Drunken Christmas, Happy New Year

Info silverhawk
24 Dec. '19

I started to open my eyes and quickly decided that was a really bad idea.  Before, the ache in my head had been only a continuous ache.  Once I opened my eyes and let the sunlight from the window in, my head started to throb and I couldn’t see very well.  After clamping my eyelids back down, I lay there trying to will that throbbing down to a manageable headache again and tried to remember what had happened.

I did pretty well with the remembering thing at first.  I’d gone to the office Christmas party the Friday night before Christmas.  I remembered walking around, manhattan in hand, and talking to the people I saw every day at the office.  

The guys weren’t much different from the way they were at work.  A suit and tie are still the standard dress code for men working in my company’s office, and that’s what the guys were wearing that night.  The only real difference with the guys was the married guys brought their wives along.

Their wives and the women who worked in the office were a lot different.  Because I had a sister, I already knew women like any opportunity to dress up, and all the women had gone all out.  It seemed to me that there was a sort of competition going on among the women…well, several competitions actually.  

The younger, single girls were into who could wear the shortest miniskirt.  It was long legs galore in black nylon perched on shiny red or black high heels.  They were interesting to watch because they kept trying to pull those short skirts down.  I remembered thinking that they had to know sitting down would make the skirt ride up their thighs.  I figured they were all wearing panty hose because even under the shortest skirt, I didn’t see any stocking tops or garter clips.

The young, married women weren’t into skirts quite as short.  They seemed to favor skirts and dresses that reached to a little above the knee, but a couple of those dresses were slit up the side.  Most looked to be wearing panty hose as well, but I remember thinking Mac’s wife would probably be fun since she was showing some black lace and pale white thigh when she sat down.  

The older women, married or single, were more into cleavage.  That was pretty interesting too.  The women I figured were in their thirties had some nice cleavage showing.  The women in their forties had more, and the few that were over fifty…well, the valley between their big breasts looked really inviting.  I remembered Marion, the woman who was a clerk in HR, smiling at me when she saw me staring.  Marion’s about fifty and she’s not married.  Her dress was cut so low in front I couldn’t figure out how she could be wearing a bra, but those big breasts had to have some kind of support to be as high as they were.  After she grinned at me and licked her top lip, I was thinking that looked a whole lot like an invitation.

I remembered eating dinner. I remembered the DJ changing from dinner music to dance music. That’s when the remembering got pretty fuzzy.  I remembered going to the bar for my third manhattan, or maybe it was my fourth.  I wasn’t really sure.

After that, I couldn’t remember a damn thing.  It was like somebody pressed the pause button in my brain and everything that happened after that was gone.

It was about then I realized my stomach was protesting almost as much as my head.  It felt sort of tight but it was an empty tight, not a full tight, and it was cramping once in a while.  My mouth tasted funny too.

Right after that, I tried opening my eyes again because I heard humming coming from somewhere and the humming was definitely female.  Slowly, I opened my eyes and found out it didn’t hurt any more than when they were shut.  That’s when I heard her voice.

“Wakey, wakey, Rick.  It’s time for breakfast.”

Those words were loud enough to have been coming from a bull horn three inches from my ears, and that made the pounding in my head worse so I shut my eyes again.  When I groaned, the voice chuckled.

“If you hadn’t made that sound, I’d wonder if you were still alive.  You are alive, aren’t you?”

I still couldn’t open my eyes, but I could talk, or thought I could.  What came out was more of a croak than a voice.

“Stop yelling.  Where am I?”

The bull horn voice screamed at me again.

“I’m not yelling and you’re in my bed.”

“Who are you?”

The chuckle seemed a little softer this time, but it still made my head hurt.

“I’m Carol, Rick.  Don’t you remember?”

The only Carol I knew was the Carol who worked in accounting.  She was about my age, but that was about all she had going for her.  She always looked pretty plain at work.  She never wore makeup, and she always wore clothes that hid the fact she was female.  She was blonde, and never seemed to do anything with her long hair except to keep pushing it out of her face.  

I didn’t remember even seeing her at the party, but then, I probably wouldn’t have tried to find her.  I was wondering how I got in her bed and if we’d done anything when she pulled the blankets off me and then laughed when I curled up in a ball.

“I think you’re embarrassed, but I don’t know why.  You sure weren’t embarrassed last night.”

I had to know for sure, so I opened my eyes just enough to see her.  Yes, it was the same Carol and she looked the same – messed up hair, oversize sweatshirt and sweatpants that hid any figure she might have had.  She was grinning like she was enjoying my misery.  When I shut my eyes again, she laughed.

“Come on, get up.  You need some aspirins, some coffee and some pancakes.  I’ll be in the kitchen waiting for you.  Your clothes are on the chair beside the bed.  That’s where I put them when I undressed you last night.”

I heard a door close, so I tried getting out of bed.  I made it to sitting on the edge of the bed on the second try, but had to just sit there for a while until the blood stopped pounding in my ears.  Standing up made my head throb again, and I really didn’t make it all the way to standing.  My stomach cramped up when I was halfway to my feet and that’s as far as I got.

I was thinking we probably hadn’t done anything because I still had my underwear on.  That made me feel a little better.  I got my socks and pants from the chair and sat back down to put them on.  That was an adventure in pain, but I managed.  The shirt was a little harder because I had to stand back up to get it.

