Inverse Polygamy

Info trailmate
11 Dec. '19

Something like an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge on US 101, I finally got past Santa Rosa and the countryside became more and more rural. It was early on a sunny Saturday morning in mid-May, the green foliage of the oaks was contrasting sharply with the grass that had already turned golden, the vineyards were showing lots of green – a California scene that normally brought joy to my heart. Not that Saturday though. I hardly saw any of it.

I was too preoccupied with how I was going to handle the meeting with Clyde. More specifically, how was I going to break it to him that our relationship was over? Should I first tell him about Hal? Deep down, in spite of what Hal and I had, I really didn’t want a complete break with Clyde. Maybe we could make a switch from being lovers to being just friends. Was that possible at all?

How would he take the news that I was having an affair with Hal? When we had parted in April, we had agreed to date others and it was understood that dating might include sex. He may have imagined that we’d both have a few one night stands and then get back together in the fall when the job in Hayfork was done and he’d move back to Tahoe.

Then why break off with Clyde at all? Well, for one, I knew Hal was for me. He was Mr. Right and it was only a matter of time before he would propose. The other thing was that Clyde, 17 years my junior, was just too young for me. From my professional experience, I was convinced that our relationship had no pleasant future in the long term – for either of us. Actually, I had known that even before our first steamy session in my Tahoe condo, but my efforts to avoid starting the relationship had been woefully inadequate.  Once we started, my intentions to break off were even more inadequate. Until Hal came along, there had been simply put, not enough incentive to make myself do it.

Was age the really big factor? What if Clyde were in his mid to late 30’s instead of early 20’s. I turned that over too. Half of the year he worked on construction jobs where he knew there’d be lots of overtime so he could earn enough to ski the rest of the year. Skiing we had in common but I was a tenured professor at UCSF and that lifestyle was a lot different from his. The words to one of his favorite country songs came back to me – Take Me to Your World by Norma Jean Beasler.

All I want is just to be your girl
Please come and get me
And take me to your world

Maybe that was a bigger issue than the 17 year age gap. In Hal’s world of coronary surgery, he not only gave people hope for longer and better lives, he was in the midst of developing new techniques and procedures so more people would have a chance at longer and better lives. Maybe Hal’s world was more like my world.

Most of the drive, I went over and over in my mind what I would say to break it to him. I even practiced some sentences out loud. Not only was I unable to enjoy what is a beautiful scenic drive, my concentration on driving was so bad that I almost missed the exit onto California 20 at Willits.

Clyde and I had agreed to meet in the parking lot of the Fort Bragg Safeway, which is directly along Highway 1. I saw him right away when I pulled in – leaning against his pickup, big happy grin on his face. I felt like shit. I knew I should tell him right away but before I could get the words out, he suggested we pick up sandwiches and a bottle of wine at a deli and go up to Ten Mile Beach for a hike and picnic. Considering what I had to tell him, I sure as hell wasn’t hungry but I agreed anyway. Maybe the wine would help. We left my car parked at the Safeway and drove to Ten Mile in his pickup. On the way he said that he hadn’t reserved a room because he wanted to give me a choice in that matter. That made me feel even shittier than before. After what I would be telling him, I would be on my way back to San Francisco and we wouldn’t need a room.

Ten Mile Beach is sandy and it’s nice walking barefooted. Carrying our shoes, we walked hand-in-hand, sometimes skipping through the surf. Being with Clyde is just plain nice and my hands nestled in his big strong callused hands felt really good. My resolve to tell him goodbye gradually weakened. After the lunch and wine, my resolve weakened a lot more. Afterwards, lying on a blanket in the warm spring sunshine receiving his kisses and feeling his erection rubbing against my leg - my resolve folded completely. What could be so wrong with spending one last night with him?

We took a room with ocean view at a place called the Beachcomber. Inside the room, Clyde reached for me. I couldn’t resist. As we kissed and rubbed bodies, I felt his erection against me and then remembered the hygiene agreement I had with Hal. Having left the City with plans to break off with Clyde, I hadn’t taken any condoms along and even if I had, getting him to use one would have been awkward because we never had – somehow there had just been trust right from the beginning. There was nothing I could do but go ahead with a bareback session. I would have to have another STD test made the next week.

Clyde was the second man I’d barebacked inside of 24 hours. Conventional morals would have dictated that I feel like a slut. I felt anything but like a slut. After all, Hal had told me to go easy on Clyde. The wild romp with Clyde wasn’t exactly going easy, but you get the idea. Afterwards we had a sexy shower together and then went out for seafood at a place called Sea Pal Cove. I’d been curious about Clyde’s life in Hayfork. Over dinner I asked.

“It’s pretty much like I told you it’d be. The backwoods Barbies turn their backs on me. I been dating a virgin but it’s tedious. They try to get you to go to church with them before the first kiss. Didn’t you notice?”

“Notice what?”

“How horny I was.”

I almost said that’s how Hal is but caught myself in time and giggled instead. It did remind me that I needed to tell him about Hal - and soon.

Back at the Beachcomber, he let his horniness out on me again. Actually I was just as horny as he was, but for a reason that I only then suddenly recognized -  fucking two very sexy men on two consecutive days is erotic as hell.

The next morning we had another go and as we lay cuddled together, basking in post-sex warmth, I broached the subject. “Clyde, remember when we talked the last time up at Tahoe?”

“You mean about dating somebody else? Like I said before, I been out with this virgin a few times. Lana’s her name. She’s still a virgin as far as I can tell. How about you Kitty? Got anything going down there in San Francisco?”

So I wouldn’t have to open the subject. I swallowed hard and was conscious of needing to wet my lips. ”Clyde, I met a guy at work. Hal is a visiting professor from Germany, a few years older than me, good skier. He was curious about spring skiing so I took him to Tahoe. We skied Twin Peaks. After the lifts closed at 12:30, we went to my condo, had lunch and then sunned ourselves in the chaises on the balcony.”

Most about-to-be-dumped boyfriends would be devastated. Not Clyde. “And then?”

“The sun was strong. My balcony is secluded. We ended up sunbathing nude.”

Clyde grinned. “And then?”

It was unbelievable. Most men would have cried, shouted or even slapped me. I opened up and related every nitty gritty detail that I could remember. Well before I was through with my narrative of my first sex with Hal, Clyde’s erection had become very noticeable.

I reached down and took it in my hand. “So my baby likes hearing about me fucking somebody else.” I stroked him slowly. “I’m so glad you’re not mad at me.”

“I don’t know what you’d have to do to make me mad at you, Kitty. Certainly not fucking a nice guy like Hal. He does sound like a nice guy. Is he? Is he really nice to you Kitty?”

I couldn’t resist throwing back the cover and going down on him. Up until then, oral sex with Clyde had been occasional, not long lasting and then mostly in the context of foreplay. What happened next was new for us. I not only fellated him to orgasm, I swallowed and afterwards licked his penis and scrotum clean.

We had brunch at a really nice oceanfront place in Arcata. I had a hard time having a good time. My mood was soured at the thought of the tearful goodbye to come. That didn’t happen.

Standing next to my Saab in the Safeway parking lot, Clyde surprised me again. “Hey look, since Hal liked spring skiing so much, why don’t the two of you meet me in Red Bluff and then we go to Lassen Park together. Say some weekend between now and the middle of June. I bet he’s never skied a volcano before. You know, you hit the east face of Lassen the right time of morning – corn snow skiing don’t get any better than that.”

I didn’t say anything but my face must have radiated disbelief.

He just went on. “Park Service is gonna have the highway plowed out this coming week. I heard Manzanita Campground is open already. I’d rather camp at Summit Lake but in case it’s not, we can always fall back on Manzanita. I’ll bring Lana. Look I got two tents so you and Hal will have privacy to do what you want.”

