MFF Playtime

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27 Dec. '19

It’s Friday night and you’re finally leaving work. Nothing else is on your mind but getting home to me. You get in your vehicle and pull out of the parking lot. As you’re waiting to turn into the street, your favourite song comes on the radio. You smile and turn it up. Thank god it’s the weekend! Stopped at a red light you catch a glimpse of a sexy girl. She’s curvy and thick, just how you like them. She had on jeans and a fluttery tank top. She’s sexy and cute. She has almost black hair and a creamy white complexion. You can see the swell of her breasts and imagine how soft they would be to touch. Someone starts honking as the light has turned green.  You slowly make your way home through the traffic.

You get home and walk in the front door. The house is dark. No lights on and it’s silent. Im not home and that is odd. I’m usually home waiting for you. You check your cell and there are no messages from me. You are about to text me asking where I am, but you see the note in the table.


I had to run out to pick up something for dinner. Go grab a shower and a beer. Be home soon!

Xoxoxox Baby”

You grab an ice cold beer out of the fridge and pop the top. Take a gulp and head up to the bathroom. You start the shower to let it get nice and steamy. You slowly take off your clothes and have another sip. You get in the shower and feel the hot water wash away the last of the day. Your body starts to relax and you feel good. You get out of the shower and grab your favourite sweats. Sounds like a nice night in, take out and your girl.

You hear the front door open and close. You call out “Baby?”. No reply. You grab your beer and come downstairs. You hear quiet murmurs as you come into the living room. You see me, standing in the middle of the living room, dressed in sexy jeans and a flowing dark green shirt. You come up behind me and kiss the side of my neck and wrap your other arm around me, pulling me closer. That’s when you notice, we aren’t alone. You lock eyes with the sexy thick girl you saw on your way home. She looks at you and smiles. I pull away and look at you, smirking. “I told you, I was bringing home dinner”.

You grab me and kiss me hard, excited to find out what I have planned for us. I pull back and you catch a glint in my eyes. “Darcy, come here love.”. She moves towards us and I lean in and suck her full bottom lip. I let my hands trail down her body as I kiss her. I squeeze her ass and pull her closer to me. She wraps her hands around me, holding onto me to keep her up. I push farther and slide my tongue into her mouth and caress hers. I feel her moan escape and know she wants more. I pull back and look at you over my shoulder. I can see how turned on you are. Your cock is hard and your balls are heavy, full and begging to be emptied. I reach for your hand and pull you towards us. Both Darcy and I start to kiss and touch your body. Darcy sinks to her knees in front of you and I slowly pull your sweats down and nudge you to step out of them. Your rock hard cock is throbbing in anticipation. Darcy leans forward and licks just the tip. “Can I suck him? Please?!” 

I reply, “Of course, Love... that’s why you’re here”.

Darcy leans forward and slowly lick your cock from tip to base and down to your sac. She licks and sucks one nut into her mouth. She sucks and licks on your nut and slowly pulls back. She attacks the other nut with the same hunger. She leans back and looks up at us. I lean into your back and whisper in your ear “Does Papi want to play?”. I giggle and kiss your neck put my hands on your sides. Darcy begins to suck your cock, while I suck in your neck and rub your chest from behind. Pinching your nipples and kissing your neck and shoulders.

You’re enjoying all the sensations of being touched and pleased and kissed. I step back and Darcy stops touching you. I walk around you and over to Darcy. I grab her hand and make her stand. I grab the hem of her shit and pull it up over her head. She nervously licks her lips. I lean forward and kiss her. I can taste your sweet delicious pre cum on her lips. I take her jeans off and they pool at her ankles. Next the bra and panties hit the floor. She has such pink puckered nipples against all the creamy white skin. I lean down and wrap my lips around one nipple and suck, while I pinch and twist the other. Her head falls back and her long black hair cascades down her back. 

You stand there watching me touch her, tasting her skin. I pull back and start to undress myself. I then look at you and gesture for you to sit in the chair. I pull Darcy onto the couch and start kissing her again. I grab her hands and put them on my tits. Palming them and squeezing them.

I slide my hands lower now and brush against her clean shaven pussy. She shivers in anticipation. I pull back and push her back to lay down, her pussy facing you. I get on my knees on the floor and gently blow on her pussy lips. She moans lightly and I slowly rub my index finger up and down her slit. I can see and feel the wetness that collects. I lick my finger clean. Tastes so damn delicious. I look up and lock eyes with you as I slowly lower my head and slide my tongue up and down her slit. I spread her wet beautiful pussy and flick my tongue over her clit. She moans and says “yes yes, more”. I smirk at you and fully oblige her request. I wrap my lips around her clit and flick my tongue on it. She moans more and her body goes tight. I slide two fingers in her tight pink hole and finger her hard. She starts to moan louder. I am watching you watch me please her pussy and I nod at you to come closer.

