Carl's American Adventure, Part 2

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12 Dec. '19

‘Jesus Christ!’ thought Carl to himself as the plane flew through some turbulence. It had been a smooth flight until now and he hoped the meal he had almost enjoyed earlier wouldn’t make a re-appearance. He looked at the overhead monitor and was relieved there was less than an hour of this eleven-hour flight left.

He was on his way to Los Angeles to meet with Kenny Benjamin, owner and CEO of GoGonzo Studios, one of the largest porn producers in the States. He’d been to America a few times before, but never to work. It would be interesting to see how things were different over there than from the small studio he worked for in Britain.

When Phil, the British studio owner Carl worked for, had received an almost instant reply to his email from Kenny, Carl knew this was going to be good. Kenny had said “we love a Brit over here” and that gave Carl even more confidence. He had decided he wasn’t going to try and compete with the American male pornstars – they knew the way things worked and were unlikely to be impressed with Carl’s physique or manhood. But he didn’t want to come across all ‘Hugh Grant’ and burble his way through in a quaint, English way. Phil’s parting words had been “Just be yourself, Carl,” so that’s how he intended to be.

Once the plane had landed at LAX, Carl was impressed with the efficiency of the airport. He had gone through passport control and collected his luggage within half an hour of touch-down and was now stood in the arrivals hall, scanning the placards for his name. Several uniformed chauffeurs were waving their cards and Carl looked carefully at them. When he finally saw “Karl C” scruffily written on a crumpled piece of card, it wasn’t being held by a smartly dressed chauffeur but by what looked like a young skater dude, complete with baseball cap and ripped jeans. Carl chuckled to himself as he felt his bubble burst.

“Hi, I’m Carl from England,” he introduced himself. “Are you from Kenny’s studio?”

“Hey Carl, how you doin’, man?  Yeah, I’m Mack, Kenny’s son. I work at the studio too. Welcome to LA!”

“Thanks,” replied Carl.

“Here, lemme get your bag,” offered Mack. “ Follow me Carl. You been over here before?”

Carl followed Mack out of the airport and through to the crowded parking lot, chatting about his previous visits to the States, how bumpy the flight had been and how keen he was to start working.

The journey to the studios was only about four miles and Carl was amazed it took nearly 45 minutes. He thought he’d seen traffic jams in England before, but like most things, they were so much bigger in America!

He was, however, impressed with Mack. His initial impression was that he was a scruffy kid, probably given menial tasks around the studio that his old man owned. But this impression changed quickly once they’d started talking during the ride to the studio. Mack was obviously smart and had a charming, unpolished way about him. Carl was also impressed with his energy and his knowledge of the industry. It seemed to Carl that given who he was, Mack would be a good ally to have and perhaps someone to hang out with when he wasn’t at the studio.

The interminable journey finally ended when Mack’s SUV rolled into the studio lot. The large sign over the main door read “GO Productions” and there was no hint from the outside at what was being produced on the inside. It looked like a large, metal-clad industrial warehouse but as they walked into the reception area, it had more of the feel of an upmarket office block. There were three girls working the reception, all in deep conversation on their phones. Mack asked Carl to sign in and gave him a key card that would allow him access to the main building.

Mack picked up a phone on reception and pressed a button. He replaced the receiver and said “Dad’s on his way over. You want some coffee?”

“Sure, that’d be great,” replied Carl.

Mack looked over to one of the pretty receptionists who had just hung up her phone and said “Coffee for our guest please, Tiff?”

Within a few seconds, a steaming cup of black coffee was handed to Carl by the very lovely Tifanny. He thanked her and took a sip. It was so much better than the coffee he’d had on the plane!

A door buzzer sounded and the large frame of Kenny bustled into reception. He was dressed just as casually as Mack and extended a shovel-like hand . “Carl, ma boy, great to see you! Welcome to my ‘umble ‘ome!” His attempt at a British accent made Carl smile as he shook Kenny’s hand.

“Bring your coffee through,” said Kenny, motioning for Carl to lead the way through the security door. Carl held his newly-acquired key card up to the plate and heard the door click open. He pushed through it, closely followed by Kenny and Mack. The big, glass-fronted office at the end of the corridor was Kenny’s office and that was where they were headed. Carl couldn’t help but smile at the contrast of Phil’s relatively small set-up back in Britain but also knew, at the end of the day, it was what these studios produced, not the fixtures and fittings that really mattered. Phil’s productions were considered amongst the industry’s best, whichever side of the pond you happened to be on and that’s why Kenny had wanted to work jointly with Phil in the first place.

