Ready to Please

Hi, this is my first story. I’d love to know what you thought of it and if you would like to see similar ones.


It was the Friday of my first week at a new company when Nicki the office manager walked up to my desk.

She was slender waisted, wearing jeans over a shapely rear end and a cream blouse with the cuffs turned up to reveal pale wrists and long, careful fingers. Her eyes were dark and oriental, peeping beneath a feathered fringe of shiny dark hair. The rest of her hair framed her oval face perfectly, splitting over her shoulders so that a few loose curls led the eye down to her breasts.

“Hi Tim. Some of us usually meet up after work for a drink on a Friday,” she said, looking down at me. “We normally go to the pub over the road since it’s nice and convenient. However because it’s your first week with us we thought we could make it more of a celebration and hit one of the bars in town. What do you think?”

“Sounds great,” I replied. “Give me a few minutes to finish up and then I’ll be ready.”

“Awesome,” she responded. “See you downstairs in the lobby in ten.”

She turned quickly, giving me a good look at that fabulous backside as she returned to her desk. All week I’d been stealing glances at her, imagining myself pressed up against her nakedness. My first day at the company had been spent almost exclusively with her as she sorted out my security pass, computer and various forms that I needed to fill in as part of my induction. She handled everything with a glowing smile and perfect efficiency, in full command of every part of the day. She’d won my heart immediately and I already knew I was devoted to her. But I was resigned to my love being unrequited. I was a good ten years older than her, overweight with unremarkable looks and worst of all suffered from a crippling shyness that made me blush and stutter in front of women. She, by contrast, was almost a goddess in her grace, charm and confidence.

I quickly saved my work on the computer and shut it down for the night. Nicki was already heading to the exit with a group of men and women co-workers. I didn’t know them all but spotted a couple of familiar faces: Sarah and James who were a married couple that happened to work in the same company but different departments. I trotted over to James and followed him out of the door.

“Hi Tim,” he said genially, “how did you find your first week?”

“Oh it was great!” I replied, “I think I just about know what I’m doing now!”

He grinned. “Ha, this time next week it will all have changed again! That’s how it is at this place sometimes.”

I smiled back. “So where are we headed tonight?”

“The Sunflower Lounge. It opened a few months ago in the town centre. It’s pretty dead most nights but on Fridays there’s live music and happy hour which starts in about 20 minutes. Better get a move on so we make the most of it.”

There were about fifteen of us in total and we chatted in small groups as we walked into the centre of town. Everyone knew one another and were keen to learn more about me so I was peppered with questions like I’d entered a quiz show. They soon established that I lived alone after having been married and divorced. No kids, which I regretted, and no pets either, which I didn’t. I was new to the area and didn’t know my way around yet, so I ended up with dozens of recommendations of restaurants, pubs and events in the area.

Our destination was a large bar tucked away in a cheap looking side street. The exterior was decorated in garish yellow sunflowers but the interior looked inviting and emitted a warm glow with a hint of citrus and cinnamon in the air. We piled inside and started shifting tables around so we could sit as one group. The live band were setting up at the other end of the bar and soon began to play some indie pop covers with more  enthusiasm than talent. But with happy hour starting too, it didn’t matter how good they were, we were soon singing along to the popular songs and getting happily drunk together.

After about an hour I noticed Nicki get up and greet a new arrival with a strong kiss. He appeared to also be in his thirties with fly away blond hair, round glasses and a serious face. He wore a dark blue denim shirt, unbuttoned almost to his navel, stone washed jeans and high end trainers, almost sparkling from their newness. He was about the same height as me but broader across the shoulders and heavier in the chest. He held her as they kissed and I could see his strong hands tight on her buttocks as he drew her to him.

Although I’d known all along that Nicki must have been in a relationship it still hurt to see my fantasies dashed on the rocks so vividly. Why did he have to look so intelligent and handsome? They looked perfect together. My only hope was that he was a complete dick that no-one liked. Unfortunately, from the friendly fist bumps and greetings he was getting it seemed that he was fantastically popular with Nicki’s friends.