I couldn’t find my shoes, but that was the least of my worries right then.  I had to pee, and I had to pee bad.  I could only see one door in the bedroom, so I staggered over and opened it.  I could hear Carol still humming, so I slowly walked down the hall toward the sound.

I found Carol’s kitchen and she grinned when she saw me.

“See, you’re still alive.  Have a seat.  Your pancakes are almost ready.”

“Bathroom”, I croaked, and Carol giggled.

“Back down the hall, second door on the right.”

It felt really good to pee.  My head still felt like somebody was whacking me with a ball bat about every two seconds, but at least I didn’t feel like my bladder was going to burst.  I walked back to the kitchen in my socks trying not to put my feet down too hard.

When I sat down at her kitchen table, Carol sat a cup of coffee down in front of me along with four aspirins.

“Take two now, Rick, and two after you eat something. You use cream if I remember right, so help yourself.  I’ll go get your pancakes.”

About halfway through the four pancakes and half a cup of coffee, it felt like the aspirins had kicked in a little and my stomach had stopped cramping up.  I downed the other two aspirins and drank about half of what was left of my coffee.  Carol picked up my cup, went to the counter and filled it back up, and then sat there smiling while I ate.

That was a little disconcerting.  I mean, she didn’t way a word, she just sat there smiling, like she was expecting me to say something.  I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask, but by then, Carol’s pancakes had started to taste pretty good.  It wasn’t until I finished the last bite I felt like talking.  Apparently that’s what Carol was waiting for as well.  She asked if I wanted another pancake or two.  I shook my head while sipping my coffee again, and she chuckled.

“I suppose you wonder how you ended up here?”

I put down my coffee cup.

“That thought has crossed my mind.  What the hell did I do last night?”

Carol giggled.

“You don’t remember?  I thought you’d probably remember everything.”

“I remember everything up through dinner.  After that, not much.”

“You looked like you were having fun, if that helps.”

“What did I do?”

“Well, let’s see.  You danced with Cheryl…no…it was Grace first, then Wanda, and then Cheryl.  After that, you went to get another drink.  What do they put in manhattans?  It sure must be strong, because after that one, you just sort of sat at a table…well, until Debby sat on your lap.  She said you squeezed her boobs, but I think she was a little drunk too, so I’m not sure.”

“Debby sat on my lap?”

“Yeah, she did.  She told me in the ladies room that she likes you and she thought she’d give you a thrill.  I guess she did, because she said if she hadn’t stopped you, you’d have had your hand up her dress.  Like I said though, she was a little drunk, so maybe she was just imagining things.”

Damn…I was in trouble now.  I knew Debby from the summer picnic.  She has tits out to here and an ass made for some serious bumping.  She’s also married to the new engineering manager though you’d never know it.  Debbie likes coming on to young, single guys and Harold always seems to just grin and let her.  At least that’s what she did at the picnic.  Harold isn’t exactly a man’s man, so I don’t know if he likes it when she does that or if he’s just too timid to say anything, but I hadn’t let her get too close at the picnic just in case.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested.  It was because Harold is my boss’ boss.  

I looked up at Carol.

“Is that all?”

“Oh no.  There’s a lot more.”

“Like what?”

“Well, Veronica told me you asked her if she liked engineers.  She said you were pretty drunk by then, so she just ignored you until you grabbed her butt.”

“Oh God, not Veronica.  I grabbed her butt?”

“Yes, you did.  I saw you do it.  I don’t think Veronica minded because she was grinning when she pulled your hands off her bottom.”

Of all people, I didn’t want to piss off Veronica.  Veronica was our IT person, and she was known for two things.  She had little tits and a skinny ass, and she was suspected of fucking around with your network connection if you pissed her off.  Sam had whistled at her once, and for a month after that, it took him three minutes to get a file off the server instead of the usual three seconds or so.  He’d complained to Veronica and she fixed it for him by reformatting his hard drive and reloaded all his software.  In the process, she erased all his personal files.

I shook my head.

“I guess I have a lot of apologizing to do then, don’t I?”

“No, I don’t think so.  All the other women were smiling too, so I think they enjoyed it.”

“All what other women?”

“Julie, Barbara, Sandy…there were probably others, but those are the only ones I saw you with.  Oh, and Marion of course.”

“Marion too?”

“Well, it was more like Marion was out to get you instead of you getting her, but yes, you had fun with Marion too.”

“What did I do with Marion?”

“Well, she brought you another drink and then sat down beside you.  I couldn’t see what she was doing, but she had one hand on yours and the other was under the table.  You were grinning at the time.  That’s when I decided to rescue you.  I know what Marion had planned because she told me once if she could get you in bed, she’d keep you there.”

I shook my head.

“I don’t remember any of that.  How did you rescue me?”

“I walked over and asked you to dance.  Marion looked sort of disappointed then, but she let you go.  I got you to stand up, but I had to help you a lot.  You’re heavy when you’re drunk, did you know that?  

Anyway, I danced you over to my table, picked up my purse, and then danced you out the door to the ballroom and then walked you out to my car.  It was hard getting you into the seat, and it was a lot harder getting you in the house.  You were pretty much out of it by then, well except for you grabbing my butt and boobs while I was trying to get you through the door.”

“Carol, I’m sorry for doing that to you.  I guess I drank more than I remember.  That’s not an excuse though.”

Carol chuckled.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.  I just said it made it hard to get you in the house.  It was actually kind of neat.  That’s doesn’t ever happen to me.  It didn’t go anywhere anyway.  As soon as I got you on my bed, you stopped doing it and went to sleep.  You’re hard to undress when you’re asleep, did you know that?”