The three men sat in Kenny’s plush office and finished their coffees, with Kenny explaining the studio’s ethos. Their output, as the name suggested, was primarily ‘Gonzo’, which, for the uninitiated, appears to the viewer as unscripted, off the cuff sex, usually with multiple participants. It also has the reputation for being edgy, sometimes even extreme and Kenny would only award a contract to the best-looking, most reliable performers. Even a short-term contract like Phil had negotiated with Kenny had to adhere to the studio’s values. Kenny was impressed with Carl so far and was keen to shoot him as soon as possible.

“You’ll get a bit of jet-lag, I guess, so Mack will take you to your hotel after I’ve shown you around. Then we’ll start at 10.00am tomorrow morning, back here. You OK with that?” asked Kenny.

“You’re the boss now!” replied Carl.

“Oh, you’re gonna get on just fine here, Carl” beamed Kenny.

Carl had the guided tour of the studio, as promised. As almost all porn is online these days, only a small area was dedicated to DVD production. There were a lot of offices but the main part was the sound stage. This was a huge space with a variety of back drops, bedroom sets, kitchen sets and even a green screen. Carl had never seen so much camera equipment and the lighting rigs alone probably cost more than Phil’s whole set. He also saw a group of guys sat around a table who looked as if they had just finished filming. Three girls draped in robes and two guys, both sipping beer from bottles were laughing and horsing around. They stood up as Kenny approached.

“Hey guys, thanks for waiting,” said Kenny. “This is Carl from England. Carl, these are some of the guys you’re gonna be working with. They just finished a shoot and I asked them to hang around to meet you.”

Each one was introduced by name and Carl was immediately struck by how good-looking they all were, even the guys. One of the girls – Rosie – approached Carl to greet him and her robe flopped open, revealing her naked body. With no trace of embarrassment, she reached up to kiss him hello and Carl remarked “Well, that’s the best welcome I ever got from a beautiful girl!”

Rosie grinned and said “Oh, that accent! And what a charmer!” She sat back down, giggling, making the other girls laugh too. One of the other girls piped up “Jesus, he only has to talk and my pussy will get wet!” and the third girl clapped her hands together. The guys just shook hands with Carl, but as introductions go, he’d had worse!

He was now really looking forward to tomorrow’s shoot. They left the group and pretty soon, Mack was driving Carl to his hotel room. “This is only for a couple nights Carl. I’ve rented you an apartment for the length of your stay and you can move yourself in there on Friday.”

Carl thanked Mack, knowing this was part of the agreement Phil had made with Kenny. But then Mack added “And the best part is you get a live-in maid to help out and cook for you, if you want.” Carl thought that sounded like an excellent arrangement!

Mack dropped Carl off at the Westwood Plaza Hotel, which was only a ten minute drive from the studios. A uniformed concierge greeted him and Mack waved a cheery “I’ll pick you up at 9.45 sharp tomorrow!” and left Carl to check in and get himself settled. Carl had suddenly started to feel very tired and checked his watch. LA is eight hours behind London and he realised he hadn’t slept for nearly 24 hours. Once he was alone in his room, he flopped down on to the bed and barely moved until 7.00 the following morning, having slept for 14 hours straight.

Refreshed from his deep sleep, Carl decided to go for a quick run before breakfast. Running always energised him and he figured he’d need as much energy as he could get for the day that lay ahead. The buffet selection at the hotel was the best he’d ever seen and he enjoyed a hearty breakfast before returning to his room. He’d had another waxing session with Amelia back home the day before he’d left, so all that remained to do was shave and shower and he was ready for action. He strolled in to reception at 9.44 and saw Mack waiting for him.

“Bang on time, Carl, nice one. Phil said you were punctual!” said Mack, with a big grin on his face. Carl replied “First impressions, Mack. Besides, I rather liked the look of the girls we met yesterday, especially Rosie. I can’t wait to get started!”

Mack laughed, mainly at Carl’s accent, but nodded his agreement, saying “They seemed pretty taken with you too, buddy. I think I might sit in for the first shoot, see how you get on!”

Carl was really getting to like Mack. He was relaxed but obviously knew what he was doing. In fact, the whole operation felt very relaxed, rather like Phil’s operation, just scaled up a bit.

When they arrived at the studios just before 10.00, it was a hive of activity, much busier than it had been the previous day. Mack led Carl through to the sound stage and showed him where the showers and dressing rooms were. He was re-acquainted with the guys he’d met yesterday – Bruce and Dwayne and could hear the voices of the girls in the next room. Carl asked the two guys how the day was likely to pan out and for any help and advice they were prepared to give.

