BBC Surprise

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27 Dec. '19

I just pull into our driveway and shut my vehicle off. I sigh deeply. It has been a long, trying day at work. I am very happy to finally be home. I grab my purse and my bag and get out of the vehicle. I walk up the three stairs to our front door. I start to dig in my bag for my keys to unlock the door and you are there already with the door open. I smile and lean into you for a kiss. 

"Hi Baby. How was your day?"

"Not the greatest, but its done. You?"

"It was alright. I have a surprise for you", you tell me as you grasp my hand and lead me inside.

"Oh? A surprise? What kind?"

"A fun one, promise."

With that, you take my bag and my purse and put them down. You lead me to the bottom of the stairs and kiss me. Sliding your hands over my ass and pulling me tight against you. I can feel your cock straining in your pants against me. I pull back and start to rub your through your jeans while I nibble on your neck. "Is this my surprise, Papi?"

"No Baby. Come and see". You lead me up the stairs to our room. Then spin me around and start to undress me slowly. You take off my skirt and undo my shirt, kissing my body as you reveal my bare skin. You pause to admire me in my panties and bra. A pretty red set that makes my skin glow. "Baby …." you move forward and devour my lips. Crushing your lips to mine. Nibbling and sucking on my bottom list. Sliding your tongue into my mouth and caressing mine. Your hands creep up to my neck and hold me in place while you assault my lips.

You pull back and look at my swollen lips and dishevelled hair and want to continue to muss me up, but you have a plan, a surprise.

You walk me backwards until my legs hit the bed. You gentle push me back and I flop on the bed giggling. I try to pull you down on top of me and you step back. I look up at you confused and a little hurt.

“None of that my sexy naughty girl. Let Daddy put this on.” And you have a blindfold in your hand. I smile at you and start getting excited about what this means. 

“Yes, Please put it on”.

You set the blindfold in place. “Now, no peaking. You layback and wait until I tell you what to do.”

I lay there, listening hard. Trying to figure out the game. I can hear you taking off your clothes, opening and closing drawers, to what I think is our toy box. My pussy is excited and starting to get wet. I slide my hand under my panties and rub my pussy, getting my fingers wet. Slowly rubbing my clit. My breath catches and it brings your attention back to me.

“Naughty girl. Who told you, you could touch my pussy?”

“No, no one, D-Da-Daddy.” I stammer as I remove my hand.

“Bad, bad, baaaad girl. You will wait until I tell you what to do.”

“Yes, Daddy.” As I lay there and wait.

I hear the doorbell ring and make a move to get up.

“No, Baby you stay right there” and with that you leave me alone on the bed. I wonder about who it could be, but don’t worry myself overly. I continue to lay there waiting, and hear you coming back upstairs. I can hear you murmuring to someone else. I don’t know who it is, and I am here in just my panties and bra. I start to panic and move to grab for the blankets I’m laying on. You come back in the room and start laughing.

“Baby, do you really think I would bring someone else in here to see that beautiful thick body? You better get those blankets off, now. And get those panties and bra off too.”

I uncover myself and get naked, all while keeping the blindfold on. 

I lay back again and wait. I feel the bed dip and hands on my legs that pull me down the bed. Those same hands spread my legs and my pussy lips. A warm wet tongue licks my clit. It’s a straight shot to my system. My hips rise off the bed to get more friction and you tell me “No. you let him eat my pussy”.

I turn my head to the right, where it sounds like you are. This is not you between my legs!

“Daddy! What...?” I try to get up and are held down. 

“Don’t fight it Baby. Who’s pussy is this?”


“That’s right. It’s my pussy to do with as I please. This pleases me”

With that, those hands spread my lips and continue yes to suck and lick my clit. It feels so good and I want more. I start to moan and have two fingers inserted inside my pussy.  It feels so good. I am moaning and demanding more. 

“I want to cum, make me cum!”

“Not yet Baby. Don’t you cum yet. Not until Daddy says so”.

I continue to moan loudly and feel a cock head against my lips. I open wide and feel that cock thrust into my mouth. I can taste the deliciously salty pre cum on my tongue and moan in ecstasy. I am so close to cumming. I feel the blindfold being removed and open my eyes. Looking up into yours as your cock is jammed in my throat.

I look down and see big muscular black man lapping at my pussy. I instantly feel my pussy gush at the sight. I am going to get a BBC tonight. I look back up at you with a shocked expression.

