Zoey's Temptation

   Zoey had just broken up with Matt a few days before she ran across Ben in the campus library. Although Matt was an amazing lover and had a cock that knew where to hit all the right spots, Zoey had decided to end their six month relationship because Matt couldn’t seem to not use that beautiful piece of meat to find other great spots to hit inside other girls on and off campus.

   Mandy, Zoey’s best friend and roommate, had even told her that she had been hit on by Matt a couple times, which Zoey had first dismissed. When she had finally found them in bed together, Zoey had been surprisingly aroused and had joined them, sharing Matt’s cock with Mandy like so many other things she shared in the dorm.

   Matt had interpreted Zoey’s temptation as an invitation to keep gallivanting and wandering. But when Zoey had finally told Matt that she hoped he would be monogamous, even though he had agreed, the cavorting stud did not put an end to his seducing of beautiful creatures.

   Zoey had hoped Matt would react in a more surprised and alarmed manner when she finally called it off, but he basically had made her feel like he was relieved to be let go. Although she had been somewhat disappointed, Zoey certainly didn’t spend much time crying or feeling sorry for herself. And that night, when she went back to the dorm room and found Mandy, she asked her friend if she’d mind just cuddling.

   – You know what? I think I need a break from fucking. I mean, really! Is that ALL it’s all about? I just want to lie next to someone and feel a warm body next to mine, feel sympathetic arms wrapped around me, you know?

   Mandy agreed and the girls took out a bottle of wine to cuddle in front of an art film they both had sworn they’d watch soon.

   – You’re sweet. What do I need with a man?

   – Well… answered Mandy, letting her voice trail on.

   – Yeah, I know. I really like that part, too, but what we have to go through to get it? Ugh! Is it really worth it?

   – Well…

   – Shut up.

   They both burst out laughing.

   When the film ended, Mandy turned to Zoey.

   – Did we REALLY drink the whole bottle?

   – Sure looks like it.

   – Hum…

   They stared at each other smiling, wrapped in a warm, cuddly, soft comforter Zoey had brought from her bed.

   – You… said Zoey looking deep into Mandy’s eyes as she stroked her black, wavy hair. You… are just so beautiful.

   – You… are just so drunk…

   – No! I’m not. I mean it, Mandy. You’re so beautiful.

   – Thank you.

   – And that night…

   – Zoey…

   – You remember that night?

   – Yes…

   – That night with Matt…?

   – Do you really want to talk about that?

   – That night… I didn’t kiss you.

   – No, you didn’t because we sort of just… worked on Matt like two horny porn stars.

   – We did, didn’t we?

   – Yes, we did.

   – But ever since that night, I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to kiss you.

   Zoey brought her fingers up to Mandy’s lips and felt them clumsily.

   – You really are drunk.

   – No. I’m not. I know what I’m doing. I want to kiss your lips.

   Zoey reached in and sensually let her own lips settle on Mandy’s. She stayed motionless for a few seconds, appreciating the consciousness of the pleasant sensation. Then, she pressed a bit forward as Mandy’s lips parted slightly and blew a soft breath inside Zoey’s mouth. They lightly pressed and repressed their mouths together, making sure that they enjoyed each and every moment without going too fast.

   When their tongues touched ever so slightly, shivers and goosebumps covered their arms, small bolts of electricity racing through their bodies.

   – Did you feel that?

   – I did.

   They smiled and kissed again, the passion building.

   – I just want to feel this, you know what I mean?

   – I do.

   They kissed again, Zoey slightly nibbling on Mandy’s upper lip when they pulled away. They kissed again. This time, Mandy held Zoey’s lower lip with her own lips when they pulled away.

   – This is nice.

   – It is.

   – You taste good.

   – So do you.

   Their eyes had not left one another except when their lips were touching. Their lips found each other again, but this time, their eyes stayed connected. They explored each other’s mouth lightly, lovingly, lovingly before they stopped again.

   – How does that happen?

   – I don’t know.

   – How do we suddenly both decide not to close our eyes?

   – It just happened, I guess.

   They smiled.

   – You smell so wonderful.

   – So do you.

   – I didn’t smell you when we were with Matt.

   – I know. Neither did I.

   Zoey caressed Mandy’s cheek and Mandy let her face rest in her roommate’s palm.

   – You feel like a delicate peach.

