A Little Surprise for my Bi Man

Info BBWBabe56
27 Dec. '19

I call you and tell you to meet me at the hotel. You know which one, we’ve done this before... random hook ups. Afternoon delights lol. I usually let you be in charge but little do you know about what I have planned.

I pull up and park away from your vehicle, no point in advertising I’m here yet. The motel is one of those two story places, shaped in a horse shoe, with all the doors facing the parking lot. You’ve already msged me which room is ours... Room number 8. Away from the office at the far edge of the lot.

I stay in my car and tap out a quick text. 

“Here. Going in to prep. Room 8. Don’t knock”.

I get out and make my way to door 8. I knock softly and you open the door.

You take my hand and pull me inside, then push me up against the back of the door. Pinning my body with yours and crushing your mouth to mine. Kissing me in a hard bruising way. Nipping at my bottom lip to open my mouth and let you tease my tongue with yours.

Our tongues slide against each other, rubbing and caressing. My hands sliding down your back to your ass to pull you closer against me. Pulling back and kissing my way across your cheek to your neck. Licking and kissing on your neck. I bite slightly on your ear lobe and whisper “Go get naked. I have a surprise for you.”

You pull back and look at me confused. I smile innocently and make a go ahead gesture. 

“But Babe.... I make the decisions, you listen ...” I cover your mouth with my lips. 

“Please let me surprise you.”

You look at me and start to undress. Once you’re naked, I pull out a length of rope. 

“No way. You aren’t tying me up.” 


I nudge you towards the bed and you lay in your back. 

“Uh uh... on all fours”.

You flip over and I lie your ankles together but with enough give you can still be comfortably spread. I tie your wrists and connect them to your ankles.

Once I’m done I swat your ass. As I go to get more out of my bag. 

You can see a black thing and a bottle of lube and a dildo.

I the black thing and move towards you. It’s a blind fold.

I slide it over your head and adjust it to completely block out your vision.

Your heart starts beating a little faster. You can’t see what I’m doing but can hear me moving around the room. Putting things in the night stand, taking my shoes off. What is the surprise and exactly what have you gotten yourself into??

Soon enough you feel the bed move and know I’m leaning over the bed. Something cold touches your lips.


You open your mouth to protest and something metal slides into your mouth. 

“Trust me. I’m giving you exactly what you need. Warm up that plug. It will feel better warmed up than icy cold”.

You hear me get off the bed and go into the bathroom. With your eyes covered you focus on what you can hear. The shower starting, cars on the road, the way the music thumps as they pass by, some people laughing in another room. And the way your heart is thumping. Half in excitement and half in terror.

It feels like hours have passed by the time you hear the shower turn off. The door opens and you smell the fresh clean scent of soap. I come over and slowly run my hands over your ass cheeks. Perfect globes that beg to be smacked. I smack each one, leaving a nice red hand print. I slowly rub out the sting. You feel something wet drip onto your ass and a finger start rubbing around the rim.

You strain to push back and bury my finger inside you. I smack your ass hard. 

“No. Don’t move.”

I continue to tease you by slowly circling your ass with my finger. 

Run my finger down your ass and down your sac. I cup your balls in my hand and squeeze them lightly. Pulling on them as I lean down and bite your ass cheek

I put my finger back at your asshole and push one finger in. All the way, past my knuckle in one push. I feel your body tense as you weren’t prepared.

I slowly pull my finger back and hook my finger sliding it against your prostate. I push forward a little so my finger is putting pressure on it. I start making a come here motion with my finger and feel you start to move to get more friction. I slap your ass with my free hand. 

“No moving. Nod if you understand. You are to listen to everything I say or pay the price. This is your 1 chance. Disobey again and you pay. Now nod if you understand”

You slowly nod, because you have no other choice. You are bound, blind folded and have a plug in your mouth. I reach around and take the plug from your mouth and palm it. I pull back and push two fingers in your ass. I move them apart inside you in a V shape and stretch your ass. Twisting and turning. Opening your ass up.

You moan from the friction. My fingers going in and out and stretching you wider. You start to relax as it feels so good to be filled.

I pull back and force 3 fingers inside you. It’s too much for you. You start to pull away from my fingers. 

“Babe no. It’s too...”

“Didn’t I tell you to stop moving? Didn’t I warn you what would happen?”

At that point I pull out and move away from you. Leaving you to listen for cues about what is going to happen next. You hear me grab my phone and start texting. Hearing the clicks as I type out a msg. My phone pings and I laugh quietly to myself. I walk over and move the chair. You hear me dragging it across the carpet and can’t help but wonder what’s going on. 

I smack your ass as I walk past. It stings but feels so good. You hear me move towards the door. The knob rattles. You hear the door open and close and you start to panic. 

“Babe? Babe....”

I don’t answer you. You hear movement. Someone moving around the room. Then you feel a hand caress your ass. Rubbing your asshole. You push back wanting more moaning. You feel a wetness dribbling down between your ass cheeks that’s warm.