We kissed goodbye and I made a limp agreement to ask Hal. On the 3+ hour drive back to San Francisco, no surprise, my mind was fully occupied. Mostly with what and how I was going to tell Hal. How to explain how I’d broken our sexual hygiene agreement. How to tell him that not only had I not absolutely separated from Clyde, I’d also fucked him a number of times. Actually not only fucked him, I’d also fellated him and more. I knew I’d have to put off having sex with Hal until I got tested again.

Back in my apartment in late afternoon, my mood was really shitty. Just wanting to to be alone and cry, I called Hal with the intention of telling him I was tired and needed to take care of some stuff. My willpower started crumbling as soon as I heard his voice. When he said how eager he was to see me and hear how the weekend had gone, I couldn’t say no. My sole remaining hope was that I would be able to tell him that I’d had sex with Clyde before our clothes came off.

I was trembling when I opened the door.

He was eager all right, I could feel his erection as we embraced and kissed. As soon as we broke off, he asked, “Was it hard for you to tell him about us?”

“In the end, no. I just casually brought up our agreement to date others and he took it from there by asking if I was dating anyone.”

“So you told him about us. I hope not so much that it hurt him.”

“As a matter of fact, it was Clyde who wanted to know more and more. Oh Hal, I’m sorry but I told him everything: skiing, sunbathing, nudity and yes – the sex we had. And that we’ve been sleeping together here.”

Hal was speechless at first. Then, “And he didn’t get furiously mad, upset, cry or shout?”

“No. Just the opposite. To him, hearing my narrative was clearly erotic.”

“Really? He enjoyed hearing you tell him you’d had sex with me? My God!” Then he thought a little more. “How did you know it was erotic for him?”

Now I really had to come clean. “Hal, this is not easy for me. Clyde and I had sex – lots of sex. I didn’t intend to. It just happened. I’m so sorry. If you don’t want to see me anymore, I can understand. I know I need to break with Clyde, for my own good. And I will but it’s going to take time. It’s just so damn hard.”

“Kitty, I understand your dilemma. It’s just not so easy to break off from someone you like and care for. On the other hand, I remember telling you to go easy on him. I guess you took that pretty seriously.”

I was sobbing, both with sadness over what I’d done with Clyde and with happiness that Hal wasn’t spiteful. Now that it was looking like he wouldn’t dump me, there was a point I had to bring up. “Clyde and I didn’t use anything. Never did, all the time we dated. I’ll get tested again tomorrow. If you still want me – tonight I mean – I have a few condoms.”

“Has he been with someone suspicious?”

I sobbed a couple slurps. “He said he’s been dating a virgin.”

“That is suspicious. If this girl is a virgin, how does he know? Did he check her out and then upon finding an intact hymen, announce that they would not have sex?”

I found that a little funny and stopped sobbing. “Hayfork is a small town. Once a reputation is made, everybody knows. Up there, there’s two kinds of girls: The virgins who go to church at every opportunity and the backwoods Barbies who screw at every opportunity. Clyde said he can’t get near the Barbies even if he wanted to. That leaves him with a choice of virgins.”

“Choice of virgins? Sounds like something those Jihadist assholes would like.”

“Hal, we were talking about whether we need to use a condom tonight!”

“Only one? I always thought a condom should only be used once.”

I started feeling better. A lot better, and even laughed at his joke that in a way wasn’t a joke. He completely accepted my having had sex with Clyde. “So it’s decided, we’ll use condoms until I get the test results?”

“To be truthful, given the choice, I’d rather do it without. Do you believe him? You think he’s still clean?”

“Absolutely. If I didn’t, I would have insisted on going out and buying some rubbers.”

A few minutes later I was barebacking with the second man that day. And not only that, his penis was the second one that I fellated that day.

A few days later, Hal and I were having dinner together and he brought up the idea of another weekend of spring skiing. That reminded me of the limp promise I’d made to Clyde – to invite Hal for a car camping/ski trip to Lassen Park. I had no qualms about broaching the idea to Hal because I was sure he would nix it. Wrong! He bubbled with enthusiasm. I wasn’t enthusiastic but seeing Hal’s enthusiasm, not checking back with Clyde was not an option.

Up until the time that I telephoned him, I still had hopes that Clyde might have changed his mind about the Lassen endeavor. Not Clyde! He had it all planned - tents, camping gear, where we’d meet in Red Bluff. We just needed to agree on a weekend.

Hal was overjoyed when I told him that we’d set a weekend for the Lassen trip. When I told him that Clyde had an extra sleeping bag that he could use, he was less enthusiastic. For him the two of us cuddling together in a tent was a romantic ingredient that he did not want to miss. I told him he could go out and buy a sleeping bag that would zip to mine. That turned out to be easier said than done so he just bought a double sleeping bag, very roomy but very heavy. Well, we were going car camping, not backpacking.

It turned out that Highway 89 didn’t get plowed out until the first week of June. Clyde had been keeping close tabs on that situation and he called just as soon as the Park Service announced the opening. We arranged to make the trip the very next weekend.

On the drive up I-5 to Red Bluff, I still had misgivings about the whole enterprise. Not Hal. Although an experienced skier, he had never having skied a volcano. On the drive up, he was like a kid the night before Christmas.

As we pulled into the Raley’s parking lot, I spotted Clyde’s pickup. Just like in Fort Bragg, there he was slouched against the hood, big grin, waving. But something wasn’t right. Where was Lana the virgin?

That was the first thing Clyde explained. “You just would not fucking believe these people. She refused to go camping without a chaperone. See it’s like this. Without a chaperone from Hayfork, people might get the idea that she’d leave her virginity in Lassen National Park. Can’t have that. What the hell would she do if Hayforkers got the idea she wasn’t a virgin?”

Hal’s face was a picture of incredulousness. He was still speechless even after my lengthy explanation. Once he’d grasped the situation, I heard him mumbling in German, repeating something that sounded like ‘verrueckte Amis.’

Summit Lake Campground, where Clyde had intended to camp, was still closed due to snow so we had to go on to Manzanita Lake, which being 1,100 feet lower, was open. We drove into the park through the south entrance where there were still traces of snow. As we drove closer to the summit, the snow banks along Highway 89 looked to be over 10 foot high. Again Hal was exclaiming his amazement in German. I heard ‘unglaublich’ over and over again.

At the Manzanita Lake campground, we picked a nice roomy site and Clyde and Hal, working nicely together with the aid of headlamps, had the tents up almost before I got out the sleeping bags and mats. Going camping with people you’ve never been camping with before always leads to lots of discussion about gear. The big new double sleeping bag that Hal had bought was a big topic. Clyde said he saw it as a terrific advantage in keeping warm. Then clowning a little, he paused as if in deep thought and then added, “Come to think of it, there might be another big advantage.”

Clyde had brought two tents. One was a really big one that he called a ‘McKinley’ and a much smaller one. The McKinley was for Hal and I and the smaller one was for himself. Having put in a full day of work and a long drive, we were all pooped and sleep came quickly. So quickly that Hal and I never got to take full advantage of the privacy afforded by having our own tent.

The next morning Clyde got us up early and after a hearty breakfast of coffee and porridge, we were in his pickup heading back up the highway to the Lassen Peak Trailhead. There we shouldered our skis and headed up the southeast ridge trail, which was mostly clear of snow. It’s a 2.5 mile, 2,000 feet vertical climb to Lassen’s summit at 10,460 feet. By 9 AM we were sitting on top having a snack. The summit surprised Hal and I. From a distance, Lassen appears as a white cone. Close up the summit is a mess of gnarled rock and yellow-brown earth intermixed with patches of snow. Another thing we didn’t expect was the pervasive sulfurous odor.

