I'm on Fire - The Firemen Chronicles

Written by Tristan LeMay, Nikki Fountain, sanctuary, adam_abassi and completed by the starting author

   I've been with the Cleveland fire department for five years now. When I started out as a fireman, I worked in a smaller Ohio town and being a firefighter mostly meant a lot of sitting around, playing cards, shooting the breeze with the guys and plenty of false alarms. Since I've moved to Cleveland, we sure still get our fair share of false alarms but we do get plenty of fires, minor and major. What has changed a lot is that we've now become First Responders which means we are often the first guys called for medical emergencies like heart attacks, allergic reaction emergencies, car accidents, etc... Oh yeah and we do still save the occasional cat stuck in a tree. That still gets us a lot of pussy. Hehe! Just kidding...

   Anyway, you know what they say about firemen, right? I mean, we're not all gorgeous, hunky, alpha males, but most of the guys in my station are pretty buff and popular with the ladies. I'm not so bad to look at if I do say so myself, but I'm more on the shy side... for better or worse. I mean, since I'm timid, I'm not really ballsy with the ladies so, sometimes, they'll be doing the flirting and cruising and I don't even see what's going on. In some cases, like in bars after work, it's a good thing I have my pal Travis who'll tell me: "Hey dude, wake up. That hot girl is eyeing you."

   Sometimes, we'll even meet some good-looking girls on calls. As a matter of fact, there are a few I could share with you.

   One of those hot situations happened just last week... and didn't involve an actual fire. Travis was working the same shift as me when we got a call. We geared up and hit the rig, speeding down to this apartment building about twenty blocks away. When we got there...

   It looked like the whole neighborhood was surrounding this big tree in front of the apartment building. Everybody was looking up and I turned to Travis and said:

   – Oh man, dude, I think it's one of those kitten-in-a-tree situations again...

   Travis scoffed.

   – Yup...

   He paused for a moment then added:

   – Pussy, pussy, pussy...

   I burst out laughing.

   We parked the rig close enough to the tree so we could position the ladder easily. From the passenger's seat of the truck, I could see that there were three really hot girls in skimpy sun dresses. Not standing around the tree looking up at a paralysed cat but stuck in the tree themselves!  Around the tree were a few older ladies looking up and covering the eyes of these three prepubescent boys who were trying to look innocent but were clearly building up memories for their evening jackoff sessions!

   As I looked up in the tree, I noticed that two of the girls had small, perky breasts which it was totally appropriate to cover with only a layer of shear, summer clothes, but the third girl's tits were much bigger and her dress was not leaving much to the imagination. Not that I would have complained. Those beautiful knockers were giving me a boner – not that the other two beautiful ladies weren't contributing to it, too – and Travis couldn't help but notice also.

   – Get a load of her, he said.

   Yeah, we were both looking at the same girl.

   – Load? I joked.

   – Shut up, he chuckled.

   What I couldn't figure out was how those three hot girls could've gotten so far up that tree! I mean, isn’t that the kind of thing you do when you’re a kid or a teenager… when you can fall back on the excuse that your brain is not completely developed yet?

   Anyway, I could see that they were kinda freakin' out and couldn't get down. As a matter of fact, they were so frightened that they weren’t paying much attention to the show they were giving the people on the grounds – including your friendly neighborhood firemen.

   An old live oak tree has many branches, and they are usually good climbing trees. When I got out of the rig and got a better angle looking up, I got an even clearer eyeful of those beautiful tits, but also couldn’t help eying some pussies, too, clad only in white cotton panties for two of them and silk undies on the third girl. What really puzzled me was that one had kittens on her panties, the other had puppies and the last had that Hello Kitty on her pelvic bone. I couldn’t believe girls in their twenties still wore such underwear.

   But I kept getting drawn to the girl with the big tits… and the Hello Kitty undies. Man, I had to look away. My boner was hard enough that if I took it out, I could have just knocked the tree over.