Dwayne offered “Relax and enjoy yourself, you’re in good hands.” Carl nodded and Bruce added “Yeah, and don’t piss Rosie off. She looks cute but she’s a fucking nightmare if she loses it!” Carl made a mental note, but he wasn’t in the habit of upsetting his co-stars, so he felt he’d be OK.

Mack bustled back in with a ‘script’ for the guys. It was no more than a scene outline, detailing just the key things they wanted to film today. It read like most men’s fantasies!

 Scene 1 MMF oral, anal, DP, double facial;  Scene 2 FFM lesbian, double BJ, 3 way 69, vag cp;  Scene 3 MMFF oral, vag and anal, partner swap, 69, rimming, 2 facials;  Scene 4 MMMF, double vag, dp, bi bj and oral cp, anal cp and cleanup

Each scene had the names of the performers above it. The very first scene had Bruce/Carl/Rosie scribbled in red ink. Dwayne was to perform with Heather and Lana in the second scene and Carl would be needed again in scene three, this time with Bruce, Rosie and Heather. No names were on the fourth scene yet.

All the scenes were to be directed by “Baron”. Carl asked Bruce who this was and he laughed, “Yeah, don’t get too impressed. He’s really called Brian but he thinks Baron sounds cooler. Also, his wife “assists”, by which I mean she’s in-charge really!” Carl smiled and nodded, pleased to see that his new American friends had egos too.

The set was really bustling now and ‘Baron’ and his wife Cheryl breezed on to the set. With a sharp clap of his hands, Baron said “Right, where are we? Have you all seen the running order?” Bruce nudged Carl and they approached Baron. “This is Carl,” said Bruce. Baron looked up, nodded and looked around. “Where’s Rosie?” She was talking with Cheryl and put her hand up, saying “Here, Sir!”, somewhat sarcastically. Baron barked “We start in five, get yourselves ready!”

So this was it, Carls first porn shoot in America was about to start. After a quick freshen up, all three of the performers were ready, waiting for the crew to get the lighting just the way Cheryl demanded. Baron moved alongside Carl and put his arm around his shoulder.

“Hi Carl, this is your first shoot, right?” Carl nodded, adding “First one in America, anyway.”

Baron continued “OK, we know you come highly recommended, so what I want to see is you and Bruce doing everything on the running order and follow my direction. My wife Cheryl views on a monitor behind me and she’ll make sure everything looks good. There’ll be lots of starting and stopping and we’ll be shooting stills as well throughout the day, usually at the beginning and end of each scene. If you need anything at all, ask me or Cheryl and if you need a break, tell us. Any questions?”

Carl thought for a moment, then shook his head. “I guess I’ll pick it up as we go along.”

“Splendid, young man!” said Baron, rather theatrically. Carl smiled at yet another dodgy attempt at a British accent, but he loved how welcoming his hosts had been. When he’d worked with Americans back in Britain, the guys had poked fun at their accents too, but it was all good-natured.

Carl then noticed a photographer with a very expensive looking camera setting up in front of a huge cream leather sofa. Bruce tapped Carl’s elbow and said “Do you need a blue?”, holding a few individual Viagra tablets towards him.

“Uh, no thanks, I’ll be OK to start with. Maybe later,” Carl replied. He’d never needed help before and was hoping he wouldn’t today.

Baron barked “Guys! Please!” which was the cue for the performers to get into position for the initial stills. All three stripped off, Rosie leaving her suspender belt on, Bruce and Carl completely naked. Both guys were jerking themselves hard and stood either side of Rosie. She started to jerk one enormous cock in each hand, making Carl’s cock fully hard in no time. Bruce took a bit longer, but once he was erect, it was pretty much as big as Carl’s.

Jon, the photographer, now took control. “OK, Rosie, you know the drill. I’ll say 3 – 2 – 1 then you’ll hold still so I can get some good, clear shots. Do what I say and we’ll be done real quick.”

Rosie smiled and jerked both cocks a little more vigorously. She gripped them tight when Jon said 3,2,1 then held still while the camera clicked away.

“OK, onto oral. Go!” ordered Jon. Rosie turned to face Carl, looked up at him and winked, then took his cock into her mouth. She started to take it in deep, then pulled out, then back deep again.

“Hold it out, Rosie and 3,2,1…” click. “Now go deep, yeah that’s it. 3,2,1… “ click.