Clyde had told us beforehand that, if there wasn’t too much haze, we’d be able to see Mt. Shasta from Lassen’s summit. We were in luck! The haze wasn’t too thick and we had a marvelous view of Shasta, its summit sticking out 4,000 feet above us and 70 miles away. The view of Shasta got my two men started talking about climbing Shasta.

After the summit snack, we put on our skis and began descending the southeast face. Clyde had timed things exactly right. The sun had thawed the surface just enough that our skis bit in perfectly – in other words, we enjoyed dreamlike corn snow skiing. I can’t begin to repeat all of Hal’s German exclamations.

Back at the parking lot, Clyde unlocked his pickup and got out a cooler with beer and a can of cashews. The roadhead is also a designated picnic area and we were fortunate enough to find an empty picnic table. And there the three of us sat lounging - bare footed and stripped down to short sleeves. I had the feeling that the only thing that kept us from stripping to our birthday suits was the presence of other people.

At first, we all jabbered about how great the ski run had been. Hal couldn’t seem to express enough gratitude towards Clyde for arranging it all. When the conversation settled into Clyde and Hal having an in depth discussion about snow characteristics and ski touring equipment, I stretched out on the table top and started daydreaming and reminiscing. Then it really hit me how well these two men got along. Two men, almost 20 years apart in age, both of whom were intimately acquainted with every square inch of my body – and I with theirs. I realized how much it pleased me that they got along so well – like a confirmation of my true feelings for them. The feeling of discomfort at being in the presence with my new flame and a guy I’d been fucking was gone. In its place was something completely different. I didn’t know exactly what the warm cozy feeling was or what I should do about it, I just knew that for me, something had changed and the effect on my life would be big time.

Lassen is a treasure house of volcanic activity and is correspondingly loaded with lots of fumaroles, mud pots, hot springs, and such. We spent the next hour or so hiking to a couple of these.

Later back at camp, we made use of the showers and close to sundown, we all pitched to make a campfire on which we grilled some steaks. Afterwards as it got dark, we sat around the campfire, talking and sipping whiskey. Just sipping, none of us got drunk, not even tipsy, just pleasantly high. Again the warm cozy feeling came over me, this time I recognized it as a feeling of deserving the company of two very sexy men, both of whom I had fucked, Hal the night before last and Clyde a couple weeks earlier.

For some people, both men and women, it can be a big problem to socialize with two people whom they have fucked. Mostly this problem manifests itself among divorced couples. Like when the ex-husband comes to pick up the kids and is met at the door by his ex-wife and new partner. And it’s a problem for all three. She’s uneasy because she’s worried that her current might be worried that she’s thinking about how it was with her ex and regretting the change. Her current is uneasy because he’s worried that  her ex has a bigger dick than he does. Her ex is uneasy because he’s looking at the guy who’s shagging what used to be his and maybe this guy has a bigger one than he does. Both guys are thinking about her lips wrapped around the other guy’s dick. All kinds of jealousies and insecurities come into play. It’s an interesting subject in psychology.

I certainly had no problem being with these two handsome and sexy men and I couldn’t detect any sign that they were the least bit jealous or insecure – far from it as it turned out.

The three of us were more than comfortable together sipping whiskey and generally, as Clyde said, ‘shooting the shit.’ Everybody had something to tell. Hal talked about skiing in Europe. I had something to say about how different kinds of care affected patient recovery and about ski patrol work. Clyde gave a short discourse on bridge building. When the subject turned to travel, Hal was easily the one who had the most to contribute because he had spent a year in Asia and Australia.

Talking about travel in Asia got Hal onto the subject of societal behavior in Asia. “You hear people talk about how they need privacy. We westerners are spoiled. Millions and millions of families in the world have to sleep in spaces not much bigger than Clyde’s McKinley tent. Seeing the number of kids running around, you know they somehow manage to have sex in those crowded spaces.”

Clyde offered his thought on the matter. “Maybe couples learn how to be quiet when the do it.”

Both men looked at me.

“Don’t look at me like that! You guys announce your orgasms too!”

Clyde took another tact. “But then you know kids go to sleep early. All the couple has to do is wait.”

I thought that sounded more reasonable. “Sounds more reasonable. Once the kids get old enough to where it matters, waiting’s not gonna be so hard for Mommy and Poppy.”

Then Hal put a new twist on the subject. “Ever hear of societies in Asia – India, Bhutan, Tibet, China – where they practice polyandry?.”

Clyde had heard. “Oh yeah. There was this article in National Geographic. A couple brothers marry one woman so the family farm don’t have to get split up. Or somewhere else, a woman needs to marry more than one guy so she’s never alone. One husband goes off trading or herding for months at a time. The second husband stays home to protect the wife.”

I maintained that if one is gone and the other at home, the privacy issue doesn’t come up.

Hal insisted that there would still be overlap and it wouldn’t be insignificant. And in the case of the brothers on the farm, there would be almost no absences. “Maybe the guys just get used to hearing the brother and wife going at it.”

I couldn’t resist adding my thought. “Ever think the one listening gets his rocks off hearing the brother and wife go at it?”

Clyde thought that jealousy must be a very big problem.

I argued that those societies in Asia must have been practicing polyandry so long that by now, not being jealous of the other husband might be in their genes.

Hal argued that the dominant scientific thinking was that societal behavior does not get into the genetic material.

I didn’t agree with him and almost said so but something else occurred to me. “Polyandry is really just an extended MMF triangle and I can give you guys an example of an MMF triangle without jealousy.” I could see their interest perking up. “The three of us!”

Hal and Clyde protested that two men sleeping with the same woman inside of a month didn’t make a relationship polyandrous or even an MMF triangle.

I countered quickly. “What is it now, three weeks since I went up to Fort Bragg? On Friday night I slept with you Hal. How many times did we do it? On Saturday I slept with you, Clyde. On Sunday morning, we did it again and then I told you about Hal – everything. You didn’t get jealous – even when I told you all about Hal and I doing it the first time in my condo at Tahoe.

“And when I got home Sunday evening, Hal, you came over to my place. After I told you about doing it with Clyde the night before, did you get jealous? No, you got even hornier and then we did it a couple times. So there!”

Clyde was the first to think of a response. “But we weren’t in the same house. Christ, it’s a 170 miles from San Francisco to Fort Bragg!”

I was quick too. “Yeah, 170 miles – 3 ½ hours by car. Those husbands in the Himalayas. Most of the time, they’re gonna be a hell of lot further from home than 3 ½ hours.”

Hal still didn’t have a response. Clyde had an observation. “The one travelling. Imagine how horny he is when he gets home. Probably no sooner through the door and he’s got wifey spread out on the carpet or whatever they sleep on over there. Stay-at-home hubby has to wait his turn.”

Hal and I got a chuckle over that one. There was a short silence and then Hal said we could look at our situation in the context of the Himalayan villagers. “So we’ve got Clyde here who has for the past three weeks been frustrated by a virgin who refuses to become a non-virgin. Then there’s me on the other hand. Except for your period Kitty, wouldn’t you say we have had sex at least once every night for the past three weeks?”

Hal took my silence as an affirmative. “Okay from the perspective of who has been more deprived of sexual attention, Clyde clearly represents the husband who has been away from home. And I would seem to best represent the husband who has remained at home.”

I asked him if he meant what I thought he meant.

“Kitty, I think you should be the first one to go to bed in the big tent. Clyde and I will work out the arrangements.”

I was glad he said I should be the first to bed because I was tired anyway. Actually, there was another reason why I didn’t want to wait any longer to get in that big double sleeping bag but I couldn’t very well say something like: ‘Excuse me boys, but I’m in a hurry to get fucked.’