   – Hey ladies…, Travis shouted up. That’s some pickle you’ve gotten yourselves into, isn’t it?

   One of the little boys chuckled and, when I looked over at him, he was rubbing his crotch.

   – Not cool, dude, I whispered, furrowing my brow severely.

   He blushed, embarrassed.

   – No worries, Travis continued. We’ll get you down in a jiffy.

   My partner then turned to me and said:

   – What are we going to do? I can't position this ladder through all those branches to get close enough to ‘em.

   – I guess we're going to have to call up the bucket truck from the electric company.

   I sighed in discouragement.

   – Okay, I replied. Tell the Lieutenant to do that while I figure what to do about these freakin' out girls.

   The girls started calling down to us:

   – Are you gonna help us?

   – Please!  Do something quick. We're scared!

   – Shut up, Lauren, this was all your idea.

   – I didn’t force anybody to come up here with me, An Li!

   – Ugh,…

   – I think I'm going to fall, cried my big-titted beauty, the only one who still hadn’t been named aloud.

   – Ladies, ladies, ladies… I said, trying to calm them down. Don’t worry. These are things that happen. We’ll take good care of you.

   Travis came over and said, both to me and to the girls in the tree:

   – We ordered the bucket truck, but it will take a while so my buddy and I will come up and keep you company in the meantime.

   – Lucky, I heard the horny preteen whisper next to me.

   –Maybe we can even manage to help you down, Travis shouted up to the girls.

   – Okay, dude, time to go, I shot back at the kid on the ground. Nothing to see here.

   He smirked.

   – Don’t be a smart-ass, I smiled at him. Go home. All of you. Go home. We’ve got everything under control.

   As the crowd started to dissipate, we quickly went to the truck to get our safety harnesses, harnesses for the girls, and some rope, then returned to the ladder.

   – I call dibs on the big-titted girl, said Travis as we got our shit together. You can have Lauren and An Li. They’re hot, man. And two for the price of one.

   – Dude, it doesn’t work like that, I replied. You gotta let these things happen organically.

   – Oh believe me, my ORGAN is happening, dude.

   I laughed, but replied:

   – Oh man, you are such a douche!

   He ignored and just said:

   – I'll go first, ‘cause I’m better looking.

   I scoffed and added:

   – Okay. Right behind you. Make sure you follow protocol and connect the harnesses right.

   – Of course, you duffus! You make sure your boner doesn't get too distracted and get hooked on a branch.

   – How do you know I have a boner?

   – Because I do.

   I looked down at myself and it wasn’t like my pecker was so obvious with all the gear, but obviously, with our harnesses strapped around us, our crotches certainly were portrayed in a flattering manner.

   Anyway, I got up the ladder, and still had to climb another 15 feet to get to our still unnamed, big-breasted stranded girl. I didn’t really understand why Travis hadn’t gone straight to her since she was further away, but I guess his own boner got distracted.

   Just as I reached our girl, she started coming toward me instead of staying put, slipped, and started to fall. I reached out to grab her and became really embarrassed when my hands landed on each of her massive tits. I quickly moved my hands to her waist.

   – Oh my god! You saved me, she said in a voice that sounded a bit silly, a bit too damsel-in-distress but I didn’t mind.

   – I’m sorry I… uh… was a bit…grabby there, I replied.

   She blushed a bit, but moved up even closer to me.

   – Oh that’s okay. You didn't have to move your hands. I'm not shy. You're so strong. You’re my hero.

   – Yeah… but sorry. I'm just trying to save your life. Here, grab this and slip it on.

   – Oh… kinky, she joked.

   I chuckled but then got a bit annoyed because although she was really hot and I was really horny, I just felt it wasn’t the time to get frisky.

   – How the hell did you girls climb 40' off the ground?

   – That's my manic-depression, she said.

   When I didn’t react, she looked at me and laughed.

   – I’m just kidding.