I dug my nails into my palm and told myself to stop being so selfish. She was obviously happy and making her happy was something that I should take pleasure in.

The evening carried on with more alcohol and music. Gradually people started leaving until finally it was just me, Sarah, James, Nicki and her boyfriend whose name I had learned was Ben.

“What are you drinking Tim?” Ben asked. “It’s my round.”

I looked up, through bleary eyes. The room was in that indeterminate stage of almost but not quite toppling over. Any more alcohol and it would be fully spinning.

“I shouldn’t… I’m not sure I should have any more...” I stuttered.

“One more? Go on, I’m buying”

I hesitated. “OK, then, just the one. Old Fashioned please.”

“A what?” he replied, laughing. “What’s that then?”

“Whisky cocktail...” I managed.

“Like in Mad Men." said Nicki suddenly. Up until now she had seemed unaffected by the wine she’d consumed but her voice became strangely slurred when she spoke. Everyone laughed and started imitating her drawl. “Stop it”, she giggled. “More wine and then I have question for you all.”

Ben returned with the round of drinks and we all gathered closer to Nicki as she took a sip from her glass. She looked at each of us in turn and I could see that she was having some trouble focussing properly.

“Now,” she said. “I want to know your greatest achievement. What’s the single thing that you feel proudest of?”

We all looked at one another, surprised at such an earnest question.

“I’ll go first,” said Sarah. She paused for a minute then gave her answer: “I’m proudest of becoming the first female head of finance in this company’s history”

“Wow Sarah, that’s serious!” said James, laughing. “I was just going to say my greatest achievement was sleeping with Claire Williams and her sister Emma on the same weekend away!”

Everyone, except Sarah laughed loudly. Finally Sarah grinned and said “Yeah, but are you proud of what they called you when they found out?”.

James put on a mock serious face, “No. That was very upsetting and spoiled my love life for several months.”

I knew what I was proudest of but I wondered whether I should say something else instead. I hardly knew these people but James’ answer had emboldened me and lightened the mood. I took a gulp of the Old Fashioned and said “I once went down on a woman for 6 hours non stop.”

They all looked at me in astonishment. Sarah’s jaw dropped.

“What the fuck!” said James, a grin spreading across his face.

“Yeah, it would have been longer, but she said she needed time to recover.”

“Holy shit.” I heard Ben mutter.

I could feel their eyes on me as I looked down into my drink. I looked up to see Nicki staring quizzically at me.

“Plus her husband was on his way home...” I trailed off.

“You sly dog,” roared James and slapped me on the arm.

“Wow Tim, I’m impressed,” said Sarah, then to James: “See, some men know how to please their partners properly!”

“Tim’s going to get us in trouble,” joked Ben to James who nodded vigorously in agreement.

“Sounds like you boys are going to have to up your game significantly,” said Nicki abruptly. “Somehow I don’t think anyone is going to top that tonight, so I think we ought to declare Tim the winner.”

“I think his girlfriend was the winner that night!” said James.

They laughed then raised their glasses to me. “Cheers!” they chorused.

“Cheers!” I replied and drained the last of my drink. My eyes met Nicki’s over the edge of my glass. She was inscrutable but she held my gaze for several seconds until the flush rising into my cheeks forced me to look away.

“Well,” I slurred, “I think I’d best be getting home. If I can find my way. Everything seems a bit fuzzy after that last drink.”

The room was beginning to slowly spin now.

We all stood, gathered up coats and bags and found our way to the exit. On the street outside Nicki stood holding Ben’s hand while he flicked through his phone. Sarah and James had their arms clamped around one another’s shoulders for support fearful that one or other of them might end up in the gutter. The night was warm and the moon was out, casting a pale light over the street.

“See you tomorrow Tim,” said Nicki. Her voice was low and beautiful and I wished she were going home with me instead of Ben.

“See you Nicki and thanks so much for making my first week so wonderful!” I replied.

“Bye Tim,” chorused Sarah and James at the same time, making each other laugh.