   – I’m fuzzy?

   – No! You feel soft and sweet.

   – (Sigh.)

   Mandy mirrored Zoey’s gentle gesture. They kissed again without letting their hands leave their faces.

   – I didn’t see you when we were with Matt.

   – I know. I didn’t either.

   – I want to see you.

   Mandy pulled the comforter off her shoulders and pulled her campus sweatshirt over her shoulders, sitting before Zoey in only a bra. Zoey’s eyes parkour-ed Mandy’s curves, rolling off her shoulder to her left breast and crossing over to her opposite shoulder before cascading down to her elbow and back to her right breast.

   – I didn’t feel you when we were with Matt.

   – I know. I didn’t feel you either.

   – I want to feel you.

   Mandy smiled and Zoey’s fingers traced the seams of her bra, adding to Mandy’s shivers of pleasure. When Zoey zeroed in on Mandy’s covered nipples with her light touch, circling toward the middle of her roommate’s areolas, she saw Mandy’s nipples harden through the fabric and leaned forward, kissing her again softly on the lips.

   – I didn’t taste you when we were with Matt.

   – I know. But we’re tasting each other now.

   – We are.

   They kissed again and Mandy unhooked her bra, offering her breasts to Zoey’s eyes, nose, fingers and mouth. Zoey delicately felt breasts that weren’t her own for the first time, nestled her nose in breasts that weren’t her own for the first time, tasted nipples that weren’t her own for the first time. Mandy enjoyed being discovered by female hands for the first time.

   Zoey unbuttoned her blouse and asked Mandy’s hands to unhook her bra. Mandy’s eyes, fingers, nose, lips and tongue explored Zoey’s gasping breasts and Zoey’s body oscillated on the couch, facing Mandy. The girls stared into each other’s eyes bringing their breasts together so they could feel the gorgeous mounds of flesh pressing together. They looked down at their milky chests blending into each other and smiled up at each other again.

    Zoey pushed the comforter to the floor and spread her legs on either side of Mandy, pulling off her comfortable plush sweat pants and showing her pink lace panties to Mandy. Those panties weren’t the ones she would wear when she knew she would make love that night. Those were panties she wore when she was planning on being alone. They were old and worn out. Mandy could see that Zoey’s pussy was already wet. And like a wet t-shirt’s fabric, the panties’ fabric was leaving little to the imagination.

   Mandy unfolded her legs over Zoey’s and slipped off the cotton leggings she was wearing. Those old leggings were a pair she wore to bed when it was cold and she was alone. When she threw them on the floor, she showed off her beige Hanes cotton underwear and felt happy that Zoey wasn’t wearing her best lingerie. Nothing of this had been planned and they just had to live with what they were wearing. Which was fine with both of them.

    When they both pulled off each other’s panties, they felt and smelled the delicious musk of their excitement. Zoey tasted Mandy’s pleasure with as much attention to her pussy as she had given her mouth. She had never felt the quivering lips of another woman’s pussy on her own lips before. She had never pressed against another woman’s protruding clitoris with her thumb before. She had never hooked her tongue inside the trembling lips of a pussy before. All these new sensations were sweet and comfortable to her.

    Mandy was eager to discover what Zoey had just experienced. She flicked her tongue all around Zoey’s fervent pussy lips, as though she was catching the juices she did not want to miss. She poked her tongue at Zoey’s clit, making it swell even more than it already had. She slipped a finger inside Zoey’s slit so she could see if it felt the same as her own. It was different. She didn’t know how or why. It just felt different. Maybe just because it was Zoey. Because it wasn’t her.

    Spontaneously, like almost everything that had happened that evening, they got up at the same time and walked to Zoey’s bed, caressing and loving each other’s nude body.

   They fell on the bed, kissing and caressing each other longingly and slowly. There was no rush. They had all the time in the world. They had all the pleasure in the world. They had all the comfort in the world.

    As Zoey sat across from Ben in the campus library, she wondered if she would succumb to the temptation. And if she did, to what temptation would she actually succumb to? Seducing this gorgeous man by stretching a foot under the table and caressing his crotch to indicate that she wanted to fuck him as soon as humanly possible? Subtly enticing him back to the dorm so she could share his delicious-looking body with Mandy? Or just go back to the dorm and simply share another bottle of wine and another art film with Mandy?