In the tent, I got into my sleep shirt and tucked in wondering who would be joining me. My wait turned out to be longer than expected. For a while I heard them talking and finally dozed off. When I woke, it was to the sound of the tent zipper and then clothes rustling as in someone undressing. Still half asleep, I felt a hand on my shoulder. My purr of pleasure was followed by the hand moving down inside my shirt to my bare back. Slowly becoming more and more awake, it occurred to me that the hand was rough. Rough like Clyde’s hands, not smooth like Surgeon Hal’s!

“Clyde! It’s you!”

“Yeah, Hal wanted to try out my sleeping bag in the other tent.”

“You two agreed on this?”

“Of course. Neither of us has a problem with sharing.”

“So you guys are gonna take turns having me?”

“Kitty, Hal and I can’t very well have you at the same time.”

I almost corrected him by mentioning the porn movies where the girl fucks one guy while blowing the other, but caught myself in time. To me, the two-on-one stuff puts the guys too close to bi-sex. I’m not homophobic. Far from it. It’s just not my world and there’s another reason too. When I have sex, I want my mind to be 100% connected to the guy. With two guys, it’s going to be 50:50 or some other combination.

When I didn’t answer, Clyde took his hand out of my shirt. I didn’t want that either. “Actually, I liked your hand where it was.” He put it back and moved it lower towards my butt. I liked the move but the neck on my shirt is a little to snug for my neck and his muscular arm. “You need to go in from the other end of my shirt.”

His rough callused hand cruising over my ass cheeks got me tingling and I purred with delight. Then backs of my thighs got the treatment. Still on my belly, I spread my legs in response to the callused hand probing my inner thighs. Then I knew how I wanted it and raised my hips a little and spread my legs further. Clyde knew what I wanted and I felt a finger in the folds of my labia, then on my clit and the tingles got really intense. Finger still massaging my clit, I felt another enter me – probably his thumb. All the while he was kissing my neck, shoulders, back, butt cheeks – whatever he could reach. Then all that stopped and I felt him shifting his body to where he was lying on me. Then he slowly penetrated me – with something much bigger than his thumb.

After our explosions he stayed inside of me, his body still atop mine. Wanting another round but different this time, I started shifting my weight. He took the hint. “Sorry. I get a little heavy for you?”

“That too, but next time I’d like us to be facing. My breasts are getting lonely.”

“Another time, like now?”

“Clyde, I remember you used to recover pretty fast.”

“You mean you’ll give me a few minutes?”

“Maybe more and if you’re not ready, I have ways.”


I woke up slowly and became aware that the sky was beginning to lighten. I also became aware of a hand on my bare hip – a hand that wasn’t rough.

“Hal, it’s you.” I hadn’t heard Clyde leave or Hal arrive.

I was lying on my left side with my right leg bent forward. He was behind me, lying on his left side too.

He kissed my shoulder. “I hope you’re not disappointed.”

“Just surprised. Pleasantly surprised.”

“I’ve got another surprise for you.” He moved closer and I felt his bare erection on the inside of my left thigh. I purred. His hand left my hip and went up under my shirt to my breasts. I purred some more. He formed and reformed my breasts. I took his hand and guided his fingers to my nipples. He took the hint and rolled them between his fingers. There was rustling as he shifted closer and upwards so his erection touched my wet slit. I reached down and guided his penis so it lay along my slit. “Kitty, you’re ready?”

“Almost. But with your penis where it is, it won’t take long.” Realizing I didn’t want to wait, I guided his hand from my breasts to my crotch where he knew what buttons (actually button) to press.

When he entered me, I couldn’t hold back vocalizing my ecstasy. Clyde said later it sounded like a mix of moan, purr and warble. But the way I vocalized getting entered didn’t compare to the way I vocalized my coming.

I thought we might have second go but Hal and I dozed off. Clyde woke us with fresh coffee and reminded us that the west face of Lassen was on the schedule for the morning. To my surprise, it wasn’t the least bit awkward standing around sipping coffee and eating breakfast with the two guys I had fucked that night and morning. In fact Hal and I just laughed when Clyde said I’d need to apologize to the neighboring campers – for being so loud.

After our hurried breakfast, I drove the two of them back up to the Lassen Peak Trailhead. At first it seemed a little unfair that the two men would have all the fun skiing but then it occurred to me that in the sack, I had been the privileged one. Besides, I liked the idea of the two of them getting along so well.

They went up the trail as on the day before but instead of descending the southeast face, they would go over the summit of Lassen and descend the west face and then go down Manzanita Creek to the campground. Their descent was 4,500 feet vertical spread over around four and a half miles. I would have plenty of time to get back and meet them so I made the short hike to Bumpass Hell where I sat down for a while thinking about what had transpired in the big tent the previous night. What I’d done was totally new for me and it surprised me that I didn’t feel the least guilt or shame. Quite the opposite actually. The feeling that I had was warm and deeply satisfying. What else could it have been after receiving the intimate attentions of two considerate good-looking sexy men?

It wasn’t that I didn’t have reservations – reservations not unlike what I’d experienced during the affair with Clyde. It’s easy to say ‘to hell with social acceptance’ but the reality is that my career and my ski patrol hobby were both very important to me. In neither circle could I come in with a husband 17 years my junior and expect full acceptance. With two husbands? Forget it! I decided it would be very helpful if the three of us discussed what we had done the previous night and how things might go from there on.

Back at camp, being well ahead of them, I decided to make myself useful. The tents had to be taken down and packed. I cleaned up the campsite and packed the cooking gear and whatever else I thought we would need no longer.

When they still weren’t back, I lay Clyde’s mat in a sunny spot and stretched out. At 5,900 feet elevation, the sun can feel good, even in June. When they did get back a little after noon, their popping open beer cans and raving about the ski tour woke me and interrupted a very pleasant dream that I would liked to have experienced to its end.

Just as soon as I sat up, Hal pulled a can out of Clyde’s cooler and opened it for me. Like happy colleagues anywhere, we clanked our beer cans together and said ‘cheers.’ Any other campers seeing us would never have, in their wildest dreams, imagined that the three of us were polyandrous.

Hal was ebullient over the ski descent they had just finished. As we talked, Hal said that had he known what was in California in the way of wilderness ski terrain, he would have brought his touring skis with him from Germany. Clyde mentioned some kind of solution whereby Hal could have the more compact stuff shipped and buy the more bulky stuff here. In any case Clyde was thrilled at finding another person to go on ski tours with.

Seeing my two men find more common ground intensified the warm cozy feeling that I wished could go on and on. I would have liked for the three of us to talk about what had happened in the tent the night before and even brainstorm a little about where this could go. Somehow in the afterglow of Clyde and Hal’s ski descent, it just wasn’t the right time and I’ve learned over the years that bringing up a topic at the wrong time is a good way to have a conversation go the wrong way.

A couple hours later, back in Red Bluff, we went to a steak house and then back at my car in the Raley’s parking lot, Clyde and Hal started talking about climbing Mt. Shasta. The 4th of July was coming up and being a 3-day weekend, it would be ideal. Hal and I would have to buy a few items of gear, namely lightweight and warm sleeping bags. Clyde already had the rest of the gear that we would need.

During the  next couple weeks, Hal, having seen Shasta from Lassen, could hardly contain his enthusiasm. Shasta is indeed quite a mountain, very prominent, at 14,179 feet, it sticks out roughly 8,000 feet above the surrounding woodlands.

Something else took place in those next couple of weeks. Hal and I got around to talking about the nature of the relationship we should have with Clyde.

We were sitting together on the couch after having watched the evening news and without my asking, he switched off the TV and looked at me with a questioning expression. “Kitty, already at dinner, I got the feeling that you want to talk.”

