoe gazed at them, and back to each other. They didn’t want Clarissa to be in trouble either. She’d been so nice to them. They felt the need to jump to her rescue. Lizzy-Beth quickly threw together an explanation in her mind and piped up first.

“Uh, well, you see, Miss…Boss…Lady,” she began informing Marsha, “Clare was just telling us how very much you mean to her as a boss. And so much so, in fact, she was thinking of doing something special for you…even though Boss’s Day’s not for eight more months yet. So, she was thinking, eh…y’know, since there’s so much time and all, that…maybe she…and-or the others here in the store could, um…send you on a…a-a special trip or something! To anywhere you wanna go, since there’re eight whole months to arrange it.”

“R-right! That’s right,” Zoe said, backing up her story. “She just, uh…wanted it to be a surprise…w-I mean, well, until she could find out where to book it. That’s why she didn’t want you to know. She figured you’d never suspect a thing eight whole months in advance.”

Marsha’s expression had already completely altered during Lizzy’s part of the explanation. Her arms uncrossed and fell to her sides.

“My goodness, you’re kidding!” Marsha exclaimed, standing behind an agape Clarissa who only stared at her two customers in awe.

“Oh, and now I’ve ruined the surprise!” her boss said. “Well, I’m so sorry to spoil it, Clarissa, but you know something?” She put her arm around the still dumbfounded salesgirl’s shoulders. “I’m actually glad I found this out now. Because you see, Clarissa, I’ve recently made the decision that you deserve a raise, and it’s time to lay it on ya. And I was debating with myself over how much to give you…”

Now in Marsha’s direction stared three agog faces. Clarissa’s mouth descended open as her hazel eyes lit up.

“…And now having such wonderful news come to light, I guess I’d better make it generous, to help you afford this lavish trip for me!”

CLUNK! This was the sound the astonished Clarissa’s jaw made hitting the floor. Marsha headed off on her way.

“Expect to see the raise reflected in your paycheck starting next Friday, Clarissa. Now get your butt right back to work. And happy shopping to the two of you zany young ladies!” she waved to Lizzy and Zoe.

Another second later, she was gone. Still amazed—in an unmistakably very very good way—Clarissa shook her head.

“…I can’t believe it!”

“Whew. Uh…neither can I, quite frankly,” commented Lizzy-Beth. “Clare, my friend, I, eh…I didn’t know that would happen. I was just trying to get your you-know-whats outta the fire.”

Clarissa was elated. Fighting off the urge to crush Lizzy in a huge hug, she took her hand with both her own, and shook vigorously.

“Oh, thank you!” she gushed. “So much! I don’t know what to say! This…this is incredible!”

“Hey, that’s all right!” Lizzy-Beth replied. “It’s all cool, no need for thanks. Y’know, I’ll be honest with ya, after I told her that, I thought, oh crap, now Clare’s out a small fortune, the literally poor thing. But, now…well, even if you did get a nice big raise…we could still chip in for the boss lady’s vacation to help you out. Or at least I could; I am kinda responsible for it, I guess.”

“Oh, gosh, no,” Clarissa shook no. “You’ve helped me out plenty already. I can handle it. I mean, I was scared Marsh might dock me, suspend me or even fire me. I would be in trouble if I lost my job. But I’m definitely not poor. Especially now!”

She took them to the register, rang up Zoe’s dress and Lizzy-Beth’s purse, and stuck to her word about slipping Lizzy half the money back from her own pocket. “And you’re all set, ladies! Please come again! Preferably sometime around April 11th!”

Lizzy-Beth stopped to transfer her carryables from drab old purse to beautiful new purse before they left. She and Zoe were all smiles coming out of Forever 21 to the main mall. Zoe clasped her hand.

“That was such a fantastic thing you did for her, Lizzy,” she cooed. “I feel even more attracted to you.”

Lizzy gave a shrug. Not to make it into less than it was, but doing good deeds and helping people just came naturally to her. It may not have been on quite the same level as saving a drowning swimmer’s life, but it gave her an idea. She snapped her fingers.

“That’s what we’re gonna do today, Zoe. We’re gonna help people, whenever possible. And not just for them; for us too. Remember that horrible day you had? Well, you just hit a streak of bad luck. And good deeds erase bad luck.”