   She was clearly trying to make a joke, but I couldn’t find the humor. The only thing I kept thinking about was how I would have liked Travis to keep his plan for dibs on this ditz. After all, she had gotten herself into a dangerous situation, endangering not only her own safety, but the safety of whoever would rescue her.

   – Sorry, she said when she realized I wasn’t amused. It was a bet, and we were too stupid to realize that it's much easier to go up than down.

   – It's okay, I replied, happy she was acknowledging the graveness.

   I gave her my "people do stupid things all the time" smile and winked at her. Doing my duty, I got both of us to the ground pretty quickly and called up to Travis to tell him I’d call off the bucket truck unless he felt he would still need it.

   – Nope, I think we’ll be okay, he shouted back down. Right, girls?

   – Totally! chimed Lauren and An Li who seemed to be having fun with the harnesses.

   Meanwhile, my rescue leaned in and whispered:

   – I’m Mariana by the way.

   – That’s a beautiful name, I replied. I’m Malik.

   – I love that… and your dark, ebony skin, she swooned. I need a hug from my hero.

   I was happy to oblige and took her into my arms. She put her head on my shoulder. I could feel her heart pumping, as she was leaning into me. Jokingly, I softly said into her ear:

   – After what you did, you don't only need a hug, you need a good spanking, too.

   She was just as surprised with my nerve as I was, but she took the joke and, as I should have expected, turned it into something sexy.

   – Oh, please don't, Mr. Fireman, she said in a falsely-alarmed voice while she started rubbing her knee into my hard-on. I'm willing to do anything to rectify.

   This was highly unprofessional and I was worried people on the street might see us rubbing against each other as I was still wearing my uniform.

   Meanwhile, Travis had gotten the other two girls out the tree in the most unconventional way. He’d been so cocky about being expert at adjusting the harnesses that he’d completely fucked up and all three of them had come barreling down into the small pond under the tree.

   Mariana and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

   – You ladies okay? Travis asked.

   – Yeah, that was cool! Lauren replied, getting up and wringing the water out of her hair.

   Her sundress was more transparent than a t-shirt that a bucket of cold water has been thrown on. Her perky tits were about as visible as if she had nothing on. When An Li stood up, her wet tits were just as pert and visible and her darker areolas and erect nipples, combined with Mariana’s rubbing action, almost made me cum right then and there.

   Travis, acting all the gentleman, quickly brought the girls to the rig so they could dry off and not look so indecent right there on the street.

   – Don’t my girls look hot in their wet dresses? Mariana whispered in my ear as she kept rubbing against me, still pretending this was just an innocent hug.

   – They are, I replied. All three of you are smoking hot. And this feels really nice but if I don’t get out of this gear, I’m going to be much more than hot.

   Mariana smiled and said:

   – Where should we go to get you out of that hot uniform?

   Man, this girl was not fooling around.

   – Hey, Malik, how ‘bout we ride back to the station with the girls so they can check out the place and dry off?

   – Your friend read my mind, whispered Mariana with a wicked grin.

   – Sure, T, let’s do it, I yelled back.

   Turning to my girl I asked:

   – You ready to roll, Mariana?

   – You can call me cat lady, she laughed.

   – Ohh, you are so funny, I replied, giving her a light slap.

   – Actually, I like that, she said. You’re going to make me purr.

   – Again with the cat analogies, huh?

   – Don’t get me started with pussy jokes…

   – Oh boy…

   As we walked to the rig, she slapped my behind and, although I felt like an erotic dancer being harassed by a hands-y client, I couldn’t help but also feel even more aroused. Looking into her beautiful hazel eyes, I moved closer until our lips touched. The kiss was one of the most sensual kisses I had ever received. She was a great kisser and our tongues danced to the music in the background.

   – Wait, what's that? I asked.

   We both turned and saw an old lady playing a waltz on her sound system while watching us getting intimate. I felt a bit weird because of the uniform and didn’t want to get in trouble with my superior officers, but Mariana and I both laughed and made our way to the rig.