It drips down your sac, a warm liquid. It feels good but feels even better as that finger follows the warm trail. You feel warm breath on your ass seconds before you feel that warm tongue slide over your skin, between your cheeks. Swirling and lapping at your asshole. Moaning as you feel it slip inside slightly.

“Yes Babe! Mmmmm it feels so good!”

That warm tongue continues to lap at you.

“Yes, it does feel good doesn’t it” 

You turn your head to the right, where it sounds like I am. You can’t see anything, just feel that tongue licking you. Hands massaging your ass and spreading you, continuing to lick you. 

“I’m enjoying watching this...”

At that moment you realize it’s not just you and me alone in the room. 

You start to struggle to move away from who ever it is that is touching you. You feel multiple hands grip your body and stop you from struggling. You feel a breath on your cheek and hear me whisper in your ear, “I warned you.” Then you feel me lick the side of your face.

You try to count the number of hands touching you, 6? 8?, that’s 3, 4 people? You can feel your heart start to beat quicker, thudding in your chest. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. You struggle again and hear multiple people chuckle. 

“Babe, stop. Please? Please Babe no.”

“Isn’t this what you want? Isn’t this what you can’t say you want outloud? Relax. Enjoy. Trust me.”

The hands that have been holding you in place start to massage and caress your body. You feel open mouthed kisses along your shoulders and down your sides, while another is licking down the side of your neck. 

Whoever had been licking your ass continues. So much stimulation you can’t focus on one act. It all feels amazing. A hand comes and starts to stroke your hard thick cock. It’s leaking pre cum from all the stimulation. A warm mouth starts sucking on your balls. A finger slides into your ass. Then two. In and out in the same rhythm your cock is being stroked.  

You’re moaning loud as you are drowning in sensations. You’re so close to cumming. You can feel your balls start to tighten. 


And all the stimulations stops. No one is touching you. You strain to listen. To hear what is happening. You hear clothing rustle and feel the bed dip beside you. Feel breath on your lips. Feel soft lips rub against yours. I then ask, “Babe? Are you ready?”

Your heart is beating so fast. What could I possibly have planned for you? What is going on? “Babe? ARE you ready?”

“Y-ye-yes. Yes I’m ready.” You have zero idea what you’ve just agreed to, but if it’s anything like what has already happened you are so ready. 

You feel my hand come up to the blindfold and remove it. The lights are bright and you blink to get your eyes readjusted. You turn your head and see me smiling at you. You turn the other way and see three big guys. They all have big hard cocks. Your eyes go big and round. You know exactly what’s about to happen. 

I lean down and kiss you quick. “I warned you.”

I go and make myself comfy in the chair. It’s positioned so I can watch you get pounded. The man closest to me moves to position himself behind you. He spits in his hand and rubs his cock. It gets harder before your eyes. He positions the head against your asshole. You feel him push inside you. You’re so lubed up and opened up he slides inside you. 

You moan so loud. You're filled up so much. As he rocks his hips into you, you push back taking it hard. Over and over again. You feel his movements start to slow and then feel him shot his load deep inside your ass. The warm liquid feels so good in your slut asshole.

He pulls out and the next one lines up his cock. Slamming into your gaping ass. He’s thicker and stretched you out more. He’s not so gentle and slams into over and over. All you can do is just hold on and take his big fat cock. He slows and pull out of you. Moves beside the bed and strokes his cock in front of you. The next guy slides inside your ass. You’re watching number 2 stoke his big cock for you. Ball swinging as he strokes faster and faster. He shoots his load all over your face while you take your third cock. 

It feels so good being used. The cum is dripping off your face, down your lips. You lick off what you can. It’s so thick and white, so salty. You’re moaning so much and so ready to cum. You feel his cock twitching in your ass and the hot spurting cum inside you. 

He pulls out. You still haven’t cum but need to do bad. Your cock is dripping with pre cum. There is a wet spot on the blankets under you. You need to fuck now. The men get dressed and leave the room. I come over and kiss your cheek as I untie your wrists and ankles. I massage the skin to bring feeling back to them. 

You grab me and flip me on my back. Pinning my wrist over my head. You need to dominate me. Yo use me how I let them use you. You try to wedge a hand between my legs and I buck, trying to get you off of me. 

“Oh no... it’s your turn you slut.”

You force my legs open and plunge inside my tight soaking wet pussy. You rut into me like an animal. Over and over again.  “You liked watching me get fucked, didn’t you. Look how wet you are you fucking cum whore”. You are fucking me hard and fast not caring that it’s rough and uncaring. “Take it you slut.”

You grab my hair to hold me in place as you chase your orgasm. So close, you’re so close. I reach up and pinch your nipples hard. Your cock starts to throb inside me. You’re going to cum. You thrust once, twice, three times and pull out. Painting my skin with your hot thick white cum. I have four thick ropes of cum all over my chest. I reach up and pull you down on top of me and kiss you hard. 

My tongue demanding enterance. Twining around yours as my hand rubs your back. We’re both all sticky and need to shower. I pinch your ass to get you off of me.

 “Babe get up. We need to clean up”