A prefect couple

Info Wise Ginger
13 Dec. '19

We are a perfect couple like those we see in movies. We have an amazing relationship. We talk, I mean, we really talk about everything, about our job or our hobbies, about our feelings or the last book. We talk while having breakfast or during dinner or before going to sleep.

He raises horses, I am an assistant manager in a local store. Also, we have amazing sex.

Every morning I wake up and share my dreams with him…and then we make love. 

Then he shares his dreams with me… and we make love. 

After our day at work, we go home, and we talk about our day...and make love. After dinner we sit on the couch, hugging, watching a movie or reading something... and we make love.

We never get bored.

We both have a hobby - writing novels.

I was thinking about how we met while on the flight to Houston for a meeting with corporate managers. 

Everything started when he wrote me an email by mistake. After a few lines of that email I figured out that that email wasn't for me. It was too personal and I didn't know this guy, although he sounded interesting. I replied to him telling him that unfortunately I wasn't the right person. He apologized.

The day after, he wrote me another email saying that this time it wasn't a mistake but he really wanted to write to me. And so it started. He started talking about his horses and I about my job and my hobby. 

This was just the beginning. In a few weeks we exchanged emails every day, weekends included, sometimes twice a day, talking about everything. I liked him a lot. I could be myself with him. I didn't need to smile if I didn't want to, and I could be naked in my pj’s, and he wouldn't see me. 

After a few emails we knew each other better than our own partners. The most interesting thing was that we'd never met. 

We never exchanged even a photo. We never exchange phone numbers so we don't know the sound of our voices, and we never exchanged names. Well, actually I told him mine and he gave me a nickname, Rex, and that made everything more interesting, and easier. 

We promised to keep it this way to not ruin everything. With a fantasy you don't fight, you only make love and you are loved in the way you prefer. It’s like having an imaginary friend.

It's a dream and we're both happy with this dream. A very erotic and exciting dream! 

I checked in at the hotel. The receptionist tells me I have a message and gives it to me. The message says: 

"Dinner at Giacomo's. 7:30. Can't wait to finally meet you."

No signature. It's for sure one of the managers I'm going to meet tomorrow. It seems I'm going to meet one of them sooner.

"Ok, thank you. Oh excuse me, do you know how far is this place?" I asked the receptionist showing her the name of the place.

"Oh it's just two blocks from here. You turn right when you exit here and you'll see it because there will be a long line outside. I bet you have a reservation. It takes weeks to have a table unless you have the right acquaintance!" 

"So I might need to wear a dress, right?"

"That would be better. But I'm sure you look just beautiful with dress pants" answered the receptionist. This comment made me very happy.

"Thank you! I appreciate your compliment. Thank you for all your help. I better go. Have a good night."

"You as well, Ma’am." 

I took the elevator and when I got to my room my suitcase was already there with a basket on the table with fruits, cupcakes, and water. The hotel manager was looking for a nice tip. 

I texted my family chat group to let them know I am fine and at the hotel, an exchange of few funny comments and then I had to get ready, but first I needed a shower and a change of clothes.

Before leaving the room I checked my phone for an email from Rex. I was a little disappointed when I didn't find any. I wrote a quick one saying I was in Houston and everything was fine, and sent it. 

When I got at the restaurant I gave the receptionist my name and I realized I didn't know the name of the person who invited me. There was no need. 

"Yes, Ma’am. Your party is already here. Follow me please."

She showed me to a table in a corner by the window. There was a man. He stood up and introduced himself.

"Good evening Ely. I am Robert."

"Nice to meet you Robert. I don't remember any Robert in the list of the managers I'm going to meet tomorrow.

"You better sit down while I explain you."

"OK. Nice place." I said looking around.

"Everybody know me as Rex..." he said. 

I was speechless. It was like a punch in the gut. You can't understand it but... it was him! Rex is my friend, the guy of the emails.

I was staring at the table deciding if I wanted to run away to not ruin the spell, or if the curiosity to finally meet him was making me stay at that table. I couldn't look at him, not yet at least. First I needed to decide.

He didn't say a word. He knew what was going on in my head and he gave me all the time to think about it and decide.

Stay, a voice said. Find out if the feelings are real. Just for one night you can live the sensations.

Run, the other voice said. Don't allow him to ruin the fantasy. If you stay you won't be able to go back to your life.

I pull up my head and allowed my eyes to glare at him and memorize his features. I want to see how he really looks. I want to see his hands and imagine how they might feel on my body. I want to know how it feels. Somewhere I read this -  “You’re standing at the door to a fantasy. All you have to do is walk through it“ 

I feel my eyes filling with tears. I can see his worried expression. He wants me to stay. I can't speak, I can't eat, I can't even breathe. 

I stand up with my legs shaking.

"Why? Why are you doing this? It was the perfect fantasy" I asked him between tears.

"Because I want you to trust me. I want to feel you, to be with you, if only for one second."

We left the restaurant without eating. I couldn't and neither could he. I needed to walk so we walked side by side without talking for a few minutes. I needed to put together the last 15 minutes.

Then he broke the silence.

"The other day you told me about this trip and you told me the hotel where you were going to stay. Why? How I see it, maybe a part of you wanted for me to be here."

"Understanding the language of what isn't being said"


"It's a phrase I heard in a movie about communication. And you did it right: you understood the things I didn't say. You are the good one."