“Mainly, it’s about how things go on with respect to Clyde.”

“Isn’t it pretty obvious that I don’t have a problem sharing you with him? To tell the truth, I find it damned erotic. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no need to break off with him.”

“After what we did in the tent at Lassen, that’s obvious. There is something we need to talk about though. Remember when you told me about your vasectomy and I said maybe I could go off the pill? You know how there are questions about long term use. I’ve been on the pill for going on 20 years and that sure as hell is long term.”

“So why don’t you just go off the pill?”

“That’s where Clyde comes in – no pun intended. I go off the pill and then he has to wear a condom while you ride bareback. I’d have a hard time with that and he would too.”

“So why do it that way?”

I took a deep breath before replying. “Have you been listening to me? I said I’ve been wanting to go off the pill.”

“I mean why make Clyde use a condom?”

I took a deep another deep breath and this time before replying, counted to 10. “Hal, a condom isn’t just to prevent the spread of disease. It’s also a proven method of birth control.”

“Didn’t you tell me how you dreaded the end of your fertility window?”

“Yes I told you and I do dread it, but there’s a couple things I dread even more. One is being a single mother. The other thing I dread, maybe even more, is for Clyde to think he needed to marry me – and he would.”

“Kitty, would you dread it if I married you?”

Unable to get a word out, I just looked at him.


Stuttering, I answered. “You mean if I got pregnant by Clyde, you’d marry me?”

“Not just if you got pregnant by Clyde. Kitty I’d marry you even if you weren’t pregnant.”

And that was Hal’s proposal. Surely a one-of. I doubted that I’d ever relate the circumstances to anyone, well maybe to Clyde – someday. Only after our lovemaking, once on the living room floor and later in bed, did we talk about when and how to tell Clyde.

That year, the 4th was on a Friday so Hal and I got away from the City on Thursday afternoon. We still hadn’t decided when or how to tell Clyde about our engagement, but that wasn’t for lack of discussing the matter. Figuring out the best way to tell him had been the main subject of conversation during our 4 hour drive to Redding. We met him in front of the Sears store in the Mt. Shasta Mall and decided to get dinner before looking for a place to spend the night.

Over dinner, Hal suggested what the two of us had decided on during the drive up – take a motel somewhere near Mt. Shasta Lake. Clyde quickly agreed without even questioning what the sleeping arrangements might be.

We ended up having to go to the north end of the lake before we found a place to stay. After exiting onto Antlers Road, we drove into the little community and saw a nice rustic motel with double cabins. Hal went in and rented one – a complete double cabin that is. It was one of those old fashioned motels - one story where you can drive your car right up to the door. Inside, the room was finished in knotty pine and there were openable windows on two sides of the room. With good cross ventilation like that we wouldn’t need to use the air conditioning.

We still hadn’t talked about sleeping arrangements, they just sort of happened. Clyde took one room and Hal and I took the other. I was a little disappointed until Hal knocked on the connecting door and Clyde opened up.

After showers, Clyde alone in his room and Hal and I together in ours, we gathered in the room that Hal and I had claimed. I was the only one who bothered with sleepwear – I had a sleepshirt. My two men just wore boxer shorts and T-shirts. Since we’d taken two rooms, it was pretty clear to me that we wouldn’t be fucking in the same room and that was okay with me. The MMF porn movies had always turned me off, especially where the girl sucks one guy while the other guy spears her from behind. Hal and I were still wondering if this was the right time to announce our engagement. Clyde, sensed our indecision. “You two look like you need to say something.”

I decided to be the one who broke it to him. “Clyde, you remember how we talked about how it would be better if the two of us found other partners?”

“Sure. And you found Hal. Stuck in Hayfork, my selection is kinda limited – to the holy virgins. Come winter though, I’ll be back at Tahoe where the females don’t take so much pride in their virginity.”

Both Hal and I had to laugh but it was Hal who continued. “Look Clyde, Kitty and I have been looking for a good time to say this. Maybe this is it.” Clyde looked up with keen interest. Hal continued. “Kitty and I are engaged. We’ll probably get married sometime in the fall. I hope you can live with this and I hope we can keep up our friendship.”

Clyde was jubilant. “Hell, that’s great! You’re gonna invite me to the wedding aren’t you? Too bad we don’t have any champagne to celebrate with. But I’ve got a bottle of whiskey in my truck. How’s that sound?”

Hal and I couldn’t agree more. Clyde pulled on his jeans and while he was out getting the whiskey, Hal asked me again. “You sure you’re okay with what we talked about?”

“For me, no question. It was okay up in Lassen.” And I told him that his open-mindedness was one of reasons that I loved him so much.

When Clyde came back in with the whiskey, Hal and I were sitting together against the headboard and had three of the motel glasses ready. Clyde, still in his jeans, sat down on the edge of the bed and we toasted Hal and I’s engagement with stiff shots. We were already overjoyed that Clyde had jubilantly accepted our engagement and the whiskey just promoted the jubilance.

Even before announcing our engagement, Clyde had assumed and accepted that Hal and I would bed together. Our engagement announcement could only have cemented his assumption so he was taken off balance by what Hal said next. “Clyde, I really appreciate your friendship and the way you’ve accepted me. I just want you to know that there’s no hurry in adjusting our relationship just because Kitty and I are engaged.”

Clyde was so surprised he didn’t know what to say.

Hal, thinking he hadn’t been understood, went on. “What I mean, Clyde, is that Kitty and I agreed that she would join you in your bed. Of course, only if you’d like that, considering that I’m going to be right next door and it’s a pretty thin door too.”

“You mean like in Lassen? Sure, why not, it worked for us there.”

Hal and I looked at each other. Still sitting side by side on the bed, we embraced and kissed. When we broke off, he answered my questioning look with a mouthed ‘yes’ and a slight nod. I kissed him again and then moved over on the bed close to Clyde. His jeans didn’t even begin to hide his erection.

When Clyde offered another round, Hal was the first to respond. “Okay, but maybe just a little nip. Just enough to take the edge off but not enough to dull the senses?”

We had the nip and then I turned towards Clyde, lips slightly parted. We kissed, just lips at first, then I felt his tongue and I responded. I was the one who broke off – I wanted Clyde but not on the bed there with Hal. I stood up, intending to take Clyde’s hand and lead him into his room. Hesitating and not wanted to be too abrupt with Hal, I went over to him, bent over and gave him a kiss. Looking down, his erection was barely contained in his boxer shorts. I took it in my hand and without even trying to whisper, told him my concern. “Save this for me! I’ll be back.”

Then, I took Clyde’s hand and led him into his room.  As we reached his bed, he turned me towards him and pulled down his jeans and boxers to expose his magnificent erection. It was irresistible. I went to my knees and retracting his foreskin completely, took him into my mouth. He interrupted to pull my sleepshirt off and it was a good thing because he was getting dangerously close. I wouldn’t have minded and would have swallowed too but I had the strangest need for him to come inside me – meaning my vagina.

On the bed, I felt his calloused fingers in my slit, then a finger entered me. I wished him welcome by jacking his hard penis. His finger was still in me when I felt his thumb on my magic button and I knew what was coming. And it did come – a mind blowing orgasm with me tossing wildly on the bed and moaning so that guests in the next cabin must have heard. When I’d settled down after my high point, Clyde pushed me over on my back, got between my widespread legs, and entered me. I cried and laughed with happiness. Only when he discharged into me did I remember that I was off the pill and I remembered that I didn’t care.

As we were settling down, all sweaty, I had a wish. “Clyde, please stay inside of me!” I didn’t whisper, I said it in a normal tone, easily loud enough that Hal would hear. I remember hoping he hadn’t jacked off because I wanted to receive from him as well.