This logic struck Zoe a bit bizarre, but she had to admit Lizzy’s heart couldn’t have been in a righter place. And their next opportunity to be good Samaritans came along just a short while later—past New York & Company, F.Y.E. and Yankee Candle—as Zoe stopped by some vending machines for a soda. She fed in her money, pressed the button, and the machine spat out a 20-ounce Diet Coke and two quarters change. As she bent to retrieve them, something underneath the machine caught her eye.

“What…” Gasp. “Oh my gosh!” she hissed. “Lizzy, c’mere!”

“What’s up, sweetie?”

Zoe showed her. “Andrew Jackson! He’s what’s up! I just found a $20 under the machine!”


“Yeah! Talk about a bonus! You were right, babe; my luck’s already turning around!”

“Whoa, hold it, Zoe. We can’t keep that. It’s not ours.”

“Lizzy, I know it’s not ours. But God only knows how long it’s been down there. And what’re we supposed to do? Just scream out, ‘Hey, who lost twenty dollars?’ right in the middle of the mall? How’s that not gonna end with us getting stampeded??”

“No, we’ll take it to the mall service booth. They’ll know what to do with it.”

Zoe was slightly disappointed, but conceded they should be honest. She slipped the lost cash in her purse, took a first swig of Diet Coke, and they moved on. They didn’t luck out at Six or The Gap, but found some nice shades at the Sunglass Hut. Lizzy-Beth got a pair of Aviators, which were impossible not to look good in. And Zoe picked out a pair of perfectly round rose lenses.

“Hey, check me out, I’m John Lennon!” she giggled, slipping them on. “Now I can at least look amazing.”

Zoe liked the sunglasses so much, she decided to keep them on, halfway down her nose. Passing next by Spencer’s, Marbles and Godiva, they narrowly avoided being bumped into, by a teenage boy whose attention was elsewhere. He held a bottle of Sprite in one hand and looking all around the floor. It seemed he was desperately searching for something.

Lizzy-Beth suddenly knew. She nudged Zoe, nodded to the boy and whispered in her ear. “It’s his.”

We can’t know that for sure. He might just be looking for his-hisI dunno, retainer or something.”

Okay, we’ll ask. But discreet.” Lizzy turned his way and approached. “’Scuse me, dude, can we help you find something?”

The boy patted his pockets. “I-I…I had some money a while ago. But now I don’t know what happened to it.”

Lizzy whirled back on Zoe and started conversing with her facial expressions. See? she wordlessly asked.

Zoe conversed back. Well, he didn’t say how much.

Oh, for gosh sakes, Zoe, just cough it up.

“What was it?” Zoe asked him. “How much?”


There you have it, Zoe; hand it over.

Oh, well, I guessbut there’s still a chance he happened to see me find it, and he’s just pretending he lost it.

For crying out loud, Zoe, he’s got a soda in his hand. You found it under the soda machine. What more proof do you want?

“My uncle gave it to me for my birthday. Aw, God, I just know somebody stole it.”

Oh, geez, another birthday kid. A’right, Zoe, pony it right now or I’m gonna snatch your purse from you, and return it.

“I even memorized that little number on the back, in the lower right corner, y’know?” he told them. “116.”

This made Zoe curious. “There’re little numbers on the back??” She unzipped, whipped it out and looked where he’d indicated.

“Son of a…” The nearsighted Zoe could hardly believe it. “I’ll be damned—116! Well…boom; there ya go, bud.”

Predictably, the young man was similarly wowed.

“How th—…” He gawked at Zoe. “How’d you do that?!” he demanded to know.

“Easy,” smiled Lizzy, giving him a friendly clap on the arm. “We’re fairy godmothers.”

Zoe chuckled. “Actually, we found it under the soda machine back there.”

He smacked himself in the forehead. “The soda machine! Freakin’ duh!...Aw, man, thank you guys! That’s…wow! Grazie!”

“Hey, no problemo,” said Lizzy-Beth. “But please, just be careful with your money, kiddo. Not everyone’s as honest as us.”

The lad’s excitement reascended. He bounded off. The girls watched him go. Then Lizzy returned to Zoe, proudly clapping her arm.



The Bold And The Beautiful

Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 1:28 p.m.

