Waiting for Fate Pt. 04

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08 Dec. '19

Waiting for Fate Pt. 04 

By: subDelilah 


Jay’s mouth crushed mine in the most glorious way possible. He suddenly pulled away and jumped out of bed to strip off his clothes. 

“Take off your bra.” 

I happily obliged and in an instant, he was right back in bed. But just before our lips touched, his phone rang. It was ridiculously loud and startled the hell out of me. He grabbed the phone, turned it to silent, then tossed it to the floor.  

“You’re gonna break your phone!” I said just as I decided to take an opportunity while he was turned away from me. 

“Don’t care,” he replied. 

Before he could turn back around, I had his ear in my mouth. I know he is as sensitive to that as I am and his reaction was both powerful and immediate. He inhaled sharply and pushed my shoulder to get me away from him. 

“Oh no you don’t,” he said as he tried to face me, which would remove his lobe from my grasp. Instead, I stretched as far as I could, grabbed the opposite side of his face and refused to let go.  

“Nope!” he said in a way that came out in a tone of amused admonishment. He grabbed a big handful of hair and pulled hard, resulting in exactly what he was trying to do. I gasped, which made me open my mouth and release my hold. At the same moment, he grabbed my wrist that held his face and twisted his ear away from me.  

Damn it all! While not getting my way immediately was in itself a turn-on, it was still frustrating as all hell. I could feel the Brat inside gaining traction as she rocketed toward the surface. I didn’t want her showing her full force just yet for fear of him thinking I had changed my mind. All I could manage to do was pout. 

“Not used to not getting your way, are you, Princess?” he said, chuckling. 

I thought I might bite my tongue off from trying so hard not to smart off. I took very deep, slow breaths and clenched my teeth in my attempt. I hated it and loved it so much all at the same time. However, I did not realize that I was practically glaring at him in frustration. His smile quickly disappeared. 

“Don’t look at me with that tone,” he warned as he lightly smacked my cheek. Without thinking, I automatically dropped my now widened eyes as I realized my error. 

“That’s good. You’re learning so quickly. I think you just made my dick twitch.” 

I couldn’t help but grin at the praise. 

“Where should we begin? Do want to learn the proper way to suck my dick?” 

Damn right I did! I had been dying for the opportunity, so I emphatically nodded my head. It had been decades since I’d had that glorious dick in my mouth and I was already salivating at the thought. 

“Then suck my cock like it’s your only source of oxygen,” he commanded, pushing my head down to his crotch. 

I paused briefly to appreciate the moment. I wrapped my hand around him and gave one stroke up and down before enveloping him with my mouth. I was in absolute heaven. I moaned, starting out slow. Since every guy likes different techniques, I decided to keep it basic and wait for Jay to direct me. 

“Harder. It’s ok if you use a little teeth.” 

Well, that was a new one for me! So far, every guy I had been with was adamant about no teeth, not that I can blame them in the slightest. As so many other women before me, I had trained myself to tuck my teeth under my lips to avoid as much accidental contact as possible. With that challenging restriction lifted, I was kicked into fourth gear.  

I massaged his balls while I quickly picked up pace with my mouth. I was so into it that I zoned out, falling into my rhythm. It was just like riding a bike. My head was unexpectedly pulled off of his cock. 

“Breathe, baby. It’s ok to take a minute,” he said as he held my head, hovering over his beautiful dick, waiting for me to catch my breath. I hadn’t even realized how little oxygen I had been taking in. When my breathing slowed to almost normal, he guided my head back down. 

“Put my balls in your mouth.” 

In my more “active” days, I had received many a compliment on my fellatio skills. Having turned to porn to learn a few fun tricks, I discovered that ball-sucking was a popular thing. After I started doing that, my blowjob prowess leveled up and it became one of my favorite things to do. There is nothing hotter than getting a man rock hard and hearing him groan in ecstasy.  

On all fours, I gently pulled one into my mouth, lightly sucking while I rolled it around. Then I kissed them both all over before switching to suck on the other one. While I did this, I barely grazed his inner thighs with my fingers. I knew the faint tickle would drive him crazy. Both of us were moaning by this point and the clenching of his fist in my hair let me know exactly when I was hitting the right spots. I leaned forward slowly and placed my tongue at the very base of his taint, close to (but not touching) his asshole. I drew my tongue slowly up to his balls, dropping off a few more kisses on my way to inhaling his cock again.  

When I did this, he finally just let me go for it. A moment later, my panties were around my knees and there was a sharp smack on my ass that made me jump. I managed to keep his dick in my mouth and when I groaned deeply, the vibrations made him groan in turn. Without warning, fingers entered my heavily lubricated pussy. I cried out in surprise as my head jerked upward.  

“Don’t stop,” he said, his other hand pushing my head back down. 