Clyde’s soft penis still inside me, we made out - deep slurpy kisses, tongues intermingled, his calloused hands forming and reforming my breasts, pinching my nipples. He soon got hard inside of me and began moving. This time our movements were slower and more measured. My worry that he might not be able to come again so soon turned out to be unfounded. Again he stayed inside of me as our hot sweaty bodies clung together.

The night had cooled down some and our bodies did too – especially so since we hadn’t bothered to pull the covers back over us. I reached for the rumpled up sheet and blanket and made to pull it over us. Clyde interrupted with a superfluous question. “Kitty, before the two of us get too comfy under the covers, don’t you think Hal would appreciate some company?”

I left my sleep shirt all rumpled up in the bedding and went into Hal’s room stark naked. Sliding under the covers with him, I was delighted to find he no longer had his boxer shorts on and was sporting a really nice erection. It occurred to me that my crotch was pretty messy after two all-out fucks with Clyde. “Hal dear, maybe I should go to the bath and wipe myself off?”

I hadn’t try to whisper or  speak in an undertone, just normal. Hal did the same. “I want you the way you are right now, Kitty. You fucked Clyde the second time without cleaning up. You can fuck me too without cleaning up.”

We were on our sides, facing one another. I felt Hal’s finger in my slit, the fingers of his other hand were forming and reforming my breasts. I was tingling with the anticipation of Hal rolling me on my back and mounting me. What he did instead was roll me over on my right side and push my left leg forward. I was facing the open door to Clyde’s room.

Obviously, Hal intended to spoon fuck. Wanting to give him better access, I threw my left leg over his. What I really like about the spoon position is that it’s easy for the guy to massage my clit without interrupting his fucking. And with his other arm under and behind my neck, he can play with my breasts at the same time. All in all, a recipe for a real mind-blowing fuck. And so it was.

In the MMF threesomes in porn movies, the female has simultaneous contact with both men – typically one penis is in her mouth and other is in her vagina. Same thing in the online blogs. We never did that. It was something we never discussed, it just sort of worked out that way. I guess we intuitively knew what we wanted and what we didn’t want. My two guys loved fucking me and they loved being around when the other fucked me.

That night, I let Hal know I wanted him to stay inside me after he came. I get a really intense pleasure out of feeling a guy get hard inside me and go for a second round. Both of us must have been really beat from the days work and the long drive because we went to sleep before round two.

We awoke to the noise of Clyde showering. I thought there might be time for Hal and I to have a wake-up fuck  but Clyde came in and let us know that wasn’t in the cards. “Hey sleepy heads, it’s eight o’clock and we got a lot on our plate today. We gotta find that Bolam Creek logging road to our roadhead and then we got a big approach.”

Finding the Bolam Creek logging road that led to the roadhead was easy. Driving it wasn’t. Clyde said the north side of Shasta was pretty well logged over so the Forest Service didn’t have much need to grade it on a regular basis. Every jolt made me thankful that we were in Clyde’s pickup and not in my Saab.

At the roadhead, Clyde told us that the approach would be almost 5 miles and that didn’t impress me much, even given our heavy packs. I started to get impressed when he explained that the Bolam trailhead is at 5,700 feet and our camp alongside the Bolam Glacier would be over 10,000.  What he didn’t mention was that part of the approach would be over volcanic scree where every step forward is accompanied by a half step backward.

We pitched Clyde’s big McKinley tent on a tiny rocky plateau. Unlike on our ski trip to Lassen, we had lightweight mummy bags so there wasn’t to be any hanky-panky that night. After the strenuous approach, I was actually glad to gobble some delicious freeze-dry food and hit the sack. Having skied all winter at up to 8,500 feet, the altitude didn’t hit me too hard. Hal wasn’t quite as well off but he toughed it out and had some kind of pills to help.

We were up at 3:30 because we wanted to ascend the 4,000 feet to the summit before the snow softened. As it turned out we got to witness a spectacular sunrise from over 13,000 feet! In spite of our experience several weeks earlier on Mt. Lassen, both Hal and I were surprised to find mud and the smell of sulfur near the summit at over 14,000 feet.

We began our descent wearing crampons for the hard snow. Partway down, the snow got soft and we pulled them off and plunge-stepped all the way to camp. It was a little past 1 PM. We snacked on sausage and chocolate and then descended the 4,000+ feet back to the roadhead. Going down, the volcanic scree worked in our favor and we were at Clyde’s pickup a couple hours later.

Since it was only the middle of Saturday afternoon, the question came up as to what Hal and I would do then. Heading back to San Francisco seemed kind of silly because we still had all day Sunday ahead of us. Clyde suggested that we follow him to Hayfork and then continue on 3 and then 36 through great places like Peanut and Mad River and then catch 101 just south of Fortuna. That appealed to me because I was curious to see these places with the funny names.

Hal agreed readily and made another suggestion. “A couple weeks ago the Sunday Chronicle ran this article about a wellness lodge west of of Redding. Big pool, sauna, hot tub, fitness room, you name it. Maybe by chance they’d have a vacancy.”

I was all for it. There was a hint of disappointment in Clyde’s voice when he answered. “Well, if you two get a room there for tonight, you can still drop by my place in Hayfork tomorrow.”

Hal had other ideas. “Clyde, if there’s a vacancy, I meant it would be for the three of us. After all you’ve done for this weekend, the least I could do would be to invite you too – and it’s on me.”

Hal telephoned from a phone booth in Weed and to our surprise, there was a vacancy due to a cancellation.

The Brandy Creek Lodge was on the west side of Whiskeytown lake. We got there around five in the afternoon. Checking in became a little awkward when the desk clerk realized we were going to be three in a room with only one king size bed. However, he quickly recovered and said he’d have a fold-away single bed put in.

Then as if an afterthought, the clerk asked if we wished to reserve a sauna or hot tub. It hadn’t occurred to any of us that lodge would have private saunas and hot tubs, but the advantages were instantly clear. We all agreed on reserving a hot tub for right away. He said that we’d find robes in the room. Obviously that was what we were expected to wear on the way to the hot tub room.

The bellhop had no sooner clicked the door to our room shut and we started stripping and getting into our robes. Since the three of us were going to be using a private hot tub, going into the bathroom to change didn’t seem to make much sense. It was the first time all three of us were nude together in one place. I should have known better, but somehow I expected my men would get hard in that situation. They didn’t but I got that tingling and felt like I was damp down there.

The hot tub rooms were pretty luxurious. The one we got had a 7 or 8 foot round tub with underwater lights and was was nicely decorated with wall murals and plants and furnished with chaise lounges. I think Clyde and I had our robes off before Hal even got the door closed and locked. We were about to get in the steaming water when I remembered. “Hey we really oughta shower first. Why don’t you two shower first. Meantime I’ll get the jets going. Showers only big enough for two anyway.”

Hal got the shower temperature right and then beckoned me in. We had a really nice shower, soaping each other up and all. After we rinsed off, I chased Hal out and told Clyde to come in and get soaped up.

In the tub we just kind of relaxed and let the hot water work on our sore muscles. Well at least Hal and I had were sore, Clyde with his great condition didn’t seem affected by the many hours of climbing.

After a while I could feel a certain tension building up and wondered if my guys had the same issue. Only one way to find out. I reached over to Hal and ran my hand along his thigh. Sure enough, he was tense. I held his shaft and kissed him. Then I scooted over to Clyde and felt him up. Sure enough, he was just as tense. I gave him a couple strokes and then backed off, almost giggling. Both guys looked at me expectantly. “Well, which one of my guys wants to be first?”

Clyde was a little surprised. “You mean right here in the hot tub? Or on one of the chaise lounges?”