An air-walking Zoe and Lizzy claimed a table in the food court for lunch. Juniper Mall’s food court on the first floor was accented by a few restaurants on level two. It also sported a seven-foot-high fountain in the midst of it all. The opening between floors allowed the atmospheres to mingle together delectably. Lizzy-Beth and Zoe sat amongst most other dining patrons here on level one, grazing like it was feeding time at the zoo. The food court was home on bottom to an A&W, Arby’s, Five Guys, McDonald’s, Sbarro, Subway, Taco Bell and some lesser-known eateries more specific to the Juniper area. The fast food was neighbored upstairs by sit-down restaurants: a California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Fuddruckers, Johnny Rockets, Panera Bread and Red Robin. Zoe sat down with her Diet Coke and a Whopper, Jr. from Burger King, Lizzy with a dish of broccoli beef and soft drink from Panda Express.

It went without saying returning the young man’s money made Zoe feel so much better than keeping it could’ve. And as her girlfriend said, they were here both to shop, and do nice things for their fellow folks. Besides, it wasn’t like they were hurting for a little coin themselves. After Forever 21 and the Sunglass Hut, Lizzy’d bought them a couple more fun ‘n’ casual outfits at Ford & Maylor and Aerie, in the form of their beloved plaid-flannel/denim combos. It was hard to have enough plannels, comfy jeans and sensible shoes, or feel that they did. Their next stop was Auntie Anne’s for some pretzel bites, to tide them over till they got to the food court.

Even with Lizzy-Beth’s words and the grand gesture she made, it was a tough sell to convince Zoe she could be a hero. It just wasn’t the way she was wired to think of herself. They’d passed a kioskist named Suzie who offered to let them try a new beauty product, and Zoe told her a secret about the ingredients in the product that could help the company make it even better. Suzie was impressed, but this was Zoe’s profession, after all. She knew all sorts of little tips and tricks about styles and creams and cosmetics and so on. Oh well, she thought. If this was her lot in life, she’d take it. There were lots of less desirable paths to have wandered down.

She sat and gabbed with Lizzy as they lunched. Their multiple bags sat on the floor betwixt their feet. The break was nice and energizing. They’d still have at least four or five hours to finish the bottom floor and cover the top. No hint of a hurry whatsoever. Which was good, because Lizzy-Beth was feeling the need of something else coming up.

“Uh-oh,” she chortled, sliding out her chair. “That stuff went right through me. Nature’s got my number!”

She trotted in the direction of the john. Zoe munched in silent contemplation. She’d become very pensive left to her own proverbial devices. She pondered her future and her salon, wondering if she could increase business by changing the name and not sending customers all the way to the end of the alphabet to find her. She too wondered, while appreciating the quirk, what inspired her folks to name their kids with izzards and zeds. Couples whose kids’ names started with the same initial were semi-common, but…‘Z? Just a unique choice, was all. She daydreamt about spending the rest of her life with Lizzy-Beth Kessie Williams, how she adored her in every possible aspect, even if she wasn’t sure she deserved her. Lizzy was such an incredible gal, she could have any chick she wanted. Not that Zoe didn’t have her own good points. She didn’t want to sell herself short (even though she was only 5’3”). It was just that—

Something derailed her train of thought. A small child of about five zoomed past her, weaving his way through and around patrons with impressive alacrity, even for someone his age. He held the attention of most of Zoe’s fellow diners with short brevity, but Zoe noticed him for longer. She admired his exuberant zeal, natural though it came to him. Like Lizzy, she felt at a helpless loss when she saw a person of any age upset or crying; she’d rather watch kids run and play anytime. She gazed at him while chewing, an unnoticed swipe of mayonnaise on her lips. Her interest in finishing the burger waned as she let it to sit back down in its wrapper.

The five-year-old tot leapt onto the outer edge of the fountain. “Mommy, Mommy, look at me!” he announced.

That redirected Zoe’s attention. She looked where he appeared to be staring off, but saw no one. Where were his parents?

She turned back his way. Strangely, not many people nearby seemed to give the little boy’s behavior much thought. Several of them finished eating and left. The child enjoyed the spray of water fully dressed in his clothes. Zoe continued watching him, somehow all but mesmerized. He lifted one foot, standing on the other. As his foot raised, so did Zoe’s eyebrows. Although she didn’t realize it…

…Until a slow-motion moment later, before her eyes, as the boy suddenly slipped in his other sneaker…and lost his balance.