The stills continued with Rosie licking and sucking Bruce’s cock too, then with Carl fucking her from behind. The guys spit-roasted her then Carl had to butt-fuck her while she was already impaled on Bruce’s cock. It wasn’t sexy in any way, purely functional, but the stills were needed so nobody complained. All in all, it took nearly an hour to finish, then Baron said “OK, take a break guys, back in ten please.”

As they left the set to grab a drink, Carl’s cock had started to soften but Bruce’s was still fully hard. Carl realised that he must have taken a pill or two before they started. Rosie seemed very concerned with Carl’s wellbeing and held his hand as they grabbed a robe and headed over to the drinks table. “How was that for you?” she asked. Carl replied “Well, it was a lovely way to get to know you, Rosie!” She chuckled and said “You ain’t seen nothing yet, honey. I’m gonna fuck you better than your girls back home, you’ll see!”

Rosie was as good as her word and the three of them re-enacted their stills, only this time, it was hot, sweaty, animalistic fucking. Rosie couldn’t get enough of Carl’s cock and each of her three holes had enjoyed it thoroughly by the time they broke to get ready for the money shots. Rosie had already cum at least three times during the shoot and looked bedraggled after two hours of fucking and sucking.

“OK guys,” barked Baron. “Money shot time. I want one of you either side of Rosie. Bruce, I want you to cum on Rosie’s breasts and Carl on her face, OK?”

Bruce was jerking himself frantically, his face scrunched with concentration. Carl was stroking himself at a more leisurely pace, but had Rosie’s finger tickling his anus. He would have no trouble popping when required, but Bruce was taking his time. Carl thought Baron might get a bit impatient at this, but nobody said anything. Rosie started to moan to give him a little encouragement and it seemed to help as Bruce started to grunt. Making sure the camera had a clear view, he jerked off until he shot a decent load onto Rosie’s breasts, then Rosie took Bruce’s cock into her mouth to clean him up.

Now it was Carl’s turn. He stroked his cock and aimed it at Rosie’s pretty face. With her finger still tickling his ass hole, he unleashed a huge load over her lips and face, making her gasp with the sheer volume of it. He must have spurted eight or nine times and he let out a huge sigh as Rosie wiped his cock over her cum-drenched face. He took half a pace back, still stroking his huge cock, then stepped back in and jerked out another four spurts, taking Rosie a little by surprise. “Oh my God!” she shrieked, as the cum dribbled down her chin and on to her already sticky breasts. “You’re a fucking animal!”

“CUT!” came the call from Baron. “Great job, guys. Carl, you been saving that up for us buddy?” There were a few laughs and Carl answered “Blame Rosie, she’s just so hot!” Rosie smacked Carl on his thigh and Bruce clapped him on the shoulder. “Seriously, Carl, that was awesome,” he said and Carl felt he’d made a good impression with his co-stars.

There was a break while the crew got the set ready for the second scene and as that would take at least two hours, the three performers from scene one went to get some lunch. When they got back on to the set an hour later, they hadn’t even started the stills yet. Baron told the three of them that they weren’t going to get scenes three and four shot today, so they were free to go.

Mack, who had stayed to watch Carl’s first scene, came over to tell him how much he’d enjoyed it and how well he’d done. He said Kenny had viewed the rough cut and was delighted. Carl’s phone pinged with a text. It was from Phil and it said simply “Great start, stud. Keep it up!” Kenny had phoned Phil and told him how well Carl’s first scene had gone and threatened to keep him in LA permanently.

Carl was feeling pleased with himself when Rosie came over, dressed very casually in sweats but still looking lovely, and said “Wanna ride back to your hotel or are you gonna hang around here?” Carl hadn’t thought about it, but decided another ten minutes in Rosie’s company was too tempting and replied “Sure, thanks, that would be lovely” Rosie giggled again. She really did love Carl’s accent.

The ten minute journey flew by and Rosie told Carl about his new digs. “The apartment Kenny has you booked into is literally walking distance from the hotel,” and pointed to a swanky-looking block less than half a mile away. Carl had jogged past it when he went for his morning run, so already, he was getting to know the area he was living in. “The good news is, you’ll be moving in tomorrow after we finish shooting. If you like, I’ll give you a hand to settle in!” and she followed that with a big wink. Carl hoped she wanted to test out his bed! Even after fucking her almost non-stop for two hours, he was still horny and wanted more. “I’ll take you up on that kind offer Rosie. Thanks!” As he got out of Rosie’s car, she was still giggling and waved her arm out of the window as she drove off.