   When we got to the station, I was surprised nobody else was there. I guess it’s because it was Sunday, but still. The other squads were out so there probably had been other calls while we were out. Anyway, we supplied the girls with t-shirts and CFD sweat pants and suggested they go change in the ladies’ restroom/locker room which was relatively new since a new bunch of female firefighters had been hired a few years ago and needed their own space.

   The girls went into the room stripped out of their wet dressed and panties. Mariana didn’t need to change so she just hung out with Travis and I but then shit got really weird… and hot.

   As Travis and I were getting out of our gear, Lauren and An Li came out of the locker room stark naked carrying their wet clothes.

   – Where should we hang these to dry? asked An Li, grinning and turning to Lauren, knowing full well the effect this little stunt would have on all of us.

   Although Travis was probably as horny as I was and just as eager to get it on with these hot girls, he knew we couldn’t have naked women running around the station with the surveillance cameras spying everything. He started walking really quickly toward them saying:

   – Uh, no problem, let me just grab those and throw them in the dryer, while he gently pushed the girls back into the locker room.

   But they were wise ones, those two. They grabbed Travis and pulled him inside with them. My eyes were as wide as saucers and my hard cock was poking out of the long johns I had stripped down to.

   – Are we just going to stand out here? Mariana asked as she eased up against me.

   I kept her at arm’s length to avoid the cameras catching anything that might be deemed fishy by my bosses and discretely said:

   – I’m thinking you probably need to use the ladies’ room after being in that tree for so long, huh?

   Mariana caught on pretty quick and slid into the locker room after giving me a wink. I stripped the rest of my clothes off, keeping only my boxers and hanging up my gear before heading toward the men’s locker room door. Then, just as I was about to enter, I opened the other door – the one leading to the ladies’ – and slipped in, immediately turning the lock shut as I closed the door.

   Before I could turn around, I felt Mariana’s massive tits slam against the bottom of my shoulder blades and her hot hands slip under the waist and of my boxers. Her lips at the bottom of my neck sent shockwaves through my whole body and goosebumps covered my arms and chest. I felt pressed against the door like she was possessing me. I didn’t mind her taking control. She tried to push my boxers off but had a hard time getting them over my erect cock pointing to the ceiling.

   Behind me, I could hear moaning and groaning which added to my excitement. When Mariana finally managed to free me of my drawers, she twisted me around and slapped both her hands on my first chest, kneading my pecs as she started kissing me, my cock poking her navel.

   Over Mariana’s head, I got an eyeful. Old boy Travis was sitting on a bench in a bench press position himself, An Li riding his powerful cock with her back turned to him and Lauren was towering over him feeding him her quivering pussy while pinching her own tits and grinding her hips. It was like something straight out of a porn flick and it was making me horny as hell!

   After a few minutes of kissing and grinding, Mariana grabbed my hand and brought it down to her sopping-wet pussy. She made me rub her clit and finger her as she looked deep into my eyes, transmitting her pleasure only through her gaze. This was fucking hot and driving me crazy!

   And just when I thought I’d end up shooting my wad from the friction of the underbelly of my cock against her belly, she pulled away and turned around, grabbing my hard pole from behind and shoving it inside her freshly shaved, tight clam. She moaned and swung her left foot up so her toes would slide into the door handle, giving me perfect access to ram my cock into her. Then, she grabbed my hands and pulled them up her hips and onto her swinging jugs, pressing me to squeeze and knead those humping mounds of hot flesh.

   Hearing An Li, Lauren and Mariana all moaning and groaning at the same time was such an incredible experience. Mariana was pounding her box against my pelvic bone, which made my ass slam against the door. She was going to pull a load out of my pole any second now and I really didn’t want to cum just yet.