Zoe’s eyes snapped open. She felt a horrible fear strike her heart. She’d blocked out what little she could remember since that night which now seemed so long ago. But as she watched him begin to fall…back it all came, horrifically hypnotizing her.

She felt the panic assault her all over again. She felt the boy’s infinitesimal turmoil and trepidation as he realized what was happening. She felt herself in his place. And she remembered and felt the dizzying crashing effect in the back of her head, as he landed, and the impact hit him. He tumbled into the inner side of the fountain’s ledge, losing half his consciousness, and fell in with a SPLASH!

Zoe could swear her heart stopped. Petrified shock paralyzed her. She cried out the only necessary words that would come to mind.

LIZZYYYYYY!!” she shouted, unable to look anywhere else. “LIZZY, HELP!!”

To her dismay, no Lizzy appeared or helped. Then Zoe remembered.

Oh noshe’s in the ladies’ room

Lizzy-Beth wasn’t here. Her brother Zack wasn’t here. She was all alone.

She had no time to run in and get Lizzy, even if she sprinted as fast as she could. Her vision around the fountain went cloudy and fuzzy. Her focus was compromised, but just as with the other night at the restaurant, everybody seemed to be frozen…including herself.

But today, something was different.

The memory was murky. But Zoe took herself back, to last summer, watching herself slip, fall backwards, and…and…

The nightmare of what happened next would not let her go on. But it also wouldn’t allow her to remain frozen. Lizzy-Beth was unavailable. Somebody had to do something. Abruptly, Zoe felt herself drawn up from her chair, sending her dashing in the little boy’s direction, as if magnetized to him. Today, that somebody would be Zoe Palmer. It was up to her.

She forgot her burger, her bags, everything. She ran, willing herself with all her might for once not to submit to clumsiness. She bent her knees to help keep her own balance. With the wind knocked from him, the little boy could only kick, thrash, flail, yell. Zoe reached down, said a quick prayer—Oh, God, please let my arms be strong enough!—and pulled him up around the middle.

This undertaking uneased her. She was a small woman, 5’3”, and barely 110 pounds. But as she returned him to an upright position, she relaxed a bit. Even if she wasn’t strong enough to hoist him out of the fountain, hopefully she could just stop him from drowning.

She sat him back down on the edge. In case he’d taken any water, she gave him a few claps on the back—like her parents used to do her—before she remembered this was not her child. She asked if he was okay or choking. He was a little too shaken up to answer, but the next Zoe heard was harried footsteps running their way. She looked up.

“Billy? Billy??

Rapidly approaching was a fatigued woman—clearly the boy’s Mom—wearing a front Babybjörn with a sibling in it, and a pregnant belly. Zoe’s eyebrows arched at this mother of (at least) two and a half, suddenly feeling sympathy fatigue. No wonder she was so tired.

“Oh my God, Billy, are you all right?! I was looking all over for you! What happened?!”

“He, uh…he was…kinda playing on the fountain,” Zoe tried to explain, almost feeling guilty for no reason. “And-and he slipped and fell in. So, I, uh…tried to get him out. Um…I-I dunno if he hurt himself, but…I think he’s breathing.”

Zoe presumed she, little Billy, and Billy’s Mom had dozens of eyes on them, which normally would’ve made her uncomfy. She wasn’t one to draw wide spans of attention to herself. But things were a bit different in this case. The mother’s baggy eyes widened at her.

“…You saved my little boy’s life??”

“…Well, I…I-I just…I just panicked when I saw it happen. I…I dunno, Miss, uh…Mom, it…it was all kind of a blur.”

Again, this was where Zoe’s modest gene stepped in, preventing her from haughtily crowing over it all, and claiming far more credit than necessary. But even if discretion suppressed her pride, the woman’s words filled her with a sensation she’d never experienced.

Holy effing smokeI guess I did.

They looked down at Billy. He coughed out some water. He was breathing and recovering. It finally began to sink in.

I saved this kid’s life? ME?? Zoe Palmer, the little meek, weak pipsqueaksaved a life?!

Lizzy-Beth emerged from the ladies’ room just in time to see what happened next. The woman began crying and hugged Zoe, sandwiching her other one and a half kids between them.