“Why did you take my clothes off?”

“I didn’t want them to get all wrinkled.”

She giggled then.

“I also wanted to see if what Debby said was true.”

“You didn’t…did you?”

“No, I didn’t peek.”

Carol giggled again.

“I didn’t have to.  You were sort of…uh…stiff when I took off your pants.”

“So I just went to sleep then?”

“Yes, you didn’t wake up even once.  You did seem to be having a dream though.  I woke up about three with your hand on my left boob and you were squeezing it.”

“Carol, you slept in the same bed with me?”

“Well, sure.  I only have one bed and I wasn’t going to sleep on my couch.  It’s all right.  You didn’t try anything more.  After I pulled your hand off my boob, you rolled over on your back.  You snore really loud, did you know that?”

“God, I’m never going to live this down.  I think I’ll just quit and go look for another job.”

Carol smiled.

“Nah…except for me, everybody who wasn’t drinking left right after dinner, so the only one’s left were having too much fun to watch you.  They’re probably just as embarrassed about what they did as you are.  Well, I doubt Debby is embarrassed, but the others probably are.  Debby doesn’t seem to be embarrassed by anything.  I saw her rubbing her boobs and butt when she danced with Jimmy and I think she took him home with her.  They left early and Jimmy walked out the door with them.

“You weren’t drinking?”

“No, I never drink at parties.  I just stayed to watch everybody else.  I did that last year and it was really neat.  You made it better this year.”


At about noon, Carol took me back to the hotel to get my car.  On my way home, I was still worried.  At least I had a little time to figure out some good apologies and excuses.  Since Christmas was on Tuesday, the office was closed until the day after New Years Day.

The next morning, I was still feeling rotten.  I wasn’t still hung-over.  It was more of a tired feeling accompanied by the feeling that somebody was on my stomach and jumping up and down.  A cup of strong coffee helped.  I was hungry, but didn’t think I wanted to face down a plate of bacon and eggs, so I just had toast.

About ten, my cell phone played the “Tada” sound that said I had a text message.  That was odd because I’d been very careful to not give my cell phone number to anybody except my mother.  I like the freedom my cell phone gives me, but for anything at the office, I always use my desk phone because I don’t like text messages.  They’re just there and you can’t hear the person’s voice.  If you can’t hear their voice, you don’t know if they’re happy or mad, and what they text can be misleading.

My mother wouldn’t have sent me a text message because she wasn’t very tech-savvy.  I had to help her set up her cell phone when she first got one.  She’s gotten better, but she has a lot of trouble typing on the little screen.  She’d have just called me.

I didn’t recognize the phone number and there was no caller ID.  When I opened the message, I still couldn’t tell who it was from, and that was worse.

“Hi, just wanted to say I had fun with you at the Christmas party.  We should do it again sometime.”

For about half a second, I thought about calling the person back to see who it was, but then reconsidered after I remembered the names Carol had told me.  I didn’t think it was a good idea to give any of those women even a hint that I wanted to do anything more with them.  A couple might have been OK, but if the text was from Debbie, Veronica or Marion, I might be getting myself into something I’d regret.

Two hours later, my cell phone went “Tada” again.  It was the same number.

“I wish I hadn’t stopped you from squeezing my butt.  Did you like squeezing my butt?  I did.”

I tried to remember what Carol had told me I did.  She said I’d squeezed Veronica’s butt, so this had to be Veronica.  

That was bad.  I didn’t want to text back anything that might lead her to believe I was interested because I didn’t want anything to do with Veronica.  If I’d texted back that I was sorry, that would probably piss her off and she’d put some kind of virus on my computer that took me to a porn site when I typed anything into my browser.  She’d done that to Jack after she overheard him telling Mack he thought her ass was too little.  Well, everybody assumed it had to be Veronica anyway.  Normally, the software on the server stopped anyone from going to any site that wasn’t company approved and instead sent them to the company website with the rules for Internet use.  Veronica was the only one who had access to change it and the only one who knew enough to default any Internet address Jack typed in to one specific website.

I decided to just not do anything.  There was still some risk that not answering her would piss her off, but I could always claim I’d lost my phone.  I was going to get a new one after Christmas anyway and I’d change the number when I did.

I didn’t get another text until about ten that night, and that one was more direct.

“I’m laying in bed and remembering your hand on my thigh.  Wish you hadn’t stopped.  I’m pretending but it isn’t the same.”

Had I put my hand up Veronica’s dress too?  Carol had said that’s what I did to Debbie, but she also said she hadn’t seen everything I did.  Maybe this was Debbie and I’d squeezed her ass too.  I had visions of walking into my boss’s office the day after New Year’s Day and seeing my boss and his boss, Debbie’s husband, sitting there with frowns on their faces.

I went to sleep trying to figure out which woman I’d done what to, but it was no use.  I couldn’t remember anything.

When I got up the next morning, that “Tada” beeped while I was on the can.  When I clicked on the message icon, there wasn’t just one message, there were three, the one that had cause the beep and two more from the night before, one at ten-thirty and one at eleven.

The ten thirty text was rather long.

“I’m laying here with two fingers in me and I’m pinching my nipples.  Wish it was you doing that.  It felt so much better when you did it.”

The text at eleven was short and to the point.

“I just came really hard.  Thanks for the memories.”

The new text made me shake my head.

