Work and Pleasure Part 1

It was Augustus's first day at work and he was late. Bianca was fuming because her new employ was late at his first day of work. She saw the neatly kept desk with each and every document at its respective place. Clutter was a complete no-no. The office oozed normalcy with an aura of sophistication with neutral tones on the walls and every thing else, much to the disliking of Bianca. She loved deep reds because red reminded her of pain. Pain, a feeling that satisfied her. Pain, a feeling she loved inflicting on her submissive. Yes she was a dominant, and she loved every second of being one. There was a commotion outside her door which caught her attention, suddenly her door opened and in came her new employ Augustus all flushed. "First day and you're late. Too eager to get fired?" said Bianca. "Sorry ma'am I got stuck in the traffic and then I collided with a girl and the entrance. I had to help her to pick up her stuff." came his reply. " I need the file of accounts and debentures in my office at five. You better be on time" she said in the no nonsense tone that people feared. Augustus was struck by her beauty. Her ample breasts, her full lips, those luscious locks framing her angelic face perfectly and those big beautiful eyes like emeralds firing bullets at him." Yes ma'am I'll be with you before five." he managed to say. At five fifteen Augustus cursed himself. The quickie with his girlfriend at the nearby bistro's washroom would cost him his job. He collected the files required and went to Bianca's office. Meanwhile Bianca saw a new submissive in him. "His sorry ass needs some serious spanking." she uttered. In a minute Augustus was inside her office. "So I see that you are pretty habitual of getting late. Who did you collide with this time?" Said Bianca in a crisp tone. Augustus thought being truthful was the only way out "Ma'am I'm sorry I had to meet my girlfriend. She was in town after a long while." "You have to keep your bloody personal life outside my office!" shouted Bianca. "Ma'am I really sorry I met her after so long, she needed me and I uh had some needs as well." he mumbled. "So you wanted to fuck?" said Bianca. It left him a bit dumbstruck but he still stammered "I uh y..yes ma'am. I'm sorry. Bianca stood up, came beside Augustus and started studying the file. Out of the blue she casually grabbed his butt. It startled him at first and he thought to himself "oh fuck! What is she doing?! But damn she smells so good." And he uttered " ma'am what are you doing? I'm sorry it won't happen again." "So you went so long without fucking?" She questioned. "Umm yes ma'am,ahem" his face flushed when she squeezed his ass. She leaned in a nibbled at his earlobe " don't you like it? " "I don't know what to say ma'am, I uh , ma'am I have a girlfriend." replied Augustus. Bianca kissed his neck. She was enjoying his game. She was enjoying seeing him squirm under her touch. Augustus could feel his growing erection. Bianca touched it and started caressing it " But you're still aroused. It means you like it." Augustus was embarrassed " ma'am I'm not aroused, its just that these pants have a weird shape." "Uh huh?" She squeezed his erection, "tell me you're not horny." she said in a commanding tone. "Ma'am I'm n..not horny. I'm sorry won't happen again." said Augustus but he knew he was aroused and he was enraptured by her beauty and her hands felt really good. She leaned in deliberately just to give him a peek of her tits and then she rubbed his dick against her cunt and said "I want that filthy dick of yours inside me." She could feel him getting harder in her hands. submissive material, she wondered. She was indeed impressed. "Like what you see? " she purred in his ear. He clenched his fists on both sides and looked at her tits with a dry mouth, "y..yes ma'am, who wouldn't?" he managed to speak. She started unbuckling his belt but he resisted, "ma'am this isn't right." "Oh would you shut the fuck up!" shouted Bianca as she got on her knees and took his dick in her hands. It was huge with the tip glistening with precum. She licked the tip. "Oh fuck!" cursed Augustus. She squeezed his dick hard and started kissing his dick from the tip to his balls. Augustus moaned and got harder. "You're so hard." whispered Bianca while stroking his dick. "Y..yes ma'am you're so beautiful. Aaah yes." She stroked his dick, milking his balls simultaneously. Then she took his entire length inside her mouth and sucked, "damn, he's really big." thought Bianca as she gaged a bit. Meanwhile Augustus gripped the ends of the table and started breathing heavily. She grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. "Oh fuck..fuck!" said Augustus. Her mouth felt so good on his dick, she sucked like she owned it, thought Augustus. Bianca licked the precum and then bit his dick. Augustus whimpered in pain and pleasure. "Does your girlfriend suck you like this?" asked Bianca. " ma'am she doesn't." came the answer. Augustus felt a bit guilty talking about his girlfriend but he couldn't help wanting a little more. She grazed her teeth along his dick and squeezed his balls hard. Augustus moaned and started breathing harder, "oh fuck ma'am, don't stop." She spat on his dick and stroked it and took his entire length again in her mouth. She knew men like deep throat. Augustus grabbed her head, thrusting his dick in and out, fucking her mouth. She starts unbuttoning her shirt, next goes her bra. She takes his dick and puts it in between her tits. "Fuck! Ma'am you're beautiful. I love your tits." says Augustus. He forgets about the girlfriend and decides to make the most out of this sex goddess. He squeezes her tits hard and she moans in pleasure. Augustus is really close to cumming "aah don't stop ma'am, don't fucking stop I'm so close." She sucks his dick harder, her hand nearing his asshole. Her finger starts circling his asshole. Augustus is startled, he hasn't done anal before, " ma'am what are you doing!?" Bianca sucks his dick harder and thrusts her finger inside his tight asshole. Augustus whimpers in pain. He was nearing his orgasm. She keeps on thrusting her fingers inside and out when the first jet of Augustus's cum hits her mouth. He cums with a carnal sound and fills her mouth with his semen. She takes out his dick from her mouth and let him cum on her breasts. When he's done she gets up and kisses him hard. Their tongue invading each other's mouth. His hand on her tits, squeezing relentlessly. All of a sudden she turns him around and spanks him hard. He is dumbstruck for a moment. "Until next time." She whispers in his ear And flaunts into the inbuilt bathroom in the office leaving Augustus in the panting, wanting for more.