Hal gave his preference right away. “Kitty, why don’t you come sit on my lap. Say Clyde, if on-the-lap doesn’t look like your cup of tea, you and Kitty can always use one of the chaises.”

And that’s how we got into doing our version of a threesome – two doing, one watching. Like our whole MFM relationship, it just sort of happened and gradually progressed. Sex therapists and so-called experts on threesomes, polyandry and such recommend discussing the rules and limits before entering a such relationships. We never really talked about it, everything just sort of happened and all three of us ended up being okay with what happened.

I moved over to Hal and sat on his lap. Right way I could feel his hard penis against my back. At first he took my breasts in his hands, forming and reforming them. Sitting high up on Hal’s lap as I was, my breasts and what Hal was doing to them was out of the water and clearly visible. Clyde just looked on smiling. From the motion of his shoulders, I could tell he was giving himself some strokes, not steady, just off and on. I had an urge to stroke him but he was across the tub from Hal and I and thus too far away. When Hal moved his hands from my breasts to my waist, I knew what he wanted and it was the same thing I wanted. He lifted me and I rose up and reached down to guide him in. His entry was such a divine pleasure that it nearly took my breath away. And nearly my sight as well, Clyde sitting across the tub from us appeared as if he were behind frosted glass.

It didn’t take long for Hal and I to see the disadvantage to the lap position. For us to get a nice comfortable rocking motion, I had to lean forward and that not only put my nose and mouth nearly in the water, I found staying in the bent-forward position pretty strenuous. After he slipped out a few times, I got up, turned around and straddled him. By the time I came, I was no longer conscious of Clyde being in the tub with us and only  few feet away. Hal told me later he had the same feeling of the two of us being alone – almost as if on an island.

Afterwards when we had separated and were sitting side by side facing Clyde, Hal and I weren’t any more embarrassed than if we had been dancing. It was just that natural. Clyde didn’t seem to have any problem with the situation either, his first comment was on the practical side. “Hope it doesn’t clog the filter. They might think we didn’t shower first.”

Hal said he didn’t believe we were the first ones to have sex in that hot tub. “But I believe the management would prefer that couples did it on the chaises.”

Clyde said he thought a chaise would be a better choice than the hot tub. “Looked to me like it was pretty hard staying hooked together.”

I had to admit that Hal and I had had to work at staying coupled. “So tell me Clyde, does that mean you don’t want to do it with me in the water?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to do it in the water. I just think there’s better places to do it.”

“So you want us to have sex on one of the chaises?”

“That’d be better than in the tub, but that big king size bed in our room, it’d sure be a lot more ideal.”

Something practical occurred to me and I reached over to Clyde to make sure. “But Clyde, how are you gonna keep this under your robe when we go back up to the room?”

Hal was quick to offer a solution. “Well Kitty, I think you could relieve his tension.”

I moved over to sit beside Clyde and took his hard penis in my hand. In spite of the pleasure I was giving him, he managed to utter an objection. “Now the filter’s gonna get another load.”

Hal agreed heartily. “Kitty, I think it would be better if we spared the filter.”

I stopped jacking and voiced my agreement. “Clyde, I can’t hold my breath long enough to do it underwater.”

He got up slowly and stopped when the head of his hard penis protruded out of the water like a periscope. I held his shaft and put my lips to his glans. With the head all the way in my mouth, I tongued his opening. That made him quiver with ecstasy but I wanted more and with my hands on his butt cheeks, I let him know he needed to sit on the edge of the tub.

With few exceptions, oral sex for Clyde and I had been mostly in the context of foreplay and seldom went as far as orgasm. Today was going to be different, that I knew - actually that was the idea. Sitting on the edge of the hot tub, he spread his legs wider. I held his penis at the base and with my lips snug on it, I masturbated him with my mouth. My lips didn’t go all the way to the base, Clyde’s size and my anathema for gagging stand in the way of that. Clyde is a nice guy to give head to. He puts his hands on my head but he doesn’t try to pull me further than I want to go. His legs tensing told me he was getting close, then a deep groan. “Oh Kitty! Kitty, I’m coming!”

I backed off long enough to tell him it was okay. My lips were snug against his shaft when I felt the first surge hit the roof of my mouth. The rest just sort of mixed in. I backed off and looking up at him, I opened my mouth to show him what he had put there. Then I swallowed. When he took my tits in his calloused hands, I took him back in my mouth and suckled him. A little more came and I swallowed that as well. Then I licked his penis, scrotum and the rest of his crotch clean.

When our pulses were back to a more normal rhythm, Clyde looked down at me, big smile on his face. “Well Kitty, the maintenance guys are sure gonna thank you for saving wear and tear on the filter.”

I didn’t agree completely. “Except for my contribution. You wouldn’t have noticed, but I came just as hard as you did.”

After a steak dinner at the lodge’s restaurant, we returned to the room and with the three of us sharing a king size bed, our relationship became even more open than before.

After a late breakfast, we checked out and drove to the Mt. Shasta Mall where my Saab was parked. Before saying goodbye to Clyde, Hal and I had to promise to invite him to our wedding whenever that might be.

Picking a wedding day can be rather involved if there happens to be a large family from one or both sides. Hal’s family was all in Germany and after two failed marriages, he knew they would not be interested in investing much time and money in a third. I had parents and a moderate sized family in Boston and thereabouts but due to events  related to religion and church loyalty, I had cut myself off from them when I was in primary school. The only family I had was my Aunt Louise in Minneapolis and she wasn’t a stickler for ceremony. In the end, we decided to invite only a small group of colleagues from UCSF and some closer friends from my ski patrol – and Clyde of course.

There was a day when brides were virgins or expected to be virgins, there was another factor in setting the wedding day – the brides monthly cycle. In those days, the wedding night was the big first time - often for the groom as well - and no bride wanted to have to tell her horny bridegroom that conditions down below were not ideal for entry. In other words, the bride’s period should not coincide with the wedding day. In setting our wedding date, Hal and I considered my cycle as well but in another way and for another reason.

We finally settled on a Saturday in mid-September and decided to have the wedding and reception in a Unitarian Church in San Anselmo where a friend of a friend was the pastor. True to his word, Clyde drove down from Hayfork – on Saturday morning early. We had offered to find him a motel room but he made arrangements to stay overnight with his friend Arty Winters in South San Francisco. That was okay with us, even though we had other plans.

It was a gorgeous California summer day and since the ceremony was pretty low key and we had a caterer do all the reception arrangements, it was a low stress wedding. Except for a couple things. One was that early on during the reception, I noticed Clyde seemed to be trying to pick up Julia, a younger colleague of mine. The other was that he might leave early to have more time visiting with Arty in South San Francisco. I took care of the first concern by telling Julia the lie that Clyde was in a pretty intense thing with a girl in Hayfork. To keep him from leaving early, I asked Julia to be a prick tease and keep him from leaving too early. I hated to be so devious with Clyde but Hal and I had our reasons and we knew Clyde would understand – if he ever found out.

So the reception wound down and Clyde was still there when the caterers started cleaning up. Julia had just left, obviously having begged off with some excuse or other. Clyde took his loss in stride. “That colleague of yours, Julia, nice girl. Said she had to get home and finish a paper that’s due Monday. Too bad. We hit it off pretty well. Well, it’ll be good to see Arty again.”

Now it was time for Hal and I to drop our bombshell. We’d agreed before hand that Hal would be the bombardier. “Clyde, maybe you could visit Arty another time. We reserved a room for tonight in Jenner – hotel called <Jenner By The Sea>. Nice place, right on the Russian River, big individualized rooms, traditional décor,” then giving Clyde a special look, he added, “and king size beds.”

In spite of our threesome background, Clyde was more than a little surprised. After all it was our wedding day and Hal and I were starting our honeymoon. All he could say was ask, “you mean?”