Sarah and Nicki hugged and James saluted goodbye; then they left, wobbling down the street.

“Ready?” asked Ben to Nicki. “I called an Uber so I can get you home all the quicker.” He ran his hand down her side and cupped her wonderful rear again.

“Night Tim,” said Nicki and turned away with Ben toward the main road.

“Night Nicki,” I replied quietly. I stood for a few minutes watching her, hoping she would glance back at me but she didn’t. Once their Uber arrived I began a slow walk home, wishing the pavement would stop turning beneath my feet.


I tried to keep myself busy over the weekend in an attempt to stop thinking about Nicki. I stripped the walls in the living room and shopped for wallpaper to hang. But it was impossible to get her perfect face out of my mind. Those eyes held me rapt and more than once I found myself staring blankly at the bare wall, brush in hand dripping paste onto the carpet.

On Monday, Nicki was already at her desk when I arrived and I swallowed my nerves to greet her warmly.

“Hi Nicki. Hope you had a nice weekend.”

“Yes thanks Tim. It was lovely. But we went skating yesterday so now I’m covered in bruises!”

“Oh no,” I replied, “I hope you soaked yourself in a nice hot bath after.” My mind was racing at the thought of tenderly soaping her injuries.

“I did actually, although I don’t think it helped much. I’m sitting on the biggest bruise of them all.” She grimaced with a twinkle in her eye.

“Sounds painful.”

“I thought I’d be ok with all the padding I have down that way,” she joked, watching me.

I was stuck for words. What could I say that was funny but didn’t sound like I’d been studying her rear end intimately for the past week?

“Well, make sure you keep moving. Come over and say hi if you need an excuse.”

Oh my god, what was I saying? None of it made sense.

“I’ll do that Tim,” she was saying, “Speak to you later.”

I went to my desk and spent the morning trying to concentrate on my work. Near lunchtime, Nicki came over and stood behind my chair while I finished up a change to the spreadsheet I was working on. I spun round to see her leaning gingerly against my desk, looking at me with her head tilted to one side.

“Feeling any better?” I asked.

She hesitated, looking briefly around the office to see if anyone else was listening. Then instead of answering she asked “Tim, that story you told us on Friday. Were you bullshitting us?”

I stared at her and then shook my head. “No, it was totally true.”

“Six hours though?”

“Yes. Six was the longest. It’s my thing so it doesn’t really tire me out.”

“Your thing?”

“My, er, kink I suppose you’d call it.”


“Yeah. Although that makes it sound a bit basic. It means a lot more than that to me.”

“Sorry. It’s just that all weekend I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky your girlfriend must have been to have someone like you.”

“She wasn’t really my girlfriend. I mean she was married to someone else,” I hesitated then continued “But she appreciated the attention, the devotion, I could give her.”

Nicki nodded gently, then shut her eyes. “So what was the deal with her?”

I felt my face flush and my heart pounded in my ears. “Very simple really. We both wanted the same thing: for me to devote myself to um… pleasuring her orally. She’d call me up and I’d always be ready for her, ready to serve her.”

I let my voice drop.

“Wow, you are one special guy,” Nicki said quietly. Then stood up stiffly and walked back to her desk.

I watched her for a while but she ignored me and stared intently at her computer screen. I sighed and went back to my spreadsheet.


I had to wait until Thursday until my next conversation with her. She arrived at my desk just before lunch saying “Hi” sweetly as she arrived. That day she was wearing a burgundy jacket that stopped just above her hips under which was a white blouse decorated with the tiniest of flowers. Her legs were sheathed by a pair of stonewashed jeans, decorated with a white leather belt.

“Hi Nicki,” I said, “How are you?”

“Feeling great today Tim. I think the last of the bruising has finally gone.”

“Wonderful. I’m glad you’re feeling better. You made me wince every time you took a step.”

“Thanks for your concern Tim. I appreciate that,” she said. “In fact, I appreciate you a lot Tim and I’d like to spend some time with you over lunch.”