“I’m laying here remembering how hard your big dick was when I felt it.  I wish it was inside me right now instead of just my fingers.”

I thought surely I’d remember who’d done that to me, but I didn’t.  All I knew is Carol had said she saw Marion sitting beside me with one hand under the table.

It had to be Marion who’d been texting me.  I couldn’t see Debbie rubbing my cock.  I mean, she probably could have, but in all the times I’d seen her flirting with guys, she’d always been careful to just talk.  She’d smile at you, fluff up her hair, lick her lips seductively, and some times stroke a hand down over her ass or her breast, but she never touched any guy, not even on the arm.

Veronica…well, I couldn’t imagine Veronica would do something like that either.  No, it had to be Marion.  I thought it was probably possible I’d stuck my hand under Marion’s dress and that I’d squeezed her butt.  Marion had looked pretty hot that night.  Her dress fit like a second skin and it was shorter than most.  If I’d been drunk enough to forget everything, I’d probably been drunk enough to grab her breast and pinch her nipple.

Now, I was in real trouble.  I knew Marion liked me, but I’d kept some distance between us.  It was dangerous to piss off anybody in HR because HR approved all performance reviews and salary actions.  HR could also fire you if they thought they had just cause.  If I’d done all that to Marion, all she had to do was tell the HR manager I’d done something to her at the party and I’d be cleaning out my desk.

I sat there for a while trying to decide what to do.  I didn’t figure there was any way to win.  The best I could do was try to explain it away without telling Marion I didn’t want to do anything more with her.  I tapped the “reply” icon and then started typing.

“I’m sorry, but I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember what I did at the party.  I was drunk, so I probably did the things you say I did. I apologize and hope this doesn’t cause any bad feelings between us.”

I read over my text three times before tapping “send”, and then congratulated myself for how I’d answered Marion.  I hadn’t said I didn’t want her or I didn’t like what I’d done, so she probably wouldn’t think I was saying I didn’t like her.  I also hadn’t said I wanted to do anything more with her.  I’d just said I was sorry.

I was eating lunch when I got the next text message.

“The only bad feelings I’m having is I’m not feeling you sucking my nipples while you have your big dick in me.”

Well, I got three more text messages from Marion that day, all about the same.  In the first, she was sucking her own nipples but it wasn’t the same as if I’d been doing it.  In the second, she was so wet after she came she had to change the sheets on her bed.  In the third, she was sucking her finger and pretending it was my dick.

Her last text was at about eleven.

“I came four times today.  Wish you’d been here to help me.  It would have been much better.”

I didn’t reply to any of them.  I didn’t think replying would do anything more than get me deeper in the shit I was already in.

Over the next two days, I averaged six texts from Marion every day.  Most were about what she was doing to herself and pretending it was me doing it.  The last text of the day, she’d tell me how many times she came and what she was doing when she did.

By the Saturday before New Year’s Eve day, I was starting to think the only way to convince Marion I liked her but just not that way was to talk to her face to face.  I’d tried texting my apology more than once, but she’d always text back something like she didn’t want my apology but she did want my dick in her or my mouth on her nipples.  Once she even said if I really wanted to apologize, I’d lick her pussy until she came and then fuck her until she came again.  She’d used those two words – pussy and fuck – and that pretty much confirmed it was Marion sending the texts.

That morning, after I’d read Marion’s text that said she was lying on her bed and watching her nipples get hard because she was pretending her fingers were my fingers, I decided I had to end it.  In two more days, I’d be back at work and having to face everybody else.  I didn’t need Marion making any comments at work like she’d been making in her texts.

I didn’t beat around the bush with my reply.

“We need to meet and talk this out.”

Her reply came about a minute later.

“Are you busy tonight?”


“Then meet me at the Denny’s on Tenth at six tonight.”

At a quarter to six, I was sitting in my car in the Denny’s parking lot and watching for Marion.  When she hadn’t shown by six, I thought she’d decided not to come.  I hadn’t had dinner yet and Denny’s has decent hamburgers, so I figured I just go in, get a table, eat, and then go home.  If she was just late, I’d buy her dinner and we’d talk while we ate.

The teen-age waitress had taken my order and gone to get my soft drink when I saw a blonde woman walk in the door, look around, then smile and start walking to my table.  It took me a few seconds to realize she was Carol.  Her blonde hair was styled, and she was wearing a black dress instead of her usual baggy jeans and loose shirt.  It looked like she’d put on some makeup too.

Carol was still smiling when she pulled out the chair opposite me and sat down.

Well, this was something I didn’t need.  If Marion happened to show up and I was sitting there with Carol, especially the way Carol looked, she’d be pissed and I’d probably get fired.

“Carol, it’s nice to see you, but what are you doing here and why are you dressed up?  Are you meeting somebody?”

She grinned.

“Yes, I’m meeting you.  I wasn’t sure if you’d come or not, but I was hoping you would, so I dressed up so you’d like me.”

I just stared at her because I couldn’t think of anything to say.  Never in a million years would I have suspected she’d ever text anybody what she’d texted to me.  I was also a little stunned by how she looked.  The slump-shouldered look and the flyaway hair were now a very sensuous body in black satin with waves of blonde hair that cascaded down over her bare shoulders and the tops of her breasts the low cut dress revealed.

“You sent me those text messages?”

Carol smiled.

“Yes, that was me.”

“How did you get my phone number?”

Carol grinned then.