You shake your head no. You are perfectly content to sit back and watch your girl have fun. You can see it won’t take much longer until she orgasms. Her body is bucking searching for that delicious friction, chasing that orgasm, so close, so close. Her body goes taught and her pussy gushes. My hand is covered and I remove my fingers, sliding them into my mouth and licking all her juices off. I lean down and gently lap all the creamy cum from her lips.

I get up never breaking eye contact with you and walk over to your chair. I lean down and kiss you. You can taste all that sweet cum on my lips and on my tongue. You reach up and squeeze my tits as you continue to kiss me. I pull back and say “my turn”.

I go sit on the couch and get comfy. Darcy is on her knees and ready to eat my wet dripping pussy. I am so turned on and want to cum. She starts to rub my clit and spread my juices over my clit. My lips are glistening, I’m so wet. I’m watching you watch us. Your throbbing cock now in your hand. Darcy leans down and sucks on my clit. Flicking her tongue against it. I hiss in pleasure. She slides two fingers in my pussy and starts a good hard rhythm. I start to moan and close my eyes in pleasure.

“Uh uh.... Baby open your eyes. On me.” I smile and open them, looking at you as I start to get swept away in all the sensations. I pull all Darcy’s hair into one hand, to make sure you can see. I motion you to come over. You know I want that cock. You shake your head no, once again. I’m so close to cumming, I can’t argue. Your cock is leaking pre-cum watching me be ate out.

I’m moaning so much now and grinding my pussy against her face. I’m so close I need to cum. My body goes tight and I fly. My pussy is spasming and I start to gush and gush. I throw my head back and start to shake. The orgasm flooding my system making me cry out for more.

I open my eyes and You are right there. I didn’t hear you move and you’re kissing me hard. Forcing me back and your tongue is pushing inside my mouth. Your hands around my neck holding me in place while you abuse my lips.

You are so turned on by our little show you need to fuck and you need to fuck now.

You pull back and stare at me, your breath is a little ragged. The need is coiled inside you like a hundred needle pricks begging to be released. You continue to stare at me and say”Upstairs. Now.”.

I smile and reach for Darcy’s hand. I tug her towards me and kiss her while looking at you. I pull back and get up to go upstairs. Taking Darcy with me. You follow us up the stairs enjoying the view of two sexy women with swollen pussies walking in front of you. You can see our juices coating our lips and the tops of our thighs. Right at the apex where our legs join. You let out a low grumble and I look at you over my shoulder smiling. I know I am exciting you beyond reason and can not wait to see what happens when you give in to your desire.

We get into our bedroom and I nudge you into the chair. I turn around and bend over letting my wet lips graze over your cock head. You go very still trying to contain the need inside you. To just bury your cock in my wet tight pussy. I stay like that for a moment more before I take Darcy by the hand and position her on the bed on all fours. I open our toy box and select three items, a blind fold, restraints and my strap on.

I turn towards Darcy and slip the blind fold on. I continue to put the restraints on her anchoring her to the bed. I smack her ass hard once, twice, three times. Leaving a nice red welt, then trail kisses over the abused skin. She shivers in delight. I walk towards you and face you as I put my strap on on. I turn around and you reach forward to run your hands over my ass. Coping and squeezing my cheeks. You check to make sure I have my strap on positioned right and the straps adjusted for my comfort. I turn around and nudge your lips with the realistic cock already attached.

You open your mouth and start to suck on the dildo. I cup your cheek as you get the toy all wet and ready for Darcy. I pull back and kiss you. Letting my hands trail down your back. I pull back and whisper in your ear “I’m going to fuck Darcy, Papi. Then it’s your turn.” I bite my lip and look down at you, reading the excitement in your eyes. I walk back to the bed and position myself behind her. I slowly rub the dildo head up and down her lips collecting all her excitement. I slide the toy in her pussy slowly but not stopping until she has taken all of it. She moans as her pussy adjusts to the size of the toy. I slowly pull back and slam into her. Darcy cries out in please and pushes back to take more. I set a steady pace slamming into her pussy hard and deep. The entire time I have my eyes locked with yours.