   When Lauren slipped off the bench and pushed Travis’ head against the bench, I winced and this pulled me out of the moment with Mariana. Lauren worried she might have hurt my partner but Travis didn’t miss a beat. He grabbed Lauren’s hips as An Li kept grinding against his invisible pole and he slipped between Lauren’s legs like a mechanic sliding under a car. He had her hump his mouth and tongue, bopping up and down like was doing on his cock.

   A few seconds later, as I kept fucking Mariana from behind, An Li slid off Travis’ glistening cock which slapped against his belly while she dismantled like she’d been riding a stud. Actually, when I caught a look at my partner’s dick, I was really quite impressed. I’d seen Travis in the showers many times but never fully erect. I was mesmerized to see such a petite lady take such a huge piece of meat inside her wet, hairy pussy. And she definitely wasn’t done. She turned around and straddled Travis and the bench once again, this time, facing Lauren and her bobbing little tits.

   The sight of this seemed to increase Mariana’s arousal as well since she accelerated her slamming of her box against my raging cock. I took my hands off her mammary globes and grabbed her nice, round ass cheeks. Kneading them and spreading them as now watched my wet, black cock slide in and out of her drenched, brown slit. Her winking asshole and tightening pussy were bought working their magic on my brain and my cock. I felt I was just about to drain my pole into her hole.

   When Lauren leaned in to suck on An Li’s titties, I was sure I’d lose it. Those two hot chicks were just too much for me to keep going without exploding.

   – Ooo, yeah, baby, bite those cute little titties for me, commanded Mariana from half-way across the room. Show me how much you love that taste. Make me taste ’em all the way over here.

   – Holy shit, cat lady, you`re a bad girl, I groaned as my right hand came down on her right ass cheek, leaving a hand print that I instantly regretted.

   But she didn’t.

   – Is that all you can give me? she hissed. You saying I don’t deserve more than that?

   – oh you’re liking this punishment, huh?

   – It’s my reward, she countered. Reward my ass, fireman. Make it burn!

   I slapped her other cheek even harder and she slammed her pussy so hard against my pelvic bone I thought she’d shatter it. As Lauren and An Li kept caressing and gnawed at each other’s raw, erect nipples, Travis ass started bouncing off the bench and he grabbed An Li’s little waist, banging her hard till his whole body started quaking and he grunted loudly into Lauren’s pussy, making her cum while he erupted inside her delicious Asian friend.

   This made Mariana and I go over the edge and my balls suddenly tightened against the base of my cock and the entrance of her pussy. I gave her ten more throbbing thrusts, my powerful man stick blowing what felt like loads of hot cum inside her willing, quivering pussy which was also contracting from the orgasms I was providing.

   – Oh yes! Empty that hose inside me, baby. Do it! Put out my fire!

   Although I might have thought Mariana was overdoing it with the fireman metaphors, I somehow was incredibly turned on by the whole thing.

   After we’d all cum and all felt our legs turn into jelly, Travis suggested we all hit the showers together. Watching the girls soap each other down and even rub each other’s pussies a little longer than necessary got Travis and I hard again.

   – Dude, that’s some cock you have there, Travis marveled, grabbing my meat to assess its meatiness.

   – Yours, too, man, I replied. That thing is like a steel iron.

   I squeezed his, too, and as we looked each other in the eyes, we knew we wanted to resist the urge to tug at each other’s manhood.

   As the girls kept playing with each other under the shower jets, Travis, still holding my cock, got close to my ear and whispered:

   – Dude, isn’t it strange what just happened here? I was supposed to get the girl with the big knockers and you were supposed to end up with the two hot small ones. What’s up with that?

   Just talking about this and feeling Travis’s cock between my fingers was an odd turn on.

   – How about we switch it around, said Mariana whom I didn’t think could hear our conversations.

   The first thing I knew, Travis and I were standing face to face while Mariana swallowed his huge pecker and Lauren and An Li shared a taste of my chocolate meat.

   – You girls sure know how to show your recognition, Travis joked as he moaned with pleasure.