“OH. Oh, my. Uh, okay…” said Zoe. “Um…lady? Your, uh—”

“Oh God, thank you!” Billy’s mother gushed tearfully. “I can’t believe it! You rescued my son!

“O-okay,” Zoe calmed her, rubbing her back. “It’s…it’s all right, Mrs…Billy’s Mom. Everything’s fine…”

The mother turned around to address the food court diners.

“This woman rescued my son! She saved his life!”

Lizzy’s reaction at these words was imaginable. Just as before when it happened, the next moments were a blur in Zoe’s mind. She thought she recalled some other mallgoers and food court diners coming up to talk to her or shake her hand. Billy’s tear-stressed mother and her children eventually got on their way. Zoe had no idea how much time elapsed through it all.

“You, are, amazing,” she thought she heard Lizzy-Beth tell her as they retrieved their bags and left the food court. “Simply, dazzling.”

“Oh, Lizzy-Bear, I…I don’t even know how it happened. One second I was sitting there eating, next second, I…”

She shook her head, still dazed from it all. Fingers interlocked, she felt Lizzy squeeze her hand.

“I told you so,” she asserted to Zoe. “Takes one to know one. I knew you had it in ya.”

“Well, I—oh, gosh…” Zoe noticed, adjusting her sunglasses. “My lens is scratched. I guess they fell and got a little damaged.”

“Well, we’ll just take them back and ask if they can fix them. And if they can’t, I’ll just buy you another pair. But besides, Zoe-Bear…” said Lizzy, “…You don’t need sunglasses to make you a hero, you know.”

Zoe needed a little more time, but finally allowed herself to be convinced. However it happened, she’d saved someone’s life. Someone who still had the rest of this life ahead of him. She could question it all she wanted, from today to tomorrow, but…at some point, logical or not, it would have to fully set in. Maybe it was motivation, maybe it was preservation for humankind, maybe it was courage from an unknown source, or pure compassion…but whatever it was, she wasn’t just a beautician anymore. She’d joined the ranks.

“I…guess I really am a hero now.”

“Zoe…you always were.”


Knock Me Out Tonight

Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 6:30 p.m.

The girls rode out the rest of the epic shopping trip. Subsequent purchases were made at Hallmark (a decorative paw-shaped sign that read, “MY KIDS HAVE PAWS”), Aromaworks (a spritzy kiwi splash perfume fragrance), Rax 4th Avenue (some naughty lingerie for playtime), Claire’s (butterfly-shaped earrings), J. Crew (classic cashmere cardigans with matching scarfs), Hot Topic (Blue Valentine and Runway lipstick), and about half a dozen other fine quality retailers. Soon enough, the brave and courageous Lizzy-Beth Williams and Zoe Palmer were weighed down with purched merch. And utterly, euphorically wiped. There was an admitted limit to how many more favors they could do for others, but they could dole out all the compliments and kindnesses they pleased. Words cost nothing.

Finally, their marvelous mall visit was concluded, with less than an hour to spare. They returned to Forever 21, adjourned back out to their car, tossed a good fifteen pounds of purchased items in the backseat, and themselves in the front. OH…what, a, day.

Goodness!…” Lizzy exulted, driving them home. “Life…is astonishing.”

“You can say that ten more times,” Zoe acquiesced, head back, eyes closed, clasping Lizzy-Beth’s non-driving hand.

“I love you, sweetie-bear.”

“I could love you absolutely no more than I do, honey-buns.”

Back at Wilson Apartments, the knocked-out lasses dragged their feet and goodies up the steps, and Lizzy dug out her key. Muffins heard before she even disarmed the lock, and scampered over to both greet, and berate them for being away for so long.


“Awww, poor kitty,” Lizzy lamented. “Left alone all these hours, missing Mommies so much.”

“Mrow!” Muffins went on, verbally laying into them. “Mrow! Mrow!!

Zoe fetched a bowl into which Lizzy-Beth sprinkled some of her favorite kitty treats. Muffins decided to forgive them.

“So!...” Lizzy raised an arm behind her head and leaned against the doorway, smirking at Zoe, sexy and seductive.

“We can do whatever you want till it’s time for bed…we could watch some TV…we could play cards…we could read…

“…Or…y’know…we could just…”

She flashed Zoe an evil wink and grin. God, Lizzy devastated her. Zoe approached.