Darcy is loving having me fuck her hard. She is pushing back to get even more friction. She is panting and begging for it harder. I continue to fuck her hard, grabbing her hips and leaving red marks where my fingers have been. She’s begging me not to stop, to let her cum. I reach down and smack her pussy and hit her clit. It drives her up and over the edge. She starts squirting and I just keep ramming into her.

I pull the dildo out of her and walk over to you. I push the head into your mouth and you suck off all of her sweet cream. I pull back and lean down for a quick kiss.

I grab your hand and pull you up. You know what’s next. You can not wait. You want to be in the same position as Darcy is. On all fours taking that cock. I remove the restraints and the blindfold from Darcy. She flips over and is tired. She gets comfy leaning back on the pillows, legs spread. I look at you expectantly. “Your turn, Papi. You’re going to eat Darcy as I fuck that hot ass of yours”. You smile and pull me close, whispering in my ear “I guess you are going to feed me.”.

I pinch your ass and tell you “get your ass on the bed”. You get on all fours and are positioned with your mouth inches from Darcy’s wet swollen pussy. Your mouth waters knowing you’re going to eat that pussy so good while I fuck your ass. You feel cool liquid on your ass. My fingers lightly applying lube. Rubbing your ass and slowly sliding in a finger. Rubbing the lube inside and out, then sliding in a second finger. Working your ass to accommodate what’s coming next.

I pull out my fingers and push the head of the dildo against your hole. I push forward and the head slides in. It’s big and it hurts a little. I stop pushing forward to get you stretched enough to take the rest of the toy. I slowly push more and the toy slides in filling you. You feel so full but it is so good. I pull back slowly and then slam the entire length into you. You close your eyes In pleasure. You love the feeling. I start to rock my hips into you and it’s a steady pace. You can feel your cock leaking pre-cum like crazy. I’m rubbing against you inside and it feels amazing. You open your eyes to a beautiful glistening pussy. You dive in and spread her lips wide. Sucking on her clit and fingering her as I fuck your ass. I am ramming into you and your moaning none stop. You don’t know how much more you can take. You’re so close and need to cum. Darcy is grinding her pussy against your face and is read to cum. She starts to squirt and you keep eating her. She cries out as she rides out her orgasm. You have cum on your face and are going to explode. You feel your balls tighten and feel that surge of cum. You can’t hold it back.

“Baby! Imma cum! Baby!” Your cock twitches and explodes thick white ropes of cum. You pump four huge shot of cum. It feels so amazing. Finally that release. Your vision sort of greys out a bit and you hear a ringing in your ears. I slow my hips and slide into you once, twice and slowly pull out after the third thrust.

You flip over and lay there, catching your breath. I smile at you and start to remove my strap on. Darcy has gotten up and is rummaging through the toy box. Looking for a toy to use on me. I crawl onto the bed and you come to join me. You kiss me deeply, thanking me for the ass fucking. Your hands trail down my neck to my nipple and you pinch it. Then palm my tit, massaging it. Darcy crawls into the bed and spreads my legs. She slide a big thick dildo into my pussy and starts to fuck me with it. You continue to kiss me and I can feel my pleasure building. It feels so good to be filled. You pull back and Darcy removes the toy. You need to be inside me. You move to position your still rock hard cock at my hole. You slide inside me and stop. Darcy curls up beside me and starts to suck on my nipples. Nibbling and biting my tits. You start to fuck me hard and deep while rubbing my clit with your thumb.

You’re looking at my face while I’m immersed in so many sensations. I’m watching you and reach for your hand. Just to touch you while you’re inside me. You feel so amazing inside me, bare and rubbing against my walls. You can feel my pussy clenching and know I’m so close to cumming. You start to slam into me harder. My pussy is squeezing your cock so hard and you’re close to cumming. I close my eyes as I’m going to cum. “Baby, look at me”. I open eyes that are glazed over, “Papi, I’m going to cum”.

You smile as you feel my pussy spasm and the warm gush start. Your cock is covered and you can feel it dripping down your balls. You can’t hold on any more and shoot hot thick cum inside me. You thrust once more and pull out.

We lay there in our sexual haze for a while. Eventually it’s time for Darcy to leave. She kisses us both deeply and thanks us for the fun. You stay upstairs to clean up a bit and I take Darcy downstairs. She gets dressed and says we should do this again soon. She kisses my cheek and heads out. I come back upstairs and you grab me, push me back against the wall and kiss me. Your tongue is in my mouth and your hands seem to be everywhere.

You pull back and take my hand. “Come here, you dirty girl. You need to shower”