“When I took off your clothes, your phone fell out of your pants pocket.  When I opened the case, it came on so I looked at your profile and it gave me your phone number.  You really should use a password on your phone, did you know that?”

“So you got my phone number and sent all those text messages?”

“I did, but I didn’t think I’d have to send so many.  It takes a lot to get you to understand something, did you know that?  I didn’t think you were ever going to answer me.”

“I just didn’t think…I mean, I thought you were…at work, you were always…I don’t know what I think now.”

Carol chuckled.

“I think I’ll order while you’re figuring that out.  I’m starved.”

When the waitress came back with my soft drink, she asked what she could get for Carol.  Carol asked what I was having.  When I said a hamburger and fries, she turned to the waitress.  

“That’s what I’ll have too, with a chocolate milkshake.”

The waitress wrote that on her pad, then asked if we needed separate checks.  Carol nodded, but I told the waitress to put both orders on my check.  She bustled off to get Carol’s milkshake.

Carol smiled at me then.

“The reason I sent you all those text messages is I did try flirting a little at work, but you didn’t notice me.  You were too busy looking at all the young girl’s boobs and butts.  I knew I couldn’t compete with them, so I didn’t try.”

“Why didn’t you think you could compete with them?  You look great tonight.  If you’d dress a little better, a lot of guys would notice you.”

Carol shrugged.

“Maybe I didn’t want all those guys to notice me.  Maybe I only wanted you to notice me.”

That kind of floored me.  All I could do was ask her why.

The waitress brought Carol’s milkshake then.  Carol stirred it with the straw a couple of times, sucked on the straw until her cheeks sucked in, and then frowned.

“Denny’s makes a good milkshake, but they’re always almost frozen solid.  I’ll have to let this one sit for a while to warm up.”

Carol sat the milkshake back down and then smiled.

“Do you remember that day about two years ago when you needed help justifying your project?”

I did remember, vaguely, but I did remember.

“Yeah, I remember that.”

Carol smiled.

“When we got done, you patted me on the shoulder and thanked me for helping you.”

“Yeah, I remember that too, but I think I’ve done that since, haven’t I?”

“Yes, you have, and I always like it, but that time was different.  The night before, my boyfriend told me he was breaking up with me. He said he didn’t feel the same about me anymore.  That’s what I was thinking about when you asked me to help you that morning, and I was feeling really down.  When you said I did a great job, I felt a lot better.  That’s when I started watching you.”

“You watched me?  Watched me do what?”

Carol picked up her milkshake, stuck the straw in her mouth, sucked until her cheeks sucked in again, and then smiled.


“What were you looking for?”

Carol put down her milkshake.

“Well, you have to understand what it’s like for women.  You guys are always checking us out.  You stare at our boobs and you stare at our butts, and you make jokes about us.  Before you say you don’t, we hear you when you think we’re not listening – ‘I’ll bet Marion could suck-start a Harley’, ‘If I had Shirley’s big jugs hanging in my face, I’d suck em’ so hard my ears popped’, ‘Elaine’s ass has a life all its own.  Wish it was living in my bed’ -  stuff like that.

“I didn’t get stared at and nobody made jokes about me because of how I always looked.  I wanted to see if you would after I helped you.  You didn’t but you looked at all the other women, just like all the other guys.”

“You wanted me to look at you?”

“Well, sure.  Every woman wants that.  We just don’t like the way some guys do it.”

The waitress brought our burgers then.  Carol cut hers in half, then took a bite.  It was a little hard to understand what she said around her mouthful of burger.

“Shee, shum guys jus’ lrook and then smirle”

She swallowed then.

“That’s fun and we like that.  It’s when they give us that look that feels like they’re undressing us that we don’t like.  That’s why I was watching you, to see if that’s what you did.”

“OK, what did you decide?  Am I a lecher or a priest?”

Carol shrugged.

“It depends on who you’re looking at.  You sort of leer at Debby but you look afraid of Veronica and I think you’re always wondering how Marion would look naked.  I don’t know why you’re afraid of Veronica.  She likes you.  As for Marion, well, if it wasn’t for her special bras and body shapers, she wouldn’t look like she does so you probably wouldn’t like her naked.”

I took several bites of my burger in order to have some time to think.  I had more questions now than when Carol walked in the door.  I swallowed the last bite, took a drink, and then asked Carol why she’d rescued me at the Christmas party.  She looked down when she answered me.

“I knew why Marion kept bringing you drinks.  She was going to take you home with her.  I didn’t think that’s something you really wanted or she’d have been able to do that when you were sober.  I thought if I took you home with me, you’d do to me what Marion wants you to do to her.”

She frowned then.

“All you did was go to sleep on me.”

She giggled then.

“Well, except you grabbed my boobs and butt.”

“You didn’t say anything that morning.”

Carol sighed.

“I know.  I chickened out.  It’s hard to talk to you, did you know that?”

“No it isn’t.”

“Yes it is.  You kept looking at me and I couldn’t figure out a way to tell you.”

“I thought you wanted me to look at you.”

“Well, yeah, but not like you were looking at me the morning after I brought you home with me.”

Rick rolled his eyes.

“OK, how was I looking at you when you that morning?”

Carol grinned.

“You were looking like you were undressing me with your eyes.  That got me all confused because I liked it but I didn’t like it.  You can be that way, confusing, I mean.  Did you know that?”

“No, I didn’t.  If you’d been wearing something besides that sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants, maybe I wouldn’t have had to look so hard.”

