Depraved Affairs - Santa's Helper

The worst thing about being a Mall Santa in Australia is the fucking heat. Unlike you Yanks, Christmas occurs over summer rather than winter. That means I get to be stuck in this red suit whilst sweltering in 40-degree heat. Then again, it does have its upsides. For example, the mothers that accompany their kids are often more appropriately dressed for the weather.

The hottest MILF I've seen all day comes just before my lunch break. The brunette has her hair tied up in a messy bun and flaunts a voluptious figure in denim short-shorts and a tank-top has to be at least one size too small with the way her huge breasts are squeezing together. She's probably half my age, and whoever's married to her has to be the luckiest bloke around. I go through the motions of asking her child what he wants for Christmas, whilst she pulls her phone out from her back pocket and takes photos.

Once she's done she heads off, giving me a view of her plump arse. As she heads to a nearby shop, I stretch my limbs before looking down. That's where I see a phone. Grabbing it, I find that the phone is unlocked, so I decide to check the gallery. There, I find a gallery labeled 'lewds ;)' with a photo of the last mother I saw topless.

As my cock stiffens, I look around to see she's long gone. Fuck it. I need to have my fun. My wife hasn't given me any action in years, and every man needs a bit of release. Plus, I'll be all alone in the little break room that I've been offered. It's the perfect chance for a much-needed wank.

Inside the room, I grab the tissue box and pull my pants down. My hard erection throbs for attention, which I soon give it, gripping my shaft. Whilst I stroke off, I look at the photos of this fucking bombshell. She's got photos in all sorts of positions. There's one where she's fresh from a shower, dripping wet and completely naked. Then there's one of sitting at some sort of office chair, her legs spread wide and flaunting her pussy. The next image is of her with her shirt pulled up in a public toilet. She must be a naughty little slut. If only I was younger and single. Then I'd show her what I could do with my big cock of mine.

Then I find the jackpot. A video of her from behind bent over her desk. Hitting the play button, I hear her moan: "Ohh fuck yes. Fuck me with that big dick..."

"That bigger than your husband Diane?" The man states.

"Ohh so much fucking bigger..."

That's when I hear that very same voice in the room. "Oh my God. What the fuck are you doing?"

I turn my head to see her, holding her hand over her agasp mouth.

As I begin to stammer, she cuts me off, saying "Is that my phone?"


"You dirty wanker."

"Well, judging by this video, you're a dirty cheater." I state with a grin.

Diane sighs. "Fuck..."

"Yeah. How about you come here and shut me up?"

After a shrug, Diane says "Well you do have a big cock."

"I sure do slut."

Without skipping a beat, Diane struts towards me. "Guess I'm on the naughty list, aren't I Santa?"

"You sure are slut."

"Mhmm, keep calling me 'slut'."

That's when she pulls her top up, flaunting her massive mounds. My God they're even better in person. I mean they must be the size of her head, and still pretty perky too.

"Like those?" She asks.


"Mhmm. Now how can I get back on the nice list?"

"You can start with a tit wank."

"That's a good idea."

By the time I've discarded her phone on the table nearby, Diane is on her knees. Judging by the beaming smile on her face, she's truly a fucking nympho.

"You've got such a big present for me Santa."

Next, she wraps those huge tits of hers around my shaft. Fuck those soft mounds feel like heaven wrapped around my cock. If only my wife had tits like these.

"Mhmm, I can't quite cover it all." Diane then spits on my cock.

"Yeah. That bigger than your husband?"

"Oh absolutely."

We both chuckle before she puts her mouth around my tip. Then those soft mounds of her start moving up and down my length, whilst her tongue swirls around my tip. After a while, she uses her mouth to engulf what her breasts haven't. That mouth of her bobs up and down, drooling onto her tits and my dick. Despite her public outing, Diane isn't afraid of getting things nice and sloppy with her spit.

That's when her mouth pops off of my manhood. "Can I ride your cock? I'm so fucking horny right now."

"You sure you've got time?"

"Yeah. Hubby's buying me my present."

"Heh. You just can't help yourself, can you slut?"

Her smile grows. "Not around a cock this big."

Diane then stands up and pulls her short-shorts down to flaunt her shaven pussy. With haste, she moves on top of me and grips my shaft, guiding it to her cunt. As my tip meets with her slit, she purrs.

"Ready?" She asks.

"Oh yeah."

Finally, Diane sinks down my shaft. My fucking God, I haven't felt pussy this wet and tight in... well too long. As she starts working my cock, I put my hands on her arse, and my face in her tits.

"Ohh that's it. Feel my body you dirty old wanker." Diane moans.

As she starts riding me faster, I look up for a second at her face. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is dropped into a smile. This is where this nympho-slut belongs, on a big, hard cock moaning her head off as she bounces and grinds her way to an orgasm. I'm sure if someone was close enough they could hear us, but I don't fucking care. I've needed this for too long.

"Ohh fuck..." Diane cries. "Put a finger up my arse, you dirty wanker."

With haste, I suck on a finger, before pressing it inside of her tight arsehole. If only I had lube to stick my cock up this tight little hole.

"Fuck yes..." Diana cries. "Just like that you dirty wanker... Make me cum."

My hand tries to keep up with her rapid motions. At this point she's bouncing on me like a woman possessed. I don't think anything could get her to stop. Not her husband, not the police, not even the fucking army. I hope not either because I can feel my balls tightening.

"I'm gonna cum in you slut." I growl.

In response, her hands claw into my back. "Agh... Fill me up you dirty wanker."

Finally, I hit my release, growling as I do so. Diane herself throws her head back and shudders throughout her own climax. My wife never came like that, but then again, she'd never ridden me like that either.

Now that I'm spent, Diane hops off of me, my cum dripping out of her cunt.

"Mhmm, that was a fucking huge load." She says.

"It's been a while."

"I can tell."

Diane then puts her short-shorts back on, before a man calls out "You there babe?"

"Yeah just a second." Diane calls out.

She then puts on her top, so I say "Don't forget your phone."

"Thanks for reminding me Santa. And thanks for the big present."