“That’s right Baby. You are going to get fucked good.”

You pull your cock out of my mouth and lean down to kiss me, tasting yourself on my tongue. You pull back and go back to sitting in the chair. 

“Think we should let her cum on your cock, Derek?”

“Fuck yeah we should. That pussy is wet and hot and ready for this monster cock.”

He stands up and pulls down his jeans. An 11” thick veiny cock bounces out. I gasp and look at you.

You’re laughing at my reaction and say “Yeah. That cock is going in my pussy”.

I continue to lay there dumbfounded. Derek takes his cock in his hand and slowly rubs it up and down my slit collecting all my juices. I can see all of that moisture glistening on his rock hard cock. I am so ready for this. I reach out my hand towards you, silently asking you to join us on the bed. You can see I’m nervous and you come sit at my head and stroke my cheek. “Are you ready Baby?” I nod my head yes.

With that Derek pushes his hips forward and aligns his big cock head at my pink tight hole. I reach for your hand and you stroke my hair with your other hand. He starts to slide his cock into me. It hurts but feels so good. I moan as he pushes all of his 11” cock inside me. 

“Oh my god! Oh oh!” I moan as he stops.

Slowly he pulls that cock out and starts to slap my clit with his cock head. 

“No no no. Inside. I want more. Daddy please? Please?!”

Laughing you lean down to kiss me.

“Yes Baby. It’s time you get fucked like my Dirty Little Whore needs”

Derek is laughing at my reaction too and full obliges. He pushes that monster back inside me. It hurts but my pissy adjusts and tighter on his dick. He starts an east rhythm that has me squirming, demanding more. More frictions, more speed, just more. He starts to increase his speed and I’m just laying there taking it and enjoying it. 

“Move them hips, Baby. Don’t you stop”

I start to move my hips, getting that friction my body is craving. I’m moaning nonstop as I take that cock. It is the fullest I’ve ever felt. His cock feels amazing inside me. I can feel my orgasm rushing up on me as he starts pounding into me. 

“Da-Daddy! Im going to cum! Please please please, can I cum?!”

You start to massage and punch my nipples. Giving me the added pain with all this pleasure.

“Cum Baby. Cum for us you Dirty Little Whore.”

I am so close and Derek starts to rub my clit hard. I can contain it any longer. My pussy starts to clench and pulses. I feel the waves of my orgasm starting and my body goes all tight. My pussy is convulsing and I start to squirt. Gushing cum out of my pussy all over Derek and his huge cock. He starts to slam his cock in me and I can feel his cock twitch. He thrusts three more times and then slams back into me hard. He shoots his huge thick hot load of cum inside me. He pulls out and continue to cum on my pussy lips. He collapses beside me. We both lay there catching our breath. 

“Mmmmmm, good girl. Now it’s my turn to clean you up.”

You get off the bed and your cock is straining so bad. You are so hard and thick and turned on by watching someone else use what’s yours.

You position yourself between my legs and start to lick all the cum off my skin. It feels so good, your hot tongue licking away the cooling cum. Full eye contact between us as you lick me clean. You spread my lips and lick away the cum leaking out of me.

You get up and slide your cock inside me. You can feel all that cum still in there and start to fuck me. Your hand comes up and wraps around my throat. You are fucking me hard and deep and squeezing my neck, letting me know who owns me.

“Who’s pussy is this? Who owns this pussy?”

“You do” I reply moaning my response.

You continue to fuck me rough and hard, chasing your own orgasm. I can feel mine is not far away. You push my legs back to get deep and put one over your shoulder. You fuck me harder, your balls slapping against me.

You can feel your balls tighten and know you’re going to cum. You smack my clit and start to rub it hard. I can’t hold on and start to cum, my pussy squeezing your cock so good. You let go and shoot your load inside me.

You collapse on top of me. I reach up and run my hands up and down your back. You start to kiss the side of my tit and we catch our breath.

You roll off me and stand beside the bed at my head. I turn towards you and gently lick all our cum off your cock. You pull back and look at Derek. He nods and gets up to get dressed. 

You kiss me lightly. “Stay here Baby.”

I smile and snuggle into the blankets. You throw on some sweats and walk Derek out.

I lay there and can not believe my luck to have a man as amazing as you.