Carol grinned again.

“I know.  That’s why I put them on that morning.  After you tried to take my blouse off while I was putting you in bed, I thought it would be best not to tempt you again until we could talk.”

I shook my head,

“I thought you said I didn’t try anything with you.”

“Well, you only got two buttons undone before you went to sleep.  I didn’t think it was important.”

“Carol, I’m so sorry.  If I hadn’t been so drunk…I know that’s not an excuse, but I should have known better.”

Carol grinned a sheepish little grin.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.  I did.  I just didn’t want to do anything when you were so drunk.  That’s why I sent you all those text messages…so you’d know I did want to.  I thought maybe when you were sober, you’d want to…well, I thought you might see me differently.”

I chuckled.

“So you sent me all those text messages telling me what you were doing but didn’t give me a clue about who you were.  How was I supposed to figure that out?”

“Well, I was going to write my name on them, but I chickened out again.”


“I thought since you never looked at me at work, you’d think I was being too forward.”

I had to laugh then.

“Well, you have to admit what you wrote was anything but shy.”

Carol popped her last french-fry in her mouth, chewed and then swallowed.

“Who did you think was sending you the messages?”

I frowned.
“I thought it was probably Marion.  I couldn’t think of anybody else who would have.”

“Now that you know it was me…am I still like you thought I was?”

Carol looked so hopeful; I didn’t have the heart to tell her she hadn’t really changed except for dressing up and putting on some makeup.  The other reason was, as confusing as she was; she was also interesting, more interesting than any woman I’d met in a long time.  I wasn’t ready to hop in the sack with her, but I found myself thinking I wanted to get to know her better.

“Well, Carol, even after those texts, I don’t really know you and you don’t really know me.”

Carol stopped looking hopeful and her mouth turned down at the corners.

“I figured you’d say something like that.  I think I’d better go now.  Thank you for dinner.”

I caught her hand.

“Wait a minute, Carol.  I just said we didn’t know each other very well. I didn’t say I didn’t like you.  What would you say to dinner tomorrow night, someplace where that dress will fit in better than it does here?”

Carol shook her head.

“Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  Unless you want to eat at four in the afternoon, it’ll take three hours to get in any place except McDonalds or Burger King.  Besides, I’ll be stopping you from going out to party like everybody else.”

“I’m not going to party again, not for a while anyway.  Partying is a lot more fun if you remember what you did when you wake up the next day.  Before tonight, I was just going to get a pizza and stay home.”

Carol looked hopeful again.

“I could get a pizza and you could come to my house if you want.  We could have our own party.”

At the time, I thought she was just looking for some indication I liked her.  That seemed to me to be the whole reason she’d done what she did.  I didn’t for a second believe she really wanted to have sex with me.  Women don’t work that way, at least no woman I’d ever dated did.  They needed some time, sometimes a long time, before they’d even think about anything intimate.  

I figured Carol was the same way.  If I went to her house for dinner, she’d be happy, but that was all that would happen.  When I walked her to her car, I said I’d be over for that pizza at about six if that time was OK.

About six the next night, I pulled into her drive and walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell.

Carol had on a different dress, and it was more revealing than the one from the night before.  The neckline was scooped low enough she had cleavage instead of just the soft swell of her upper breasts, and it was short enough to only cover half of her thighs.  The black stockings and heels were a touch that I really liked.

“Come in” she said.  I got one of those pizzas you have to cook at home and it’s almost done.  Would you like a glass of wine?  I like wine with my pizza.”

I said wine would be fine.  Carol led me to her living room and pointed to the couch.

“I thought we’d eat in here since I don’t have a dining room.  Have a seat and I’ll go check on the pizza.”

The pizza was great and so was the wine.  I’m no wine snob, so I don’t know beans from apple butter about bouquet and whatever the hell finish is, but it went well with the pizza.  When I thanked Carol for her offer of a fourth slice but said I had to say no, she took it back to her kitchen and then came back with the wine bottle.

“I thought maybe we could sit by the fire and talk some more…if you’d want to do that.”

The fire wasn’t real logs crackling away and red coals, but the gas logs looked pretty real.  When Carol turned off the living room lights and then sat down on the hearth, the flickering light played on her bare shoulders, chest, and face.  I was starting to change my mind about this woman who didn’t seem to care what she looked like at work.  She did care.  She just didn’t want to attract attention at work.

Carol filled my wineglass and then hers, took a sip, and then smiled.

“Rick, I’m sorry about those text messages.  I shouldn’t have sent them at all, much less sent them without telling you who I was.”

She giggled then.

“You’re lucky it was me instead of Marion.  If I know Marion, she wouldn’t have accepted your apologies.  She’d just have sent you more, and probably some pictures.  She really wants to get you in bed with her.”

I shook my head.

“I can’t imagine why.  She’s probably twenty years older then me.”

Carol giggled again.

“That’s why she wants you.  I think she thinks you’d be able to…well from what she told me, men her age can’t uh…keep up with her.”

I said I didn’t realize women talked about things like that, and Carol grinned.

“We do.  We just don’t tell you guys.”

“So, who else talks about me?”

“Well, Debbie likes you, but she doesn’t think her husband would like a company employee doing it with her while he watches.  I don’t know how she convinced him to let her take Jimmy home with them.”

“He watches her with other men?”

“That’s what she told me at the Christmas party.  She said he really can’t anymore, so he watches and does himself.”