I answered for Hal. “Yes Clyde, we want you to join us in Jenner. It’s sort of on your way back to Hayfork.” Then just to make sure he understood our intentions, I added, “and we booked only one room – with only one king bed.”

Checking in, we used the same hoax as we had at Whiskeytown. Ask for a roll-in single bed – ‘for my younger brother.’ Our room had an exposed-beam ceiling, living room furniture group by the patio doors that faced out over the river, and as promised king size bed. After the bellhop left us, we just stood around admiring the room. Hal and I hadn’t planned how the night was to go down, we just thought we’d let things happen. What we had planned was to come clean with Clyde. I initiated things by sitting down on the sofa. Hal sat down on my left. Clyde moved to sit in the armchair facing us, but when he saw me patting the spot to my right on the sofa, he joined us there.

I opened the subject by telling im the situation with Hal having had a vasectomy that turned out to not be reversible. Clyde is no dummy and although he must have suspected what we had in mind, he feigned a bit of innocence. “Gee, I really sorry to hear that. You two would be such great parents. Parents like you never had, Kitty.”

“Clyde, we planned our wedding day around my periods. My last one ended 11 days ago. I’ve been off the pill since June and we didn’t bring any condoms along.”

“And if I get you pregnant?”

Hal answered. “Then Kitty and I will have a child that happens to have your genes. We talked about using a sperm bank but we’d much rather know who the baby came from.”

His reply told us he agreed to father our baby. “And would you let me be, well, like an uncle?”

I answered. “Something like that. How or if you explain it to your future wife is up to you, Clyde.”

He looked towards the big bed. “Well maybe we should get started. They say the more you do it, the better the chances are.”

I had to throw in some more technical wisdom. “The prevailing opinion of fertility scientists say it helps if the woman orgasms.”

They said it sort of together, worded slightly different but essentially the same. “We’ll do your best!”

There was a question in the air. Who would be first? Clyde insisted that since it was Hal’s and my wedding night, Hal should be first. We undressed one another while Clyde sat in an arm chair looking on. After a rather long session in which I came multiple times and Hal managed two ejaculations, we lay on our backs, sweaty and drained.

It was Hal who took the initiative to get Clyde to bed me. “Kitty, let’s make room for Clyde.” Then he scooted over to one side of the big king bed. Clyde stripped and joined me. I wondered if I had it in me for another session. That changed when he started running his calloused hands over my body. It was just like my dreams after we’d met and before we first had sex together. After he gave me a clitoral orgasm, I begged him to enter me.

The next morning, I had a go with both of my men and afterwards as the three of us lay in bed, Clyde asked us about our honeymoon plans. He was a little surprised to hear that we thought we might spend a few days in Hayfork because the closest thing to a motel was a place with the word ‘hotel’ in its name but was really just a tavern that served hamburgers. I was a little down because I knew that Clyde lived in a small cabin with a double bed that squeaked and sagged towards the middle. Seeing our look of disappointment, he mentioned that we could always stay at the Timberjack Lodge, which was only a couple miles outside of town.

So we called ahead and got a room at the Timberjack for that night, Sunday. After a late breakfast, Clyde headed out taking the fast way via I-5. Hal and I decided to take a more scenic route and took Highway 1 up to Fort Bragg. It was in Fort Bragg where I pointed out the motel where Clyde and I had shacked up the weekend when I had gone up to break up with him. Then we drove over to Willits where we got on 101 and took that as far as Garberville. Just north of Garberville, we exited 101 for a county road that led us towards Hayfork. While gassing up in Garberville, we got a shock when we found out it was still nearly 100 miles and almost 3 hours to Hayfork – the roads are that crooked. But the drive is scenic and you pass through interesting places like Alderpoint (along the Eel River), Zenia, Mad River and Peanut.

The Timberjack was no Jenner-By-the-Sea or Brandy Creek Lodge. In fact it wasn’t even as nice as the old rustic motel in North Shasta Lake but it served our purpose well. The room had two double beds and neither sagged in the middle like the one in Clyde’s rented cabin.

Clyde had to work the whole week – 7 AM to 6 PM, which meant he was putting together a nice nest egg for his winter of skiing. At first Hal and I wondered if he’d have enough energy left to fertilize one of my eggs. We needn’t have wondered because Clyde and I did it once or twice before going to sleep and then in the morning again. Clyde’s energy reserves seemed inexhaustible.

Monday evening he came out to the Timberjack after work. He’d taken time to shower at his place so it was already close to seven. We went into Hayfork for dinner and had beer and hamburgers. Mid-September, it was still warm enough to sit outside at the Red Bud and it was then that Clyde expressed his concern about us being able to have a proper honeymoon in Hayfork. I told him he didn’t need to worry. Hal went into more detail. “After you left for work this morning, Kitty came over to me in bed. Believe me, we did it honeymoon proper.”

We all laughed and I added, “Then we went for a drive – all the way to Big Bar and back. Anybody who’d needs to recuperate from Bay Area traffic needs to make a drive like that. Didn’t see many people along the way and the ones we did see really stared at my Saab.”

Afterwards Clyde followed us out to the Timberjack. The manager caught us when we parked and wanted to know if we were a party of two or a party of three. We just told him Clyde happened to be driving through and we offered him the other bed. It didn’t seem to occur to him that we might be carrying on a relationship that every church in Hayfork would frown upon, he just wanted another $10 a night for the third person.

By that time the three of us were getting pretty used to being a threesome so undressing for bed was no big deal. I stripped and pulled on a sleep shirt. Both of my men went to bed in boxers and tee shirts. Hal’s were the only bed clothes that stayed on all night.

Clyde was about to enter me when he noticed Hal was already asleep and whispered to me. “Kitty, was the drive that tough?”

“Not really. We did it a couple times while you were working overtime.“

The rest of the week went pretty much the same except that we grilled outside Clyde’s cabin before going out to the Timberjack. On Friday morning, Hal and I said goodbye and left for Whiskeytown where we checked into the Brandy Creek Lodge where we spent a more traditional honeymoon weekend.

My next period was due for the end of September. When it didn’t come, Hal and I started counting the days until we could make a pregnancy test. It was just after Columbus Day when we celebrated with a bottle of champagne. It was to be my last alcohol for over a year and a half.

Fortunately, that year winter came in November so I got in a few weekends of skiing before I was too far along for that to be safe. Afterwards, I put in a lot of first aid room duty and Hal skied so we had contact with Clyde, albeit only every few weeks when we happened to be at the same ski area. The relationship had changed though and not just because I was pregnant. Clyde started following some more natural young-man instincts and got into trolling in the aprés ski scene. In fact he was trolling so fervently that we never could arrange to have him over to my condo for dinner.

One weekend later that winter, I was working in the first aid room at Alpine when Clyde walked in with a cute brown haired girl about his own age. “Kitty, I want you to meet Ann.” I liked her immediately and I couldn’t help being happy for him. We had them over for dinner several times and seeing them together made me realize that my relationship with Clyde had finally made the change from romantic to just friends.

I was looking forward to getting an invitation to their wedding but it never came. It was only the following winter that Hal and I got the full story on what happened. It seems that he and Ann went their separate ways when spring came and when he got the announcement of her wedding to a guy named Devin, he went on a drinking spree that could easily have ended badly. Fortunately though, he had a boss with the sensitivity and common sense to straighten him out.

I sometimes wonder if there were conditions under which our polyandrous relationship could have continued. Say if Clyde had been a health care professional in the city. Or even if he had just lived and worked in the city. Would the age gap still have been a problem? At any rate, the romantic-sex triangle ended more or less the same way it had begun – without planning, just happenstance.