Risky Business

“Oh fuck, yes! I’m gonna cum! Oh my God! Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as Hayley screamed and writhed around, all the time conscious that we could be caught at any time. This had been a quick, stand-up fuck from behind, under the shelter in the park down by the beach. Yes, we were out of direct view of passers-by, but Hayley’s screams could easily be heard by people walking their dogs on the promenade.

“Jesus!” I blurted, as I started to cum too. Hayley had reached her hand between our legs and was scratching her nails on the underside of my testicles. Like this wasn’t hot enough! I came with a loud grunt and Hayley moaned “Fill me up, lover!”

I slowed my thrusting and my softening dick flopped out of Hayley’s now-dripping pussy. She squatted and squeezed her pussy muscles, forcing my big cum load out of her. Most of it dripped on to the concrete floor of the shelter, but Hayley scooped a finger-full and lifted it to her mouth. She made purring sounds as she savoured the taste and smell of my semen, then when she’d licked her finger completely clean, she hitched her panties up, took my hand and said “Mmm, that was awesome babe. Now buy me an ice cream?”

Hayley and I have been together for about a year and we have sex frequently. She is the kind of girl that oozes sexuality, flirts outrageously with every guy she meets and fucks very passionately. She also has a penchant for very risky, public sex. I’ve never met a girl like her before, and I’ll do anything to hang on to her, so if that means indulging her little peccadillo, then so be it!

I’m not sure where Hayley’s love of danger comes from. She loves anything perilous, such as rollercoasters, scary rides, horror movies but the chance of being caught having sex in public seems to trump all these.

 And the mood can take her at any time.

I was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink at her Grandmother’s house once, not long after we’d started seeing each other, when she slinked up behind me and unzipped my flies. I had my hands in hot water and couldn’t really protest when she started to stroke me sensuously. Knowing that Grandma could walk in on us at any time gave her the biggest thrill. She stroked me off to a knee-trembling orgasm and caught my cum in her free hand. She then proceeded to feed herself my cum, licking her hand clean. She then kissed me and as she left me to finish the dishes, she whispered “I’m so fucking horny now, my pussy is dripping!” Oh boy, we had an amazing session later that evening!

The problem with Hayley is that I just can’t say no to her! We’ve had sex on a busy beach, covered by a towel, Hayley has sucked me off in hotel elevators, restaurant toilets and even jerked me off while riding a rollercoaster. She doesn’t even need to orgasm herself immediately. I think part of the turn-on for her is watching me writhe and squirm with the fear of being caught! When we’re alone and in private following one of our naughty episodes, Hayley likes to relive the occasion as we fuck. It makes for a varied and interesting sex life, I’m not gonna lie!

You may have seen some of those ‘public sex’ videos online. Hayley loves watching them and the one that she liked most was of a couple fucking on a holiday hotel balcony in broad daylight. She really wanted to re-enact this scenario and made sure I booked a room with a balcony for our next holiday in Spain. The room turned out to be overlooking the street, but as we were six floors up, that didn’t really matter. Hayley likes to walk around hotel rooms completely naked, enjoying the air conditioning when it’s hot outside. This has two effects. Firstly, it means she parades her sexy body around with permanently erect nipples. Secondly, it means that something else is permanently erect – my cock!

The very first morning of our stay, Hayley was finishing her unpacking, completely naked. She opened the drapes to let some natural light into the room then decided to open the doors and breathe in the morning air. She bent forward to move the chairs around and I couldn’t resist. I quickly dropped my boxers and crept up behind her, deliberately poking her ass with my hard cock. It made her jump, then giggle.

“Oh Ollie, you’re so bad! Come on then, fuck me right her, right now!” said Hayley.

I have to admit, I’ve grown to like fucking in the open air. I pushed Hayley up against the rail of the balcony and she stuck her sexy ass out towards me, with both of her hands gripping the rail. I offered my stiff cock up to her pussy lips and wasn’t surprised that Hayley was already soaking wet and ready for me. I pushed forward and my dick slipped into her smoothly and I was immediately enveloped by her warmth. I reached around to squeeze her breasts and thrust in to her urgently.

Hayley’s moans and squeals were getting a bit loud and I tried to quieten her, but with each deep thrust, she moaned louder, even with my hand covering her mouth. She pushed back into me and, as usual, whispered filthy sweet-nothings to me.

“Oh, Babe, your cock is so deep inside me. Fuck me hard and deep, oh my God!”

I thought she was about to cum but, always full of surprises, Hayley dropped to her knees and turned to face me. She took my cock into her mouth, jerking it vigorously with one hand and frigged her clit hard with the other. I figured she fancied a mouthful of my goodness but just as I was about to cum, she lifted her head, aimed my cock between the bars of the railings and jerked me hard until a huge spurt of cum erupted out of my cock, through the bars and on to the street below.