“…I think…” One hand on her hip, Zoe ran her other index fingertip from Lizzy’s nose down to her middle.

“…TV sounds good.”

Lizzy-Beth feigned a look of startled, amused surprise. Then her grin rematerialized. “Why, you little…!”

She grabbed Zoe around the belly. Zoe broke out laughing and tried to get her back. A standing scuffle like this clearly wouldn’t last very long, so they dragged each other back to the bedroom once more.

“I’m gonna get you!”

“I’m gonna get you first!”

“I’m gonna get you last!

“Oooh, I like that even better!”

It was time to get down to some frisky footwork.


Game’s Afoot

Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 6:41 p.m.

It was dark. Lizzy stood in her bedroom, stripped down to only her open dress shirt. She turned on the lava lamp for some mood lighting, assumed the position midway across the bed, spread her feet to either corner and got nice and cozy. She pulled up two pillows and crossed her arms behind them. She smiled dreamily and inhaled. “Okay, sweetheart…” she nodded. “…I’m ready.”

They’d scooted an armchair into the bedroom. Zoe pulled it to the bed’s edge and climbed in. Taking hold of both Lizzy-Beth’s ankles, she stretched her own legs and popped out any residual cricks. Remembering how they’d very successfully done things last time Lizzy requested this treatment, Zoe worked her up with a bit of foreplay, sensually rubbing her from the ankles to just under the knees and back down. Lizzy-Beth gave a soft moan, feeling her hot zones sensitizing and tenderizing already. She wouldn’t take long tonight.

Zoe smiled pleasantly at the beauteous creature awaiting her loving. Every day she grew more astonished she got to spend her life with such a queen. She didn’t know what she’d done to get Lizzy to feel the same way, but she planned to keep it up. There would be no element of a game in tonight’s festivities. Lizzy-Beth had prevailed in the most recent the previous night, and so Zoe was to pleasure her tonight. And that was all too fine with her. Graciously pleasuring Lizzy essentially equaled pleasuring herself.

“Mmm…baby-bear, please rub the balls of my feet,” Lizzy-Beth entreated.

Zoe obliged, taking one foot in either hand and smoothing both thumbs over the desired area, gradually applying pressure back and forth. Lizzy’s head lolled back as her mouth slipped ajar. “Ohhhhhh, God…” she praised. Zoe chuckled.

“I’d prefer ‘Ohhhhhh, Zoe,’ I’ll have you know.”

Lizzy slid further down on her back and arched it. Zoe recognized the signal. Wow, that was quick. It was time to start the main act.

Keeping her thumbs massaging, she flexed her own feet, slid her butt forward in the chair and positioned her peds. Her left foot went underneath to cushion Lizzy-Beth’s ass. Her right—and dominant—foot sat atop the left, and commenced to fondling. Working the balls of Lizzy’s tootsies, Zoe began by rolling the ball of her own foot over Lizzy’s clit, through the hood, and slowly rubbed her toes on the anterior. Lizzy-Beth rewarded her with a supplementary, graduated groan of lust. Zoe grinned. She was good.

Lizzy’s landing strip felt good on her sole, not entirely unlike Forever 21’s carpet. She slid her foot downward, being ginger on the descent and pushing in on the way up. Lizzy-Beth pushed back against Zoe’s foot, propelling a great first surge throughout. Zoe squeezed Lizzy’s feet and dug her own toes into her business, forcing her to yelp. Her next tactic was to alternate between pointing and flexing her foot, rubbing, gliding up and down, until she began burrowing into her pussy.

GodZoe…” Lizzy-Beth ground her head into the mattress and pillow, feeling a wave crash over her. Best, sensation, EVER.

Zoe was between the labia, and inside, if only a little way. She felt the moisturizing autolube through her pores. Lizzy swelled red, feeling the urge to mutilate the poor defenseless pillow just as Zoe had last night. She loved how Zoe’s tiny little feet had the enormous power to give her such a blazing thrill. She’d actually quite lucked out mating up with Zoe and her size 6 feet. A footjob from an amazon or giantess could well prove too much for her. This being but one of them, there were so many reasons she could never give Zoe up.