“Oh,” I said carefully, unable to keep the note of hope from creeping into my voice.

“Yes. Why don’t you meet me downstairs at 12?” She stared directly into my eyes, holding me transfixed.

“OK,” I said, trying to make it sound casual. Just two work colleagues meeting for lunch. I glanced around but no-one else appeared to be paying attention to us.


Fifteen minutes later we were walking out of the office building towards her flat. We made small talk, none of which I can recall now, and then within minutes we were inside, the front door closed and locked behind us.

I stood in the darkness of the hallway while she stood in the sunlight of the living room. Our eyes locked and I took tentative steps towards her. She waited, the bright light enveloping her with an otherworldly glow. As I drew closer I could see that she was nervous, wary of having a near stranger locked in her living space with her. I fell to my knees, hoping to reassure her, ready to devote myself to her. This was my place and any nerves I had felt before had now left me.

I reached out and walked on my knees until I touched her hips with my hands and placed my forehead against her soft belly. She rested her hands on my shoulders, still wary. I could hear her breathing faster than usual as a slid my hands down her thighs, caressing her gently. I stroked along the length of her legs and back up as slowly as I could manage. My heart was out of control and I could feel a surge of heat from her body. I felt my own excitement grow, straining for attention that I refused to give it. This was a time for her alone.

I reached upwards and turned my head up toward her. She stared straight forward but I could see the passion building in her as my hands reached her breasts. Her nipples were hard already and she gasped a little as I stroked around and across them. Her shoulders pushed back as I cupped her breasts and kissed her gently on her stomach.

I then moved my hands slowly down to her waist never leaving her but gently caressing my way to my goal. I took hold of the belt clasp and began to pull the end of the belt to free it. Her hand darted to mine as though to stop me then rose to touch her own breast instead. I unfastened her belt and then unclasped the button on her jeans touching her bare skin for the first time. She shivered and took a sharp breath, then settled back, eyes closed but a smile on her lips.

I kept my eyes on hers as I unfastened the buttons of her flies one by one. When they were fully undone I glanced down to see  she was wearing a tiny pair of light blue satin shorts beneath her jeans. I gave three kisses on the skin just above the waistband and looked back up at her. Her eyes were open now and she glanced down at me. While she watched I gently pulled her jeans down until they were at her ankles. She lightly stepped out her shoes and the jeans and I pushed them to one side.

Once again I stroked up and down the length of her legs then back up to reach round to grasp her incredible buttocks. I pressed my face into her stomach, inhaling her quietly. I pulled away. Her eyes were still intently on me. I could see moistness at the crotch of her shorts and I put two fingers of one hand on it, as light as a feather. I felt her body tense. I kissed the fingers of my hand and placed them gently back over her dampness. Her legs parted a fraction and when I looked back up her eyes seemed to plead with me.

I slid my fingers into the waistband of her shorts and without breaking her gaze I eased them gently over her hips and down to her knees. Our eyes spoke a thousand words in silence. I looked down at her revealed nakedness. Her pubic hair was dark and luxuriant on her mons but closely trimmed around her labia which stood proud and receptive. They were pale and pink, just beginning to flush with passion. On the tips I could see glistening droplets catch the sunlight.

I bent down and kissed her then licked along the length of her labia. She let out a gasp and a shudder and gripped my shoulder tightly with one hand while the other still caressed her breast. I kissed her again and again then took her labia into my mouth, sucking gently on her. Savouring her.

Her clitoris was buried at the apex of her sex and I kissed deeply there, enjoying the whimper this caused her to emit. I reached out my tongue and swirled it around and under her clitoris. All the while my hands were caressing her thighs and hips. Her legs parted as wide as she could, straining against the shorts at her knees. I buried my face into her pubic hair, my tongue probing and pressing against her clit. I broke away and began to kiss her inner thighs but her hand pulled me back to her vagina.