He stopped me. He hugged me, not a passionate hug, a hug to feel and to give, at least at the beginning. Then it became a totally different hug. Our bodies became one and I could feel his hard cock against my mound. My nipples stiffened with the feeling of his breath on my neck. All over my body I had goosebumps. I needed to kiss him.

Our mouths became one.

I can’t stop now. It’s too late. My body made the decision for me. 

“My room or yours?” I asked almost breathless.

“Yours is for sure better and cleaner” he answered taking my hand and walking toward the hotel. 

In the moment we stepped into the room, he gently pushed me against the wall, slipping his tongue in my mouth, devouring my tongue, his hands trying to open my shirt. 

My head was spinning. I moved my hands to his butt pushing him against my body to feel his hard cock against my mound. I started rocking my hips against his cock while he was sucking my nipples. 

Too fast. It was all too fast. I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t want this to end too soon. If this was the only chance for us to be together, I wanted to relish every single second.

“Wait! I need to breathe” I said pushing him away. I needed a glass of water.

I went to the minibar and realized my shirt was half open, my bra was unhooked, and my boobs were wobbling, but in that moment I didn’t care. I wanted to be naked, with him, for him.  I drank my water, I offered him some, always staring at his eyes. I wanted him to understand my desire.

“We need to slow down and fully relish this only night together” he said, voicing my exact thoughts.

“We think alike” I said, without ever looking away, unbuttoning my shirt, removing my bra, and unzipping my skirt. 

He sat on the bed enjoying the show. I slowly pulled down my skirt and turned to show him my backside. I sensually bent on my waist while pulling down my pantyhose. I could hear his labored breath. 

He stood up to remove his pants and his shirt. The bulge in his briefs was getting bigger and I couldn’t wait to touch him. I got closer and pulled my arms around his neck to kiss him. The feeling of the skin-to-skin was amazing. My breasts were pressing to his chest. 

“Lie down on the bed. You need a massage” he whispered in my ear. 

Oh my. A dream come true. In our exchange of emails sharing our fantasies, we shared this one about a massage. It kept me awake so many times thinking of his hands on my body.

He started from my shoulders. I was tense.

“Oh my! You are really good! I thought it was just one of your fantasies, instead you’re really good at massaging” I was in heaven.

His hands slowly moved down to my back. Then he moved down to my calves.

“Teaser! I was ready for a massage on my butt” I said disappointedly but not completely. I really didn’t want to go too fast and wanted to enjoy every instant of this encounter.

After my calves he moved up to my thighs. He slightly opened them and continued the massage and the movement of the massage arrived to my pussy.  He then blew to the cleft of my butt. The sensation was incredible. The massage moved to my butt, opening and closing my cleft. A finger slipped between my cheeks and started to massage there. 

At this point I’m pretty sure I wasn’t breathing anymore. The sensation was new. Nobody ever touched me there and I didn’t know how I would feel. 

I closed my eyes and decided not to think too much but just  live the sensations. I let my body be free to react, trying to keep my brain out of it. It was a hard challenge. 

It was just superb feeling his finger moving up and down.

“You are getting wet my sweetheart.”

“I wonder why” I replied back.

He was now laying beside me, his finger still there, his lips on my shoulder. I couldn’t move. I just opened my legs more and I started to follow his movements with my hips.  

“Turn on your back please. I want to see your face and all your luscious body. “

When I was on my back I hugged my arms around his neck to kiss him. He moved on top of me and started kissing my eyes, my mouth, my jaw, my neck, down to my shoulders to my breast. I’ve never felt anything special around my breasts and nipples. Not that I don’t like it, but it’s never been that thing that sometimes I read in books where the woman cums with him sucking her nipples. I’ve never felt anything like that. I let him do it because I liked it and he seemed to like my breasts very much. I like my breasts too and they’re still in good shape despite my age. 

He didn’t stop after sucking. He was biting my nipples, little bites sending little jolts all over my body, especially down to the core between my legs.

My hands were stroking his back and his head while he continued his journey over my body. His hands were massaging my breasts and with his finger and thumb he was rolling my left nipple. 

My brain was in total blackout. I just wanted to feel and save all these incredible sensations in my memory.

Then he arrived at my core.  With his body he opened my legs, he then started kissing and licking my nether lips. Oh it was amazing. I arched my back moaning for pleasure. 

I pulled up my knees to open my legs wider. My body was acting spontaneously. It wasn’t me. I’d never do such a thing.

When I felt a finger entering my pussy I screamed and arched my back more.  Inside my belly I started feeling something rolling. My nipples were hard like rocks. His finger was hooking to touch my g-spot. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Cum for me Honey.” he whispered.

That was it. I started shaking, screaming. He didn’t stop. I wanted him inside me and when that happened, we were one.

When I woke up the following morning, my eyes still closed, I thought it was all a dream. and that I didn’t really meet him. Then I felt a presence in the bed. Actually, the presence was more between my butt’s cheeks, and an arm was on my belly and the hand attached to that arm was stroking my belly and up to my breast.

“Good morning my sexy red-head. How are you doing today?”

It was all real. I really did meet him. 

I had a meeting to attend now. I had to bring my head to that meeting and be professional. 

Then, after work, I would take care of what’s going to happen in my life from now on.