I chuckled.

“I can’t believe she’d tell you anything like that.”

“She probably wouldn’t have if she’d been sober. I think she has a drinking problem.”

I grinned.

“You probably think I do too, then.”

“No.  I just think you were having fun and didn’t realize Marion kept bringing you drinks.”

“She did that?”

“Yes, but it didn’t surprise me.  She’s been divorced for ten years and she’s never mentioned a boyfriend but she did tell me she has a very active sex drive.  She’s probably about ready to climb the walls.”

I said I didn’t realize women got that way because all the women I’d dated took a lot of talking first.

Carol smiled.

“Some of us do.  You just haven’t found the right woman yet.  Most women wouldn’t tell a man that because he’d think she was a slut.  She’d hint about it though and hope he took the hint.”

“Is that what your text messages were all about – hints?”

Carol sat down her glass and then looked at me.

“No.  I couldn’t just tell you how I feel, not at work, but I thought if I wrote it down and sent it to you…  I guess you weren’t ready for that though.”

I moved closer to Carol because it was weird talking about things so personal while so far apart.  When I sat back down, I took her hand in mine.

“Carol, it isn’t that.  It’s just that for the past five years, I’ve known you as a quiet accountant who dressed and acted like she didn’t want anybody to know she was there.  After those text messages and then finding out you wrote them and why…well, that’s a lot to absorb all at once.”

“Do I scare you?”

I smiled.

“Yeah, a little.  You’re so different now.  I keep asking myself if it’s really you.”

Carol pulled her hand from mine, then put her arms around my neck.

“This is really me, Rick, the real me, not the me I am at work.  I don’t know how to say that so you’ll believe me, so...”

I wasn’t ready for that kiss, and I really wasn’t ready for the way Carol kissed me.  It wasn’t a first-date, closed-lips kiss.  It was a nibbling, open mouth kiss that ended up with Carol trying to slip her tongue between my lips.  After about two seconds, she didn’t have to try.  I opened my mouth and let her tongue find mine.

When Carol eased away, she was smiling.

“Did that help you understand?”

“Yes.  Are you sure about this?  I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and find out I’ve done something you didn’t want me to do.”

“If you stay with me tonight, when we wake up tomorrow morning I’ll show you that you didn’t.”

When Carol led me to her bedroom, I still wasn’t sure.  I wasn’t sure when she pulled the blanket and sheet down to the foot of the bed.  After she put her arms around my neck, smiled, and murmured, “Undress me.  I’ve wanted to have you undress me for a long time”, I believed her.

I already knew Carol had a nice body.  Her dress showed me that.  When she was standing there in her black lace bra and panties, she was a lot nicer than I’d imagined.  When I unhooked the bra and slipped it off her shoulders, her breasts dropped a little, but were still soft and full, and her nipples pointed up a little instead of down.

I knelt down to take off her panties, and when I had the waistband down over her hips, I saw the little bush of pale, crinkley hair on her mound and the start of soft lips.  I also caught the scent of a ripe, sensuous woman.  That scent and the way she shivered when I stroked her hips made it impossible for me to think about anything except that I wanted her as much as she wanted me.

As soon as I’d taken off my shirt, kicked off my shoes, and stepped out of my pants and underwear, Carol pressed her breasts into my chest with one arm around my neck.  Her other hand traced down my side, then in between us, and found my cock.  She stroked my length a few times, then raised up on her toes, nibbled my ear, and then murmured, “Make love to me Rick”.

I did that, but it was more like we were making love to each other than me making love to Carol.  The other women I’d been with had usually just laid there while I fondled their breasts and stroked their lips before sliding a finger through those lips and inside their entrance.  Carol didn’t just lay there.  

She was lips that nibbled at mine and hands that first pulled my hand to her breasts and then began stroking my rigid cock.  She was little moans when I fondled her breasts and more, longer moans when I stroked a fingertip over her nipples.  She was a gasp and rocking hips when I stroked the folds of her inner lips and then slipped that finger inside her wet warmth.  She was fingers that stroked my shaft one minute, gently fondled my balls the next, and then stroked me again.

Carol was so erotic and so seductive it was a struggle to keep going slow.  With every touch, she’d catch her breath or moan or close her fingers around my cock a little tighter or rock herself up into the finger I was stroking in and out.  When I lightly brushed beside her clit, she gasped, “Oh Rick, I want you”.

I didn’t think Carol was ready yet, so I didn’t try to replace my finger with my cock.  A couple minutes later I was thinking about it because I kept feeling wet warmth around my finger when I stroked it inside Carol’s snug entrance.  She didn’t give me time to think any more after that.  She climbed on top of me, reached between us and moved my cock until I felt my cock head pressing into her entrance.  Carol took a deep breath and then slowly impaled herself.  When she was sitting on my legs with my cock in her as far as it would go, Carol pulled my hands to her breasts and then raised up until my cock head caught on the snug ring just inside her.  She bobbed up and down for a few strokes, then sighed and sank down over my cock again.

For a while, she rode my cock slowly and shivered and moaned every time I lightly pinched her nipples, but as she did, I felt little contractions begin milking at my cock.  Those contractions got stronger after Carol leaned down and brushed my lips with her right nipple, and she gasped when I sucked it gently.  When I sucked harder and then rasped my tongue over the tip, her hips made sort of a quick double thrust and she murmured, “Oh God, Rick, don’t stop doing that”.