“Oh my God!” she screamed again as her orgasm took control of her body, causing her to shake and spasm. She squirted on to the floor of the balcony and gasped with the power of her shuddering orgasm as my cock spurted the last few drops of cum, disappearing over the edge of the balcony.

We were both giggling like teenagers, wondering if my spunk had landed on any unsuspecting passers-by. We both took a peek over the rail and saw a girl looking upwards. She probably thought she’d hit by bird droppings. That’s gross enough, but if she’d known what it really was, she would no doubt have thought it was worse!

“Babe that was so fucking hot!” gasped Hayley. She always cums hard when we do something outrageous like this. When we were making love later that day, Hayley was sat astride me, riding me and recounting how hot it made her feel, and how me spunking on a stranger turned her on so much that she squirted when she came. With that, she lifted up and came again, this time squirting over my belly. She flipped herself over, straddled my face with her dripping pussy and took my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back and fired another big load as I felt her tongue swirling all around my knob. My face was soaked with her pussy juice and Hayley eased herself off me, turned herself around and kissed me with her mouth still full of my cum.

I have so many stories about our daring public exploits, but the hottest one of all happened in another hotel. This time, it was a bit closer to home. We were staying over for a long weekend in Wales. The hotel was rather swanky – Hayley had won some kind of voucher for a free spa weekend – and we were enjoying a couple’s massage. This was a first for me and I was finding it all rather arousing. Our tables were side by side with only enough space between them for the masseuse to walk along while massaging one of us.

The lady massaging me was in her late fifties and I was fine with that as I didn’t want to get an erection. If the girl massaging Hayley had been doing me, it would have been very different. When we first entered the spa, our eyes had met and she smiled a dazzling smile at me. We both smiled back, but Hayley’s subtle dig in my ribs with her elbow said ‘don’t even think about it!’ When we were lying on the massage tables waiting for the therapists to enter, I swallowed hard as the girl with the smile (and the perfect body, by the way) appeared, oil bottle in hand. She was quickly followed by the older lady and Hayley made it quite clear who should massage who.

It was very relaxing and when my lady was standing between us rubbing my shoulders quite vigorously, I could hear Hayley and Lisa, the pretty masseuse, laughing and joking about something. Their voices dropped to a whisper and I had no idea what they were talking about, although I suspected I might be the butt of any joke!

I was face down on the table when my lady said “All done. Just relax until your partner is finished,” and left the room. I was sighing contentedly when I felt oily hands on my thighs again. I lifted my head and looked over to Hayley and she just grinned. I was about to ask her why she had a goofy smile on her face when I felt the oily hands slide right up under my towel and firmly squeezed my ass cheeks!

“Turn over,” said Lisa in a husky voice. Hayley nodded, so I flipped myself over. Hayley swiped the towel off my groin area and my rapidly stiffening cock was exposed. She jumped off the table, her body wrapped in a towel but with her hands free to help Lisa. Both girls went straight for my cock, one from each side of the table. Lisa’s hand was at the head of my cock and Hayley’s fingers were wrapped around the base of my shaft. They started to jerk me together then Hayley lifted her towel so I could feel her ass. Lisa saw this and lifted her smock up to reveal her lacy white thong. I moved my other hand up and gently squeezed her butt cheeks, so I know had a soft, smooth, sexy buttock in each hand as these two beautiful girls jerked me slowly.

Let me tell you, I have never gone from erection to cumming quite so quickly before. Hayley knows the signs and said to Lisa “Babe, you’re gonna love this!” moments before I erupted. Now, you may have guessed from my earlier stories, but I shoot really hard when I cum. With my hands groping and squeezing two perfect butt cheeks, I shot my first stream of cum about four feet into the air. Lisa gasped, Hayley giggled and I shot another five big spurts, which landed on my chest and belly and covered both girls’ hands. They slowed their jerking to a gentle pace and helped me come down. Hayley released my shaft and took Lisa’s hand. She licked her fingers sensuously, cleaning all my cum off them. She then offered her hand to Lisa, and to my amazement, she did the same. My erection never really subsided, such was the erotic sight of seeing two beautiful girls licking my cum from each other’s fingers.

“Jesus, I’d better go!” breathed Lisa, and quickly left the room. Hayley said “See you later, Babe,” as Lisa disappeared. I looked quizzically at her and she said “I invited her for drinks in our room later. If you’re good, you can fuck her while I watch!”

Waking up with a girl on either side of me, cock aching from prolonged fucking and cumming three times, the musky smell of pussy and cum filling the room, I’m sure you now understand more than ever why I never want this girl to leave me.

I know there’s more to life than sex (apparently) but believe me, when you feel like I did that morning, you would do anything to make it happen again. Since that day, we have become fuck-buddies with Lisa. She visits us at our place and we drive over to see her a few times per month. Hayley now likes to film Lisa and I getting freaky in public places. I swear I’ve now had more risky outdoor blowjobs and hand jobs than any man alive! And yes, many of them have been posted online for others to enjoy. No faces, of course. That would just be weird!