As amazing as it always feels to get fingered while giving head, it is so unbelievably hard to focus. I dug my fingers into his thigh as I concentrated and rediscovered my rhythm. I felt the wave coming and pushed back against him. When I released, I held his dick in my mouth, but couldn’t continue yet as I was gasping for air.  

“Good girl. Now get down between my legs, facing me.” I did as I was told, shimmying out of my panties in the process so I could get over his leg. “I want to fuck your tits.” 

I leaned forward and slid his cock in between my breasts, squeezing them together while he slowly moved up and down. He practically growled as he edged closer and closer to climax. He reached forward and started pumping harder, pulling me forward further by my hair. He held my head there, forcing me to look him in the eyes while he came. I smiled as he shot is load all over the both of us and licked up whatever landed near my mouth.  

“That was fantastic, babygirl.” 

I was grinning from ear to ear, proud of myself for pleasing him so much.  

“Stay there.” 

He went to the bathroom and dampened a hand towel. Jay then gently cleaned me up, kissing the top of my head before cleaning himself.  

“Lay down,” he said, gently pushing my shoulders. I did so and he dropped the cloth off in the bathroom before going into the large closet. I could hear him searching through bags. After what felt like ages, he emerged holding his leather belt. I sucked in breath as he slowly walked around the bed to where I waited. 

“Close your eyes.” 

I hesitated for just a second before scrunching my eyelids shut. My brows furrowed as I struggled to keep my eyes closed and not peek. He placed a hand over my eyes, blacking everything out.  

“Does that make it easier for you?” 

I nodded.  

“Can you see at all?” 

“No.” There was a long pause in which I assumed he was waving his other hand in front of my eyes or something to be sure I was telling the truth. His large hand left no room for me to see anything at all so there was no need for him to be concerned.  

“It’s about withholding from you what you crave so that when you finally get it, it’s infinitely better. It’s building the tension so the eventual release gives you so much more than if you had gotten what you wanted right away. You need to learn to let go, leave everything in my control and do nothing but focus on the sensations. How do you feel right now? As the anticipation builds, hearing the jingle of the belt buckle, not knowing when or if something will make contact with you. Does it excite you?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

The words had barely left my mouth before the belt came down on my lower legs. It wasn’t very hard, but there was enough force to leave a tiny sting behind. I gasped, jumping in surprise. 

“Did you like that?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“Too hard?” 

“No, Sir.” 

Another smack, this time a little harder and across my thighs. I said nothing, but a whimper slipped out. The next strike was at the very top of my thighs, making contact with my pussy. This time I sucked in a huge breath, but still did not say a word. I could feel his eyes on me, gauging every reaction. Another swing hit my breasts, sending a sting through my nipples. A stronger whimper escaped my throat and for a moment there was nothing.

Without saying a word, Jay removed his hand from my eyes and went back to the closet. It was a little disconcerting as I wondered if I had perhaps disappointed him. I pushed that thought out of my head, knowing he was just trying to learn my tolerances. I think Insecure Bitch had finally decided to take a break for the night. 

He returned holding my extra-long red scarf.  

“Hmm, there are so many different ways I could restrain you. Even with just one scarf or rope. For example, I could bind your calves together.”  

He grabbed my ankles, swiftly pulling me closer to him at the foot of the bad. He was quite good at catching me completely off guard and I gasped in surprise yet again. With adeptness, he wrapped the scarf around and through and over and under until I was incapable of pulling them apart.  

“Now I can tickle your feet and there wouldn’t be much you could do about it.” 

My eyes grew wide. Shit. I am so incredibly ticklish. Feet, stomach, sides – especially the sides. He grasped one ankle and ran his fingers up the soles of my feet with the other hand. My back arched in a vain attempt to pull away from him since he held my legs firmly in place. He finally stopped and I focused on catching my breath as he undid the scarf. 

“Or, I can go a little higher and tie your thighs together.” I watched him perform a similar process with an ease that spoke of experience. “I can get you all hot and bothered, then deny you access to your pussy, leaving you desperate for relief.” 

He ran his fingers up the inside of my thighs where they were pushed together, stopping before he made contact with my pussy. He then traced a pattern all around it, up to my lower stomach and back around to my thighs. I squirmed, but he gently held me down with a hand on my chest. 

“Scarves can make good blindfolds as well. And this is the longest one I’ve ever seen, so I bet we can do something interesting with it.” 

He wrapped the scarf around my eyes, leaving me in a blood-red shadow. He then took the ends and used them to tie my wrists together and held them over my head. I felt his other hand brush my cheek then work its way slowly down my body to my waist before moving upwards and fondling my breast. As he did this, he kissed me.  

Eventually he removed the scarf and tossed it on the chair.  

“You’re still sure about this?” 

“Yes. I promise.” 

“Well I guess I’ll be buying a few tools and toys before the next time we visit,” he said, winking at me. 


(to be continued)