Lizzy-Beth whined more and more consistently, eyes fluttering as she radiated with overzealous passion. Zoe’s now very wet toes squished in Lizzy’s cunt, driving her unrelentingly insane. She held on to Lizzy’s feet, to all but keep her from hitting the ceiling at this point. The short burst of foreplay had lasted just long enough to lead into the main attraction, and ignite Lizzy-Beth like wildfire.

Zoe pressed in harder, further, and poked her inside the pussy. She grew more brazen and ballsy. She slowly thrust her entire foot inside, collecting Lizzy’s moisture all over it. Once she achieved this impressive feat—pun intended—she heard Lizzy scream.

“OHGODZOOOOEEEEEE!!” she vocalized, singing Zoe’s praises to the heavens. Her proud girlfriend smiled and poured it on. She reverted to her pattern of pointing and flexing, waggling her toes inside, trying to make Lizzy-Beth lose her mind. Thus far, she was succeeding. Lizzy-Beth took all her aggression out on the fabric padding her, trying to pull and claw her pillow apart, pounding her fists and open hands in the mattress. Zoe’s teeny hind paw was sending her through unknown, forbidden territory. The sizzle was so hot, so torrid, so fiery, Lizzy-Beth already literally couldn’t take it anymore. She shrieked her lungs out.

Zoe winced, but didn’t stop pedetrating her. “Oh my God!” she thought out loud.


Zoe’s facial expression changed dramatically. “Already??


Zoe couldn’t stop now if she wanted to. She thrust and rammed her foot up and in, wiggling her little piggies like mad. She released Lizzy-Beth’s feet and grabbed her by the ankles to maintain a firm grip. And also to keep her from going anywhere until they mutually decided the deal was sealed. Wave after wave drowned Lizzy, seducing her with the invisible but tangible waters. The endless waves made it so easy to fantasize. She just swam. Her desperate, climactic shrills tore the air, crawling into the bowels of the apartments around them. Neither cared. If her neighbors didn’t like it, they knew what they could go and do as well. At last…long last…

…The orgasm hit. Lizzy-Beth unleashed an explosive tirade of the most profane language Zoe had ever heard.

LIZzy-BETH! You’re offending my virgin ears! They’re burning! she thought amusedly. From her throbbing, trembling, quaking pussy erupted a plume of oozy Lizzy-jizz, utterly caking Zoe’s right foot and splattering her left ankle as well. Zoe whooped, marveling at the fruits of her labor. She’d definitely seen plenty of girl-cum, courtesy of their pussies and her computer screen, but she never failed to surprise herself at just how manic and frenzied she could make her girlfriend.

When things fizzled, the dust cleared, and Lizzy-Beth’s eyes rolled back into place, she fell to temporary slumber. Zoe carefully extracted her foot, pushed herself out of the armchair and adjourned to the bathroom. This time she got it first. All done, she returned to bed, removed her dress and underwear, pushed the recliner away and crawled up in with Lizzy to cuddle her. Lizzy-Beth might have stayed asleep to snooze all night, and Zoe might have joined her, were it not for the small visitor who then nosed her way in the door.



Zepilogue (24 Hours From Heaven)

Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 8:28 p.m.

Another twenty-four hours, and Zoe-Bear and Lizzy-Beth-Bear’s excellent adventure had come full circle. Forty minutes of giggling, gasping, moaning, squealing, shouting, rasping and howling later, the dirty deed was done. Dirt cheap. Again.

Mmmm…” Zoe hummed, unable to wipe off her smile for a million dollars. The lasses could have lain here grinning until their teeth turned gray. Zoe lay curled beside Lizzy, who was flat on her back. She had one leg over Lizzy’s, using her breast for a pillow, gingerly continuing to rub her crimson, drained pussy. “Perfect endto a perfect day.”

“How do you feel?” asked Lizzy.

“Hundred and fifty times better, hundred and fifty percent better.”

“Mmm, Zoe, that still feels so good; please don’t stop.”

“I could make you cum for me a zillion times, Lizzy.”

“Don’t worry; you will.”

“Ooooh-hoowell, then…care to go for round two?”

“HMMMmmm…think you’ve got enough stamina left for me?”

“Question is…can you handle me?

“Well, let’s find out,” Lizzy murmured, caressing Zoe’s face with her warm breath. “Get on top of me, and make us a hero sandwich.”