It was only 4.30pm, so Carl had lots of time to change, eat and catch up on more sleep. He reflected on his first day with GoGonzo and felt it had been a good one. All the guys and girls were welcoming and Rosie was a knockout. He had another scene with her tomorrow then she had promised to help him settle in his new apartment. He decided to look up a good local restaurant on Google so he had somewhere to take her for dinner to say thank you. He had no idea if Rosie had a partner but he hoped they could be friends regardless.

Day two dawned and Carl jumped out of bed at 7am after another great night’s sleep. After his jog and breakfast, he heard his phone ping. It was a text from Rosie and it said “I’ll pick you up today. 9.30 sharp!” Carl smiled. He was going to spend almost the whole day with Rosie and that suited him just fine!

By 4.30pm the next day, there wasn’t an inch of Rosie’s body that Carl hadn’t kissed, caressed and fucked! He had lost count of the number of times he’d made her cum and his own money shot count numbered three. If Rosie had been hot for Carl, Heather had been even more eager. She was what you might describe as a ‘cumslut’ and she revelled in the quantity of semen Carl produced each time he came. Cum shots are the money earners for the male pornstars. Carl had made a big impression with the girls and Kenny was ecstatic that “the Brit” was performing so well.

“Hey Carl, got a moment?” asked Mack as Carl strolled out of the locker room.

“Sure Mack, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“Kenny wants to see you, we have a proposal for you,” Mack continued, grinning wildly.

Carl was intrigued. “Oh yeah? That sounds interesting!”

The two men walked into Kenny’s office as he was hanging up the phone. He waved his hand, inviting them to sit. Kenny wasn’t one to beat around the bush, and launched straight into his proposal.

“Carl, from what we’ve seen so far, we have an idea for what we’d like you to do next. I’ve worked with some great guys over the years, but with your dick and your ability to cum shit loads on demand, we wanna exploit your ‘skills’!” said Kenny. Mack just sat there grinning.

“Tell me more,” said Carl, genuinely wondering what Kenny had in mind.

They wanted to film a series of scenes where the emphasis was on Carl’s penis and his huge cum shots. These would be massage scenarios with long, slow hand jobs, close-up oral scenes and what Mack described as “one-man bukkakes”. Kenny explained that these scenes were much quicker and easier to produce and likely to be more lucrative for the studio, and therefore Carl.

Carl nodded his agreement. As far as he was concerned, it didn’t matter what the format of his movies was.  He would perform however they wanted him to but he was happy to hear he’d be working with lots of different girls.

After his first two days filming, Carl was told to take a two day break. Kenny felt it would be good for him both mentally and physically to recover before resuming. He was also aware that Carl would need to settle himself into his new apartment. He’d arranged with Rosie that she’d pick him up at the hotel at 2pm and that they’d meet Mack at his new place shortly after.

Carl returned to his hotel room, packed the few things he’d taken out of his case and after checking out, was waiting for Rosie outside the hotel in the bright sunshine as she pulled up.

“Hey, stud, jump in!” she greeted Carl. He laughed as he threw his case in the back, then joined Rosie in the front. They barely had time to exchange hellos before the car pulled up on Carl’s new driveway.

The apartment was a cleverly-designed block of four residences, back to back. It meant each property had its own drive and front door, more like a house than an apartment. It was bright and airy inside and filled with expensive furniture. Just after the two had entered, Mack pulled up and joined them inside. He gave Carl the guided tour of the apartment, then lifted the phone and pressed nine. Carl looked puzzled, then he heard the side door open and in walked a smiling Latina lady, dressed in black.

Mack seemed almost smug as he introduced them. “This is Sophia, she’s your maid. She lives in the complex and looks after the four properties. Anything you want, Sophia will do for you!”

Carl approached Sophia and extended his hand. She shook it demurely and said “Mr. Carl.” Rosie giggled and said “Sophia, you’re gonna like Mr Carl. This apartment is great too.” Sophia smiled and thanked her. Looking back at Carl, she said “Anything you want, Mr. Carl, pick up the phone and press nine and I’ll be right in. Will you want me to cook for you this evening?”

Both Mack and Rosie were grinning, knowing Carl was licking his lips with anticipation. This was only partly because of what Sophia would cook for him later. The other part was because he was wondering what else she might do for him. Sophia was beautiful. She had a full, almost buxom figure, deep brown eyes, long straight black hair and a tanned complexion. Carl could also tell she was immediately attracted to him.

What had started out as a successful visit to America looked like it was going to get even better!