I started to lick firmly against her clitoris in short, rhythmic strokes. She held me tightly against her so there was no doubt as to my goal. Within moments her breathing became ragged and I doubled my effort, licking her with the full width and length of my tongue. Suddenly she cried out and her legs buckled as her orgasm broke free. She shuddered and trembled and I felt drop of warm water land on the back of my neck. I looked up at my goddess as she rode the waves of pleasure I had brought to her. Tears ran down her cheeks but finally she straightened herself and beamed down at me.

“Holy crap,” she managed faintly.

I reached down and removed her satin shorts and gently pushed her back until she reached the two seater couch. She sat but I kept a firm pressure on her until she lay back with her legs apart. I gently spread her labia and blew gently against them. She shivered at the coolness. I studied her carefully, taking in the beauty of every part of her. Her clitoris was erect and prominent and likely far too sensitive to touch right away. Instead I stroked her labia tenderly with my fingers and began to kiss her thighs.

I worked my way down her left leg, nibbling and kissing my way to the tickly part in the crook of her knee. She giggled when I kissed her there, then I licked my way back up to her crotch and began the nibbling descent down her right leg. By the time I had kissed and nibbled every part of her legs I judged she would be ready for some more direct stimulation.

This time I licked around her lips and into her vagina, pressing as deeply as I could go. She was sopping wet and her taste was tart but heavenly. I looked up at her and saw that her head was pressed back against the cushions and her arms crossed over her eyes. Her breasts rose and fell as she drew quick breaths.

I replaced my tongue with a finger and slid it inside her as far as I could. I removed it and then re-entered with two fingers, exploring her warm insides. At the same time I leaned forward and took her clitoris into my mouth, sucking it firmly. I felt her draw her legs up and I moved my mouth to envelop her clit, flicking its tip with my tongue. She reached behind her knees and pulled her legs higher and apart. I pushed firmly with my two fingers, feeling forward for her G spot. I clamped my mouth over the upper part of her sex and flicked firmly with the tip of my tongue. Each movement I made was rewarded by a groan of pleasure from her.

I thrust my fingers inside her and pulled them almost out then back in, pressing the tips upwards towards her clitoris from the inside as I did so. I could feel tension building in her as I sped up both my fingers and my tongue. Both were relentless as I drove her onward. Her juices were almost pouring from her now and covered the whole of my lower face. She started gasping and then began moaning the word “yes” in time with each thrust of my fingers. My tongue was flicking up and down against her clit, pressing against it as strongly as I could manage. She began to buck and I almost lost my rhythm but somehow I kept it going and then she was coming and with it came a flood of juice bursting straight up my wrist as I fingered her. I kept licking against her clitoris through the whole orgasm which seemed to pound her body over and over again.

Finally she fell back limp against the cushions and lowered her legs. I tried to kiss her vagina once more but she pushed her legs together tightly to deny me access. I licked her juices from my fingers and hand and then caressed her legs with my hands and lips. She watched me from bleary eyes, a silly grin on her perfect face. I rested my head on her knees and she stroked my face, feeling its wetness. I gazed at her, feeling the whole of her in my heart.

I felt her bare foot touch my crotch and press against my hardness. She tilted her head a little to one side but I shook mine. “Your pleasure is my pleasure,” I murmured. She looked confused for a moment then lay back trying to catch her breath. Eventually she recovered enough to sit up. She leaned forward and kissed me first on the forehead and then on the lips, tasting herself on me. It was a long tender kiss and she held my face in her hands as she did it.

“I think,” she said as she drew away, “that we need to get back to work.”

“Well...” I started but she interrupted me: “I’m worried that another orgasm might break me and I’ll end up bedridden for a week.”

“That sounds like an interesting situation,” I laughed. “I can be a very good nurse!”

She grinned. “I admit that is tempting. But quite scary at the same time!”

I stood and offered her my hand to help her up. Her legs still seemed shaky but soon she was dressed again and we were ready to leave.

“Thank you,” I said quietly as she opened the door.

She paused and shook her head. “You are such a mystery to me. But I should be thanking you,” she said. “I think though, that you’re going to have a lot more to be thankful for in the near future.”

I grinned and together we left.