I couldn’t have stopped if I’d wanted to.  Teasing Carol’s nipples took my mind off the tension building inside me.  She was tight inside, but wet and slippery enough what I was feeling was every little ripple moving past my cock head and the little contractions that tightened her entrance as she raised up.

A little later, Carol leaned forward, took her weight on her hands, and started stroking her body over my cock faster, then faster still.  She was pleasuring us both, but I couldn’t just lay there.  The urge to thrust my cock up was too strong.  The first time I did, Carol gasped and pushed her body down to force my cock inside her a little deeper, and then started to pant.  She dropped down onto my chest, grabbed my shoulders and used them to pull my cock inside her tighter as she bobbed up and down.

I felt her passage open and then tighten again twice before Carol gasped, then held her breath, and then rocked her hips to force my cock deeper.  She cried out then, a little mewing cry, and started to shake.  The shaking became Carol rapidly pumping herself over my cock, and somewhere in there, I lost it.  I groaned with each of the three exquisite spurts that raced up my cock and inside Carol.

I was coasting down while Carol continued to stroke my cock with little, quick, jerks of her body.  A little later, she sighed, stretched out her legs on either side of mine, and nestled her face against my shoulder.  I stroked her back and hips until our hearts stopped hammering and got back to something resembling normal.

Carol didn’t raise up then like I thought she probably would.  She just murmured, “Now do you believe me”.  I didn’t answer.  I just held her in my arms until she started to breathe deeper and slower.  Then, I rolled her gently to my side and covered us with the sheet and blanket.

I woke up the next morning because somebody was stroking my chest.  When I opened my eyes, there was Carol’s smiling face.

“Wakey, wakey, Rick.  It’s the New Year.”

I didn’t get back to my apartment that night until ten.  Carol wouldn’t let me leave and I didn’t really want to.  That morning was just as fantastic as the night before.  Taking a shower with her afterwards was almost as great.  Feeling Carol’s soapy breasts against my chest while I cupped her soapy hips and pulled her soft, soapy tummy into my stiff cock was great.  It would have led to us needing another shower if she hadn’t kissed me and said we should eat something first.

It was hard to let her get out of the shower and watch her dry herself, and harder yet to watch her standing at her stove in just an apron while she fried bacon and eggs for us.  I kept looking at her ass and the fringe of blonde hair between her thighs and hoping I wasn’t just dreaming.  

About ten, I decided if this was a dream, I didn’t want to wake up.  Carol didn’t ride me that time like she had the first two times.  She just stretched out, spread her thighs wide, and held out her arms.  Everything else was about the same, except she arched up off the bed when she came and she stayed arched up, shaking like a leaf and making little mewing cries until I’d shot everything I had to shoot inside her rippling passage and was just stroking my cock in and out of her because I couldn’t stop.

The last time, I’d convinced myself I wasn’t dreaming, and I’d convinced myself that Carol was a woman I could never do without again.  It wasn’t so much the way she cried out at the end and held me tight against her breasts until she stopped panting.  It was the way she kissed me and then whispered, “I know you have to go, but I don’t want you to.  Promise you’ll come back to me and do this again.”

The next day I went to work expecting the worst to happen.  Strangely, nobody said anything to me about the Christmas party.  Debby did smile a little, and Veronica said she’d upgrade my software later that day.  Marion looked a little sad, but when Jimmy walked in the door, she smiled and walked over to wish him a Happy New Year. I figured she’d seen Jimmy leave with Debby and her husband, and thought maybe her chances with him were better than with me.

Carol was already there, and she was the old Carol, all flyaway blonde hair, oversize blouse and baggy pants.  She smiled at me once that morning, but that was all.  I was starting to wonder if she’d changed her mind when my cell phone made its little “Tada” sound.  

When I tapped the message icon, I had to smile.

“We still have half a pizza left, and I’m feeling horny again.”

I typed back, “How about six?”

I almost choked when her reply came back, and it wasn’t the words that said, “You can eat this too if you want”.  It was the picture of soft pussy lips fringed with pale blonde hair.

I typed back, “If I do, we might not get to that pizza.”

Carol’s response made me smile.

“You make my panties wet, did you know that?”

Carol hasn’t changed at work.  She’s still looks like a woman who doesn’t care how she looks, and she seldom talks to me except for a few texts every day.  Those texts are usually pretty tame, like “Do that to me one more time” or “I want to fall asleep in your arms again”, but once in a while, I know she’s been busy when she gets dressed in the morning.  

Those texts are what they call “NSFW”, so before I look at any of her texts, I make sure nobody’s standing behind or beside me.  I thought the picture of her rigid nipple was really hot, and the words, “I want to feel your mouth here” made it even hotter, hot enough I had to put my phone down and concentrate on my spreadsheet until my cock went back down.

The best texts, though, are the texts I get on Friday afternoon.  They usually say something like, “I’m feeling tense and I got a pizza last night.  Wanna have a party?”

That party starts Friday night and doesn’t end until Sunday night.  It’s always a lot better than getting drunk and then not remembering what you did.  I want to remember everything Carol and I do on those weekends.  

It’s time for the office Christmas party again, and this year we’re going to leave right after dinner.  Carol says she has a special present for me.  She doesn’t know it, but I have a special present for her too. I hope she says “yes”.  If she doesn’t, I don’t know what I’ll do.  I think she will say yes though.  The Sunday before, she said she wished I didn’t ever have to leave.  If she says yes, I won’t, not ever.